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  1. The sooner we realize Wallace is a Nickel the better off we´d all be.
  2. My only solace is that I can say I was right about Howie all along and never believed in him for one second. I used to give him credit for trades and contracts but he´s not good at that anymore either. To be fair, he is even worse than I thought he´d be.
  3. I never wanted Hurts to start despite how awful Carson was because I knew it would be fun for a week or two but it would be worse for the long haul and here we are...
  4. I don´t think any of those is a better option than what we had this year in terms of drafting your own and young QB and keep the draft capital and cap space. And still, my point is more inclined to, stockpiling 1sts it´s not really a good strategy.
  5. There’s no chance that happens in 2022. Well, maybe if Hurts is downright atrocious but still very doubtful. still the point it’s not just for the eagles but for that strategy in general that doesn’t seems to be as successful with other teams/GMs
  6. I don’t see much of a point to the idea of stock piling future 1st we wouldn’t even draft all of them, and if it’s to move up for the prospect we want, we were already on that position this year anyway and with a much better QB class. Besides, I don’t think teams that do that (aside from the Jimmy Johnson Cowboys) translate into building a power house or even a contender. Looking at Oakland, Denver, Cleveland, St. Louis come to mind.
  7. Actually a limited athlete with a productive college career based on effort/motor is more our type of pick. I feel like a joke for getting interested in the draft, reading about prospects just for the Eagles to completely blow each round of the draft. How can they be so bad at this? If us on the internet can evaluate talent better than them without the infrastructure they have at their disposal.
  8. I may break my TV if we go OL/DL in the 1st round. Unless Sewell miraculously falls, but still...
  9. Most likely not bad enough to be within reach of a QB prospect and not good enough to be out of QB purgatory.
  10. Not everyone hates it, but when you look at it. It created a ripple effect that got everyone fired except the guy who made the mistake of drafting him in the 2nd round. You can argue that this pick sent the franchise to a hard rebuild. But with the same incompetent on board so there´s not even that going for it. Hell, we could´ve gotten him on the third and still not throw away an immediate contributor and apparently it´s still keeping us from drafting a QB this year.
  11. Seeing this thread I can´t help but think. I have never seen so terrible and so fast negative ramifications of a pick (Hurts) in my life.
  12. I´m in for any Howie hate really. I hate this trade down but if this gets Howie out the door, I´ll be the bigges fan of this trade
  13. Plus there´s also the chance that now we will face Pitts in the division.
  14. While I count myself as the whining guys you mentioned. My reaction would be equally as negative if this was two seasons ago, bacause I have known Howie sucks at drafting since day 1 and I am adamantly against trading down as long as he is the GM. Don´t trust him one bit to evaluate talent AND to make the right decision, give me the better prospect anytime.
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