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  1. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Yes agree it is preseason but when your guys are getting run over man to man it shows who has the greater individual talent. That would not be such a big problem if our team played like a single unit or we had great coaches that could get more out of our players but neither coaching or cohesion are our strengths.
  2. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    I would agree but MEJ and Ward were drafted as base ends that can kicks inside when needed. Ward is closer to being a 3T but still not a typical player at that position especially when you think of the type of DT Del Rio has had on other teams. Vanderdoes is the only highly drafted DT since his has been here. Big Dan's deal made him the 11 highest paid DT when we signed him. This is the only time we have invested money in a DT and currently have no high talent/potential at the position. Sucks because this year and next on his contract would have been his cap friendly years. I would have loved for them to have pursued Brandon Williams in FA but would have settled to hear about names like Poe, Logan, or Hankins. They want to see what Vanderdoes has at UT but I think it is clear that Jelly is going to be a below average starter. Vanderdoes-Ellis with Lee behind them is a formula for disaster. We played the run well against the Rams until they ran between the tackles. Our DTs were gettin blown off the line and even when they stopped Gurley at the LOS they were still pushed back a few yards and the Rams got good yardage. Only week 2 of preseason but this is our biggest or second biggest problem and is only going to make issues worse in the secondary as we start bringing the safeties down to the LOS for support.
  3. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Wether it is RM or the coaching staff it is starting to become clear that we do not value the middle of the D. We do not have an ILB that is making more than $1 million this year and the only DT making more than that is Jelly at just under $2 million. The only reason why he is getting that much is that he is in the final year of his rookie deal. To put it into perspective we paid our #3-4 WR Patterson more than our starting DTs and LBs (excluding Irvin) combined. I understand we need to look for value but he is almost making more than all the DTs an ILBs combined that we curently have under contract while carrying 90 players. That is ten players as of right now.
  4. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    That sack led to them punting but if Mack does not get there then that would have been another easy TD. They should have gone TD-TD-TD-FG in the first half.
  5. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Looks like the entire secondary bit on the play action.
  6. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    I figured you misunderstood the sarcasm. When your first team defense can only get 1 punt out of the Rams in a half there is not much about the D to be happy about.
  7. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Carrie should be our 4th or 5th CB if everyone played to their contract and draft position. He is a good #4.
  8. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    I agree with what you said. That is why I said a little because it is not the only reason. I blame coaching, communication, and talent up the middle. I can not speak about leadership but I hope someone is speaking up at some point about the missed plays.
  9. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Even the Rams hometown announcers commented on how Mack was getting held. They need to take the handles off of his jersey.
  10. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Did Chris Everett just say we have a very good defense?
  11. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Are they letting him do the play calling right now. If so that does explain a little.
  12. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Neither team can make a stop.
  13. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    nice coverage by Smith
  14. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    I remember reading some say Kupp was the most underrated player in the draft and even a couple saying he would be the best rookie WR this year. He does look really good so far. Is it TJ or Kupp.
  15. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    I love it. A few years back I said what I missed most about our team was we missed that nasty presence like Wiz. KO is everything and more than I wanted .