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  1. Potential Trades???

    Did he though or was it more like, Hey Howie here's the deal we have reached with the Rams , beat it and he's yours? Seems more plausible to me really.
  2. Realistic Trades before deadline

    Unlike most of you Howie isn't the type to give up on a season 1 gm out of 1st. Which one he actually is able to get and for how much is beyond me. Some out of the blue possibilities.... Ngakoue, AJ Green Harris, Anderson, Williams
  3. Potential Trades???

    Probably Coughlin laughing and hanging up on Howie because he has no interest in dealing with the Eagles?
  4. Pretty much spot on. 🍺 Not sure if it will come before they win the SB or afterwards but at some point people will realize and actually except the fact that maybe just maybe the Patriots Defense is Legit.
  5. They're going with the future, not the better of the two QB's!
  6. His ypc So you pick the only stat that was statistically not the best of Zach's career to prove what? He missed Reich? You do realize Ertz is technically averaging more YPC this year 11.5 then any other season that doesn't involve Chip Kelly? Nice try though!
  7. Please stop! There was nothing average about Zach Ertz 2018 season when Frank Reich had nothing to do with the Philadelphia Eagles, Nothing!!
  8. What's sad is, You all are right. It's not just one thing right now. Even with all of that listed above our biggest issue Right Now is our Inability to tackle and Penalties. Key penalties that either negated a 1st down, negated a Long play or TD , negated a TO, extended a drive that would of resulted in a 3rd down stop and punt for the opposing offense, ect. These penalties and missed tackles have killed/extended more drives then our injuries. Game in and game out. UNDISCIPLINED football is the Eagles biggest issue and if it doesn't get corrected it won't matter who we get back healthy IMO.
  9. Your obvious attempts at trolling would actually be funny if it wasn't for your record and QB. Not sure why after losing to the Cardinals and Danny Pesos with another 3TO you're in here talking Sh!t? You just going to chalk his entire season of sucking up to being a Rookie? You can't always play the Bucs! I could understand had the Giants won, understood had Jones not sucked again, understood had you Nostradamus proclamation of having the same record after 11:15PM Sunday Night came true but outside of trolling us after a loss curious what your point truly is when your entire Team including both QB's outside of Saquon sucks worst then us?
  10. Why not? It was a home game, backs against the wall with players in fear Jason Garrett might get fired if embarrassed like we just were on SNF going into the bye. They typically win those types of games! In the end we're stil 1- 1 1/2 games out of first with a Division that could easily see the winner being 8-8, 9-7. What can't continue to happen is the TO's , missed tackles and complete and utter lack of discipline with penalties extending and ending drives! That's why we are losing. Yes injuries aren't helping, yes the secondary is atrocious but the 3 things above are worse right now. Whether that gets corrected or not will determine if the Eagles make any kind of run these last 9 gms or not. Sky falling, We suck, Fire everyone yadda yadda yada!!
  11. That right there UNDISCIPLINED play might be our biggest issue all year even more so then the secondary! GD Flags extending drives and killing plays! Almost 2000's Raiders Esq'
  12. Not even remotely accurate but you're venting so go ahead
  13. Wouldn't go that far 2 yrs removed from a SB ring. That's the Browns, Redskins ect....
  14. Nothing like giving up 10 pts, in basically 2min! Knew it would be tough but this is laughable.