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  1. Projecting the Raiders Win Total

    7-9 is optimistic and we are probably going to have 5 or 6 wins.
  2. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    Overall I like how the story ended for the characters but once again it was rushed. Daenerys being killed should have been the ending of an episode or at least extend it out to see Jon's men trying to protect him before he was captured. Not letting that play out was lazy writing. Have to wait for GRRM to finis the books to fill in the gaps. Jon going north of the wall is great for a new series setup. Arya and Jon will travel and go places we know nothing about while Bran and Sansa rebuild Westeros. I still have a lot of questions that I hope the spin-offs answer but I think the prequel stories if done correctly are more interesting than GOT. Just to let you know GRRM has said that his world is round so Arya should reach the east side of Essos. There are aspects of Essos that sound like Winterfell including 5 forts that protect against demons from the grey waste. Sounds like the far east of Essos might connect to the land of Always Winter. They could have a spin-off of what Drogon does if he travels to Yi Ti. We know very little about this world and the could play this story out for a long time. So far we have only seen what would be considered the Western Hemisphere and countries surrounding the Mediterranean.
  3. Around The League V.2

    I just looked into it and it is like most tax issues a little complicated. In the UK the game checks are taxed by them but the players can use a tax credit in the US for taxes paid in the UK. This credit however only applies to money made in the UK so since they have a higher tax rate the US athlete will pay more in taxes. Also the UK has a tax rule formula that any endorsement money made by a player is also taxable. The percentage of days training + days competing in the UK is the same percentage of all endorsements they are allowed to tax. I have always wondered why teams do not go over their sooner to get acclimated but this makes a lot of since now because a week spent in the UK would allow them to tax roughly 5% of endorsements no matter where the money was earned. The UK has a peak 50% tax rate so this is substantial. I also read that the the UK will allow concessions to these tax laws to attract big sporting events like soccer tournaments and the 2012 Olympics but I do not know if they have a deal with the NFL.
  4. Raiders Defense

    I have a thread on page 2 were you can post a post mock draft so we have a place to look back at everyone's choices after the season. Every year we criticize the team for its choices and say what we would have done. I am going to rename it Me vs Mayock. You should post one there. I would love to get everyone's choices so we can have a good discussion at years end.
  5. Raiders Defense

    Allen = Needs to learn to improve and hit the weight room for power. Both easy if motivated. Needs to work on easy coach able aspects. Ferrell = Needs to to improve athleticism. If he has room to improve he can be great but if he does not he will have a lot of pressures and very low sack numbers. Needs to improve where it might not be possible. This is why I see Ferrell as more of a risk than Allen. Knowing now that Sweat dropped I personally take White at 4 and Sweat at 24. It is not even close for me. It would have been close but I still probably take White not knowing Sweat would drop. I probably take Anthony Nelson as a mid rounder over Ferrell at 4. I have to trust the team however I do not like the mind set that Allen is not good enough because he got pushed around sometimes. These are college players and are going to have ups and downs. We now have a couple athletic 3T and below average athletic edge players.
  6. Raiders Defense

    My issue with Key is the same issue I have with Ferrell. They are good at what they due and well developed with their technique but neither has that explosive athleticism that allows them to transition their production from college to the pros. Now that can be improved and sometimes blossom after being in a professional strength program. I think that is why the team is upset with Key for not showing physical improvement. I hope both can do it but sometimes players do not have the capacity or drive to do so. Key might have motivation problems and Ferrell athletic limitations. In college you can mask your deficiencies by being really good in other areas but in the pros you need to have the drive, technique, and athleticism. There have been a lot of players in the league that always seemed to come up just a little short in their play because they lacked professional level proficiency in one of those categories.
  7. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    I talked my girlfriend into watching it and she had no clue how reactors are dangerous but she seemed interested. I gave her the short version of nuclear reactions and the issues that ca happen. As soon as episode 1 ended she just looked at me with a pissed look on her face. She said "why would I give her one more thing to scare st!t out of her in her life". I think I should tell her that there are no longer any functioning plants in California.
  8. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    My issue with GOT is not the story but the execution of the story. Everything thing that has happened makes since in the story but feels rushed. Nothing feels organic. This season should have been 13 episodes. the episode before the Bells should have been just about Daenerys' mental state and slowly build who she might be. Show the golden company fighting her forces while Drogon is trying to take down the navy and breach the city. Once they are defeated have the bells ring out with a close up up of her face and then end the episode with no preview. Next episode she goes crazy and the episode ends with her celebrating with her army and everyone else starting to change while they have to pick up the pieces and the reality of what happened sets in. You could start to get an understanding of how the characters feel but leave some on the fence. End the episode then have the finale. The final episode could probably be broken up into 2 episodes because I am sure they are going to rush it also but I have no clue what direction stuff is going to go in. I would love for a flashback of what Bran told Tyrion that made him tell Varys. No reason to tell Varys if he truly does support Dany like he has said. This is just off the top of my head so if I thought about with a few friends we could probably come up with something great.
  9. Raider UDFA's

