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  1. Can I provide incentives to get posters to vote for me? I don't care what the answer is, because I'm gonna do it anyway. For any poster who votes for me when my heat comes up, you will be awarded one (1) Schrute buck.
  2. This is very unbecoming of the hard work HZ has put towards this game. I suggest we just do a full game reset, back until let's say... after the fourth eviction. Then we start anew from there.
  3. @Outpost31 I see all this drama, and I'm going to try a new course of action. I wouldn't give you a hard time like these fools remaining in the game. You can replace any player in the game with Dwight and I will go to bat for you. You'll have a supporter in the game.

    I understand. As a beefier fella myself I get tired faster than my more svelte teammates while taking some BP too.
  5. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    That's still Hurricane Howie threatening to eat April's dog pepperoni.
  6. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    The identify theft app has the chance to be so OP. Though I am looking forward to seeing it used. I can't wait to see the confusion on the HoH's face when they turn the keys to reveal their nominations and they are not at all who they wanted to be put up. I wonder if it'll be announced if the power app was used, or if the HoH is screwed and has to do a ton of damage control to cover themselves from the nominations they didn't actually make.
  7. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    omg i'm the only one allowed to use gifs of The Office on this forum. We've been over this like three times already. Please respect my wishes.
  8. No love for Dwight in here either? The posters are losing their damn minds.
  9. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    Swaggy is playing this really smart. We will have to see if it works though come eviction time.
  10. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    You are saying how proud you are of yourself for making the move and looking out for own game, just own it. Crying and being generally unbearable because of the move you made is such a mistake. The game is all about appearances.
  11. Big Brother 20 (no spoilers)

    Kaitlyn has zero big richard energy
  12. Fortnite

    No trick. I love when loot llamas are the challenge though. I have fun trolling people these days when I go in solo, so I just pop on a bush and sit near one when I find it. Everybody is so excited to see them this week because of the challenge, that they ignore me sitting 10 feet away as a bush. Makes an easy shotgun/smg to the face. I figure it's payback for all the snipes I've hit that go right through someones face that doesn't register as a hit in game.