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  1. Byrd was an all-pro at one point. I remember many people being excited that he was brought on. However, Rob Ryan was right and we should've kept the safety trio as it was. It would be so nice if Payton's gambles (with injury-prone players) actually payed off more often that not.
  2. TAST on Bourbon Street - That Aint Saints Talk

    Yes! The two 'Joy-cons' slide in or out of the 'tablet' and can be used traditionally or with motion control. I also love that I can play on the big screen in the living room and instantly take the game elsewhere if someone needs the tv - it's pretty cool. If nothing else, it's worth a look *If at some point you decide to get a Switch, I would recommend getting a pro controller for long game sessions
  3. TAST on Bourbon Street - That Aint Saints Talk

    Are any of yall Nintendo fans? I picked up the Nintendo Switch not too long ago and I gotta say: it's a gamechanger! Still playing Zelda: BOTW 100+ hours later. Also getting pretty good at Splatoon 2
  4. What did we get for Jenkins again? I was looking for the answer to that and found this: Almost got Jenkins back. Wow!
  5. Just about done with this regime!

    THAT'S WHY! I always wondered what it was, but I never thought about this. I would bet that you are spot on with this reasoning. We tend to side with our 'hometown heroes' over the coach and the organization, so they try not to bring in too many of them.
  6. Just about done with this regime!

    Oh wow, has anybody seen this GIF yet? Breaux goes way off
  7. Just about done with this regime!

    I like Breaux and hope this is just a rumor. Also, I understand the frustration, but yall don't forget where Breaux came from. We got pretty lucky to get the production out of him that we did. Payton and Co. have frustrated me many times, but I try to remember that they see/know things that we are not privy to. I wonder something: is it a trend around the league that more players are injury prone coming out of college? I know you're heated, but would you really want them to do that? Lol
  8. BossierWhoDat's Week 1 Preseason takeaways

    That's right, Week 3 2014. Imo they NEED to set the standard early, otherwise it's gonna be another long year.
  9. Send 1 to the Pro Bowl, one to IR

    Drew Brees (IR) / Michael Thomas (PB) - It hurts to make that choice, but we know it's probably coming soon and I want to keep MT as healthy as possible. Plus Daniels to Thomas creating a pro bowl berth sounds great for our uncertain future!Ryan Ramczyk (PB) / Andrus Peat (IR) - I would hate to see Peat go down, but I would really love to see Ramy go to probowl in year 1 Marshon Lattimore (IR) / Sheldon Rankins (PB) - Sending Kikaha to IR, so I need Rankins. Plus, I get a feeling that this is gonna happen to Lattimore anyway (CB health really sucks lately).Vonn Bell (PB) / Hau'oli Kikaha (IR) - As mentioned, we will probably lose a CB or two so I want to see our safeties remain healthy and pick up the slack.
  10. Linebacking corps position battles

    Did you catch his big play last night? https://twitter.com/Saints/status/895818819221864448
  11. 10 predictions heading into pre-season:

    @whodatworm23 I can appreciate the level of detail you bring to many of yours posts and replies. Just wanted to point that out, keep it up brother. I agree with your predictions except for 2, 7, and 9 - though I really hope you're right on ALL OF THEM
  12. Some of my thoughts on that game: I feel pretty good about our starting O-line, though our backups suck at this point. Nassib > Grayson. I think Grayson did okay given the crappy O-line, but he still looks like a rookie most of the time he is out there. I really hoped Ginn would do something about dropping balls. He's gonna cause me to yell a lot this season TL Lewis ABSOLUTELY deserves to make this roster. That dude is working! I remember one instance where Hooman stood out. Glad to see him back and I'm hoping he has a solid year. Kamara is exactly what we thought he was. I want to see consistency and durability, but he has the skills. The defense made some critical mistakes, but overall they looked faster, more confident, and were usually swarming the ball. I like it. How about Stephone Anthony with that nice delayed blitz? Kikaha looks like he might be ready to break out! Hau-oli......Ki-kaha (Ha-kuna Ma-tata): it means "no worries" Wil Lutz is looking to be a long-term solution to our kicker problem. I don't feel completely nervous when he's kicking. I don't usually care about preseason games, but I really hope we get a couple wins (preferably next week and week 3) to give these young guys some encouragement. Who Dat!
  13. Adopt a Saint 2017 - General talk thread

    I'm here also. Will try to stay that way through next week.
  14. 1st round pick Lattimore suffers minor knee injury

    This just reminds me how fragile our season hopes are. Can we just get a season with relatively few major injuries? *Praying to the Football Gods*