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  1. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Scooter down

    Ugh. That's too bad. Scooter is a good dude.
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I think we just sit tight unless we can move up for a couple of day 3 picks. The difference between White and Bush seems small, so if lb is the target, take one. Personally, I'll be hoping for BPA out of linebacker, offensive tackle or defensive lineman. Linebacker would be our biggest need, as after cutting Burfict, we don't have a "starter" there. There are "starters" at tackle, but one of those guys has trouble staying healthy and the other was awful last year. Ideally, we get both of those positions with our first two picks, then circle back in the 4th for one more of each. I like David Long out of WVU and would love to add him. There are several interesting mid round tackle prospects that could be our fourth guy for the year while developing. Beyond that, tight end, backup quarterback, wide receiver and a defensive lineman is about all I see to add. Hopefully, we use those extra picks to maneuver around, or trade for next year.
  3. Free Agency

    Y'all are making assumptions and getting mad about them. That straw man is taking a beating.
  4. Free Agency

    I'm not real sure why the sky is falling here. We didn't resign Ogb........ and as a bonus, I don't need to spell his name anymore. Resign Dennard, extend who we can, draft well. I'm not going to get worried about my cheap team overpaying. They'll be able to spend money when it matters.
  5. Bengals hire Lou Anarumo as Defensive Coordinator

    The staff doesn't bother me. Everyone seems qualified. If everyone had been first choices, I'd be pretty excited.
  6. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Scooter down

    Saw some highlights. Zero issues I forsee in GABP. Not 100% convinced he can handle a bigger park yet, but that concern is experience more than ability.
  7. Bengals hire Lou Anarumo as Defensive Coordinator

    Thumbs up! Let's go!
  8. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Scooter down

    Chatter is an 8 man rotation. I'm guessing that early on the guys without options make it to see how they do. Last cuts will be hard to make this year.
  9. J-Deere Mock offseason 1.0

    I assumed it reflects the already signed contract.
  10. Tightening up and falling apart in big games was definitely a Marvin Lewis staple. Everyone always wants to lay it at Dalton's feet, but those games were typically a team effort in failure. The only guy that consistently was there to play in the last few playoff games was Burfict. Other than that, there was plenty of deer in headlights to go around. I'm hoping a culture change will eliminate some of that. Of course, Dalton may just not be a guy who can play games. Just because Marvin was inept on the biggest stage, doesn't mean he was the whole reason. I look forward to finding out this year.
  11. I hope he is, that means he did well with us
  12. Well, he did coach in college previously and he's not an actual coach on this staff, so I don't have an issue with it. Sounds like the kind of job most guys on this board could pull off.
  13. I had forgotten the JJ Hoover existed until otg mentioned him. He was very disappointing.
  14. Are you like famous? I didn't know anyone from Cincinnati was famous. Were you in 98 degrees?