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  1. Around The League V.2

    The statement I saw did not say he will not be suspended but that he will not be suspended right now because the information surrounding the case is not available to the NFL. Based on the information they have right now it is not enough to suspend him for the child abuse. He is going to eventually get suspended for the threatening of his girlfriend but I believe the NFL is holding off to see if he will be suspended for the child also and do it all at once. This allows them to be much more aggressive when they decide to suspend him for everything. As a Raider fan I would much rather Hill get suspended in December than September. I want to see if the players will serve up a little of their own justice on this one. Eventually I think Hill gets a year or more.
  2. Around The League V.2

    It would never happen but I would take him in a heart beat for the right price. I wanted us to trade down and draft him and Dupree in 2015. Cooper was my second choice so I was not angry. I remember a lot of posters saying he was to slow. Sucked to see him get injured the way he did. Dumb coaching decision and they have a much better chance to defeat the Patriots if he is 100%. 10 rushes and 51 passes in New England during January is a recipe for disaster.
  3. Around The League V.2

    Looks like the Melvin Gordon hold out will look like what might have happened in the Mack situation if we did not trade him. Will be different because of positional value but the 5th year option issue wil be settled. Will finally see how the CBA effects 5th year option players.
  4. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    It still could happen. Lynch would not want to be on Hard Knocks. He hates doing interviews so I think a camera following him around all camp is not something he would like. He is an older player and probably does not want to be in camp. He can save his body some punishment if he is staying in shape. He is the type of player we would sign after camp and I think it will happen if the coaches are not impressed with the RB group or there are some injuries.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Good for the young man and I hope he gets better but keeping AB close is not difficult by NFL standards. He was 72nd in the league last year in target separation and 30th in 2017. It is stopping AB from making those contested catches that is the hard part.
  6. The best switch for me has to be Antonio Gates. Never played a down of football in college and the NFL was an afterthought when the NBA did not look like a good option. UDFA PF to Hall of Fame TE.
  7. Around The League V.2

    If there was a video of Hill breaking the kids arm the punishment would be more severe. IF there was video of Peterson hitting his kid he would have received a greater suspension also. The biggest factor is video. I said it before that I do not wish injury on opposing players and I do not want my players to do stupid things but the first time Hill comes over the middle I will not mind Burfict getting a 2 game suspension. Mahomes can still be holding the ball when Burfict hits Hill and I will not care.
  8. Around The League V.2

    For whatever reason I am not able to quote on this site so this is for @MrOaktown_56. I do not think Carr will have a year like last year and think the team overall should do well after some early season growing pains. I think he only runs into problems if AB decides he is not getting enough looks.
  9. Around The League V.2

    AB will make Carr's job easier but the pressure to perform will be greater because he will be held to a higher standard. If he has a year like last you Carr will have to shoulder the blame more so then last year. I believe that is what was meant and it is not hard to imagine the FO having a similar perspective.
  10. Random Raider Stuff

    If he shows that type of promise you definitely extend him early and before FA begins in what ever year you want to sign him. Probably could have signed him after 2016 thru 2024 for $140 million. Little bit better deal than Miller signed the year before by Von Miller. The issue would have been cash and what to do with Carr. Still do not know if it would work out better but at least the whole Gruden never even called incident would not have happened.
  11. Around The League V.2

    You have good points and you are correct that Dallas could have a very up and down offence next year. I believe the reason why Cooper had games where he disappeared last year are the exact reasons why you think it could happen next year but he still produced at a high level. It will come down to health, Gallup and Cobb, and production from the TE position. There are many reasons to believe AB could have a down year next year also. I believe AB will make us better but at the same time we will make him look worse. We already saw Cooper's impact on the Cowboys and when teams wanted to shut down Cooper it opened everything else up for the other players. AB is going from the #2 passing offense with weapons everywhere and you could argue he was the #2 WR, more like 1a and 1b, on his own team to the 18th passing offense with question marks everywhere. Cooper is easily the more efficient player and AB is a volume WR. Remember I said Cooper = efficient not consistent and if Carr (and the rest of the team) puts it all together or offense could be a juggernaut. I just think it does not all com together next year. AB is at the top of his game and one the best in the league and Cooper is young and growing with huge potential to become even better. I would take either WR but based upon all the variables I believe Cooper has the better year next year. Lets hope they both have amazing years and we can beat the Boys in the Super Bowl.
  12. Around The League V.2

    When thrown to Cooper was more efficient than AB last year. Just stats. YARDS PER RECEPTION YARDS PER TARGET YARDS PER PASS ROUTE CATCHABLE TARGET RATE TARGET QUALITY RATING CATCH RATE TRUE CATCH RATE 13.4 9.3 2.13 75.0% (81 tgts) 7.5 69.4% 92.6% #48 #24 #32 #68 #70 #29 #7 YARDS PER RECEPTION YARDS PER TARGET YARDS PER PASS ROUTE CATCHABLE TARGET RATE TARGET QUALITY RATING CATCH RATE TRUE CATCH RATE 12.5 7.7 2.11 71.0% (120 tgts) 7.7 61.5% 86.7% #62 #60 #35 #86 #58 #65 #29 Which player do you want from last year from an efficiency stand point? Cooper played with no chemistry or off season with Dak and his per game numbers over a season would have been 95 Rec for 1288 yds and 11 TDs so yes after an off-season and building some chemistry he should be able to reach those numbers if he stays healthy. Everyone wants to see Carr in the 2nd year of Gruden's offence but Cooper sucks putting up those numbers without even knowing his surroundings. I am not saying Carr sucks but I am saying that Carr had a large role in Cooper sucking as well as his success his first 2 years. Go ahead and bring this up later because I have already said it that I believe Cooper will have a better year than Brown if they are both healthy.
  13. Around The League V.2

    He does not need much help on the other side. 2019 we should see what we thought Cooper could be and I if so he will take a few shots at Carr. I like how people bring up Carr's 2016 year but completely forget that Cooper was put up all time great numbers for WRs in their first two years then Carr stopped looking for him.
  14. Around The League V.2

    I know I pull for him more than most here but he had over 1K and 7 TDs last year while being ignored in Oakland and having no chemistry with Dak. I think he is easily more efficient than AB next year and could easily beat him in overall stats. 1200 yds and 10+ TDs is my low end projection for him next year if they stay healthy. If he gets 150 targets he could easily lead the league in multiple positive categories. He is a top ten WR next year.
  15. Random Raider Stuff

    I agree but this does not always happen. Just as you can lull a DB to sleep you could probably do the same thing to a WR. Just the amount of money these guys get per target is reason enough to always be ready. What I do blame Carr for was his bad throws to the left and pretty much taken away a quarter of the field from himself. I am sure other teams noticed this also.