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  1. Saints cut Coby Fleener

  2. 2018 Schedule announced

    I think what you're proposing is entirely possible and maybe even likely. But if you were a Philly fan, or Minny fan, or LA Rams fan you would be thinking the same thing. It's possible that one or two of those teams 'fall off' this year and some other team takes their place as the dominant NFC team. So my guess is that one or two of these NFC powerhouses are going to fall this year...let's hope it's not the Saints.
  3. How NFL teams truly value draft picks:

  4. My thoughts on Saints 2018 draft class...

    Great post Worm! I feel like this was a solid draft. I'm a little worried about the TE position but it's not really THAT bad. Overall, I think we'll be okay and we'll all look back on this draft with a greater perspective and appreciation.
  5. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    I think it's being perceived as a win-now move because of the way it all happened. Everyone and their mama thought the Saints were about to take a QB (win in the future) but we reached a little bit for a DE (current need). And it's a current need because they apparently are not convinced that Okafor can make it through a full season and playoffs.
  6. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Seems they didn't want to anger any more fans by trading up. I'm glad.
  7. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Anybody wonder if Dennis Allen had some influence on the pick?
  8. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Btw, yall dont sweat too much. The two 1st rounders we traded are a 27 and a 32
  9. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    We finally got one! The dreams of a Vick-type Lamar may have never came to fruition and we have an ELITE DE in Cam that can help Davenport along. The Lamar daydream i was having clouded my judgment but when i think about having a great pass rush and an amazing secondary....that sounds like a dream too!! The Saints have done so well these last couple years that i will trust in their decision. Who Dat !!!
  10. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    I was hyped for Jackson But this kid very well could be huuuge! Across from Cam. What!
  11. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    What was it?
  12. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    We traded up!
  13. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Mayfield to Cleveland! Can he turn them around?
  14. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    This is what I am most eager to find out. Can Payton say to Brees, "Look man, I have to secure the Saints' future"? Or is he more concerned with winning now anf keeping Brees happy? Oh and be careful with all of that reckoning
  15. 2017 NFL Draft do-over

    Of course we know the Saints wouldn't want a do-over but I came across this article and had to share with yall. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000928013/article/2017-nfl-draft-doover-deshaun-watson-goes-no-1-to-browns We have three draft picks that went in the top 12 ... and four players in the whole first round !! 5. Lattimore to Titans 8. Kamara to Panthers 12. Ramczyk to Browns 32. Williams to Saints Idk if Adam Rank is a Saints guy but he showed some love on this mock. What yall think? Too much love or would that be about right?