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  1. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    It seems the stats prove you right (according to Hanzus): https://twitter.com/DanHanzus/status/920709690308182016/
  2. [PFF] Marshon Lattimore looks elite already

    Yea, same here. And on top of that, I saw Jenkins representing the Player's Union at the league meeting the other day. Sure wish he could've blossomed here instead of Philly.
  3. [PFF] Marshon Lattimore looks elite already

    Has anybody noticed that Patrick Robinson is the #2 corner in the league? *Not trying to spark a negative debate since this is a positive thread lol
  4. Worms takeaways from the Detroit 50-burger

    The injured starter had to come right back in the game after that happened I did the same thing! My wife didn't care, but she pretended lol But yes, that was an incredible sack. He basically tackled him WITH the tackle
  5. Adopt a Saint - Predictions - Week 5

    Sorry to miss this one. I'm not on here as much during the weekend
  6. Week 6 GDT - Lions in the Superdome - Oct 15 Noon CST

    The game last night was incredible! I can't say I've seen so many crazy things happen in one game, not to mention it felt like a 5-hour game. Looking forward to more of those this season
  7. Week 6 GDT - Lions in the Superdome - Oct 15 Noon CST

    Yall must have forgotten the Superdome Thriller in 2015 (I don't blame you): Saints 51 - Giants 48
  8. Week 6 GDT - Lions in the Superdome - Oct 15 Noon CST

    Wow! Kamara just ran through the D-line, he ducked and two defenders head-rammed each other. Next play Kamara jumps over a defender nearly standing straight up! He's the future.
  9. O/U Week 6 Edition.

    Drew Brees INTs @ .5 Under Alvin Kamara scrimmage yards @ 89.5 Under Mark Ingram scrimmage yards @ 89.5 Under Willie Snead catches @ .5 Over Defensive INTs @ .5 Over Defensive TDs @ .5 Under
  10. Saints have a tough road ahead of them.

    If we finish 8-8, our S.O.S. is determined at the end of year to be very hard, the games we lose are close, AND the players (and coaches) continue to improve... if all of that happens then I would be okay with another year. Still though, there are a lot of reasons that this season is the best time to move on. So I'm good either way I guess
  11. Saints have a tough road ahead of them.

    Agreed on all fronts. I certainly think we are capable of winning both upcoming games, but we all know how up and down our team is. And yes this season first appeared to be easier after the bye but I'm not so sure now. If we get a playoff berth we will have definitely earned it!
  12. Things You (think you) Know About The NFL So Far

    Yes, unfortunately. We've been discussing that over in our forum; it's too bad because he was progressing really well
  13. Bye Week O/U - Bye Week Surprise!

    Week 5 Leading Rusher @ 145.5 yards - Under, Todd Gurley Week 5 Leading Receiver @ 154.5 yards - Under, Keenan Allen Week 5 Passing TD leader @ 4.5 - Under, Aaron Rodgers Number of players with 2 INTs @ .5 - Under, Micah Hyde Number of players with 2 sacks @ 2.5 - Over, Demarcus Lawrence