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  1. Bobby Hart

    Same issue from a few weeks ago? Never saw the text on it. He'd hardly be the first guy to lose a job over something like that.
  2. Bobby Hart

    Did something happen?
  3. Bengals Twitter

    I had a similar feeling. I don't mind Turner's hard nosed, old school mentality, but this was the kind of thing that was at the center of the Miami debacle. I don't believe he sees any issue with it. I never saw the actual tweet, it went away quickly. Hart should know better, but I doubt much comes from it.
  4. Bengals Hall of Fame

    Corey Dillon was a beast. He was pretty much all we had going for a few years. Chad is certainly soon after, and his continued involvement with Cincinnati might bump him earlier than I'd expect, but I'd put him after Curtis, so I'd honor the running back instead. I'm just assuming if it really happens, Paul Brown is in, so that's why I included him. I like your reasoning though.
  5. Bengals Hall of Fame

    As o think of it, 8, 1 per week, is probably the right move. To my initial group I'd add Willie, Curtis and Boomer for sure. I'm pretty locked into those 7. The last spot could go to about 7 other guys, but I think Dillon is my choice.
  6. Burrow jerseys

    Only took 3 extra days. A little tight, I should look at cutting weight
  7. Bengals Hall of Fame

    Link Apparently, Ken Riley's passing might actually convince the team to do a ring of honor, which it almost definitely won't be called. I imagine it won't happen unless fans are there for the induction, but what thoughts does anyone have? Size of the first class? Who should be in it? My plan would be a 4 person group to start, but all celebrated on their own weekends. Paul Brown, Munoz, Anderson, and Riley. Several more deserving players and coaches can be added in later seasons but I wouldn't rush it.
  8. Burrow jerseys

    Update: Shirsey was to be delivered yesterday, still hasn't made it. Very upset with FedEx and considering writing a stern letter. Also, my phone now recognizes shirsey as a real word.
  9. Kenny Riley RIP

    Probably our most glaring omission from the HOF. It's a shame he didn't get in yet, or at least have an honored spot in the stadium.
  10. Burrow jerseys

    Burrow is going to win 12 super bowls and the hall of fame will be renamed for him. Need my jersey please. Love that kid.
  11. Bengals Twitter

    I don't spend much time on Twitter, but I did enjoy the quote I saw from Ken Anderson about how long he was waiting to get verified.
  12. Burrow jerseys

    I'm starting to worry that by the time my Burrow Shirsey shows up I'll need a xxxl
  13. O-Line

    We have a top 35 pick you missed. Unfortunately, we used a few early picks on the oline that failed or look like they failed. We haven't not been investing, they've just missed.
  14. O-Line

    I mean, I can buy a lot in a vacuum. Jonah should be a good pro. I think Michael Johnson is going to develop into a top flight left guard. Center is good, Hopkins is good and Price can handle backup duties. I'll give the new guy a chance at right guard. Hart is not great, but at his best his been a low end starter, and I like what I saw Johnson last year. So that's one position I feel good about and four that vary from I hope we could be alright to he'll be good in a few years. I wish that was more like 4 to 1 the other way, since I don't see any more players coming in other than practice squaddies and retreads. I think it will be mixed, sometimes they'll look good, others not so much.
  15. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    Warford would be a good add. Not interested in the big contract though.