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  1. How much potential does Nick Mullens have?

    Potentially the next Matt Flynn. In other words, Built for greatness.
  2. Pro Bowl Team is announced today.

    How so?
  3. Only team that was the defending SB Champs, yes. It does rain on a Glorious Parade. Since you keep bringing it up.
  4. Well when you start losing key player to IR days into TC and throughout the first month of the season, tends to damper emotions/expectations. I'm curious if you were even allowed to party (legally) in the early 90's the last time the Cowboys were relevant? Please don't choke this weekend against TB. Hate for it to all be on the line for the Giants to give the Clapper his 4th 8-8 season. Just saying.
  5. Dallas doesn't have an All Time Great Defense, so I'm not seeing the comparisons? They were. Besides I'm not sure he actually is better then Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson. Being real. But I digress!
  6. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Or lucky. I mean there was only two team you would of beaten last week out of the10 scoring 94pts. Just saying.
  7. Overreaction Monday

    The Cowboys and Texans will not choke vs TB and Philly this Sunday avoiding a plethora of week 17 Win/elimination type scenarios with the entire NFCE.
  8. Hopkins is going for 200+. Only question is will we hold him under 3TD?
  9. Eaglebowl VII : Fantasy Football

    Figured You'd chime in now after scoring 94 pts in a win? Kilty had even worse luck as the #2 seed then me. Congrats on the Finals.
  10. The Refs hate the Cowboys

    That makes even less sense to do then. Is the NFL and Refs trying to elevate the Titans to success/glory since they clearly have a supposed agenda against Dallas? I'm thoroughly confused now! 🤔
  11. ESPN playoff machine

    To be fair we are expected to lose to Houston. I like it better that way.
  12. The Refs hate the Cowboys

    It's a Cowboys thread, there aren't enough?
  13. MNF GDT: Saints at Panthers

    ET, I hope you Win your Finals in a Landslide. Bo Birds!🤗
  14. Which is shocking since Talib was on him quite a bit. Got abused regularly.