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  1. So. AD to the Lakers. That's a thing that happened. Can't help but think the pelicans screwed themselves by not taking the bigger package during the season.
  2. Predict the 53 - Post Draft (WAY TOO EARLY!)

    1. LP 2-53- some random jabronis
  3. Pick 58: Trysten Hill / DT / UCF

    Is this the part where I woooo or booo I'm not as plugged in on this guy redpill me
  4. Considering Clark is a slightly worse player, with a more checkered history.... The thought crossed my mind. But you dont trade away trench talent in his prime for three picks worth of future potential. This team is close. D-Law needed to get paid and needed to stay here.
  5. While we cannot know for sure, I'd day it's a safe bet fredbeard is better. His work ethic and IQ have always been his biggest strengths. While Looney had a good year past year, I didn't think it was better than Frederick's "worst" (none have been bad) year so far.
  6. Gregory suspended indefinitely

    It's possible but he's on a locked in rookie deal so I don't think it's incredibly likely. When the time comes the team is almost certainly not going to pick up his fifth year option though unless he magically turns around.
  7. Ya damn right. D-Law has earned it, just pay him and get it over with. Played the prove it year on the tag. Respected leader on the D-line. A top player at a premium position in his prime and next year's cap space is hugggeeeee. Just do it. Cut the check.
  8. Pay the man. *insert clap emojis between words*
  9. I dont care if it was a playoff team. I refuse to watch any "highlights" that involve the qb who MUST NOT be named. This threads joke has gone too far damnit. MUST. NOT. BE. NAMED. HIGHLIGHTS?! THIS ISNT VIETNAM GUYS THERE ARE RULES.
  10. Were you aware that LP has never missed a snap in his career? That right there is accuracy.
  11. Or even until some contracts get hammered out. Need to know how much of his salary can be absorbed.
  12. Hes worth every penny of that 10 mil to CBS. Best color guy in all of football and it's not even close.