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  1. I feel the same way, but there's no reason to fire him as long as Howie is the GM. No promising HC candidate will want to come and work with him as it has been reported and anyone who does, doesn't last.
  2. Sad to see him go, all-time great Eagle. I hope he does well in Arizona and I hope that Sirianni figures out how to use the few good players that are left on this team.
  3. At least something good comes from sucking. No prime time games is always good.
  4. He has to see this as Howie's mess. There's no one left to point the finger to.
  5. And that's why we shouldn't focus so much on trenches, we have poured resources non stop and it has always been a need. It makes up for 4 starters plus rotation, it will always be a need.
  6. Everything but DL. Hell, draft a long snapper if it gets Howie fired.
  7. There's no way we see this two straight seasons and we keep drafting trenches.
  8. Do you think Sirianni is learning something about screen passes?
  9. Why did you stirred away from passing over the middle TB?
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