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  1. TheVillain112 2018 Mock v1.0...

    I was referring to him being projected at guard by most observers. Not saying he can't, