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  1. Nabbs4u


    It's almost like having a great surrounding cast of players and competent HC/OC actually matters or something? Funny how most QB seem to thrive in this scenario above while others fail miserably without. 🤔
  2. Long 17 gm season. A lot can change in the next 4 months till the SB.
  3. Every week Dallas plays, their opponents best players drop like flies.
  4. They (Reich) would never bench him unless he was playing injured. Especially playing the draft pick game. It would be to much like Pederson/Wentz /Eagles from last year. Franks anything but stupid! Just have to hope they lose games despite him playing well to reach the % clause.
  5. Yes. With the Weapons AZ already has at there disposal, Ertz should be wide open with a QB like Murray. He'll catch it and move the chains ala Jason Witten, YAC afterwards like Kittle/Kelce he is not!
  6. The amount of Salt pouring out in this post is comical. You do realize that is how almost 1/2 of the SB's won the past two decades which oddly enough involves at least 2 (maybe 04' ?) of Tom Brady and the Patriots SB's have been won, right? Mahomes, Wentz, Wilson, Rodgers, Flacco, Ben, Eli, Brady (3) All of these QB got paid afterwards I believe with only Ben, Eli and Tom adding 5 more post Rookie contract.
  7. Probably draft the trenches DL/OL with two of the picks and trade away the 3rd for a future 1st in the following years draft. Sounds like the Howie thing to do.
  8. TBH he reminds me of a Rookie Dak. Main difference, he doesn't have the best OL in the NFL and a 1,800 yd RB taking the pressure of his dink and dunk game managing. Fairly certain if both of those were the case, Hurts overall play "right now" would look drastically different and so might the Eagles record.
  9. Helps when you don't have a Different starting OL every single week giving your offense ZERO cohesiveness. Shocker, now Hurts is dealing with the same things? 🤔
  10. Cool for Ertz. We're going nowhere, adding him to AZ weapons is downright scary TBH. Let's hope Goedert can actually stay healthy or the Eagles go from having the Best TE Tandem in the league to having absolutely nothing.
  11. Pretty sure he knows more about NFL football and how to properly move the ball on Offense then any of these Arm Chair GM's/OC on this website.
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