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  1. No Clue, why I asked the question? Can you name the last RB to successfully recover and kill it? I can't.
  2. Not saying this is a death blow to his career but curious who was the last RB with a Achilles tear that came back to kill it at the RB position the rest of his career? This might not be Basketball doing jumpers but we are talking about running at high speeds, cutting on a dime and being twisted to the ground on a play by play basis.
  3. Ahhh, the luxury of not only finding but having legit LB's on your roster for decades. Must be nice. Maybe one of these days Howie will appreciate or take the position seriously at some point? Worth every penny.
  4. In other words, a not so subtle shot over the bow to all players. Get vaccinated or be prepared not to play the 2021 season or being on a NFL roster. The Ying to the last years Player Opt out Yang. 🥃
  5. Liking this post wasn't enough. Needed to be repeated. Well said!
  6. Yeah only reason Mine has the Bednarik hit is because it's one of those Iconic moments in sports that the NFL itself and most fans will instantly recognized. Much like both Miracles at the Meadowlands. You say the phrase and they're like, Yep I remember.......! But yes, No SB Ring without the Julio stop. 🥃
  7. My list 1. Philly Special SBLII 2. Zach Ertz TD SBLII 3. Brandon Graham strip FB SBLII 4. Chuck Bednarik hit on Frank Gifford 5. Miracle at the Meadowlands II 5. Miracle at the Meadowlands https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/platform/amp/2019/10/5/20894841/eagles-history-greatest-plays-philadelphia-nick-foles-philly-special-super-bowl-brandon-graham
  8. If it results in a 40 Burger 1st 1/2 and a Eagles WR playing like Kevin Curtis that day (11-221-3TD), I'll suffer through looking at that mess one more time.
  9. What made that call even more atrocious was the non helmet to helmet (shoulder pad whatever) call to Goederts head just after the catch. 👌
  10. Has a Team from Hard Knocks ever won the SB in the same season? If Not, this selection makes even more sense.
  11. Wentz is going to be scary good in Indy. However when that occurs, Matts please take your Dak vs Wentz BS to that forum and try to engaged the 3 active members they have there, thanks!
  12. "I've never been a part of a tie. I never even knew that was in the rule book," McNabb 👍🍺
  13. Doug Pederson post SB reminded me of Coach Klein from the movie Waterboy (without his playbook). Frank Reich apparently being said playbook. Easiest explanation for his atrocious game planning and in game play calling.
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