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  1. XFL-to-NFL FA News (Tracker included)

    Steelers treating the XFL like scratch off ticket. Playing the odds that 1 of 6 will hit! 💰
  2. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    He is MUCH closer to one extreme than the other. Foles is a solid career backup. Nothing more. Depends on what your definition of a Career Backup is? Walking definition: Matt Barkley Capable of winning a SB MVP: Nick Foles You are correct though, He is closer to the latter extreme. Not what you meant I know but obviously there's a massive difference!
  3. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Well someone has to be the Ying to the Yangs who adamantly believe Nick Foles Sucks! Godforbid there is actually a middle ground "between" the Two extremes? Just saying!🍺
  4. Of course his value isn't a 1st, that's a Pipe Dream at his Age. However that will be Snyders excuse for Not Trading him. We set a value, No team matched it, Sorry! This is a Pi$$ing Contest of Ego's. Snyder will Not allow his Ego to trade Williams because this idiot probably thinks that will set a bad precedent and other players will try the same thing. News flash, other players aren't Trent! I just hope Williams is Smart enough this year to Report to TC but take the Jalen Ramsey excuse making to the next level! Get paid big man, Daniel is trying to call your bluff, dare you sit out again so he can not pay You!! Be smart, call Jalen Now. Start preparing! 🍺
  5. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    So you mean like the Browns did with Chubb/Ward? Hell of a roll model to follow!🍺
  6. Because 1 year out of 7 is an outlier, not the norm. Lions fans have said as much. Seemed Slay checked out on Patricia, add the horrific pass rush that's the results.
  7. Goodell wants draft to continue outside Team venues

    And they couldn't keep them out because? Also have a cop car or two patrolling and telling the morons to go back home. It doesn't matter to me but I don't see it as a deal Fans are not an issue in the slightest and can be turn away before the hit the parking lot. The real reason that was pointed out earlier is, Liability. They want to be able to Blame anyone else on the planet if a Person gets Corona during the draft but the NFL. What they don't seem to understand is they are putting these Staffs more at risk by not being in controlled NFL environment. With what Professional Cleaning Experts they have on standby for when NFL activities are resumed? On a smaller level there is No reason NFL offices or the Draft rooms specifically cant be properly cleaned for this purpose. No reason! I'm extremely curious what locations are going to be selected ? Major Hotels? That sounds like Fun? 👍Banquet Rooms? 🙈 Areas with 100x the traffic then a NFL building? GL!!
  8. Jesus! They just let anyone have this Gig Now? 😎🍺
  9. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    Here's where the novel you wrote above, actually suggests the opposite. You assume the Trade for Allen was to backup Haskins. Why can't it be to potentially start the beginning of the season IF TUA isn't ready to play?Making Allen easily replaceable when Tua is ready, allowing them to Trade Haskins ala Josh Rosen? If anything the Allen addition works against, not for Haskins remaining a Redskin IMO. The real question is what they get back in return and who would "Actually Want" to trade for him instead of rolling the dice on Herbert or Love? While Unlikely, it's really not that far fetched.
  10. Goodell wants draft to continue outside Team venues

    Hell No! That would make the Draft unwatchable which I'm fairly certain the NFL, ESPN and other site are working on right now figuring out what's needed to still have Coverage! The only thing that changes for those networks will be live interviews, being in the same room as the Commissioner, Draftees, ect.. Analysts can still break down film, discuss the pick, show footage, possibly have live Facetime with these players awafter said draft picks are made! If 100's of Millions of Regular Joe's can manage a Fantasy draft in 90 sec, surely being OTC for 10, even in this situation should be viable too. You can bet your ...., the NFL is going to try their best to still produce a draft event. An event let's be real, that might get even better ratings then usual Because of the lack of Sports right now! It's like having to look at a car crash even though you know you shouldn't. People will watch just to see something sports related!!!
  11. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    why give away your money? goff is cheeks. Assuming what he says is true and it was for more then $4, He's playing with house money and can afford to throw it away! 🍺
  12. Rams release RB Todd Gurley (Page 7)

    So does this mean Gurely could make more Money in 2020 if He Failed his physical? Would he intentionally? Wouldn't that be hilarious if the Rams end up on the Hook for that salary!
  13. So what you're really saying is Carson should be Pump faking a lot towards Darby's direction, Gotcha!
  14. Goodell wants draft to continue outside Team venues

    What Franchise within days let alone a month can't properly clean their facilities, especially the Draft Room they gather in ever year for this draft? Surely there is a plan IN PLACE already for cleaning the facilities when this epidemic is considered OK to proceed with the season. Why cant you on a smaller level do the same for the draft? Sorry but that makes No sense! As for the 2nd part You hit the nail on the head. This has everything to do with placing Blame on others, just in case someone does get Corona. Not anyone NFL related. Honestly believe they are making it way more difficult and putting them more at risk forcing Teams out of their controlled environment