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  1. Look Gabe is not the best guard in the league but I think we might be missing him next year. A restructure would have been better for both parties. I think it might be a bad sign when a former teammate comes out and says he is happy after losing money. I do not know how the conversation went but this may very well be a red flag. I could be wrong but the highlight real posted by @RaidersAreOne shows a bunch of pre Cable highlights. You might see a completely different player with another team next year.
  2. If he signs for less somewhere else Feliciano might be right about being happy right now. Gruden has kept a few players that underperformed their contracts. Difference is that Reggie drafted Gabe.
  3. So we are cutting the guy who has missed 12 games in 7 years and keeping the guy who maybe plays 1 or 2 more years and just missed an entire season to an Achilles injury and will be 38 at the beginning of the season. Jackson was a good candidate to redo his contract. I understand him not being worth $10 million but cutting him would not have been one of my top priorities. Why do I feel like the decisions for the front office are clear and easy but somehow Gruden is going to screw it. Maybe all this cap cutting will be to sign JuJu. I think I would have to find a new hoppy until Gruden's d
  4. Another one of those LBs many were pounding the table for during the decades of ignoring the position. He went high 2nd and we would of had to not draft Carr so I was okay not drafting him. I was really hoping he would fall to the 3rd but was cool with Gabe also. The one year I was happy. If we sign him maybe there is still hope we can sign Devin White in 2026.
  5. I am not against keeping Heath if the market dries up but I think there are going to be a lot of options that well be upgrades that we can get as backups that will not cost as much. Heath is like Richard to me. I think he is a good decent player with a bad contract. Saving money by getting rid of contracts like these is what will free up the money to get impact players. If I told you we could sign Agholor for $12 million or cut Heath and Richard to get Allen Robinson or Golladay I would look to sign vet minimum players to replace Heath and Richard.
  6. I really like the idea of signing Hooker, King, and cutting Joyner and Heath. Would cost about the same and if Hooker goes down King can move to safety. You could also sign a 3rd safety like Jalen Mills.
  7. I think the Miller pick took more heat because of how we moved around and did not draft. The only time people judged Miller the player was when he had a horrible year as a rookie. Nobody likes to say rookies are busts but Miller and Parker were awful. Looks like the injury had more to do with it. Looking back at how the trades worked out would you rather have Minkah at 10 or Miller at 15. Serious question and not trying to argue your point because I agree. I actually thought we should have move Miller to the right and had Parker on the left. I still think that would have been a better d
  8. I have thought about other players who have played in Bradley's system but I was not thinking about a comparison between the two specifically. It was more about Bradley doing a good job of shaping his system to what the DBs do well. All we have seen is how Abram played under Guenther who clearly had a negative impact on more than just Abram. Do I think Bradley snaps his fingers and fixes Abram or he becomes the next Chancelor? No. The same way I do not think he comes in and Joyner becomes Earl Tomas. I do believe that he will come in and Abram's play will improve and improve more than mo
  9. Everything you say may very well be true but I believe Abram will benefit from Bradley's scheme more than anyone else. If he can not succeed with Bradley I think it will be time to move on. At the same time I do not expect him to pull a 180 all at once and especially if we have the offseason impacted by Covid again.
  10. That is what I think he does but you have to have some incentives to make more. If he hits them who cares. He earned his money.
  11. The salary cap and the injuries over the last 2 seasons is why he will not get a big contract. Missing one year because of injury can be explained away but repeatedly missing time due to multiple injuries is a huge red flag. Williams has the talent but in 6 seasons he has only put together a good season once and that was in 2016. Signing a short contract that ends up being a 1yr $4 million contract that allows him to go after big money in 2022 is probably his best case scenario and that is why he signs. There will be a lot of decent players that sign for under market value this season. TW
  12. Bradley will keep Abram close to the line with the SLB playing a more traditional 3-4 OLB spot. We definitely need a FS with range but where we might run into an issue is Arnette. Bradley's system is zone heavy with the CBs dropping back with the FS. Not saying Arnette can not do this but he is better in press man. I could see us dropping Joyner, moving Arnette to the slot and bringing in another starting CB in the mold of Sherman. Arnette may be able to transition back but it will come down to how well he picks it up or Bradley's ability "to adapt to our players strengths". Our DBs will
  13. If TW is healthy he is a much better player at this point in their careers. The big issue is "if". I would be willing to give TW a 2 yr minimum deal incentives and minimal guaranteed. I would still want to sign/draft 2-3 other WRs. After playing 5 games in 2 years I do not see him getting much more than a vet minimum deal. Give him a deal that allows him to make up to $4 million if he plays good and the contract becomes a a player option in year 2 if he starts more than 12 games. A structure like that is beneficial for bot parties. If he decides to move on after the year then I would fe
  14. I think it is possible he comes back if he understands it was a business decision based upon his injury history. Neither side should have hard feelings. I hope they asked him to restructure. If they did and he said no then you can part ways telling him that this is what we are willing to offer if nobody beats it. It will come down to his personality and how they parted ways. A player like Antonio Brown would take it personal and never come back because in his mind you took money from him.
  15. Am I missing something here? The teams have to pay out a certain percentage of the cap over a specific time period. The cap is lowered and the so teams have to lower what they offer. There is still risk in the future for the teams so they would be stupid to risk giving huge back loaded deals. For those who are FAs or players that have not lived up to their contracts it sucks but you are going to have to do what you have to do. Telling the players to hold the line is either stupidity or ignorance. If the players hold out for large deals they are just going to mess with the next player com
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