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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Remember they will change it once or twice a week to get people to keep visiting their sites. He just put this one up so he looks like he is getting closer as the off season progresses and it will be easy to get closer than this one. An added bonus is if one of these players like a Tyson Alualu goes really early and he had it in an early draft he can hang his hat on it. "Well you know back in January I had him here but yada yada yada+ BS" and naive people will bring it up the next few years when he says he has some inside info. I am not saying he is not good but when you make 30 mocks you will get a few surprises correct.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Sorry that is for the Shrine game. Good info still.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Walterfootball has some good write ups on the practices. http://walterfootball.com/eastwest2019.php
  4. State of our team

    One advantage I think Mayock has coming in is that he has seen these GMs across the league with good habits and bad habits. He has been able to focus on what they do and with what works with out bias. You can easily say that a GM can do the same thing but when you are in the middle of the job it is hard to adapt and get away from your routine. Now on the other end I think there are going to be some situations where he may think something will work but will underestimate how hard it actually is. I think having a solid vet group around him combined with a fresh perspective could work out great. It could also crash and burn but I think if he surrounds himself with quality FO personnel this is not likely to happen. We are heading down an unknown path on so many levels over the next few years. If nothing else it should be entertaining. Huge roster turnover, a lot of draft picks, Gru part 2, MM, and Vegas. 90% of what last year was, I think Grudens coaching will change also, will be gone in 2 years. It is an uncertain and exciting time to be a Raider fan.
  5. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Yes it would because we are losing on value. I understand that the value chart is just a recommendation or a starting point but if a team is willing to trade up into the top 5 for a QB you are paying a premium. Their first and second plus next years first is a starting point. I think this years 1st and 2nd plus next years 2nd is were it would end. If we value all of the prospects from 4-7 the exact same, I doubt any team has ever flipped a coin because they could not place one ahead of the other, and there is not another team to get involved in the bidding war then it is fine to take less. If not you need at least the difference in value between your 4th rated player and 7th to even contemplate the trade down. You have to remember taking less just so you get something can hurt you when you negotiate in the future. Teams may negotiate with the opinion that you will cave. With time sensitive negotiations like the draft it is better to say no sometimes. Just realized this trade came from a Jags reporter. I think you are right that there is some undervaluing but it is from the other side. That is what they wold want to see and is filled with their hope and bias just like my initial offer.
  6. Rolni's mock offseason vol.1

    I am definitely scared but think MM might be able to bring people back. Gruden is a hype guy and Mayock is a hostage negotiator. I think it would be funny and entertaining sitting down with both and could work extremely well together. They are greater than the sum of their parts. I could not listen to Gruden's BS for more than a couple minutes and I think Mayock might be that type that lets you know that if you do not like it we have other options. Neither works well by itself. I could see Gruden telling a player you are great and amazing. A Gruden Grinder and Mayock with a smile on his face looking over at Gruden and telling him to stop blowing sunshine up said players skirt. On a side note we almost always have a player we know we are going to draft. A player where it just makes so much sense we have to do it. I know it is very early in the process but White is starting to pick up a lot of steam and I think he is already starting to separate himself as the #4 player. I have been reading random stuff today and I am starting to get that feeling. Without him doing something stupid I see him staying there and people will start comparing him to Patrick Willis if he runs a 4.5 or better at the combine. I do not think it is a bad comp but White will have to learn how to do a better job of shedding blocks.
  7. Around The League V.2

    There are still a lot of Raiders fans but it is close to even now. I almost never say Rams fans before they moved back. I knew more Lions and Browns fans before they moved back.
  8. Rolni's mock offseason vol.1

    We are currently 5th in salary cap and have the most pull in the draft. We are in a prime position to sign some big contracts especially when you take into consideration the players we can cut with no cap hit and aging players whose contracts are up after next year. This might be the year we are all surprised with who we sign. I just question Gruden's talent evaluation. He always thinks he can squeeze a few more years out of ageing players whose play has started to decline. With MM there I have no clue what is going to happen though. Should be a fun and possibly painful roller-coaster ride.
  9. Rolni's mock offseason vol.1

    If it is DE I would go for Fowler, Flowers, or Preston Smith. If we are cutting a big contract on O-line depending on my feelings about Miller I would go after Brown, James, or Williams. I really like the Hicks signing but if I am going after a player 30+ years old I have wanted KJ Wright on this team since he came out. That would be a lot of money at the LB spot for those two along with Whitehead. A lot is going to come down to who resigns or is tagged but there is a lot of Defensive talent ready to hit the market. I do not know how well MM and Gruden will be at selling their vision but hopefully the issue of where we play next year will be settled by then. I think we will still have to over pay a little but not as much with taxes in Nevada being an incentive.
  10. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I agree that it always depends on the money but I see him as better than every other DT on our roster and therefore we should check him out if available. My original point was that there are no luxury picks for us. Just areas of greater need.
  11. Rolni's mock offseason vol.1

    I think this is a little under what we could do. We will still have over $20 million in cap space and although I like Graham I would not make him my marquee signing. We could front load the contracts a little but that never happens when you think it is the smart move. I thought Gruden and Allen use to max out the cap and even RM would only have $5-8 million. It is a big ? what we will do with MM and Gruden. I am not 100% certain where we are with the cap floor but I think with how RM has structured everything we are safely above it. Since we did not give out big signing bonuses and choose to use roster bonuses we do not have any big payouts during the previous cap period, 2013-2016, that effect our cap now. Even Carr's singing bonus counts as a cash payout for the current cap period.
  12. Around The League V.2

    Scheme was good for our interior line, Penn was healthy, Carr quick trigger helped everyone, and Howard was at least average. We are in a transition phase and I hope they make good decisions. Just wish we would stop jumping back and forth. We have done the same thing with our entire defense. How long has it been since the Steelers or Seahawks changed their defensive scheme?
  13. Around The League V.2

    Everyone in LA is a Rams fan now. My mom is even running around saying it is her team. I just ask them who their starter is at a random position to get them to stop talking to me about football. Not my mom though I just let her go off about it.
  14. Around The League V.2

    I am not saying it is a problem for everyone. Some people prefer a slower pass or not so condensed. I live just outside LA county and I enjoy it. If I was in downtown area I would have to move. I know plenty of people who feel the opposite. My issue was Cooper specific and I am sure there have been other free agents that did not like the Bay Area. It has to feel like home.
  15. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    That has been my mind set if Q, Bosa , and Allen are gone. If one is there I do not think we can pass on any of the three. Under those circumstances I would love to trade down and grab White, Williams, or Oliver. I am not sure about Ferrell or Gary that early but the combine has been known to change my perspective a few times.