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  1. Week 11 - @ Ravens

    Watch it
  2. Bengals fire Austin

    Injuries Edit And coaching
  3. Bengals fire Austin

    Te, cornerback, offensive lineman. We may not see a linebacker in the first two days.
  4. Bengals fire Austin

    I just meant in one offseason. Too many other priorities this offseason to get 4 new upgrades at linebacker.
  5. Bengals fire Austin

    I'd add Jefferson to the keep list, really Nickerson and Rey are the only replace now guys that should not be collecting an NFL check. I do think there is room to upgrade at all linebacker spots, but I don't see a complete overhaul.
  6. Bengals hire Hue Jackson

    So I guess he takes over head coaching admin type stuff, since Marvin is going to be hands on with the defense. Interesting scenario. I am not so worried about his record in Cleveland, but his arrogance and his insistence on not being accountable for anything rubbed me the wrong way. I could easily see him meddling in our offense to a negative result.
  7. Marvin Lewis

    Always win. I think of this team as having the talent, just needing the right leadership. Very similar to Tampa under Dungy.
  8. Cincinnati Reds Thread - MEDIC!!!!

    So I'm currently guessing that we sign Gio Gonzalez and trade for Jon Gray.
  9. Week 8 - those pirate people

    Honestly, I am thinking Price should replace Redmond. Keep Hopkins at center.
  10. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    I saw auto correct to drew and left it. The disrespect is strong in this one.
  11. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    Drew Kirkpatrick and a 4th sound good?
  12. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    I'd be happy to move on from Burfict, the witch hunt against that guy is nuts. Sadly, if we cut him, he'll go to New England, play the same way and I'll have to endure countless stories about how he changed his life around. My head might explode when that happens. I also think Dalton can win with a better head coach. Sadly, we won't find that out, as this team will be right in the playoff hunt all year.
  13. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    I switched from pop to coffee about 6 years ago. Trying to avoid the amount of pop I was drinking. I drink probably 6 cups a day. I drink it black because I'd drink even more if I liked the taste of it.
  14. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    I think they know not to go that far.
  15. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    use the Chiefs and the Bengals are both teams that fold when expectations crop up.