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  1. So someone his Rodgers group chat is telling people that he is mocking the GM, sure that will make him happy too
  2. Dont think the Falcons were going to take a QB, they are stuck with Ryan for 3 more years at a hefty price, dont think they wanted a rookie QB at the same time. This would align with that the 9ers tried trading for the 6 and 7th or w/e it was reported
  3. Hes regretting telling Kyle and Lynch he doesnt want to know the pick. Just one hour of feeling how we felt the last month has him going crazy on twitter
  4. So trade for Rodgers, draft Lance, trade Jimmy to Pats. Rodgers wins back to back superbowls and retires for Lance to step in at 22
  5. Nah, Lynch and Kyle setting out together to get the QB only for Kyle to turn heel for his own wants. 9ers fans are definitely Gollum wanting to tackle him and take Mac into a pit of lava
  6. Lynch and Kyle are like Frodo and Sam in Mount Doom and Kyle is gonna keep the ring for himself
  7. If Kyle takes Mac then we know hes a ***s man
  8. This is like the Tiger King of draft picks. Complete **** show that makes no sense and wouldn't be so interesting if people had something to do
  9. Everyone here should just get drunk early and stay drunk all weekend, when you come to on Monday it will only be a few days of this crap left
  10. Shanahan is driving up the moneyline on the QB he actually is going to take to make a nice chunk of change
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