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  1. Not the other future 2,000 yd RB for the WTF team?
  2. It was until they draft Dillard and Mailata showed massive improvement. Why move a Top 5 RT in the NFL? This isn't 30 years ago when the vast majority of the Great Pass Rusher all rushed from that side. RT is every bit as important during this Era. There was a list of the DE/LB Lane faced and it was the Who's who of Pass rushers, all coming or moving around over the RT position.
  3. This is Ugly on so many levels. Unless a Ravens fan. Why would the Eagles sign Brown to a Huge contract when both Dillard and Mailata can battle it out for LT? The other be a swing tackle with Driscoll/Prince? Did you see Dillard fill in for Lane at RT in the past? He sucks. Why move one of the best RT in the NFL, team leader if replacing his salary with Browns? Now had you said we trade Lane to the Ravens for a 2021 2nd or 3rd, add a defensive player depending on the pick , take on that salary that is plausible IMO. Then all of the OT on the roster battle it
  4. Funny how things change over a few months? I'm sure if he wins a few games here or there, flip flopping will occur again. Always do.
  5. With our scouting staff it won't matter which one falls, it will be the wrong choice inevitably. 🍺
  6. With everyone panicking over taking a QB (top 3-4 picks) Howie legit had his choice of the #1 rated Player at several different possible positions WR, CB, DL, OL..... being there at #6. Probably worried he'd F that up too so now the built in excuse as to why we didn't draft A, B or C is already there.
  7. Asking for a Happy ending. Wrong massage parlor apparently? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Guess we'll find out real quick in Indy it supposedly continues or magically disappears.
  9. Because it's the easier of the two narratives. 🍺
  10. I like to do both, usually in heavy moderation.
  11. There's another application for the 3 letters that also describes Dan Snyders tenure as an owner. Either or, whichever you feel comfortable with when reading my posts. 🥃
  12. Until you find a name for your Franchise, they will always be referred by me as the WTF's. As far as the Rodgers trade and pretty much anything Ace prediction related? I'll assume You've clearly never seen me post in his threads. Ace has been and will continue to be on a level of his own. 🥃
  13. I'm sure WTF is just making room for the Aaron Rodgers trade.
  14. Don't play Madden but it sure was fun to watch DC/DB's panic in real life. Punters too! 🥃
  15. Even funnier is the fact he didn't even list all of the actual teams "Who beat TB12/NE in a SB" by his dumb logic.
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