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  1. I'm here for this. A solid frugal signing. Praying his Achilles is ready to go
  2. Fixed that for you. I never had anything against Crawford. Dude was serviceable. The team should have moved on from his contract but that's the teams fault. Any sane human gets offered tons of money they take it, after all.
  3. I'll never forget that punch he threw in that one bar. That was a solid throw. https://youtu.be/4Wi5dO6pqSk 1:15
  4. I like the numbers. Chance to be a steal if he's healthy. Hopefully a sign of some more signings to come
  5. I mean, Anthony Harris was right there for 5 million on a one year deal. Every time someone defends this approach to free agency, that deal is the ideal. And they're setting up visits with blown Achilles and talking about position switches who know the system but from a position they wouldn't be playing. Meanwhile a division rival that started with negative cap room amd the biggest dead cap hit in history manages to sign a guy one year removed from a franchise tag who played 95 percent of the snaps for Minnesota for 5 goddamn million dollars. It's not the order or walking and chewing bubb
  6. Sign a safety to play linebacker before signing any safety to play safety. The Dallas Cowboys, ladies and gentleman.
  7. At this point you guys are all nuts. There isn't a single team that would take slater over trading down with a team that wants Wilson.
  8. Hunter Niswander is a way better name for a punter anyways.
  9. He belonged to all of us, HT included. The single most unifying player on this board. I already miss him.
  10. The very first snap that LP's replacement has that is even slightly off center is gonna get turned into a gif. I'm going to reply to every post he's ever made with this gif, at least until I get hit with the banhammer.
  11. 253 perfect games over sixteen years. What a career. Such a landmark, eternal Dallas great. A man from a bygone Era who had loyalty in spades. All true cowboys fans will always miss him.
  12. Just the worst link ever Team is moving on. A sad day.
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