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  1. That's fair. He would work. Anyone else always think those commercials for Inspiration4 are just viral Fantastic Four marketing?
  2. Thanks. Couldn't really tell who that was. Thought it was someone else.
  3. I took it as a reference to him outed as Spider-Man. Both could easily be true.
  4. You think the catchy tv theme they showed was a normal thing?
  5. I saw it. They had a really catchy song about it. Could be a misdirection. There have been lots of those so far.
  6. She's clearly involved somehow, I'm just not sure how long and I don't think she initiated it. The way she was acting at the end made me think that she just happened to be there, perhaps drawn to that town for the same reason Wanda was and now taking advantage of the situation. It's possible she was being controlled up to the time vision saw her last episode. Maybe.
  7. I'm not convinced that Agnes or Wanda are the root cause of what's going on. Glad they did a cut scene finally.
  8. I never saw much attractive about those two. Maybe that was the Michelle Tanner effect for me. Elizabeth gets better looking every time I see her.
  9. Could be Talos's "science guy"
  10. I imagine the list of people who would like that would start and end with me. Considering that Reed Richards is the bar. It would be a huge letdown.
  11. I could have sworn he designed the plane they flew on. I know he redesigned it for space travel. I doubt they really have plans to incorporate that show regardless. It was pretty far removed from the MCU when it ended.
  12. It was on entertainment tonight I guess. They asked about the Hydra soap.
  13. There was an interview with the show runner being squirrelly about answering a question if any reference to agents of shield would be in this. He basically refused to answer and said he was changing the subject. I'm pretty sure Fitz from that show was an aerospace engineer.
  14. Anyone catch Wanda referencing Aaron Taylor-Johnson after asking Pietro why he looked different? Pietro said something was "Kick-***" and Wanda repeated it like she was remembering something.
  15. JJ will go somewhere that he thinks is further along in the process. I don't forsee the Bengals being on his radar.
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