    Isn't that the 49ers model. The guys name was Harry Edwards.
  10. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    My point was that the game against Seattle was the worst because of the knowledge Pete has with Cable. I am not a Cable supporter at all but this game is a bad example. No way that D was not going to destroy our line with Cable and the circumstances surrounding the line.
  11. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    We were pretty bad against other teams but I wounder how much of the Seattle game had to do with Pete's familiarity with Cable. Injuries, talent, age, and experience all played a part but playing against his former team did not help.
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    Most Overrated: Antonio Brown (Not saying he is not a great player but his position does not allow him to take over on his own)Most Underrated: Gareon ConleyBest Player: Rodney HudsonKey New Addition: Trent BrownCould Surprise: Marquel LeeTakes a Leap: Arden KeyProve it Year: Carr/Joyner (Both need to justify those contracts)
  13. Raiders Offense Thread:

    Adding 3 1st round picks for a rebuilding team is nothing to sneeze at. We only had to trade away 2 pro bowlers one of which was a defensive player of the year. Al made all the picks while Gruden was here, we already established that, only Al would draft a kicker in the 1st round. As head coach he had zero input. Was he allowed to pick FA? Maybe he deserves a little less credit for his first time here. Can not have it both ways. It seems the general consensus is that Gruden is not good at player evaluation and developing players. His early years in TB he had hardly any picks because they traded them all to us for Gruden. TB sold there future to win a Superbowl and Gruden brought them exactly that. 2 firsts was a steep price but he had plenty of other firsts to use. But then again he was not making those decisions. So Dungy built the team and Gruden's great coaching on defense put them over the top. You do realize our offense outscored theirs in the Super Bowl. He didn't have a first rounder his first 2 seasons with TB, then he drafted Cadillac Williams a stud ( Averaged 3.8 yards a carry before the injury and after the injury) until his knee injury, Davin Joseph a probowl OG (Can not argue with Joseph but I would hope for more than 2 pro bowls from a 1st round G), Aquib Talib a probowler (Knucklehead team distraction who I would not have taken on my team until Belichick got a hold of him. Made pro bowls with NE not TB.), Micheal Clayton led all rookie Wr's in catches and yards was off and on after suffering a knee injury ( Could be wrong but Clayton hurt his knee in 2006 and had 32 rec and 372 yards in 2005. Best year after his rookie year he had 38 rec for 484 yards so I would say he was just off and never on again. Getting a second contract is not a good measure for a high first round pick and if that is your bar then RM has hit on every single draft. ) , but still earned a 2nd contract. Gaines Adams had 2 decent seasons then was traded for a 2nd round pick (Gaines, RIP, never lived up to being taken #4 overall, sounds familiar. He may have become better but unfortunately the young man passed away). Your argument doesn't hold water ( I was going to let all this go and then you had to bring it up again. Guess you did not realize I was carrying some Valyrian Steel). I think it is time we agree to disagree.
  14. Raiders Offense Thread:

    Thanks for the advice but I think this is my therapy. I am trying not to be stressed at work, it is working, but I have to release it somewhere. To many incompetent bosses at work since I stepped down. I have been trying to keep a low profile. I am an ENTJ personalty type so it is tough. My GM is a lot like Gruden which I think is adding to the annoyance. Gruden has a great football mind but I can not stand the persona.
  15. Raiders Offense Thread:

    Because my hypothetical was not literal it does not work? Okay but I was asking how would you feel if those circumstances ha... Never mind. I will just let this one go and say yes we are having a discussion and you are correct but this was not meant just specifically at you. This had more to do with seeing something that others do not. I could be wrong and it would not be the first time but it looks pretty clear to me in the Cook situation that Gruden had good reason to at least reach out and extend an offer to him. Who cares if we can not reach an agreement. The rule of thumb is if you have a chance to better your team you at least look into it. Due diligence. If Gruden has as much sway as everyone thinks he owes it to the fans and organization to check every reasonable option. To not even say we have Waller for this much but at this price I would prefer Cook, assuming we agree Cook is better than Waller, and see if he bites is incompetent or selfish if there is an ulterior motive. Just like RM not going back and contacting the 49ers who had a deal on the table for Mack when we agreed on terms with the Bears. Could have started a bidding war and imagine what we could have had. RM was to risk averse and it drove me crazy and Gruden's ego causes problems for him. I hope Mayock can help.