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  1. You mean the position group missing 3 Starters now? Shocking. Same 💩 different year. Shouldn't really be surprising at this point but expected.
  2. The fact Gannon has adapted his philosophy with this game script just screams Jim Schwartz all over again. Only with different round pegs this time.
  3. One of the worst I've seen in decades. It's damn near Raider Esq from back in the day. They should fine each player 5-10K per penalty , donate it to charity and see if that fixes it? Because these players sure AF don't care or held accountable.
  4. Here's hoping Week 3 is a repeat of Week 1. Everyone that matters losing with a Eagles Win.
  5. I doubt that, Nick called a similar game last week vs SF (mindboggling). It's what you get when these supposed offensive geniuses want to reinvent the wheel. Prove to world they're smarter then everyone else. PS: Didn't see Colts game (assuming) but watched the Stupidity of play calling during last week's Eagles debacle.
  6. Prime example of how the vast majority of Fans don't give 2 💩's about a "Kicker" until said Kicker wins or loses your game. That right there is why Justin Tucker is worth whatever he wants and YOU PAY IT.
  7. The only singular reason it looks like a Bad pick is because of injury. We're not having this discussion in the slightest with a fully healthy Saquon Barkley his first 3 years. That I'm certain of. No one can predict injury, to any position.
  8. Let's hope they don't run it down our throats for 200+. If they are gashing us on the ground with Zeke/Pollard, Dak will pick us apart. Need a TB rush defense type game. One dimensional.
  9. The way he got tackled , I'm actually surprised nothing broke or tore TBH. Was a nasty roll up.
  10. I'd say I'm surprised we're already missing 2 Starting OL but sadly this has become the norm. Wouldn't be the Eagles if it didn't.
  11. Yes but I'm sure the 4-8 year old saying Daddy we won, we won didn't think he too might be saying to his own Son one day, this is our year we win it all trust me. See that's how an entire generation becomes current Cowboy Fans 25 years in the making saying We Got 5. But I'm sure you're not in your 20's, part of this current generation, right. 👍 You of all people are older in your mid 30's-40 where those adults have every right to actually brag about 90? If so Cheers 🍺!
  12. Why any fan base after two weeks would talk smack about this 💩 Division as if they know for a fact what will unfold 15 weeks from now is beyond me. But hey, by all means carry on.
  13. I feel your pain. The Ignore button is a Godsend, Great idea up to and until everyone decides to engage said drivel and quote the ignored poster. Try skipping any post where you even see the name quoted. It's what I do with another. More peaceful that way trust me. GL. 🍺
  14. Time to earn this Contract! No excuses now!
  15. Let's hope (Doubtful) Barnett tries to ball out in hopes of getting paid next FA. No excuses for him now! I'd say hey Josh go earn your new contract but that's debatable too.
  16. I blame Me. Sorry! Now it feels like a normal Philadelphia Eagles season. Let's be real though, for as much 💩 as Chip Kelly gets, his tenure was the last time the Eagles as a "Team" stayed relatively healthy. Which is flippin sad!
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