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  1. Nabbs Favorite Team : Eagles Week 1: Detroit Lions
  2. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    While I also agree, you can't limit how many players from an Era get in. Especially when 2 of the other QB not listed above have as many or more SB Rings then everyone on that list not named Tom Brady. With that said Yes I too don't think Eli or Rivers are deserving. Elisha will get in though. Rivers , Not unless he goes out with a bang John Elway Style.
  3. NFL News & General Info Thread

    As mentioned before it's probably because both Wentz and Foles were dealing with limited reps. Need the arm for a week or two.
  4. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I don't care how much of a Wizard Howie is, there's no way we can spend upwards of $350M on 3 players. Cox 100 (20 per) Mack 120 (22 per) Wentz 130+ (30 per) Not happening! Wish it could though. That be fun!
  5. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Yes, but We couldn't afford Mack regardless with our own $100M dollar man on the roster. Let alone Wentz coming up!
  6. What does it mean then if I have been in all 13, hosted 12 of them, and only once made it past week 5? Gluttent for punishment? You Win!!!๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™ˆ
  7. What would you offer for Khalil Mack?

    Yeah that's exactly how you handle the face of your Franchise and Singular reason the Packers are ever in contention? I Know as a Vikings fan that's what you'd hope for but they'd be crazy to attempt such a tactic. If they did, he should pull a Barry Sanders and leave them high and dry and see if that's a better option then paying the piper and best QB in the NFL.
  8. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Is Pederson collecting QB's for the sake of collecting QB? Can Hack even be placed on the PS at this point? Don't get the move if he can't be
  9. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Itโ€™s enough to affect the outcome of a couple games. Maybe instead of 9-7 and a wild card chance theyโ€™re 7-9 and last in the division. Or maybe 7-9 was always the ceiling because Guice was never going to rush for 2,000+ yds to begin with. YES he will be missed but like every other successful team in NFL History (last year's Eagles prime example), the other 52 players on the roster have to be accountable too. Redskins will be fine if indeed they have a Team, not just one overrated savior at RB.
  10. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Makes a huge difference in a competitive division like the NFC East. If your team is dependent upon 1 player, you're not much of a team to begin with. Just saying. One of the two will be revealed.
  11. Nabbs Favorite team : SB Champs aka Eagles Week 1 pick: TBD 11 years of utter failure and I'm still trying. Idiocy at it's finest.
  12. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Redskins were SB contenders with Guice, picking top 10 without.
  13. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    So they have still not found a Running Game in GB I take it? Amazing.
  14. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    It's also why you typically see Major College Contenders lose during the first month of the season, when they shouldn't. In most cases taking them out of NCG contention. Same could and probably would occur in the NFL. I never suggested Practices don't matter but this idea actual games doesn't either is rediculous. Especially with the limited practices as they are currently constructed. It's also why "joint practices" are so much more valuable then the norm of everyday team practices. Players get don't go full steam, know the others tendencies, get complacent. You can only evaluate so much in practice. Games are needed to properly construct the 53 man roster.
  15. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    An for every injury in a preseason game you can match just as many "during" TC practices. The only thing eliminating preseason games would accomplish is you/ We having to watch poor football the first month of the season. Players already aren't allowed to tackle or wear pads but "X" amount of days. These current Training Camp rules are a joke when compared to back in the day. That's why we see more injuries IMO. Lack of conditioning (football) and tackling. Actual game like conditions. Instead of 2 a days we have walk throughs, shells, shorts and they wonder why players come up limp? Guice could of just as easily torn his ACL as say Verrett dud during Practice. I've seen numerous Eagle players lost to season ending injuries over the years "In Camp". You don't prevent injuries by going 3/4 speed in practice. If anything it creates even more. It's football, injuries occur.