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  1. We can beat any team right now but going forward it will be dependent on staying healthy. We are a couple injuries away from having a serious drop off in starting talent.
  2. This was my biggest question mark in the off-season. One more injury and Carr will deserve to be the MVP if he makes to the end of the season alive.
  3. I said it the first time they restructured him. Waste of cap space and a roster spot so far. I would say he deserves $5-6 million for how he has played since coming here.
  4. He was horrible after the injury but Parker was worse.
  5. After his sprained MCL. He looked good for a rookie the first few games from what I remember. Miller allowed five total pressures in 117 pass-block snaps over the seasonโ€™s first three games, per PFF, before he suffered a serious MCL sprain in his right knee. Thatโ€™s his anchor leg, and losing strength there makes Miller susceptible to bull rushes. The Raiders keep pushing Miller out there -- losing veteran tackle Donald Penn to IR was a real blow -- believing he can emerge from this storm a stronger player. From a NBC Sports article.
  6. Its not a regular off-season. We got a defensive coaching staff that knew what they were doing. Off season helps but every team had that handicap. We just had an extra one named Guenther.
  7. Primetime matchup. CBS is probably angry they have to show the Chargers game.
  8. We have played them five times in the last 10 years. We have only played at home once but still lost but that was the game last year with no fans and horrible play at the end. The other home game was in London. I think we should be fine. If we were going to Miami I would have some questions playing on the east coast.
  9. You can not call that a disappearing act. The Chargers had their game plan and the Cowboys took what was there to win. They almost had as many yards rushing as they did passing. A disappearing act is not showing up when your team needs you. That is like saying Waller did not show up. No the Steelers did their best to take him away. If we could have ran the ball for 200 yards I am sure Waller's stat line is much smaller. Cooper drew a pass interference on the first drive on 4th and 1 then picked up the first first down inside the 5 that lead to the first score. He also picked up the last
  10. When it is hand fighting between the players you let it go but it was a full extension turned sideways.. You can not reach further out then what Claypool did. No excuse for not touching the man down. That is just frustration and a lack of concentration. I would pull him for that. Claypool is one of the most physically gifted WRs in the league so getting beat is going to happen.
  11. Arnette made the stupid mistake of not finishing the play but it was a full stiff arm from Claypool that gave him the space. I do not know how it was not called. Ref was in perfect position to see it.
  12. It is a reason to be cautious but not discounted. We all should be cautiously optimistic about the coming weeks. It is still week 2 and a lot of question marks around the league. We also have some red flags about the team. O-line depth is almost gone and our run game is bad. Only 86 yards through 2 games. Oline injuries play a part but you should be able to 50+ yards a game with the worst run blocking line in the league. Worst in the league was over 84 yards a game last year.
  13. Two teams that will be fighting not to have the wild card spot at the end of the season. One of them might end up with the best record in the conference. Ravens just beat the Chiefs.
  14. He will most likely still be on the team next year. He is scheduled to make $14 with $10 in dead money.
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