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  1. WOW what a dumpster fire. Again, I think I will be doing victory laps about being right about Howie being the worst until the day I die or he wins another Super Bowl.
  2. Because at the end of the day, you have an elevated opinion of your team given the circumstances of how they made the playoffs and against whom. Granted you can make the case that your team has gotten better in the offseason, but everyone can say the same. We took a massive step backwards from Wentz to Hurts, but still that´s the same team your team had a hard time beating. And again, the Redskins have gotten better but you were just appealing to the fact that some QBs can get hot in the playoffs for a 38/39 player that hasn´t even made it once. That´s why saying ¨Eagles fans w
  3. I do believe the same. Lurie forcing the team´s hand on building around a QB they didn´t believe in the first place will be a big mistake.
  4. Then my original post was on point about the notion some NFC East have about their teams on this thread.
  5. I pay no attention to off season power rankings and I wonder why should you? What power rankings should we take and by whom and which of those have more validity than the other´s? But this is exactly what I mean, apparently you believe your team is way ahead of the Eagles and you are a Redskins fan.
  6. I don´t know if he´ll be a bust but I do think he won´t be ¨1st rounder-good¨ which is the story for pretty much all of our picks in so long.
  7. Maybe Still with the way everyone´s defending their team this offseason you would think all of them are powerhouses.
  8. Seriously why are fans of any of the four NFC East teams defending their team this off season? The way it´s been going on this thread you´d think the division was so even was because all four of the teams were really good and that´s why all of them had a chance at the playoffs instead of all of them being bad and nobody wanting to win it. We should all be making fun of our team instead of going on about how a journeyman/improved OL from complete crap/ a step above of an all time bad defense/ new coaching staff will make the team the tallest midget in the division.
  9. It very well may be Philly media being petty as they usually are with players/coaches that don´t bow to them. But supposedly he didn´t have a good attitude to improve and something to do about twitting in the locker room after going out with an injury. Don´t remember so well, remember hearing it on BGNR or ITB pods.
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