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  1. That is BS. They need to come up with a set of rules for discipline. It seems right now they tried to make an example of us but are now trying to ease up on teams. So if we fined Brown we would not have lost a pick. When we got trouble there was not a precedent of what you can and can not do. Granted all the issues were stupid choices but the only one that was a clear rules violation was Brown not wearing his tracking device that caused a big problem. Now the Ravens coach has a clear violation leading to an even bigger problem and they are working with them to reschedule and not disciplining them because they fined the coach in house. Why is the team not getting punished for one of its reps doing something stupid just like the rest of the league and being forced to play short handed or underprepared the way they have had us do twice now.
  2. Why is he back at the facility? Maybe you can be put on the list for complications related to it. I hope he did not get a heart infection or blood clots from it.
  3. Brown will be inactive for some random reason. Just kidding but we will see if he was scared of covid, injury prone, in it for the money, or bad luck. Covid is off the list now so we have to see what happens from here on out. I believe he has to stay healthy the rest of the season to be brought back.
  4. I do not expect much out of them this season either but if they flash abilities that we can use I would like to give either of them short prove it deals for next year. Same with Irving. I really want to see this defense without Guenther.
  5. They moved the Raiders game against TB up instead of back which forced one of our players to have to sit but would have cleared the protocol if the game was played at its regular scheduled time.
  6. It was more a joke about what Gruden said after trading Mack.
  7. Maybe this time they can stay in up state NY. Get use to the time and weather change. Added bonus of very few Covid cases and the players can stay out of trouble.
  8. Gruden needs to call his old buddy Lynch and see how they did it.
  9. Next two weeks we play in the Eastern time zone. Do we just stay out there? We are not very good on the east coast and every game is huge from here on out. We need to win 5 out of 6 to make sure we get in. Atlanta and NYJ are games we should and need to win. Does Gruden risk taking the team home especially with Covid cases rising quickly in Vegas.
  10. Sounds like he was a bad fit and not so much unwilling to work hard. If we had a good DC that could work with a players strengths I would welcome the edition but Guenther does not seem very flexible. If he is a scheme fit or we just put him as a pin your ears back situational pass rusher then go ahead. With our remaining schedule he could help. Especially next week when we play the Falcons.
  11. That is what I thought and no worse than 10 wins. We should make the playoffs.
  12. If not then those 2 things are on Gruden. No excuse for Guenther sticking around.
  13. The one difference between the two teams that stuck out to me the most was the last couple drives KC's defense became more aggressive and we became passive.
  14. The silver lining here is if we beat KC tonight there is almost zero chance we beat them in the playoffs. The big dark grey storm cloud is that we may not make the playoffs with how crowded the Wildcard room is right now. Why we did not spy Mahomes when it worked last time is the biggest question I have. We missed Ferrell. Covid protocol hurt us just as much as Guenther this week. Let's hope we get a rubber band match. Irving getting hurt did not help either. 89 yards rushing is not good enough.
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