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  1. We have to put Mond in. Right? Right? *stares emptily into the abyss*
  2. Cole is worth extending for awhile. I’m pretty impressed by Bradbury since he came back. Pretty weird and not sure what to attribute it to. Where does Wyatt Davis ever get a chance is a question I’m pondering.
  3. Ham is one of my favorite players. Dude brings it every snap and just stones people. One of the best fullbacks I’ve ever seen.
  4. Nothing to be proud of this half. Why can’t we have nice things?
  5. Hope the dumb penalty on Boyd doesn’t cost him some playing time. I like what I see from him. Aggressive in run d and in good spots in coverage. Obviously a stupid penalty, but people are human and make mistakes.
  6. Because I’m a delusional Viking fan. No. Reality? Kinda?
  7. Let’s put a 40 burger on them by the end of the 3rd quarter and then let Mond get some reps. Or, a soul crushing comeback punctuated by a 56 yard game winning field goal.
  8. It’s like the coaching staff decided to exploit a team’s weakness for once. So weird watching this game. This team is great when firing on all cylinders. Extremely dangerous if we sneak into the playoffs. I’m hopeful we do.
  9. The ball is coming out of his hand a bit weird tonight. Kind of bizarre.
  10. We’re going to pretend non of that “points before halftime” stuff ever happened
  11. Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in. SKOL.
  12. Try Nwangwu. However, I’ve heard it’s incredibly difficult to learn punt returning. You e either done it through college or it’ll be a challenge in the NFL. That’s why guys like Sherels had extended careers. Seems to be more about ball security and situational awareness than achieving meaningful returns. Would like to see some research on trends in punt return yards as the punting position evolves and gets better. So, maybe Nwangwu, but not at the expense of the more important aspects of PR. Dede hasn’t been a liability but certainly hasn’t wowed anyone with a return.
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