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  1. I wanted Reagor over Jefferson too prior to the draft. But the moment we didn´t trade up for Lamp and he landed on the Cowboys I really sour on the pick.
  2. My thoughts exactly. 2021 is doomed anyway, let Brady use it as a learning experience and go into 2022 in a better place.
  3. Howie wanted McDaniels Already a new power struggle.
  4. While I do agree there has to be some truth to it and concerning, the media does seem to hate Wentz for whatever reason, maybe even going back to the draft, and not even just Philadelphia media, but national as well. Remember the concussion he got against Seattle and how some reporters went after him viciously with even some borderline classless comments and I haven´t heard a single thing about Lamar Jackson or Mahomes (who I get why not) or Jeff McLane saying that Roseman has a life size Wentz poster in his office when the actual thing isn´t remotely true? I thought McNabb had it bad, bu
  5. He should probably try to do that with Press Taylor first, if he feels so strong about him. Which would be a slap in the face to Duce.
  6. I've been on that hill since it was only a mound.
  7. Well after that 4th and 15 on FG range against Dallas you might be right.
  8. Never have I seen a team so shamelessly playing to lose when the chance is there to take a lead
  9. It seems that every play Hurts gets flushed to the right and then a crappy pass.
  10. Did we just took ourselves out of FG on purpose?
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