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  1. https://www.theringer.com/nba/2021/1/22/22244228/the-bucks-need-to-use-giannis-antetokounmpo-more-like-anthony-davis Had no idea how bad Bud is. He's not getting nearly enough out of Giannis on both ends.
  2. Like FFS the Jazz lost to my god damn Knicks!!
  3. This is really dumb. Who tf cares that the Nets lost to the Cavs in a regular season game? They’ll be much better when the games matter and they have at least some idea of how to play with each other.
  4. Cheesy to say, but the world became a worse place. I can't be the only school kid who did his Black History Month report on Hank instead of Jackie like all the other kids did.
  5. This is what everyone thought the Wolves would be when they hired Thibs.
  6. If Minny fans pretend that McDaniels and Edwards’ draft slots were flipped they’d probably feel a lot better. Other than wasting the late first on Edwards ofc.
  7. 4 3PA in his first game. He hasn’t made a single one this year and he refuses to shoot outside of the paint whatsoever. Where are his perimeter skills?
  8. Can the Knicks have him pls. Or are we just gonna take the best available player from NY?
  9. Zion is playing too conservatively. He has to grow his game lest he become Ben Simmons.
  10. We could’ve had Quickley and Halliburton but I bet our ******* dumbass owner was clamoring for Toppin because he’s from NY.
  11. Knox actually might be something! His shot has been lethal since the preseason.
  12. Expected. He’s at 88-91 in his workouts rn
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