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  1. Should Bill Belichick be banned from football?

    Pete Rose is not banned from MLB stadiums. Lmao. Also pretty sure Big Mac was never suspected of having sex with a minor.
  2. Should Bill Belichick be banned from football?

    What Rose did was worse than guys abusing drugs at the peak of the cocaine craze.
  3. Giants K Aldrick Rosas arrested

    Getty on releasing Rosas: “That’s it, thats the guy” Now the Giants finally have the winning cultures!!

    Took a pandemic to get the Kings into the playoffs. Lmao wait they still have to earn the spot, nvm
  5. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    Tbf, a 2019 offense run through Garnett wouldn’t be as effective. Then again, he averaged 6 assists at his peak. He was just better. That one year that AD carried those scrubs after Cousins got hurt reminded me of KG. For whatever reason it just didn’t work out in any other season.

    Imagine Harden coexisting with Wall
  7. Jerry Sloan passes away at 78

    Rick Adelman was pretty great too.
  8. Baseball is back? 60 game season incoming

    What is it you think the "EB" stands for?
  9. Lebron's 2017 & 2018 Finals

    But it successfully convinced people that his douchebaggery was the key to winning and if you disagree you’re a snowflake *****.
  10. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    This is how I felt with Compton, the Elton John flick, etc. Whenever someone pulls the levers in their own biopic, you have to be skeptical of how they portray the “villain.” Especially with MJ, a well known jackass.
  11. ESPN Top 74 NBA Players of All-Time

    I don’t get the Reggie Miller hate on this board. He’s an advanced stat darling and one of the best shooters the game’s ever seen.
  12. ESPN Top 74 NBA Players of All-Time

    I honestly like how they made the list. I already know that Giannis is one of the greatest of all time. I’m not gonna pretend that guys like Steve Nash, Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, etc. are better just because they played longer. Credit them with greater, more rewarding careers, fine. But Giannis is just a better. In fact, even tho I love VC, I don’t see why him being an OK role player for 8 years somehow vaults him so high on the list. He’s the Julius Peppers of the NBA. Hall of Fame, transcendent athlete who managed to stick around for longer than everyone thought, has great bulk stats...but he could’ve been even better. Were they teammates? Lol
  13. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Starling Marte's wife broke her ankle and died of a heart attack...speechless
  14. Lebron's 2017 & 2018 Finals

    I would love to see the reaction if LeBron filmed his last season into a pseudo-documentary about himself.
  15. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Getty is all bout da culchuh