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  1. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    I know but it was the thought of having a player with his traits back on the line. Do I think he is going to dominate the same way? Most likely not but we have not had a talented 3T for a while. I will take burst and get off over length and height every time.
  2. Grade the offseason?

    New Coaching Staff - C+ (Only because I do not like scheme changes. A+ if I have to compare it to how we started the year last year) Draft - B (There are a lot of if's in the category. If Cable can develop the tackles, if Bryant is ready to change, if Hurst is ok,... This could be an A or an F. Still not happy with value of the first trade) Free agency - C (Nothing special. A bunch of vets who are football players. If Mack was resigned then an A) Players cut - B (We saved money but would have liked to see if a few players could have turned it around with a good coaching staff) Overall - C+ (I honestly have no clue. Probably will not have a good feel until the second half of the season. I was pissed in the begging of FA but became more comfortable as the off season has played out. Would feel a lot better if Mack had already been signed but this should not be an issue now since the draft has set us up to free cap space next off-season.)
  3. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    Both shirts are untucked but when I look at the size of the legs it is obvious that is the difference. Hall's athleticism is unreal and hearing Hurst being compared to Seymour makes me very happy. Our team was horrible then but I use to love watching him play. He was so quick off the ball and got such an amazing push up the middle. Just hope the Hurst is truly healthy first and a good player second. I have no clue how well Hall will transition but the mans physical talent is beyond anything I have ever seen. I would imagine that a 4.71 forty is the fastest ever for a player over 300 lbs. It is the same time as Anquan Boldin and Jerry Rice.
  4. Raiders Defense

    The top players get held almost every play. It is not like basketball where the top guys get all the calls. Ask the Rams about the Super Bowl against the Patriots. BB knew he could hold the WRs every play and they would not call all of the fouls. It slows the game down. We need a strong presence on the other side that forces the OT to go 1 on 1 with Mack and then the fouls will become obvious and Mack will win even when held.
  5. Our coaching was atrocious last year and I expect the team to play better but do not think we will see a huge improvement because a system change always slows a team down. There are players that will produce because of the scheme changes and players that will regress. The frustrating part is that we will have to wait a year or two to figure out what we have again. PBS to Zone, switching to a more traditional 4-3, and I am not sure about this last one but have read that Guenther prefers a secondary that plays zone.
  6. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    Hall is suppose to be 20 lbs heavier than Hurst. Looks like Hurst is bigger side by side.
  7. Raiders Defense

    A player should be able to show what they are capable of with bad coaching but you will see it less often. Now coaching plays a much bigger role in setting players up to succeed. Prime example is New England. Every year they have scrubs come in and contribute and players leave that are never close to the same. Proper preparation is half the battle now. If one side knows what the other side is doing the game becomes easy. Do really think Tampa was that much better talent wise than us? No. We were the better team but they were better prepared.
  8. Raiders Defense

    Karl has not been what I thought he could be but if Nelson is starting I might have to change the channel when we are on D to save myself from throwing my tv across the room.
  9. I think we played well above our talent level and had a few games we could have just as easily lost that we won in 2016. 2017 our lack of coaching talent was exposed as it appeared teams easily found mismatches and we were unable to adjust. this year I think we will see the D play better and adjust faster than the O. We have holes but believe our O-coordinator is capable of heading some of them. On the O side my main issue is the o-line. We have one player that is proven and able to run what Cable and Gruden want to do and that is Hudson. Penn KO and Gabe are not scheme fits and Penn's body is probably done. That leaves us with the two rookies who look like scheme fits but are unproven. Without the o-line functioning not much else will work. I believe our 2 best o-linemen this year will be Parker and Hudson. Also the team will have some transition pains this years and have a chance to develop if we can remain consistent with the schemes over the next 3 years. I think we will be below .500 this year with a chance to sneak into the playoffs next year.
  10. Raiders Defense

    They passed on James and Fitzpatrick in the first and then wanted to trade up for Jessie Bates in the 2nd. Sorry but if that rumor is true then I just started questioning our talent evaluation even more. I would happily take James @ 15 and Brian O'Neil in the second over Miller and Bates.
  11. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Maybe it was Kiffin or Knapp. You can not say Cable made it happen any more than you can say Kiffin or Knapp. Fargas was just a crap RB on a crap team. Fargas' peak is very similar to Isaiah Crowell's production over the past four years. Maybe we should hire their O-line coach. I want coaches that can get production on good teams because that is what I want from my team. Not good players or coaches on bad teams.
  12. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    When they announced him I had a WTF Mike Mitchel moment. After seeing his measurables and games I am excited but am still cautious because of Mike Mitchell. Can not wait to see him go up against NFL level talent. Although I did not like how we have done it and believe there is still work to do this defense does look improved. Just need a couple rookies to play well.
  13. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Hall and Hurst are 3T and Ejiofor is a Base DE who can move inside on passing downs. You would remove your NT and bump him inside next to Hurst or Hall. It would be part of the rotation. Jelly would be next to Hall or Hurst in our Base D. A better argument against me would be MEJ and Carradine being on the team.
  14. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Of course Townsend has a better chance of being a NFL starter. He is a punter and that is the point. Ejiofor could very easily duplicate Autry and the Williams comment was based on the torn labrum issue. Ejiofor is lacking in the athletic category but his hand use and motor are fine. He plays with game speed but does have plenty of areas to work on. He is dominate rushing from the inside and could develop into a starting DE. This argument is not about selecting the best player at their position. It is about who is the best value at the pick. A good punter in the 5th is bad value. Lechler or Dickson types and I would not argue even though I would rather not do it.
  15. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Hall and Hurst will not be inside at the same time on passing downs most of the time. Ejiofor is also capable of becoming a starting DE in base formations. The only reason why he was not taken were durability concerns. We were OK with heart conditions but not a player who had 2 concussions and a torn labrum. He played all year with the labrum issue and did not even miss a practice. Had successful surgery in February and it is believed he will be 100% by the time training camp starts. Kind of like Leonard Williams just not as good of a prospect. He is a much better version of Denico Autry. I will take that in the 5th every year.