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  1. He spoke up after Grudens firing?
  2. I’m so glad the analytical fans of the team who are in media have been speaking up. We need Matthew McConaughey and KD to voice their opinion as well. That’s our best shot at Snyder firing Bruce.
  3. Bet. Wasn’t tryna undercut ya @turtle28 before I posted I didn’t see another thread about it. I’m cool with Bill being interim and O’Connell calling plays. Let’s see how Pat does calling plays and hopefully Haskins is and stays the starter the rest of the year. I hope we lose to the Phins so Manusky can get relieved next.
  4. Yea I feel for him as well. I did believe in him for awhile but I know this is the right move. He just isn’t head coach material. It’ll be the Redskins way that Rex Ryan is named the head coach of 2020 😂
  5. https://es.pn/30UBwvo No word on who is Interim but I hope it’s O Connell. We all know it doesn’t matter who coaches here if Brice is GM. I wonder if Manuskys next?
  6. Week 5 GDT: The Boston Massacre

    Looked like Holcomb was scared to hit Brady there
  7. Week 5 GDT: The Boston Massacre

    Colts face is just the kind you wanna punch!
  8. Week 5 GDT: The Boston Massacre

    Here comes the penalties lol never fails
  9. Trade Help

    Can I get some insight on this possible trade? My receivers are DHop, Adam Thieland, Robert Woods, Calvin Ridley and DJ Moore. My running backs are Joe Mixon, Derrius Guice, and Latavious Murray with David Njoku as my only TE. I have a trade request for Odell, Will Fuller, Hunter Henry and Josh Jacobs for DHop, Thieland and Njoku. I don’t have faith in my RBs. Should I accept? Also my QB is Cousins.
  10. Gruden always praises Samaje, any chance if he produces big in preseason they cut AD?
  11. Todd Bowles

    He is rumored to be fire as the head coach for the Jets. I’d be happy with him replacing Manusky if and when he’s fired as well. Thoughts?

    I want DJax back ????
  13. Doctson underego's MRI

  14. Terrell McClain has been released


    It’s Kendall Fuller!! I’m done