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  1. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Pardon me good sir, I kind of want to see "MrsNSF" now (of course not your ACTUAL misses, the one that puts this girl to shame) LOL To contribute to the current discussion though, I have a feeling that Suh is going to the Rams. However, I also think we have a legitimate chance. If he really wanted to go home and consult him family and friends, then I truly believe he is weighing how well he fits into the scheme, given that he had a problem with this in the past. It might happen guys!
  2. The myth of NFL parity

    So what i'm understanding is that you think parity is not achievable if one superstar is better than most at his position? I'm not sure sports would be as fun to watch if every player was pretty much equally talented.
  3. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    I respect Navy's opinion, but NO, this woman is not typical
  4. The myth of NFL parity

    Fair enough. I do have an idea though. To create more parity: give teams 1 point for every 50 yards they have rushing. It would take some of the importance away from the QB position and give teams incentive to rush more. Also, those teams who can't find a franchise QB can put all they have into a beefy O-Line and RBs. * I haven't thought through the consequences, it's just an idea *
  5. The myth of NFL parity

    I would say parity is the attempt to make the 'playing field' as even as possible. Salary cap, compensatory picks, etc...they are all put in place to help achieve parity. I do believe the NFL could do things to achieve a better and maximum parity possible, but there will likely never be mathematical parity in which each team has nearly identical win percentage. Let's say the big, bad NFL is truly trying to achieve the most parity possible. It can't be perfect because when a team finds a franchise QB that lights everyone up (Tom Brady), they're going to win more, there's not much the NFL can do about that. On the opposite end, some teams can't find a franchise QB and so they lose much more often.
  6. The myth of NFL parity

    No, I think you asked the question, "When can we get rid of the NFL parity myth?" For any of us to answer that question, we need to agree on what parity looks like...
  7. The myth of NFL parity

    That doesn't look like parity to you? If not, what DOES parity look like?
  8. The myth of NFL parity

    I don't claim to be an expert on this but it seems like most teams go up for a couple years then back down for several years. The ones who STAY down seem to be the ones with sketchy/unorganized franchises. For some reason you didn't compare the AFC to the NFC...in which case, if you had, you would see a lot of parity: NFC Champions by year: 2017 Eagles, 2016 Falcons, 2015 Panthers, 2014 Seahawks, 2013 Seahawks, 2012 49ers, 2011 Giants, 2010 Packers, 2009 Saints
  9. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Thanks for that laugh Navy
  10. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    So roughly $3 mil left in cap now?
  11. I'm so pumped for all of these great signings! #WhoDat !!
  12. Yea I guess we'll have to trust the guys from the Jets forum, they seem to love him
  13. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Free Agency is feeling great so far! And aren't we only 'technically' 17 minutes in lol
  14. I'm not familiar with him, what yall think?
  15. Free Agency: Rumors, Visits, Signings, etc

    Signing Demario Davis: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/14/demario-davis-agrees-to-three-year-24-million-deal-with-saints/