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  1. Still have no idea what I'm doing in this league, but considering I won I'm at least better than half of you. I guess I'm a genius.
  2. Failure Draft - Round 1 is now!

    Going for the numbers game with these picks. TE Rob Gronkowski NE RB Ezekiel Elliott DAL Hoping for lots of yards and TDs, but also fumbles, drops, and penalties. @FinneasGage back to you
  3. @Malfatron Hoping this creates good karma and he can initiate some sort of twist to keep me around until the jury in the next BB game.
  4. Failure Draft - Round 1 is now!

    I have done zero research and have no idea what I’m doing, so I am going with a player who should be able to rack up little points here and there with yards and TDS, but also is prone to mistakes (on a smaller scale than some obvious choices), but should also be sacked quite a bit because the offensive line is high school level. It may be a terrible strategy, but whatever. Russel Wilson, QB Seattle Seahawks @FinneasGage you are up.
  5. I’ll join as soon as I get home.
  6. I had to do it. I have him beating you in my bracket. I’m playing for the bigger picture.
  7. Don’t give Naz ninth place. I will battle him for it. I know I could beat him easily in a H2H matchup.
  8. @Shady Slim Due to the freedom of information act, I'm gonna need screenshots of those PMs who voted against me. I promise nothing will happen to the individuals who betrayed me.
  9. @Pickle Rick Naz doesn't deserve to go further than me.
  10. Guys guys guys. You have to vote for me if you want to see me versus Naz in the next round. Haven’t you ever wondered who the better twin was? This is the only way to see.
  11. No point. You’ll never be the man your mom is.