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  1. Your Top 10 Netflix Shows

    Ozark Stranger Things Black Mirror House of Cards OA Orange is the New Black Love
  2. Week 7 Bengals @ Steelers

    OK naysayers, here is the last loss this season. Mike Mitchell has at least too uncalled illegal hits and Burfict gets thrown out for touching their qb because the league freaked out after Rodgers got injured.. I believe the score is already 256-0 so I don't see the good guys overcoming that.
  3. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    I don't know what to make of this. It can't be straight horror, but the trailer acts like it is. I feel like some of the audience will be disappointed with it either way.
  4. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Staff Ace Deck McGuire

    I'm thinking that they should consider moving Suarez back to short and go with Senzel at 3rd. Just not sure if they would have anyone to place hold if the organization will want to start the year with him in the bigs.
  5. The Bengals Offense Under Bill Lazor

    I like the drafted player profiles. The site's all fluff, but I don't mind looking on the bright side occasionally.
  6. The Gifted (FOX)

    When has that stopped fox before? They'll do what they want. I'd say the bigger issue is that they are tonally so different.
  7. The state of AFC North QB'ing

    I liked Kizer coming out. In 3 years, he might be the better player. Probably not, but I like the raw skills. Anyway, qb play is lacking in this division.
  8. The Running Game (or lack thereof)

    I'd like to see a veteran center. I think fixing that position will do wonders for us.
  9. The state of AFC North QB'ing

    Also, I think we know where Andy is, he's OK. Not great, sometimes bad, but usually in the middle. I may take Kiser over him just for upside. Before he gets Tim Couched at least.
  10. The state of AFC North QB'ing

    I think participation trophies get a bad wrap. They give them out for glorified practice. They didn't have sports for kids that age when we were little. It helps keep their interest.
  11. The state of AFC North QB'ing

    He certainly had the best week. I'd probably still take Ben as a qb though. Not as a person.
  12. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    Yeah, I am way too optimistic about this team and even I don't like their chances coming out of the bye.
  13. Justice League

    I am in.
  14. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    Announcers were commenting that the coaches had said he would be highly involved. Also, aj was bitter fingers today. I've changed my mind boys, let's go to the Brown's game this year.
  15. Week 5 Bills @ Bengals

    Michael Johnson, earning his pay. Iloka!