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  1. Free Agency

    In a true offseason free agency time, probably, but I imagine that he will not get a big contract since most of those are early in fa or for extensions of your own. I am guessing he will settle for one year, then be a true free agent next year.
  2. Offensive Line Projection

    I didn't expect he would make the team, but now he gets a few more weeks before he gets cut. Win for him.
  3. Offensive Line Projection

    That seems possible. I'd say the biggest thing is that there was no Boling, Westerman or Redmond, so that may have been their best 5 they had and that's how they thought they fit best.
  4. Offensive Line Projection

    Boling was there working by himself though. Doesn't sound like a long term injury. Even if it is, Westerman or Jordan make more sense than moving one of your best tackles off to play guard.
  5. Offensive Line Projection

    Yeah, but that is not the entire story. They just discussed it as a possibility with him.
  6. Offensive Line Projection

    At this point, i's an option. They were short Boling, Westerman and Redmond and they had said they were going to play around a little bit with their lineups. The goal is to get your 5 best guys out there, so it's important to see where everyone works.
  7. This ain't Bengals Talk

    New house, right? Moving is the worst.
  8. Offensive Line Projection

    I think you are being paranoid. No one is enamored with Hart. He's on a one year $5 million deal. He's a backup.
  9. Offensive Line Projection

  10. Offensive Line Projection

    But an injury we would know about when it happened. So I am assuming it's something else.
  11. Offensive Line Projection

    That seems odd. What would keep a guy out for a year. Bizarre.
  12. Taylor vs Lewis

    He didn't have a championship caliber coach ever. He's ok. I'm glad he's getting a chance. He's better than plenty of qb's that have won championships.
  13. Free Agency

    I doubt it. Maybe someone gets cur that we like, but I figure the training camp roster is set.
  14. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Rise of Senzel

    Senzel coming to solve all the problems. We'll probably win out.
  15. Taylor vs Lewis

    Offensive guy v defensive guy. This makes sense.