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  1. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    I thought about that also but for me Fant is easily the best player left so I would not risk it in real life and I think that is what we are suppose to go for here.
  2. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I have read some people talking about AB and Burfict but I would think AB would feel a lot more comfortable knowing that 55 will not be on the field with him at the same time if we signed him.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    Imagine if our front office makes the Cooper and Mack trade between the end of the season and the draft. The Cowboys and Bears picks could have netted us 2 out of the 3 between Ferrel, Sweat, and Gary to go along with Williams, Hurst, Hall, Key, and Hankins on our line. Grab Wilson in the 2nd and our front 7 is ready to roll. Oh well. Cowboy might not trade a 1st then but Jerry is crazy.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    @BayRaider Fant or Lawrence. At least with Fant this O will be exciting.
  5. 2019 Free Agency V2

    This is when players really start lowering their asking price and taking short term deals they believe can increase their value.
  6. 2019 Free Agency V2

    Fitz getting 2 years $11 million is a good deal. I would have signed him to that deal without hesitation. McCarron is not worth $5 million but a backup that will come in and win you a few games is. Good for the Dolphins. Now they just need a QBOTF.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft V3

    I would love this draft. Chances of a third of these picks being there is close to zero but this would go a long way in fixing this team. 4: R1P4 EDGE NICK BOSA OHIO STATE 24: R1P24 LB DEVIN WHITE LSU 27: R1P27 TE T.J. HOCKENSON IOWA 35: R2P3 LB DEVIN BUSH MICHIGAN 106: R4P4 EDGE L.J. COLLIER TCU 140: R5P2 WR DEMARCUS LODGE MISSISSIPPI 218: R7P4 EDGE CARL GRANDERSON WYOMING 235: R7P21 QB EASTON STICK NORTH DAKOTA STATE
  8. Raiders release T Donald Penn

    Another name off of my list.
  9. Raiders sign Lamarcus Joyner

    He i here for 2 years. The roster bonus is already guaranteed. It is just paid the 3rd day of the next league year. He should have a dead cap hit of $8 million for next year.
  10. Raiders release T Donald Penn

    Not necessarily. He was expendable and did not have a role on the team next year. We could spend it this year or role it over to next year. We did not need to spend $5.5 million on someone who we did not want out there. Parker would have received PT before him so he could develop even though Penn is better even at this stage of his career.
  11. 2019 Free Agency V2

    I have heard he can go between the two but is toast if you have him try to play single high. Most Rams fans have said he did not play up to the expected level last year and his average over the 2 years is top 3 money for a FS and 11th for a CB. I think he is a good player but we gave him to big of a contract for a player that regressed last year.
  12. 2019 Free Agency V2

    My point was if we are sitting at 16 waiting for Ferrel and the Giants want a DE they know they need to get to 15 as soon as the Redskins are on the clock. It does not cost that much and they secure the prospect they are targeting. Now we have to draft a DE that we have ranked in the back end of the first or try to trade back to a spot we think has better value. We are desperate and except whatever is offered so we get something. We also risk losing out on that player so we repeat the cycle. Eventually we are not drafting BPA because we have the choice of grabbing a back up at another position or finally addressing a position of dire need. BPA is a good strategy but sometimes you have to factor in need. Guenther will go ballistic if we do not get him some help. He has zero chance if we tie one of his arms behind his back again. Its just game theory combined with common sense.
  13. 2019 Free Agency V2

    The Williams deal is good but I do not like the Joyner structure. No way we cut him after this year and if we do we are paying him $17 million for 1 year. His roster bonus next year is already guaranteed. We just do not pay him until the 3rd day of the 2020 league year. I do not like paying players hoping the regain there form. He should have received less on a 1 year deal and if he proved himself then received a deal similar to what we gave him. HaHa and Ward's contracts are prove it deals and if you want a multi year contract that is really a one year deal look at Weddle's.
  14. 2019 Free Agency V2

    So we will just sacrifice another year because we would prove that they can not predict who we are going to draft? We need three DE and at least 2 need to be starting quality. Chances of getting one outside the first is very small and past the 2nd since we do not have a 3rd is almost nothing. They could develop over time but year 1 starters probably not. So now we have 4 picks within the first 35 choices and we need at least 2 DE and 1 LB. Good luck fooling anyone. I wonder how many sacks we have next year with Key and Mauro as our starters. Our starters would have 4 sacks in 75 career games.
  15. Around The League V.2

    If Carr has another year like the last two good luck getting a late 1st for him. Probably a 2nd or 3rd. If he get back his winning ways then he would be worth multiple 1st round picks. Carr's value is up in the air right now and we are taking a risk by keeping him. I think it is the right decision but still a risk. I think it is the same situation as Mack though that if we did trade him for the 13th pick it would be like trading Carr for Lock at 13, signing Houston, and Ansah. You would have to take into account whether he is playing up to his contract the same way a team trading for him would offer less because they are taking on a big contract while not knowing which version they are going to get. On a Carr side note I did not realize Carr had 11 fumbles. That is a bad sign for a player that knows pressure is coming and still does not take care of the ball. Hopefully he just had an unlucky year in that regard but 21 TO is to much. We get that under control and create a few TO on defense and we should be a much better team. Our line changes already should cut our sacks by almost half and Carr should be able to get his TO number back in the 10-15 range. That alone would put us in the 8 win range and if Carr can execute the offense we are on our way back. Need to hit on our D draft picks though.