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  1. Definitely Gould I dont trust that kid during the playoffs
  2. Packers @ 49ers SNF GDT

    Hope this game shuts up all the Niner doubters I never seen a 9-1 team so underappreciated
  3. NFL Week 12 GDT

    what a dumb statement
  4. NFL Week 12 GDT

  5. Zero percent chance he's fire during the season. If he doesn't make it to the ECF he's fired for sure and should be
  6. He wasnt blameless but he had us in the position to win that game multiple times if someone made a play. He's far down the list on reasons why they lost IMO
  7. This is what it took for the Seahawks to beat the Niners last night 1. Kittle and Sanders injured 2. Rusty Tackles 3. 9 drops 4. Rookie fill in Kicker missed GW field goal 5. Clock mismanagement And they still only won in the last seconds of OT. This Niners team is really really good
  8. Niners will win the Super Bowl if healthy

    lol Niners would be up big if their WRs caught the ball

    Championship type defense
  11. The leash is getting shorter and shorter for Ben Dude needs to elevate his game
  12. TNF: 49ers @ Cardinals

    The NFL is screwed if Jimmy can continue to progress and play like this
  13. Week 8 GDT

    Nick Bosa will win DROY and DPOY
  14. Wednesday cant get here soon enough