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  1. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    My point is our coordinator might only know how to place familiar pieces into favorable roles. That is bad news if he can not adapt his system to the players. I do not want to go out and get new players. He already has one of the most talented units in the league. Time to do something with it that works.
  2. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    Luckily we are playing the Chiefs on a short week. Reid is absolutely horrible to play against when he has time to game plan.
  3. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    Do not know how well he will play but he is a player I really liked coming out of Penn St. Will be nice to finally see him in a Raiders uniform.
  4. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    There were and maybe still are those that have defended the front office for not signing anyone substantial this off-season.
  5. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    The point was how much we have invested. If we change the philosophy we change the importance of different positions. As for coaches a system similar to New England works because the QB and coaches help the players use their strengths. Our O-coordinator took a top offense and has ran it into the ground so far.
  6. Around the league v.1.0

    Interpretation: I threw a fit, told them the only way to make me happy is to trade me, and then they said we will change the game plan to get you more involved so you can earn a huge contract. So now I am saying nothing happened and I will take it one game at a time to do what is best for the team.
  7. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Looks like we will need new coaches, WRs, and O-line. We have spent to much time rebuilding this team to start over again.
  8. Around the league v.1.0

    Martavis Bryant is asking for a trade now.
  9. Must Win: Week 6 GDT - Raiders v Chargers

    There are always going to be missed calls but the MEJ play happened in the backfield with the play heading straight at him. All of a sudden he falls to the side away from the running back. No way the ref misses it. Then all you have to do is look at the O-lineman draped around his ankles. On 4th and goal from the 1 you have to throw the flag. I am just use to watching Mack get tackled or choked every other play. The best part is that he is still good enough to beat the blocker even though they are trying to hold. Imagine how good he would be if teams got flagged and decided to play him straight up. Mack would average 3+ sacks a game. Go back and watch Reggie White. They use to do the same thing to him.
  10. Must Win: Week 6 GDT - Raiders v Chargers

    Watching the game and just noticed something on the 4th and goal play that Gordon scored on. MEJ gets penetration with a chance to get Gordon and he is tackled by the left guard. It was pretty obvious.
  11. Must Win: Week 6 GDT - Raiders v Chargers

    It all comes down to turnovers right now for this team. We are +1 in wins and -4 in loses. We were even in our loses last year so +16 in our 12 wins. Against Balt, SD, and Car we were even and Tampa is the only game we were -1 and still won. We should not have won that game except Tampa wanted to lose more than we did. Of these four teams only Tampa had a winning record and like I said we should have lost that game. Talent wise this is an above average team but things are not going their way but they did last year. In 3 of the 4 loses you can look to 1-2 plays that made the difference in the game. We can turn it around but the margin for error keeps getting smaller. We need a spark but I do not know were to find one. Only thing I can think of would be to fire KNJ and give the job to Pagano. That might have the opposite effect since he is well liked.
  12. Raiders Defense

    It is not hindsight for someone who was calling for us to cut Smith and sign Bouye. There are moves RM has made that I was critical of when he made it it other players I wanted. If it turns out I am correct and later state that on this forum that is not hindsight. That is me having a stronger argument that I was correct although nothing is for sure since many things could have gone wrong if it happened the way I wanted also. In the off-season I was okay with going either direction because Bouye looked like a great player but also Smith looked like he was a viable option at his price. As far as Smith's contract goes it is a little ambiguous. $10.75 was initially GTD but it has $20 GTD at signing. Maybe in the contracts it has something to do with when the money is received because he does not have a signing bonus. I am not familiar with how his contract is set up.
  13. Raiders Defense

    I think we could have cut Smith before 3/11/17 without taking a cap hit. Also he was talking about signing him this past off-season and not pre-2016. I would definitely take Bouye at $13.5 over Smith at $9.5. We would have had to sign him for a little more considering taxes but not much because by this time the Las Vegas move, I believe, was already voted on. We would have had to back load his contract and increase the signing bonus but still worth it. Having a young Conley and Bouye would have been amazing. Hoping Conley can get healthy and Amerson regain his form. They still make a good tandem.
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    Looks like Elliot's suspension is back on for now. Funny how the suspension is reinstated on a bye week allowing him to file another appeal and not miss any time.
  15. Did the OLINE convert to a zone blocking scheme

    If we have kept KNJ this long I am willing to bet Downing has a little time to try and work things out.