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  1. Looks like Big Brother is scheduled. Lame.
  2. Will I be able to watch this in Columbus this week?
  3. I know our kicker's name isn't Bullard, but I kind of want to call him that from now on.
  4. Record: 19-0 MVP:Joe Burrow OPOY:Joe Mixon DPOY: Geno Atkins OROY:Jonah Williams DROY:Logan Wilson Comeback Player: AJ Green Most Improved: Michael Jordan
  5. They could maybe add along the d line after cuts, but that's always so hard to predict.
  6. You're not a lawyer. Where's my attorney at? No seriously, that sounds right. I'd assume foul play if I were him.
  7. They keep saying confronted. Can you get arrested for battery for that? Maybe they arrested him to keep him from actually doing something?
  8. It's Friday and my boss is working from home. Just going to read the athletic all day. Hockey is over and college football isn't starting, so this will have to sustain me for awhile, unless I decide to start liking soccer.
  9. I'm still high on Jordan long term. Maybe not all pro type, but I expect him to be a better Clint Boling. Left side is good.
  10. Mike Daniels is signed. John Ross left camp to care for his son that contracted Covid.
  11. I think Burrow and Green have a real shot at winning paired synchronized swimming.
  12. Incorrect. Unless you plan on winning something bigger than the super bowl, that would be unrealistic.
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