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  1. Elite DE can best double teams or elite linemen he isn’t a busy or a bad player he is an above average player May earn a pro bowl or two in his career….won’t be a defensive player of the year though as much of us hope will be a career 8 sack to 12 sack guy
  2. Last year when Collins got injured defense got better just saying…..bench him or use him as a hybrid lb but even then he gave up one of the big 40 yard plus run
  3. Not a bust but an above average player reminds me of Clowney
  4. Worry about now and let’s see what happens best looking qb we have had since Kirk so let’s enjoy the ride and give him a shot
  5. We need to use up clock and run Gibson more to keep defense fresh we have 11 days to figure defense out we can win with heinicke
  6. Defense sucked but made a big stop holding them to Fg and saving time after the int they need to figure out the defense they have 11 days
  7. Rofl fedex crowd cheering for Heinicker and announcer goes funny way to pronounce cam Newton rofl aholes btw on nfl network
  8. We can’t have nice things i say we just give away a td to try to get ball back
  9. How about we get a 3 and out and run Gibson we bed to tire out their defense and get ours rested
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