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  1. Given the rest of our CB group and their WR depth, he probably will anyway.
  2. Now I feel safe. Thanks
  3. It was the forum migration that did us. We lost more than half than our active members.
  4. I like it when WRs wear numbers in the 80s the way god inteded. Now 90% of receivers were numbers on the teens. It has become tiresome.
  5. I welcome it, I rather hear people criticize than praise when talking about people who cover my team. John Barchard was a huge homer that I couldn´t stand it anymore.
  6. Is Holyfield still on the team? Thought his contract was up after the season.
  7. That and him being maybe one of the HC with less power makes him happy that he has a pick made by him. Much like him being so protective of his playcalling duties.
  8. I really like the Michael Warren UFA signing. We can really use a power back and I´ve been longing to see the 4th quarter running success we had in 2017 when no one wanted to tackle our RB.
  9. Had it been the trio of Pederson/Reich/DiFilippo, Hurts as a backup would´ve been intriguing. But Press Taylor doesn´t seem to be a goof QB coach and who knows how this convoluted offensive staff will handle QB development now that it seems everyone but nobody is an OC.
  10. Eagles trade for WR Marquise Goodwin

    I like it, so long as safeties have to respect the deep field he’s okay for the value.
  11. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    I don’t think I’m ever for trading down.
  12. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    Too bad it is on rounds that are basically worthless. I don’t like trading down this lage in the draft, it is basically for guys that either don’t make this roster this year or next.
  13. Big V has a bad attitude?
  14. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    I don’t see much upside in trading for future late picks.