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  1. Cincinnati Reds Thread - MEDIC!!!!

    Duke, give me a good, realistic off season trade for a pitcher.
  2. Around the league today

    I'm hoping for some Bubby Brister seasons.
  3. Around the league today

    Them losing Gordon is a blow. He and Mayfield developing chemistry would have lead to a lot of points.
  4. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    That would have been Hue, right?
  5. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    I definitely saw that bad pi call. Ref was right there, no excuse for that one. But we never get calls. I think it has to do with being a smaller fanbase. Just have to play through it and leave no wiggle room.
  6. Week 2 Ravens @ Bengals

    So I was only able to watch highlights. Did we turtle after going up 3 TDs or just stop being able to execute.
  7. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    There are plenty better than ced. Also, since in my scenario Boling is our right tackle, we might want to look at interior lineman as well, since Hopkins is our only backup and we have Hart and Fisher to back up the tackles. And no, I'm not interested in trading Willis, as I think he would not fetch much.
  8. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    I like Boling to the right. Play him next to Redmond. Cut ced. Sign a vet who isn't a lost cause.
  9. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    Ced should have been cut.
  10. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    I'm realizing I volunteered to coach basketball for the next 7 weeks during the game. Stop I will totally be up to date.
  11. That one I considered. Might have guessed wrong but I didn't want to cut a guy who was an mp candidate last year. Don't think I can get by with both though. Good thing there are no eliminations until week 8.
  12. Ugh. Missed that roster changes had to be set by season kick off. Ingram wont do much suspended.
  13. Cut Down Weekend

    I definitely think we get Russell back. Doubtful on MJ. I didn't hear anything about renegotiating his contract. I believe that they truly want to move on.
  14. Cut Down Weekend

    Kind of hate to see MJ go. Probably shouldn't be playing much considering the other d line guys we have though. Some interesting moves. Schreck over Hewitt surprises me, but he might be the most versatile te. A lot of secondary moves that I didn't expect. I also thought Andrew Brown would make it as a project.

    I think Johnson is here for the season. Dennard should still be extendable, and I hope they do. I am pretty shocked that both these got done. I assumed we would lose one of them. I am even more surprised that Columbus sports radio stopped talking about Urban Meyer long enough for me to hear about it there.