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  1. Hal voted to lower the CBT threshold. He constantly uses the threshold as an excuse for why his team spends less than they did two decades ago, yet he wants to LOWER the threshold!! George would hire a guy to find dirt on this schmuck and punch him in an elevator. He's no Steinbrenner.
  2. Bazeley and Poku are not G-League caliber players.
  3. Yea, I feel like no one will give af about this lol
  4. Feel bad for Ottis Anderson too, because a ton of people probably think the former Super Bowl MVP is a killer. No relation obvsly.
  5. Yeah but imagine being told this would happen 4 years ago lol
  6. So unlike most here I don't hate Javier Baez just because he's popular with normies and doesn't walk, but he's going to suck in his 30s.
  7. I AM pissed that Hal doesn't care about winning, but I swear that post was actually genuine lol.
  8. I love it when bad teams actually try to compete, but there's just not a whole lot there to support Seager/Semien anytime soon.
  9. Miami is just too small to compete with the SEC teams for even the top FL recruits anymore. All the cultural cache they had from the 1980s-2000s is irrelevant to zoomers. Florida State hasn't been a consistently relevant team since 2000, sans two years of Jameis.
  10. He was bad, but also somewhat of the classic "FIRE THE COORDINATOR" scapegoat. The entire org is rotten from top to bottom.
  11. Didn't Tatum have to be "de-Mambafied" after his second year because training with Kobe killed his playmaking and shot selection? Clips sometimes have the same problem with Kawhi and George. Need a natural playmaker.
  12. Tbf, the 17-1 Panthers were pretty good when Cam didn't go for that fumble lol. These situations can happen to good teams in important games.
  13. You guys desperately need Correa. Even with Greene and Tork in your pipeline there's not enough offense, so you're in the same ballpark as the Marlins right now. Getting Guillen, Pudge, and Polanco around the same time is how you guys got good last time lol.
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