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  1. Browns trade for OBJ

    I thought you were joking on your other post
  2. Browns trade for OBJ

    Was just kidding, being an eagles fan I know what you mean
  3. Browns trade for OBJ

  4. Jordan Hicks to ARZ; what to do at MLB?

    We now have a gaping hole at LB. I hope we address this early in the draft although I don´t know with who.
  5. Desean Jackson traded to the Eagles

    Chip´s biggest mistake while here has been corrected finally. It´d be fun to see if he buys #10 back from Hollins. I think Tampa is responsible for like half his wages for this season if I´m not mistaken.
  6. Eagles: Sign Jason Peters to a 1 year contract

    A serviceable LT would be a feat
  7. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    At the time I´d rather have Guice though. If not for the ACL I would still prefer him. I don´t know if Devin Bush but I would certainly like us to start targeting off the ball LB with our 1st round pick soon. I don´t think LBs are RBs for the defense. they can be a valuable asset for a defense which don´t value nearly enough as we should.
  8. Michael Bennett traded to the Patriots

    No he wasn´t a problem but I think it was a matter of time he became one. He was already asking for a raise.
  9. Michael Bennett traded to the Patriots

    I would rather we kept Bennett instead of Graham (production wise) but I bet Bennett wanted more money plus he´s a problem waiting to happen.
  10. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    It seems like every time we trade down we screw up. Maybe 2007 and 2008 traumatized me for life.
  11. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I don´t think I´d hate it but would hate to lose one of our seconds. I´d be okay with pretty much everything but trading down. Boy, do I hate it. No matter the year.
  12. Matt Pryor was looking good if I remember correctly, I hope he plays good in Brooks´s absence.
  13. NFC East: Now half good!

    Is it true they are willing to pay Dak 30M a year? If so the will screw us by screwing themselves.
  14. When we use that money to resign Darby will you guys lose it or rejoice?
  15. I don´t want us to trade him. He was the only edge rusher we had last season. I guess it came down to him and Graham.