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  1. If the Bengals left Cincy...

    I love hockey games. I think it has to do with me caring less.
  2. Great news

    Bring hi home. and I need an explanation. maybe not today, but soon.
  3. Draft watch

    I don't mind him as a backup, but I would never look at him in round 1-4
  4. The Gifted (FOX)

    They mentioned the hellfire club. Subtitles referred to them as the Frost triplets. This show has been much better and more intereting than I expected.
  5. Draft watch

    Saw two mocks today. Baker Mayfield and Connor Williams. I'd have to add a question about Baker Football for the next ball coach.
  6. If the Bengals left Cincy...

    So I have actually been thinking about this a bit lately with the Columbus soccer team threatening to move, it reminded me of when the Browns went to Baltimore, that it originally was reported that the Bengals would move there. Certainly, we never would have gotten another team like Cleveland did, and we'd be out of luck. I think I would have either become a Browns or Colts fan back then, and honestly, can't help but think it would have been better off, at least I could have celebrated a Super bowl, as both those organizations have them. It wouldn't be the same though, Bengals are right with Ohio State to me, and no team would ever be to that level.
  7. John Ross to IR

    The coach next year will be Guenther, Hue or Marvin. Just get used to it.
  8. Cincinnati Reds Thread - BA Reds Top 10 Released

    We'll see. I wouldn't mind a trade to thin out our corner outfielder situation or are starting pitching upper level prospects. I'd even move Suarez in the right trade knowing we have a guy to take over.
  9. MNF- Bengals/Steelers

    Oh yeah, Marv can lose this game. Dear Ryan, that's why you don't lead with your helmet.
  10. MNF- Bengals/Steelers

    Today has been terrible. It's killed my optimism. I think that Burfict and Jones have already been flagged for unsportsmanlike bengalness.
  11. Better WR trio?

    It's group A. It's not close. If you think it is, you should likely rethink your entire life.
  12. MNF- Bengals/Steelers

    I expect a win.
  13. Five Up, Five Down CARP EDITION

    Saw Hewitt out there blocking. Didn't realize he was healthy. No wonder our run game was more successful.
  14. Week 12 - CARP LIVES ON

    He might work at guard. Probably not. Doesn't have the mentality to dominate the point of attack.
  15. Five Up, Five Down CARP EDITION

    Yeah. Geno easy.