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  1. So what about Lawrence's game was a exposed OP?????
  2. Shawn Oakman made a lot of noise before his senior season, his stock dropped during the season but his junior year had him mocked as a 1st rounder
  3. Murray is fine Kliff has no feel for the tempo of the NFL game which debilitates his playing calling and situational decision making. He also lines up wrs in one posiiton on the field and keeps them there for the most part, no creativity.
  4. Browns have the highest potential. Pretty much most complete as a football team, but can Baker make a dozen
  5. Justin Fields: Jason Campbell Trevor Lawrence: Jameis Winston with 20/20 vision , which is a pretty darn good qb imo Zach Wilson: Kyler Murray's best friend who always wanted to be him when he grew up but instead found his own way
  6. I would need two first rounders and some comp players to even consider giving him away if I am Baltimore.
  7. Idk, Id feel more comfortable with Mayfield 30+ but if Lamar gives you a greater chance before then who do you choose?
  8. Kyler Murray establishes himself as the best player in the NFL tonight
  9. I would switch Kirk and Watkins, Watkins is far more talented and better production in his career.
  10. Fitzgerald is 37 years old, he lost several steps. No use even mentioning him in a weapons argument Kyler has the best wr in the league, an been out of prime old GOAT and a speed guy (Kirk) as weapons But prime Hill, Kelce, Watkins, Hartman, with Andy Reid at the helm is far more solid.
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