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  1. John Ross is Healthy Thread

    😁 I'm over for all of it.
  2. 2018 OTA Talk

    Really love this time of year. Everyone is healthy and looks good. No way we don't win the Super Bowl.
  3. John Ross to IR

    The old moderator would have shut this crap down. Shameful.
  4. John Ross to IR

    For the l love of god man, start a new thread. My heart can't take OTA injury news to a guy who half the league has already declared a bust.
  5. Curious who goes down when he comes up. Mahle and Romano don't necessarily deserve it, but it will certainly be one of them. Assuming no injury.
  6. AFC North standings

  7. Draft watch

    Still appreciate the effort. You're a solid dude
  8. AFC North standings

    Yeah. That's my expectation.
  9. Draft watch

    Yeah, but that's not what I said. Daniels almost made it to us in round 2, right?
  10. AFC North standings

    Work is always stupid. Fact of life.
  11. AFC North standings

    You're going post crazy. Did you just get back from the worst vacation ever? Did your pole barn burn down?
  12. Draft watch

    How many went?
  13. AFC North standings

    Steelers and Ravens probably split on second thought.
  14. AFC North standings

    Bengals 16-0 Steelers 4-12 Ravens 1-15 Browns 1-15
  15. Draft watch

    I feel like we improved a 7 and 9 team, but that may not show in the record. That stuff annoys me though. Right up there with the idea that somehow Lamar Jackson was a sure fire franchise qb that we had to take at 21. Sure fire franchise qbs go way earlier than 21. Anyway, year out mock draft, I think the smartest thing to do is leave the order the same until play on the field dictates change. That way you aren't doing an unexplained power rankings and a mock.