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  1. They admitted that Ferrell should have gone later and I do not know what happened with Arnette and Leatherwood. I liked Arnette but saw him as a 2nd rounder. I did not want Ruggs at 12 either. I have not liked any of our 1st round picks since 2015. Even that year Cooper was my backup choice if we stayed at 4. I wanted Williams and then trade back if he was not there.
  2. Once again we are getting a coach before a GM which means the coach is going to hold more power. Are we not going to learn? This team is so frustrating with its obvious mistakes.
  3. The problem we have had is that we have obvious holes at positions going into the draft. We need to have capable players at all positions before the draft. That way you will not be forced into a predictable decisions. In theory you always want to get BPA but without a solid foundation you can not. How far in advance did we know we where going to draft someone to play RT and S. We have been to predictable and hopefully that changes this year.
  4. I get what you are saying. It also has a huge impact off the field too. Imagine what a responsible 30 year old would say to a 22 year drinking and driving like Ruggs. Ruggs would have to respect that vet but it could have changed him before the accident. Even if the vet is not willing to take them under their wing the rookie can still imitate and learn by watching. They just need to learn instead of trying to figure it out. Coaches can do this also but a young man is more likely to listen to a peer than a coach.
  5. I am not saying we made a mistake but if Donald was 295+ I think that is the possible direction we would have gone in.
  6. It's funny you say that because I believe we did. We had just as big of a need at DT as we did on the edge. We ended up with a 33 year old Antonio Smith at DT. Donald was just as impressive as Mack coming out and he played against much better competition. I would have loved to hear if there was a Donald vs Mack debate.
  7. But he said he would rather retire than play for another team.
  8. I was doing mock drafts and he kept popping up as one of the top prospects when we picked in the 2nd so I decided to look into him. I want to watch full games to see how consistent he is but he moves really well for a big man. Depending on the scheme he looks like he could play from the nose to 5T. Saw a few reps where he dropped back and was spying on the QB. Pretty impressive for a 300lb+ man.
  9. I was just talking about the team in general but not current staff.
  10. Russell, Walter, Tui, Hobert, and Marinovich are the last Qbs we drafted in the first 3 rounds. We have had Carr for 8 years now but those 5 in the prior 22 years where garbage.
  11. This I believe stems back to the WFT game in 2017. I believe Cooper quit on Carr and then Gruden came in the next year and cleaned house of anyone that did not support Carr after that game. Just my belief. I have no evidence other than what everyone say on TV.
  12. Not good. Carr has been the best since Rich and we have brought in a lot of young guys.
  13. I was watching players talk about him and he has some ridiculous efficiency rate against zone. Apparently you need to e able to play man and get to him with 4 down linemen.
  14. I agree. I liked Cooper but would have never given him $20 million. The money plus the play where he quit because of triple coverage that led to an int pissed me off. Professionals do not act that way even if Carr was ignoring him most of the game.
  15. I would not group all people who are willing to keep Carr as Carr supporters. I would even keep him under certain circumstances. I just believe we get the most value from him if we trade him this year. A Carr supporter is a person who chooses to trash the team but completely ignore Carr's issues. People who attack Cooper but refuse to acknowledge that Carr was part of the issue.
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