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  1. 2019 Offseason Plan

    No thanks.
  2. I feel like he had to ask for it. Future uncertain and wanted to look for new opportunities.
  3. Official Draft Thread 2019

    I like this draft. I am a little surprised that all of those positions could make the team. I do hope we trade either up with the surplus, or trade for some future picks next year. Browning is the kind of QB we should look at, I recall his sophomore year, he was talked up as a possible 1st round pick. Not sure what happened to his draft stock, but he could be a backup in the NFL I think,
  4. Mark Walton and John Ross

    AJ Green is also the only guy that Dalton had chemistry with from day one. Everyone else, it has taken a few years before they look successful.
  5. And it sounds like Simmons and Pollack are expected back. Still waiting to hear about van Pelt. I'm curious if Taylor would bring in his brother.
  6. Hopefully both. See what he can do with Dalton. But he's not getting younger. We need a new backup and potential future bridge that we can start grooming this year. Then in a couple seasons (or sooner if it shakes out that way) we try to get a franchise guy.
  7. Yet he's always been well loved by players and coaches in Cincinnati. If he had been winning there, it would have been different. Either way, I'm glad I don't have to defend him and hope he gets an oc job somewhere.
  8. So while I am glad Hue is not the guy, it's more about public perception and moving on than thinking he's a bad coach. He went to a team that was tanking, and they sucked for two years. Then, when they started to show a sign of life, he got fired as the scapegoat. I feel like the only thing we really learned about him, is he doesn't respond well to being undermined and scapegoated.
  9. Really hope Lazor goes. His offense had it's moments, but seemed incapable of adjusting to the defense. Taylor may be a brilliant hire. I guess we'll see.
  10. Bengals HC future poll

    Next coach sounds like they know who it is. Hayes could have stayed, Caskey too I guess. Still, looks very good for an outside hire.
  11. Bengals HC future poll

    If they insist on someone with ties to the most recent staff, I'd much rather give Simmons a shot before going with a retread.
  12. Official Draft Thread 2019

    Sure. I mean vinny rey is over, nickerson should not be in the league and Tez may never play again. Just how much do you get from the depth on backer? It should be mostly kick coverage.
  13. Official Draft Thread 2019

    As bad as our linebackers are, I really think we don't need more than one early. Defense rarely had more than two out there at any given time. We need one really good one and should get that in the first two rounds.
  14. Cincinnati Reds Thread - False Hope Season

    I'd hate to give up on Stephenson, but that seems a legitimate prediction. Hopefully we add another starter so Mahle can start the season in AAA and be available in case of injury.
  15. 2019 Offseason Plan

    I read that Minnesota was interested in Hue as oc. I would be happy with that.