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  1. 2018 OTA Talk

    I was on vacation last week. Tried to read a little bit for the first time in a few years, but didn't get very far. I used to read a lot, but home ownership has me pretty much either working in the yard or exhausted.
  2. Team with most above average players?

    I didn't pay much attention to him last year. Hope it's true, he was a good player and good dude for us for a long time. Late career surge is well deserved.
  3. Meet Anthony Munoz

    Hey hey hey what is going on here? Are you minimizing the contributions of Mr Belding?
  4. Meet Anthony Munoz

    That's fun. I've never really been interested in meeting famous folk, but I would probably by Munoz, Geno and poor Andy Dalton a beer if I had the chance. Just like I did with Dennis Haskins.
  5. Meet Anthony Munoz

    Geno or I don't care.
  6. Meet Anthony Munoz

    Did you call him Tony?
  7. Meet Anthony Munoz

    Whatever. Show off.
  8. Meet Anthony Munoz

    http://www.profootballhof.com/events/day-out-with-dad-2018/ I came across this event and got excited for the potential to meet my all time favorite Bengal. I was hoping he would let me call him Tony. I was even going to wear my Munoz jersey like a little kid. Sadly, I have too much going on that day already and can't attend. I still wanted to share with everyone add I know there are a few dads here.
  9. 2018 OTA Talk

    I'd be shocked if we didn't get at least 2 of those 3 to happen.
  10. John Ross is Healthy Thread

    😁 I'm over for all of it.
  11. 2018 OTA Talk

    Really love this time of year. Everyone is healthy and looks good. No way we don't win the Super Bowl.
  12. John Ross is alive (old thread)

    The old moderator would have shut this crap down. Shameful.
  13. John Ross is alive (old thread)

    For the l love of god man, start a new thread. My heart can't take OTA injury news to a guy who half the league has already declared a bust.
  14. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Our best CF is a RP

    Curious who goes down when he comes up. Mahle and Romano don't necessarily deserve it, but it will certainly be one of them. Assuming no injury.
  15. AFC North standings