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  1. If I am expecting Drake to be a pass threat similar to Richard then I have no need for one of them at their current salary. Richard having zero dead money means he is gone. I would replace him with a more traditional type of back up for Jacobs or a short yardage power back for cheap. The vaccine issue is a factor and should be with every player with the new rules. In the end I would cut Richard based upon salary alone. No need for a #3 RB to be making that much. If the team would have just taken the best RB in the 3rd round in 2020 instead of trying to look smart and drafting Bowden we w
  2. Although it will not answer the question for Carr but we will see how good Stafford can be in the next 2 years. Physically I think Stafford is a better QB but not by a lot. Stafford's mentality is what I think separates him from Carr. At the same time neither has proven to be a winner yet. The sad part is both players have essentially wasted their careers up until this point. I think Stafford will be seen as an almost elite QB after this year.
  3. Sad accident. Just riding his bike down the street.
  4. I think what happened with Nelly last year was a fluke and had more to do with not having other WRs. I could see the same thing happening with Brown because it is a similar setup but to get lucky 2 years in a row is not likely. I put very little trust in Brown having a breakout year. The o-line is what scares me the most. To many ways the line could let us down. We are counting on everyone staying healthy, playing better than expected, and being able to transition without issue. Just to many moving peices and question marks for me to feel safe.
  5. I think the real issue was signing Gruden who brought Cable with him. We could have traded Mack and still came out on top. It was the choices Gruden made with those assets that lead to this team losing the trade. This team is really bad at getting good value and when they do they just throw it away. Having a HC with as much say as Gruden does almost never works out. I can not remember where I heard it but somebody with strong NFL ties was saying Gruden changes his mind all the time and that could very easily lead to problems. I did not want to trade Mack but we got enough value and cap s
  6. I do not disagree about this but the problem was more about the locker room with JDR. After the WFT game in 2017 his fate was sealed. Even Davis referenced the issue in an interview.
  7. Right now I would say Carr by himself is a B but with MM as a backup i would say B+. Jacobs I believe is over valued but think we have a good group that is over paid or over-drafted. Based just off play I would give it a B. WRs I do not even need to talk about. Until someone shows me something besides Renfrow I would say D or F. TEs is an easy A. You can not even argue about Waller being in the top 5 and you could argue top 2. Moreau who is our best all around TE might end up being the best TE #2 in the league next year and Carrier would be a decent #2 receiving TE. Eas
  8. I think it does also but how sad is it that you expect your 1st round RB to improve from another good back coming in and limiting his wear and tear by keeping his carries under 250. If you take a back in the 1st they should be able to handle 20 carries a game.
  9. I do not think Jacobs is a bad back and you cold easily rank him in the top ten but there is also an argument to be made for him being over drafted in the 1st round and being overrated. To me Jacobs is similar to Carr. He will not produce on his own but if he has the right people around him he will be fine. That is 95% of the NFL. I ilke Jacobs because of his heart and style of play. I can not get over his inability to make something happen or the amount of yards he leaves on the field because of his lack of speed and burst. There is a lot to like but he has some serious limitations.
  10. That reminds me I have to update my resume. Have to get to Mr. Davis first thing in the morning.
  11. There is something about this team that does not make sense. I am leaning towards Gruden being the issue but it is not that clear cut. I believe overall it is the combination of everyone in control and that is why certain players want to get out of here. We have what it takes to be a playoff team but I do not know if the pieces come together and that includes the decision makers to stop ignoring glaring problems.
  12. I like Casey and think he provides the most out of what is left. I believe Trojan and I picked up Casey to backup Hankins in our FF team mock off-season.
  13. I was just joking with the knee jerk reaction. Maybe Cable punched him or punched his wife. The president stepping down generally does not have much to do with coaches and players. Could have just been his time. Maybe he decided that he wanted to help Mark through the Vegas move and then wanted to focus on other things. Maybe he does not like living in Vegas?
  14. Please. I would feel so much better about the line.
  15. He averaged 5.9 yards per carry through 3 years. HIs average dropped to 5.3 in his Junior when he carried the ball 120 times. He only had 299 touches through 3 years at Bama. He gets caught from behind a lot in college. I still the love the guy but he was get chased down from LBs in college. That means d-linemen will catch him in the pros.
  16. He looked good when we gave him the ball. Problem is his production probably would have started to drop off with more carries.
  17. That is also part of the reason why Booker had a better yards per carry. Josh is going to get you positive yards more often then most backs but will not have those big gain runs that elevate the yards per carry numbers.
  18. Could not have said it better. I am confident in 7 starters and comfortable with 5 others. That is 9 question marks for me just with the starters. Some should succeed and some should do worse then expected. After 3 years there is no reason to have 9 players in this situation. Most teams will have 2-4 players every year that need to prove themselves but we have to many. If we had drafted a RT to play RT in the 1st I would say I was comfortable that the player could transition to the pros with some growing pains. They way we did it Leatherwood is a big if player. Just seems this coaching
  19. I know they won't but it appears to be the best and safest choice. To much trust given to Cable and like I have said before his measurables approach has created more problems than it has solved.
  20. We could a top 5 WR group if everyone plays to their ceiling but it is an if statement. That was my point. Nothing proven except JB having 2 1,000 seasons in his 7 year career. Will Leatherwood be better than I can't play Brown or I can't play m ore than a half Young? I would hope so. All he has to do is show up and not leave at halftime. Could he struggle like Parker in 2018? That is a possibility also but I see his worst case as a better version because of the time at RG and playing college ball at a top program. Still does not mean he will even be an average starter his rookie y
  21. I sure hope not since Jefferson is on pace to do in 2 years what Ginn did in his first 8 years.
  22. I understand the wanting to spend less but cutting Hudson did not help in that area. I would have so much more confidence if he was here because the line would have a better chance of improving. Brown did nothing last year and Good is an upgrade over Jackson when you take salary into consideration. We did not get cheaper on the line by cutting Hudson. We are still paying the same amount because of dead money and Jame's new contract. We could have cut or traded Hudson after this season with a low cost. I could be off but I think we would have taken a $3 million hit next year to get rid of
  23. I can not argue this and I agree this is a possibility. What I am saying is that there is not enough certainty to make me optimistic. To many ifs. Incognito is a beast when healthy but he will be 39 coming off an Achilles injury that he could not shake all year. Leatherwood never player RT in college but we are going to throw him in there in the pros. Simpson and James are good in practice apparently but have not showed it in games. Good I trust but he is not a top level player but above average. Miller is the best but he has still shown that his game is elevated with a good LG next to
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