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  1. This has given me some flashbacks of the 2016 offseason in which we extended players that were about to break out but hadn’t yet. I hope that’s the case with both Sweat and Mailata. Now please get Goedert extended now and fire Howie
  2. I think the Washington D-Line is very overrated. We made them the big reputation they had last year, just like we did with Osi. And as I said earlier, Daniel Jones isn’t as bad as people make him to be.
  3. Even if he makes it by then it’s not out of the question that he won’t be at 100% again this season.
  4. Continuing the jersey discussion. Has anyone seen the Limited Jersey variety for the Eagles? Is the saddest thing in the whole league.
  5. Some people don´t value their money. If we are lucky he will be a game manager this year and will grow into the position as the years go on. He won´t be a player to build a team around or franchise QB this year.
  6. The league lost a strong MVP candidate in Fitzpatrick from what I read here.
  7. I feel Saquon is reverse Daniel Jones. Highly talentend player who everyone considers the best in his position despite never having a season as such and isn´t under any scrutiny whatsoever. Granted, there´s some other factores ivolved but the point is that their perceptions and end results are the opposite.
  8. Just in time for the Jones turn over. Still it's weird seeing him play, he doesn't look as bad as people make him to be, but every pass play he seems very insecure, but at the same time the outcome of his plays aren't bad for the most part.
  9. How can they be bailed by committing a penalty?
  10. This team makes bringing down the QB look so hard.
  11. We are going to our old school 4th quarter defense?
  12. Those quick plays have not been working for us.
  13. Agreed, very well could be a momentum swing at this point.
  14. Seriously why does the field gets wide open every time we get some pressure?
  15. I thought that was going to be a fumble for sure when it happened.
  16. I had forgotten about that. Definitely something interesting to see moving forward. Also let's see how Siriani compares to Doug in that regard.
  17. I sure hope so. Don't know if that's the only option for him when teams have tape.
  18. What a way to kill what was a promising drive.
  19. I guess we are seeing the consequences of not tackling in TC and not playing the starters in PS.
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