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  1. Franchise Tag Updates/Rumors

    Thought Foles number was higher? So not that it would ever happen but "technically" the Eagles could save money by Franchising him rather then him excepting the $20M option and $2M buy back? Doesn't seem right?
  2. Thoughts on Cousins

    Deserved more then a Like. Well said! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  3. Persistent OBJ trade rumors

    I'm all for any trade that gets him out if the NFCE. πŸ‘
  4. Have the Eagles ever drafted a RB in the 1st? Having a hard time remembering one? Better chance we acquire Fournett via trade for Foles then that occurring IMO. Which is also slim.
  5. Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs. Patriots - Poll Added!

    While I agree 😎 , Might put Browns Nation right up there as well. Maybe even more.
  6. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    Their FO is just Stubborn enough to prove their agenda "Steelers Way" to actually have that happen. If so they deserve everything dysfunctional that follows. I mean they're talking Transition Tag for Bell out of spite, you think they want to be seen as catering to AB demands too or any player? Gonna be an absolute Circus if he's not traded. Cut bait with both and take your lumps/whatever you can get in return and move on.
  7. Why would owners who intentionally chose to blackball both (did occur), blame Goodell for their Stupidity in the first place? Goodell is a mouth piece who serves the Owners, not the other way around. The only ones to blame, is themselves for assuming nothing of consequence would occur. Them paying whatever amount is no different IMO then the CTE/Concusion case they settle out of court as well to make it go away. Go away before a long dragged out court case stringing all their dirty laundry eventually gets out to the masses costing the NFL 10x the amount and bad publicity. Silver is a Joke and yes this was created to deflect the eventual settle that was coming. Owners except for a select few (cry baby Jerry among those few) love Goodell and their absurd profits since he's been hired!! Let's not get it twisted
  8. Chargers decline option on Corey Liuget

    Watch him stay in LA and join the Rams since Suh probably goes elsewhere for the money.
  9. 2019 Thanksgiving Games

    All the more reason to wake up drinking. Or go on a bender Wednesday Night ,wake up around 5pm for a late planned Thanksgiving Dinner with the Family? Either scenario is better then watching Dallas and Detroit, AGAIN!!!
  10. Yeah that would be fun, but a pipe dream of the really good stuff.
  11. Buccaneers cut Vinny Curry

    This is a prime example of how NFL contracts are basically written on toilet paper. So much for 3yrs 27M.
  12. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    They have enough contracts to worry about getting done, other than AB who undoubtedly will want a restructuring after this season. Dak Zeke Cooper Lawrence I'm sure I'm missing 1 or 2? It is a Jerry Jones type move just unlikely IMO.
  13. If only they needed to Win One game, Not 4? Not happening
  14. Do the Chiefs win the SB with Hunt?

    This pretty much sums up the answer, which is No.πŸ‘
  15. This I'm not sure any HC takes this approach moving forward TBH. What Belicheck did in 2007 was borderline absurd. Fun , Comedic at times to watch ( not as an opponents fan) but absurd, until the SB that is!