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  1. Bengals cut LB Preston Brown

    We really don't have much there to keep. Evan's has serious athleticism that they might want on special teams, but it's pretty lacking overall.
  2. Bengals cut LB Preston Brown

    Hardy Nickerson signed from the practice squad. I rescind any positive statements I made about this.
  3. Remaining Schedule

    It could be worse Who wants to relive bad memories?
  4. Remaining Schedule

    I'd try to target a legitimate starting tackle in free agency. I trust an ot on a second contract more than a linebacker from another team because scheme and athleticism matter much less at that position than linebacker. Then focus in on linebacker at the top of the second, unless we win too many games or trade down and we are in position to draft Isaiah Simmons.
  5. Bengals cut LB Preston Brown

    Like the guy, like the story, but glad to see the player go. Not sure he was our worst linebacker though. Lots of candidates there.
  6. Draft Talk 2020

    If the guys drafting don't believe in a qb, then sure. Drop a couple of spots and get the BPA. If you are at 1 and you see a guy you like as a franchise qb, get him.
  7. Current State of the Franchise

    Comp 0icks are great when they are for a solid player that you can replace for a lot less. Less so when it's for a guy that you could have gotten better for at the trade and is an all time team great.
  8. Current State of the Franchise

    I'm in Cozumel this week. My thoughts are likely less coherent than usual. Which is saying something.
  9. Draft Talk 2020

    Boomer Esiason, Steve Young. Pretty much it. Flips the blindside.
  10. Current State of the Franchise

    Really. You would rather be stupid than outdated? Because that was stupid. Raiders are way behind us in any realistic rebuild.
  11. Current State of the Franchise

    Pretty much the last person who's opinion matter's is that guy. Raiders are a great organization? Sweet. Enjoy watching guys wirj no where near your talent get in the hof.
  12. Draft Talk 2020

    It's true. Game is way slanted to the offense. Need someone that can take advantage. Not convinced that any qb in this draft will be good enough to pass on Young, but it's likely how it will go.
  13. Current State of the Franchise

    A linebacker anyone thought was good once? We can't have more than two of those. Sounds like a good add.
  14. Current State of the Franchise

    "Everything's coming up Milhouse " -also Milhouse
  15. I'm here for the Ws always. But the failure to execute in all phases has been so obvious, I doubt we creep up too high. 4-4 is about the best I would hope for based on the way we have played. However, I would be fine if we ended up in a position to take a stud player at linebacker, DE or offensive line rather than a qb.