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  1. Whole litny of catastrophic things could happen . Never say 0%. Unlikely is more appropriate. Still hoping for a Pumphrey type IR designation.
  2. Eyes are already on him IMO for any team "not" stacked on the OL. With the way the new CBA is structured with practices, pads, Vets, etc there's very little chance for him to show enough before week one to justify keeping him as one of the eventual 9 kept on this roster. Was listening to NFL Radio (Kirwan/Clayton) earlier today and they said it takes 3 years worth of practices now a days to get the same amount of reps they use to get back in the day. Here's hoping for a phatom IR designation!!
  3. I'm just hoping he can be stashed (phantom IR injury) or justified in keeping so that they can work with him for more then a few months. His Potential/Athletism is through the roof. Last thing I want to see happen is him becoming another Villanueva for someone else!!!
  4. You do realize GB has achieved a 14-2 record "Once" (15-1) in 2011 in it's entire history in the NFL? Is it possible, sure. Likely No. History suggests otherwise. I highly doubt any NFC team goes 14-2 this season. Conference is too strong!
  5. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    As much as I'm glad Sproles is back, I hope it doesn't make Pederson get cute again like year one forcing the Sproles package on the offense. The one positive from his injury last season was the commitment to the Running game. Pounding the rock! Not the forced (IMO) passes to Sproles on 3rd and shorts.
  6. No need. Gmen will see it in it's glory and get sick of looking at it after every post like I did with his for so many years. It's never coming off unless #2 is achieved and it has to be updated. That is all @Gmen 😎
  7. Cowboys DL David Irving suspended 4 games

    FIFY. But they have quite the track record of signing/drafting idiot defensive linemen over there, el oh el. And they say off-field issues don't matter. Didn't need the correction despite the commonly used phrased. You "can" actually fix Stupidity by educating. It's why I used the word Hard as a replacement. He simply refuses to learn!
  8. Raiders Fear Suspension for WR Martavis Bryant

    This. When/If Marijuana becomes legal in all 50 states only then should the NFL revisit it's Policy. This in no way is the same as alcohol which too has it's issues of abuse in the league. Players (Smart ones) understand the rules, the risks and the consequences of there actions to their financial careers if caught. I have no sympathy for those stupid enough to squander away what's already on average a short playing career.
  9. Cowboys DL David Irving suspended 4 games

    Hard to fix Stupid. Randy Gregory can also attest to that.
  10. Cowboys Extend Zack Martin

    My first reaction was to agree with this, but then I thought of Scherff's upcoming extension... Exactly why I hope it's massive! 😎 Eagles already have Most of our OL (Brooks Specifically) locked up. Ohhh Scherff's is going to be fun to watch RG3, Have fun! Makes Brooks 5-40m with $21m Guaranteed nice to have.
  11. How good can Nate Sudfeld be?

    Yes but in watching him you were forced to watch the rest of the Redskins players as well as Jay Gruden so your perception of him is understandable. Eagles players>>>Redskins players Pederson>>>>>>>>>>≥>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>≥>>>>≥>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>Gruden
  12. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    My point is what team is in desperate enough need to trade a 1st or 2nd Rd pick for Foles without a injury to their starter? In essence who needs Foles right this second? I can't think of a single Organization " "Without" their starter going down. Who?
  13. So each ring does have each players name. That's cool. I actually thought Foles MVP was on all of them which would be weird. Is that the norm though, players names?
  14. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    There's no way he's traded "Unless" a Starting QB goes down. Which rarely happens. I mean it was Teddy two years ago but who before that? Brady 08'?
  15. Kilty You da man! Thanks for the Avi!