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  1. Free agency - who is left.

    Between Eric Berry's health, Kavon Fraser's limitations and the fact that Jeff Heath is still giving up long balls to Calvin Johnson despite the number of years that have passed without his presence on an active roster, I'd think there's plenty of room for Ikola AND Berry. Provided the money works, of course.
  2. L.P. Ladouceur Appreciation Thread

    I bet you're rooting for Cersei to win the iron throne.
  3. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    Okay tough guy, simmer down, and use your context clues. It was an abstract of personal emotional feelings for a player, not career stats. Take a deep breath. Unless.... Guys. Daboys IS Dez Bryant. It's the only explanation. As for his (your?) 1 year 1.25 mil, that was midseason. No one gets paid midseason, and no one wanted him (you?) for that long either which should really tell you something. Nobody has wanted him (really, is it you? I did love you in Dallas) this off-season either. Stop making every move about Dez, Dez.
  4. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    Dez Bryant turned down a 3 year 20 something million dollar deal from the Ravens last off-season. Randall Cobb just signed for 1 year, 5 million. Dez ruptured his Achilles last season. Randall Cobb had issues with a pulled hamstring. It's not hard to see why the team might want one over the other. Take off the 88 jersey- I know it's hard. I've been staring at my 11 wondering how to live my life, but it's slowly getting easier.
  5. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    Solid play to shore that up. No fault to find.
  6. Tyrone Crawford in club altercation

    I was so excited to cut him for cap savings, before the franchise tag on Dlaw and the suspension of RG. Now this is terrible news. Amazing how quick the NFL changes.
  7. L.P. Ladouceur Appreciation Thread

  8. Free agency - who is left.

    That's minus 4 wins for the Rams. Bortles is a black hole.
  9. Free agency - who is left.

    If i have to read the phrase "If he's healthy" one more time I may cry.
  10. Free agency - who is left.

    Cowboys jumping in with both feet this week on guys with lower body injury histories. They should come cheap at least.
  11. Free agency - who is left.

    Possibly. Hope Gallup can make a jump year two. He got better every game this season so it's not hard to think he can. Hurns, while ill suited to #1 duties, is a solid vet for #3, and it'll be interesting to see what Moore can do with Wilson and Austin.
  12. Free agency - who is left.

    I gotta disagree. See for reference Lee, Sean. They'll go young if it's the right move.
  13. You don't believe Damien Wilson will change the landscape at LB for them forever? I am aghast. /sarcasm
  14. L.P. Ladouceur Appreciation Thread

    All happy birthday posts get a ceremonial like. Your move, TO7.
  15. Around the NFL - Playoffs Baby

    I just can't even.