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  1. Brady- Garrapolo Ben- Dobbs Ben- Rudolph McNabb - Kolb Elway-Maddox It's almost like you're trying to suggest this is similar to a Josh Rosen / Kyler Murray type scenario in AZ, its not. Not even in the slightest. Injury will get Wentz replaced long term not a couple of games stretch where fans want to overreact and scream at the moon. Like they do every season the Eagles have a losing streak. The best player in most Eagles fans eyes is always the back up QB. Only made exponentially worse by the 2017 fluke of a SB season.
  2. Why would Gruden care when on vacation? You still think he'd watch that game?
  3. You already answered it. This isnt about replacing Wentz but making sure at no point in the next few seasons that the Eagles are ever put in a situation again where they have to start a Josh McCown type QB in a playoff game and waste a entire year on a scrub back up! If Wentz is healthy great, Hurts becomes a young , athletic insurance policy (better then Sudfeld) one they will flip at worst in the future for Trade compensation. Just like numerous other back up Eagles QB have been from the past.
  4. It's like Groundhog day with some of you every single season. Only (insert) whichever Back up QB's name is at that time here __________?
  5. You guys are grasping for straws if you think Doug or Howie are even remotely thinking of Benching Wentz (Non injury related) for Hurts. How about we fix a Defense that is not giving up 30+ pts a game and 200 yds rushing, that might help too. We can't stop a noise bleed at the moment the past 6 QT. Play calling has been atrocious. Now if there is actual proof not speculation from some beat writer that Wentz is ignoring the play call, changing everything at the line, doing his own thing Peyton Manning esq ', then Yes Doug needs to step in, threaten to bench his *** if said BS continues. Theres giving a QB leeway at the line and abandoning the OC/HC wishes. I don't think that's actually happening as much as they are making it out to be, just Wentz forcing the Spectacular instead of taking what's easily given. In other words, Farve Ball.
  6. He should we didn't draft his replacement to not replace him. Better chance of one of you starting week 4, then Wentz being benched.
  7. Given the fact we haven't beaten them in 2 Decades, it should. Wins a win, just not sure we get one.
  8. So who is Quincy Avery and what's his claim to fame?
  9. Sorry but Malcolm might of been then most under appreciated Eagle in history. Played damn near every snap for 3 straight years in a secondary that was not only decimated by injury but was asked to play every position but DL. He's now being replaced by a player who not only sucked at CB but can't stay healthy. It's just a matter of time before Mills comes up gimp. Not If but When. I too wouldn't want to answer questions about Malcolm if I was Jalen. There isn't really a comparison between the two.
  10. Please stop. Questioning his love for the game because he now has a family like most NFL Veterans is absurd. I think people including Wentz himself might of underestimated all the different types of rehab the past few years hes had to endure ACL, Back, Ect and the overall effects whether physically or psychologically its had on his mechanics. Possibly over compensating for a Knee, a broke back any number of issues that's affecting his overall mechanics. Which clearly are off. Add the fact he has an absurd amount of pressure to Win something, anything post Nick Foles/SBLII it's clear to me he's Pressing, simple as that. Forcing things that aren't there ,trying to make the spectacular when the spectacular is not needed. AKA Brett Farve Syndrome. You want to question his ability to ever produce again at a MVP type level by all means but please leave the Does he have the Heart or Desire to play BS for the birds.
  11. Nor should he TBH. That's the type of 💩 Jerry and Daniel have done for decades. I do believe this article is reactionary to our week 1 loss. To be expected.
  12. Wonder if that article / report comes out had the Eagles won week 1? 🙄 👌
  13. Because the market has finally shifted as it should of years ago. Why are WR's who might score 10TD or have 100 rec getting $20M+? Why are TE's who might score 10TD or have 100 rec getting $15M+? DE, DT, OL, CB all getting 20M. People can argue all they want about how easily RB can be found, but when you have a special one ala McCaffrey, Zeke, Saquon, Kamara that touch the ball 400x a year, put up 2K in total yds, 10+ TD, You lock them up. If a Backup QB can make 20M, surely your Stud RB can make 15. Time for people to get over it.
  14. Normally this would be a good thing having HFA. Without fans though, other then them having to travel cross country, I doubt it plays a factor one bit.
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