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  1. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    Not sure if serious but, if serious, I don´t think there´s a chance he can come back this season.
  2. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    Out of all our IR guys this one was the one I thought had less reason to be activated. We don´t even want to run 12 personnel as much as we should!
  3. The NFC LEast Thread

    Agholor already got the 5th year option. Darby is the only CB that would walk away and now that he tore his ACL he might resign on the ship for a year. We already have the second string QB on the roster, a 3rd stringer can be had very easily. It looks to me like your looking for solace that this team will be dismantled. It´s not really as bad as want it to be, but Howie may not be perfect but he is damn good at circumventing the cap.
  4. The NFC LEast Thread

    Other than DL depth I´m not very worried about the guys we might lose next year. I think Graham is our biggest contributor who might walk Agholor is still in contract for next year due to the 5th year option though.
  5. Howie is very good at being creative with contracts and cap. He has never been good at drafting/team building.
  6. Exactly why I hate prime time games
  7. Burn by a crossing route? Shocking.
  8. This defense always allow a TD drive after the eagles march the length of the field