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  1. Dak for TB12

    I'd vomit tbh. Thankfully, this is clickbait crap.
  2. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Realistically? Sucking for a year and hoping for a high enough pick to take a shot at a qb, wasting a season of most of these players primes while starting a journeyman, a way over the hill vet, or our boy Cooper. #Rushtothepodium Honestly, as much as I wanted these negotiations to end with dak taking a deal closer to 30 than 40, being a suck *** team again is not something I'm really into. At this point you're locked into paying Dak. Top 15 qbs dont just walk thru the door. And if he hit the open market some team will give him wayyyyy too much. So just get him signed so the front office can adjust to cap life with a highly paid qb and the team can get moving on other offseason needs.
  3. Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    Absolutely numbing. There are no words.
  4. He has 4 daughters including a 7 month old. Hug your loved ones.
  5. Hes done pretty well for a chiefs fan (if that don't date me on this forum idk what will.)
  6. Draft watch 2020

    Wait thet just sell them now? Back when it was in radio city in NY every year I had to go the night before to be issued a wristband to have the chance to buy a ticket the next day for the draft. Considering that was a two and a half hour train ride there and back, I'd lose most of two days not even 110 percent certain I'd get in.
  7. I mean on a cowboys legend level I hate it. But on an even engram progress stopper level I love it.
  8. Garrett puts together a very talented group of guys and his guys all love him. A players coach for sure. But his playcalling leaves a lot to be desired. A real lot.
  9. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
  10. College Footabll - BACK BABY

    Can we have the Clemson punter please thank you
  11. Jimmy Johnson - HALL OF FAME

    Disgrace that he isn't already.
  12. Draft watch 2020

    That's the only reasonable approach. You've got a very very small chance of filling a need year one in round 3 and it only gets smaller as you go on in my book so you draft for talent and talent alone.
  13. I hope they give Garrett a 10 year contract so they can have three playoff wins and waste DJ and saquon's careers. His course was a 9 hole putt putt range and he still went bogey or worse on 6 holes, with a par and two birdies. Not threatening in the slightest.
  14. Giants now down their top 3 coaching candidates I'm so happy GARRETT TO NY SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE