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  1. If Incognito stays healthy I will not be that impressed. Incognito was a pro bowler 4of the previous 5 seasons he played in before signing with us. He also has 2 1st round tackles. A RG who was playing well before we signed him. Only one that will impress me is James. He will be a feather in his cap. So in my eyes he has 4 chances to look bad and 1 to look good. If Incognito goes down and Simpson plays well then I will start to believe more.
  2. I do not. Good was already playing well in Indy. He just had a prick coach that wanted him gone. He had already logged 1293 snaps and started 20 games with the Colts. He has continued to improve but I am not giving Cable the credit. I would if we got him straight out of college. What good O-linemen has Cable either turned their career around after their play sucked somewhere else or was not considered a good prospect coming out. Andre James might end up being his first but he has proved almost nothing so far. Like I have said many times before, Cable has hurt players careers or reached
  3. Arnette was not a bad player coming out but I think with the information we had at the time of the draft he was not a 1st round pick. I wanted him in the 2nd with Kinlaw and Jefferson in the 1st. I wonder how we would have drafted without Guenther the past 3 years.
  4. Very true. If you are not focused on being a professional you will not make it no matter the system or talent around you.
  5. Not saying he was not a good player under Gruden but Gruden played conservative with ball control. Gannon averaged almost a 1000 yards per season less with Gruden than he did the year with Callahan. It was the same system but Callahan just opened it up more and loosened the leash on Gannon. Now getting back to MM and Vegas. As you said Gannon was a journeyman before he got with Gruden and had less success than MM in Tenn. Gruden made Gannon a pro bowler and his system when they opened it up made Gannon a league MVP. So why is it so hard to believe that Gruden's system could turn MMs care
  6. I only asked because it was a follow up to how a player can benefit from a system and/or team change. My earlier conversation with Frankie was about ho a players talents can be utilized better in different systems. You put Tannehill on Vegas he might look like Miami Tannehill or Carr on the Titans could be better or worse than Tannehill. You never know how it will workout exactly but you can have a decent idea. I believe Carr could be a far better player with another coach. In absolute terms Carr is a better QB in Gruden's system but Gruden would have an easier time maximizing MMs talents
  7. We disagree on a lot around here but I am right there with you. I was not big on Chaisson but Kinlaw with Jefferson was my preferred outcome with how the draft fell. Would have had a d-line of Hankins, Kinlaw, Ngakoue, Crosby, and Ferrell. Not the best in the league but plenty of talent, youth, and does not have a glaring hole. Not to mention it would be pretty cheap right now. Still could have signed Jefferson as a back up. Looks like the starting DBs would have been the same still and signing John Brown would make more since to go with Edwards, Waller, Renfrow, and Jefferson.
  8. So would you say Tannehill could beat out Carr on this team?
  9. Just about any back up starting for an extended period of time is not good. MM is a top 3 backup in the league but a bottom ten starter based on his time in Tenn.
  10. I said the numbers are arbitrary. based on whim or personal preference, without reason or pattern. Just used random numbers that would mathematically show my point that the style of QB MM is would be better than Carr's style but Carr being a much better QB makes him the better choice for the team to succeed. Carr is a very gifted QB but not all gifts are the same. If Carr was willing to take off more, I say this because he has the ability but not the will, and not let getting hit rattle him so easily this offense could go to new heights. Another red-zone target and better run blocking wou
  11. I am basing it off of how MM's physical ability allowed him to run aspects of this offense the way it is suppose to. There were multiple plays where you could see his physical ability put the team in a better position to succeed. Now this does not mean that over a season or even a few games he would find more success. Think of it like a math problem. These will be arbitrary numbers but I hope you get the point. Let's say the maximum score a player can have is 100. Carr's ceiling is a 90 MM's ceiling is a 70 To figure out a schemes effect you have a factor that represents th
  12. I have not once said MM is better than Carr. In fact I have said nothing but the opposite. Carr is a far superior talent but Carr will get less out of those talents than MM will get out of his on this team.
  13. I think you do not understand what I am trying to say. Each player has a certain skill level and their ability to maximize their production is dependent on on factors such as surrounding players, coaches, schemes, era, etc.... Our system will help MM play at a higher level relative to his skill set than will Carr. Does not mean he will play at a higher absolute level. If you go back and watch Carr fail at the same play over and over again we start to wonder why does Gruden keep making the same call. Then we see MM run the same play but his skills allow him to run it differently and you se
  14. From day one I said Gruden's ego is going to be his biggest problem. I think he has brought in coaches he enables to be the same way. If the player does not succeed it is the players fault and not the geniuses running the show. I just realized why I do not like them. They remind me of politicians.
  15. Reggie's 2nd round hit rate was bad. He loved to reach in the 2nd. RM was still here when we selected Hall.
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