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  1. Full Team Fantasy Draft (Discussion Thread)

    I've been away. What's this entail?
  2. 2020 Schedule

    3 games in 12 days is always **** but two of the three on the road is total effing balls
  3. Every time I catch myself getting mad about working right now I tell myself exactly this. Then I remember that unemployment doesn't provide health insurance or benefits like my employer, and thank my lucky stars I'm still working.
  4. Cooper Rushed out the door

    Factor that in with having 5 guys on roster(including Rush) and there it is. Keep thorson (I'm not gonna learn to spell his name) as a camp arm and as a second qb for the HoF game behind Dinucci then likely cut him too
  5. Dallas 1st RD pick CEEDEE LAMB!

    Yeah, not arguing that. Not what I said either. Let's try again. Yeah, but slimming?
  6. Dallas 1st RD pick CEEDEE LAMB!

    ....slimming? Wat
  7. 2021 - NFL Draft Prospects Thread

    T-Law is dreeeeaammmmmyyyy. I'm still team dline. Early often and annually
  8. Dallas 1st RD pick CEEDEE LAMB!

    That's what eagles fans said about dallas goedert. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a huge fan of this. Great board rank value but #1 WRs rarely win you games let alone #3s
  9. Cowboys cut WR

    May as well start the rebuild now. Tear the team down to the studs.
  10. Cowboys - Build The Board, #27

    Its Fulton here for me. WR is too deep, they're gonna fall.
  11. My closing is tomorrow. This pandemic has added an unreal level of stress to the whole process. Edit- by tomorrow I meant monday. And I meant closing on my house not closing my place of work.
  12. Cowboys - Build The Board #25

    Jordan love again. This is where ish really splinters tho
  13. Second time in a row I'm going Love.
  14. 2020 Cowboys Free Agency

    Didnt he end up in Vegas? That ship sailed. I'd take Winston as a backup. You can go one of two ways with a backup QB- risk averse dink and dunk or balls to the wall rock n roll. In my mind, if you're down a qb more than 8 games your season is likely over so why not go for the guy who might catch lightning in a bottle? Better to have fun watching kitna rip 50-50 balls to Dez than slowly bleeding to death with Brandon weeden and Matt Cassel throwing 2 yard flat routes on 3rd and 9.
  15. It's the little things you take for granted. Had about 6 straight edges for so long I forget that not everyone has one. 100% right. Straight edge, tape measure, a fistful of pencils before anything else.