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  1. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I'm assuming only San Fran is ahead of us? And, shoot, they gave Seattle a hell of a time today.
  2. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    I'll keep it civil, but you are both insulting and wrong. Also, incorrect on the nature of the occupational hazard. She was walking home *from the meeting she was covering for work* when she was shot and killed. And this still doesn't touch the fact that journalists die in war zones fairly regularly in an effort to provide a necessary public good. But whatever. I'm sorry that you don't value one of the most important institutions in global society, our country, and in small, local communities. Dak didn't need to be in. There. I contributed to football.
  3. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    A D.C. local reporter was killed last year in a shooting while walking home late from work. She was in a bad neighborhood working on a story that she had volunteered to work on. Those are journalists. Troy Aikman is not. He's a broadcaster. Edit: I got the outlet she worked for wrong. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/reporter-27-shot-dead-home-meeting-article-1.2240016 My point is... don't confuse journalists and broadcasters and don't confuse journalists with a dude being paid six or seven figures to sit in a booth and give analysis of a football game.
  4. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Uh, dude, you are aware that the dudes who broadcast football games are not journalists right? They're broadcasters. There is an enormous difference. Please tell me you are aware of this difference. Also journalists are sissies? Go tell that to the families of ones who have died in war zones. Tell that to the families of ones who literally have died in their home towns, killed in drive by shootings while walking home from work after covering a local commission or board meeting.
  5. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Bring back Tangini
  6. Week 2: Par for the Course

    We're in the midst of looking at a football team that might be historically bad. The Jets are going to have three real shots at winning a football game this year: back-to-back games against Jacksonville and Cleveland next month and hosting San Diego to end the season. And, frankly, I think San Diego will roll them. But, knowing San Diego's Charlie Brown mentality, they could easily outplay us and still lose that game. Three chances to win. And, honestly, the only way it happens against Jacksonville is if Bortles has a complete meltdown.
  7. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Let's not get carried away. Mark would be really, really, really, really awful on this football team.
  8. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Darron Lee's best play of the game came when the outcome was long since decided. Cool.
  9. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Jermaine Kearse, team MVP. Acquired, like, three weeks ago.
  10. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Mike Maccagnan has successfully built one of the league's worst rosters with a coach who is completely overmatched in this role.
  11. Week 2: Par for the Course

    I don't know if Darron Lee is ever going to live that one down.
  12. Week 2: Par for the Course

    But it's quite clear that second round picks CAN be developed into quarterbacks. Is the math, generally speaking, in their favor? No. For every Drew Brees, Derek Carr, and Andy Dalton there's obviously a Kellen Clemens, Geno Smith, and Christian Hackenberg. Shoot, even Colin Kaepernick had some fantastic years when Harbaugh was his coach. But my point is that those players *can* be developed. We've seen it happen recently. I don't think you can accuse the Jets of not spending resources on QB. I think you can accuse them of spending those resources in the wrong way and then hurting their own investments. As for the pass rush, that's a bit more muddled. Rex didn't need an LT or Demarcus Ware or Von Miller type to make his defense click. He needed a strong DL and linebackers who could excel off-block or in just one-on-one situations where speed was the primary way to win battles against linemen. But I do agree with you more on that, in some respects. We've had a harder time developing pass rushers since dealing Abe. But this all comes back to scheme. We've done a nice job getting to the quarterback when the scheme was right. We're obviously not very good at that anymore.
  13. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Kellen Clemens (06), Brett Favre (09-Trade), Mark Sanchez (09), Geno Smith (12), Christian Hackenberg (15). Since 2006, we've spent a lot of draft resources trying to get a quarterback. You can also include Erik Ainge, Tajh Boyd, and Bryce Petty if you want even though those were mid-to-late round picks. This isn't an issue of devoting resources. It's an issue of being unable to develop these players into NFL caliber starters. Sanchez is lucky if he's a primary backup on most teams. That was the highest pick we've used on a quarterback. The other three who weren't acquired by trade were all second round picks. Again, some development required. Clemens simply wasn't very good. Geno was thrown immediately into the fire. Hackenberg was drafted on tools alone and probably will never be NFL-caliber anything. The issue isn't resources. It's who the organization is choosing to draft and how they're choosing to develop them.
  14. Week 2: Par for the Course

    Forget catching that football. He was close to the five. Just let it go. There's no play worth making there.
  15. Week 2: Par for the Course

    You know who the Raiders are reminding me of, a little? Us circa 2008/2009. Look how hot and cold they run!