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  1. While I agree, the sheer comedy and irony of reading any and all tweets from Miles about the pick has me intrigued. God that would be hilarious.
  2. Sorry I don't think Shady would of been any less of a RB in a Andy Reid/Chip Kelly offense with or without Duce. I mean are the RB coaches from other teams responsible for the RB's that Kamara, McCaffrey, Henry, Saquon and Zeke are? Or is it their overall talent talent and the surrounding cast that helps the most? I'm not saying Staley was useless, didn't motivate, help teach, actually do his job but Lesean McCoy , Brian Westbrook and Miles Sanders probably don't skip a beat with another RB's coach, sorry.
  3. Andy's record coming off a bye use to be Rediculous with the Eagles. Fairly certain it hasn't gotten worse with KC. Then again so is Tom's I'd imagine? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Piece out, dueces , don't let the door hit you in the ***. Pick one? Never got the infatuation some had with him. Especially as a HC candidate.
  5. If anything you just proved my point. You put Marino in today's NFL where the QB and his Recievers can't be touched? He'd put up video game numbers too. He'll he did , almost 40 years ago.
  6. He hasn't played long enough to warrant that spot, plan and simple. If he suffers a catastrophic injury derailing the rest of his career, would he be on that overall list? No! As impressive as he has looked and given what he has accomplished thus far he is on pace to (1 day) be on that list. However I'd still take Dan Marino 1984 over any QB season since. Especially against this pass wacky, defensive touch/flag football they call the NFL these days.
  7. Given his year in Dallas, not sure this joke applies. Just saying.
  8. All Rodgers did is continue the Rediculous 2 decade trend of the League MVP, NOT winning the SB in the same season. Screw the Madden Curse
  9. The Slober Fest that will occur on all media outlets the next two weeks over Tom Brady is going to be of epic proportion. Which is saying something since Mahomes is also in this SB.
  10. I was just hoping he wasn't pulling a Josh McDaniels. No reason to keep harping on it or acting like an *** calling me out every other post. Thanks
  11. Pretty sure the AFC is like the Price is Right too, "Come on down you're the next contestant". Of course Tom himself was responsible for 1 of their 2 wins ?..........🍺
  12. So what your really saying is, we finally hired a HC. 👍 Don't remember entire staffs having to be set in place when Chip and Doug were hired? Guess this is their new version of due diligence.
  13. Doesn't mean he can call a game defensively as DC but it should be a step in the right direction on getting our secondary back on track thats for sure.
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