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  1. Not an issue in my area. Even saw a few stations getting topped off today. Though I wish there was a shortage here. It would have been a really convenient excuse to take a few days off of work.
  2. I felt special so I didn't want to correct you.
  3. Those WERE fun to read. Maybe I will consider sending some in next game. I just don't want people to steal my gameplay in future seasons through me revealing my processes.
  4. I'm a millennial and have moved to my designated safe place. I'm ready.
  5. Bro. Nobody knew me. Look at my post count.
  6. Big Brother I: Winner: I_GET_SAX Big Brother II: Winner: Adrenaline_Flux Big Brother 3: Winner: JBURGE25 Big Brother 4: Winner: utley4568 Big Brother 5: Winner: Dwight_Schrute Big Brother VI: Winner: tk3 Big Brother 7: Winner: Whicker Big Brother 8: Winner: FinneasGage Talk to me when your gameplay gets you on the above list.
  7. Spoiler: I submitted zero diary entries. No houseguest was worth talking about. They were all equally stupid.
  8. I am petitioning for an actual ban for you.
  9. I never got an ET interview. Guess production gave me a bad edit this season!
  10. Shhh. I think prior programming is running a little over. Gotta wait our turn.
  11. You never would have gotten that far so there is nothing to imagine. I'd have rallied the entire house to evict you week 1.
  12. Before I cast my vote I just want to congratulate you both. It's tough to make the end of this game. I've tried numerous times and am usually evicted before the jury. So despite all of our questions, and whomever they may have been directed towards, you both performed better than any one of us voting - you got to the end; we didn't. So no matter which way it goes, you are both able to throw it in our faces until the next game. I thought you both did an excellent job getting into your position, and explaining why your moves were superior to the other.
  13. @Outpost31No question for you right now. I will have to think about it. I just wanted to answer why I nominated orca during my HoH. So the plan all along was to backdoor Jason, but in order to do so I had to make sure the veto was played. Orca is a mega competitor so I knew that he would try his absolute hardest to win the veto if he was on the block. So he was more of a failsafe for me because I needed a chair open to try and backdoor Jason. @swooshNot taking away the not being nominated achievement. That's a big one, and a fact that Derrick brought up numerous times on his way to BB victory
  14. I honestly love this strategy because it's exactly what I did the time I won. My strongest ally that game was JBurge, and he was off doing JBurge things making a ton of side alliances and talking to everybody. He was always a bigger target than me, so I didn't want him gone. But I did want his sidekicks gone. So every single week I was influencing the vote behind his back to strategically pick off his other alliances, leaving me as his lone ally. It's not easy to do, but it's highly effective when you are able to pull it off. Also. Never associate me with Naz in any game we play. We may als
  15. But I was also against Jason! I even egged him on in thread. You could have kept me over Outpost and I could be going for the first repeat champion!
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