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  1. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    .5 PPR need a Flex and TE. Thanks Flex: Austin Eckler vs Min or Allen Robinson vs GB TE Henry vs Min or Waller vs Jax
  2. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    Yes you are wrong!
  3. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    Until Barkley ends up with 1/2 the career that Peterson did, there's nothing generational about him! Period! Other then being Gimpy his 2nd season. While he is a Special Talent and IMO was the right pick for the Giants, this crowning of players after a season or two as GOATS, has to stop. Its borderline Rediculous with some of you right now. Adrian Peterson is a future HOF. Barkley hasn't achieved anything, yet!
  4. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    Watch the Jets keep it close or shock the world with a Trap Game! Doubtful, but watch! Just let Lamar get his 35-40 Fantasy points!🍺
  5. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Injuries have led to the inconsistent play, numerous penalties because they aren't on the same page. That has been the Biggest Issue for 3 straight years! Including the SB Miracle when you look at the players missing from that game/roster. Until we stop being Snake bit, our Roater really won't matter. Blowing it up, replacing a Dozen players won't really matter if 1/2 of them get hurt in 2020 too. It's been a horrific run of bad luck season after season with injury. This year unfortunately might take the cake!!
  6. So for the sheer laughter. Who is Carson throwing to not named Ertz and Goedert vs Washington? No Alshon, Agholor, Desean, Howard, Clement, Lane!
  7. He'd probably drop the mop and fumble the Clorox bottle within the first hr.
  8. The only MVP Dak was and is in consideration for is Team MVP. He's by far been the best Cowboys Player all season. Now go get Franchised because Jerry still doesn't want to pay you the going rate of $34+ because you should take a discount? God I hope Dak mans up, sits out and pulls a Zeke instead of playing the good little soldier two years in a row! No reason a long term contract exceeding Wentz/Goff (new bench mark to be broken) shouldn't be reached, None!!! But its the Jones's!!!
  9. Jesus! I thought this forum was Doom and Gloom after a Loss? Dallas Forum is downright Depressing thread after thread yet oddly satisfying to read.👨‍💻
  10. Eagles WR Alshon Jeffrey out for season

    While everything is telling me hell No! When you're legit talking about adding the 3rd PS WR to the active 53, Who knows? Honestly think it's been said through back channels to all 32 Owners, You sign Brown he will be suspended within a week, dont bother fir 2019!
  11. Eagles WR Alshon Jeffrey out for season

    Unfortunately that hasn't been the case for more then a game or 2 all season. Sadly even a 75% Alshon is/was better than anything we are currently Trotting out there with this JV Squad! Yes he will be missed, and Yes I believe it was an Achilles the minute it happened. Hopefully not!!
  12. See it now. 3 TE, 1 WR, Jumbo package, 2RB/ Triple Option type sets. Both Sanders and Scott lining up in the slot, motion, wheel routes, screens. Make it happen Doug. Show Washington something You rarely if ever do. Something New? Adapt!
  13. Eagles WR Alshon Jeffrey out for season

    Going to be funny when they finally do and someone actually posts their combined NFL starts and Receptions as a Unit. Fun times!🍺
  14. Rams @ Cowboys Thread

    You just continue pounding that drum and offensive tear Sunday! Pick another week to "possibly " give one away. Thanks 🍺