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  1. Tyrone Crawford. Still want to cut you but for today, bless.
  2. Byron Jones lookin solid. Gotta flip field position soon though.
  3. .95 yards an attempt would be a testament to the oline, frankly.
  4. Im glad someone here besides me understands geography.
  5. Well here in America its a 1pm start. Post lunch, ending pre dinner. Perfection.
  6. Love having a game in the early slot for once.
  7. Pay the MAN!!

    Just pay em all
  8. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    ....dare I say it? PAY EM ALL
  9. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    This seems fine. Dress him and see how the game goes. Play him as much or as little as needed.
  10. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    I'll almost miss him when he leaves
  11. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    Im actually pretty intrigued to see Jolly Wolly in on passing downs. That was his bread and butter in Oakland.
  12. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    If this is finally true, he'll be on the field for every goal to go package and most first downs. I can see him subbing out for pollard on obvious passing situations sonce he hasnt practiced the motions or the protections.
  13. Saw on Twitter that the first two years were fully gtd but don't know how factual that is.
  14. Cowboys, Collins nearing deal

    Im here for this. Oline continuity is key.
  15. The NY Barkley's @ Dallas Pollards

    This is why Witten never liked you 88.