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  1. Well yeah I can somewhat understand it, but with don´t have a QB anyway and we passed on a better prospect than we could possible have this year or next so Howie and Lurie will try to stick to their mistake instead of going for the correction as soon as possible, don´t get me wrong I like DeVonta but taking the QB would´ve been better for a fast rebuild. I really dont think this team (the FO) expects to compete. They have been very open about this being a rebuild than any time I´ve seen before. This past draft points to a long rebuild if anything.
  2. You weren´t expecting a loss each game this past season? Better to have low expectations and be pleasantly surprised than expecting what it´s less likely to happen
  3. I don´t mind BLGs being critical and his rage boner for Carson Wentz, but he does seem to lean towards the negative a lot, he seems to be wanting to be on par with other Philly media heads and wants to be their echo, but the guy is not well connected, doesn´t break any stories, it´s not knowledgable on X and Oh´s and has a very boring personality for podcasts. So he gives me the impression he wants to be ¨part of the gang¨. The BGN Radio podcast have taken a massive dip in quality. PS I do love Solak, he´s the only one on that network I listed to anymore. I wish there was more content by
  4. Yeah I wish we could take a chance of talented guys with character concerns, a team full of mild mannered coir boys has always been a weakness of this team.
  5. It would be nice if this team could value something else. I used to blame Schwartz for the unbalanced allocation of resources but as usual, the problem can be traced back to the fig with no football background.
  6. Or Raegor or Fulgham either of the two is an upgrade from Ward.
  7. I think we already did. Greg Ward is the 4th WR now and that’s what he’s best suited for.
  8. And the thing is, those units are so big they will never be a complete product and you factor the backups too and it’s a never ending project. Next year they will want to draft T and/or DE and we will be on the same boat.
  9. The line of thought of being a trenches guy is the smart thing is such a fallacy special if you’re talking about the Eagles, they have gone so far overboard favoring one part of the field to the point of having a depleted roster, if anything being a trenches guy is stupid at this point for the Eagles. And no they don’t get the benefit of the doubt because the guy who is a proven egomaniac is still there, if anything they have to prove they don’t suck anymore and so far I haven’t seen anything that tells me otherwise.
  10. I was not mad at the Landon pick but now this and you look at the three picks and see that they have learned nothing. Enough with this trenches sh*t! Still neglecting the rest of the defense.
  11. I mean for all the high picks we had at DT since Patterson to Bennie Logan Plus all the high investment we have done on FAs to the position, that's overkill at this point with the back 7 the way it is.
  12. I really hoped the FO saw this team last year and saw how decimated the roster was outside the trenches, but no. It will continue to be the same fiasco.
  13. I included FAs as well. And would only consider Cox a success of all the high priced FAs high drafted players . We really need a completely new FO, owner too if possible.
  14. I'm sick of DT to the Eagles, we've been in love with the position since 2005 and just one has worked out to date.
  15. This franchise loves DT way too much.
  16. That doesn´t change anything of what I said on my post.
  17. After all this time at how good is Gmen at twisting everything into a good thing for the Giants. He even managed to turn the ¨Miracle at the New Meadowlands¨ into something good for them. I wonder who will dislike something about his team firts Gmen or Matts.
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