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  1. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    Calling that a block is like calling a punch a quick shove. He is hitting him form behind, almost from the side, and trying to hit him below the knee with his helmet. That was an attempt to slow down a defender but not a block.
  2. Team Needs?

    1. HC 2. OC 3. Get healthy in the secondary 4. WRs that can catch 5. DC depending on how Pagano does the next couple of games. Hard to tell what we need since we do not know how our team will perform with competent coaching. Just players I would say: 1. NT 2. ILB 3. WR 4. LT/RT 5. Slot CB
  3. SNF GDT Cowboys @ Raiders

    We have not thrown in the towel but maybe a couple players have and others preparing for the inevitable.
  4. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    half point ppr league. Kupp or Woods? He is playing Goff. I have Diggs and Crabtree right now.
  5. Raiders Defense

    The slot is where I think he belongs. From everything I have read he is suppose to be one of the better slot corners and a decent player outside and at safety. Teams love that versatility and a good slot CB is extremely important. I would resign him since the reports out of camp this past year were that he is still continuing to improve. My understanding of the CB position is limited so I would like to know others opinions of his ability in the slot. I have seen him on the outside this year and think if that is his only position we should upgrade him but like I said before he is suppose to be really good inside.
  6. The bad, the ugly, the locked thread

    I do not know which variables are used to figure this out but my eye balls are telling a very different story. I know part of the problem is Carr but the pocket seems to collapse in on him every time he does not get rid of the ball after 3-4 seconds. I could be wrong since I have no data to back it up.
  7. Raiders Defense

    I could be mistaken but I thought Carrie was suppose to be one of the better slot corners but not good on the outside. Because of injuries and other players level of play dropping he was forced to the outside were he has shown he does not belong as a starter. I have no problem re-signing him to play that position and have others on the outside with some depth so that if someone gets hurt he is not forced to play outside. I also do not think any of our DBs were considered injury risks before we drafted them. We have just been unlucky this year. I do not see a problem with having Obi, Joseph, Amerson-FA, Conley, and Carrie (Slot) as our starting DBs next year. We will experience some growing pains but should be a big improvement over this year. Right now we have Nelson, Joseph, Carrie, Smith, and McDonald.
  8. Around the league v.1.0

    Win or lose I would have liked to have been 100% in the playoffs so that we could get a feel for the playoffs and how things change in the post season. We would have beaten the Texans, which the first playoff win for a young team can be a huge monkey on their back, and even if we lose in the second round facing a top team who increases their intensity would have been good for us. Could have also raised red flags in areas that we needed to improve. That is why we went out and got a better back up QB but it was not enough.
  9. Raiders Defense

    Next year CB: Amerson - 4.44, Conley - 4.44, TJ Carrie (Slot) - 4.4? (played much better in the slot) S: Joseph - under 4.5?, Melifonwu - 4.40, Luani - 4.55 That is plenty of speed if we can get these guys ready. One of the most important aspects for me is to see if we can keep getting sacks in the last few weeks. With Norton as DC we had 14 in ten games. We have had 12 in the last three games with Pagano. If we can keep up the pressure then that shows one major aspect of the defense was flawed most likely because of coaching and we have some talent.
  10. Raiders Defense

    I agree 100% except for Bowman. He is not the fastest but I will take a slower player that does not take missteps over a fast player that does not know their assignment. Smith and Nelson are slow but make a lot of mistakes. Bowman increases the team speed by knowing were everyone should be and decreasing mistakes across the entire D. We will be much faster next year just by getting our top picks on the field but if we do not have a player with the green dot that knows what is going on and can correct others it will not matter.
  11. Coaching changes coming?

    Chiefs 5 of 6 loses are by one score or less. I think teams have figured out how to beat them but they have not quit. Denver has looked similar to us and have had a big swing in turnovers similar to us. So I would agree with Denver but the only reason why there is not a rumor about locker room problems with Denver is because we know what happened. Their locker room imploded and even the GM got in the fight with the players. We have gone from +16 in TO to -10 which is huge but I see something is off when it comes to team chemistry. Winning will fix a lot but there is something that we do not know about.
  12. Coaching changes coming?

    Just go back and watch the first few games. Something changes week 3. We already had the discussion about what she said but something happened and it changed the team. Could be as simple as other teams getting some tape on Downing or more complex. We looked liked a top 5 team the first couple of weeks and like a bottom 12 team since. We have not looked right even when we win.
  13. Coaching changes coming?

    Not saying Grime's wife was correct or if she is that is the only problem but something changed the week we played the Redskins. Team has not looked right since even when we have won.
  14. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    Oak - 104 total yards Buf - 220 Ind - 158 If you have caught any of the Buf Indy game you would understend. 2 Back up QBs in a snow bowl.
  15. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    If we do not make the playoffs I hope for big losses so that the front office will be more likely to blow up the coaching staff.