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  1. Steelers extend QB Ben Roethlisberger (2 years, $63 M)

    You do know that Tom Brady had over a 20M cap hit this past season don't you? You do know that a QB on a rookie wage scale has only won the super bowl once? Pretty sure its highlighted above. Actually twice Wilson and Flacco.
  2. Draft Room - Calm Before the storm

    All I know is We better not trade out of the 1st rd having me waste 3 hrs awaiting a pick tomorrow night. 😡
  3. Draft Room - Calm Before the storm

    Someone is trading up for a QB. Get it Danny, Get it!!! 👏👏💪
  4. Steelers extend QB Ben Roethlisberger (2 years, $63 M)

    Well that's been the plan for most, for awhile. Outside of Tom Brady who let's be real has taken a discount for years because his Wife "was" making 30+M. No one outside of Peyton making 20+M has ever won a SB. As Great or serviceable as Rodgers, Brees, Ben, Rivers, Stafford, Ryan, Eli, Flacco, Cam, None have won Jack being the next highest paid QB in the NFL. Ben and the others to follow, probably won't either. At some point as rediculous as it sounds, a Team will let thier FQB walk, and draft another with the ever growing salaries.
  5. Doug Pederson convincing Nick Foles to come back to Philly and back up Carson Wentz has to be up there for the city of Philadelphia. As well for Nick both Personally and now Financially.
  6. Raiders suspend their scouting staff?

    Probably occured, just didn't want to go overboard. LOL
  7. Raiders suspend their scouting staff?

    So in essence, it was like taking candy from a baby and the Raiders draft went flawless for Mayock? Sounds like the equivalent of a Fantasy Football draft where someone comes in with a Top 50 list but has no idea whose who, where they play, or needs. Surely the Coaching staff has very limited knowledge about the players they were taking? Thier not scouts? See it now. With the 4th Pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Raiders select DE Joey Bosa, Ohio St. With the 24th Pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Raiders select DT Ed Oliver, Houston. With the 27th Pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Raiders select TE T.J. Hockenson, Iowa. Mike You are amazing, What a draft, You think it will unfold like that? Maybe.......🙄🤯
  8. Favorite Plays In History

  9. Raiders suspend their scouting staff?

    Mayock is always secretive days before revealing his Mock Drafts. Why would the real thing be any different? 😎
  10. NFC East: Now half good!

    Without a doubt give Dak the huge contract. Making it even funnier when Jerry Drafts his Grandson as his eventual replacement next year.
  11. Clowney trade value?

    2nd at worst 3rd best DT in the NFL signed that two years ago. So yes.
  12. Clowney trade value?

    Howie's a Magician when it comes to manipulating the Cap no doubt but that's some David Copperfield on Steroids type Voodoo. Not happening.
  13. Clowney trade value?

    Yep, cap's going up and Howie has made all this space. Don't use it all on a longterm deal. But Clowney is gonna likely be better than any player who would fall there save a Jeffrey Simmons pick. I think they are feeling out the Texans and the Seahawks about their available pass rushers. Would be dumb not to. Sorry but with Wentz's eventual extension/contract upcoming there's no way Howie can justify 2 players on Defense making 100M. Or anything close to. Clowney is a pipe dream especially post BG and Malik contracts, which I'm fine with. With the contract and 1st rd pick, easy pass.
  14. 2019 Eagles Schedule

    4-12 maybe 5-11 Tops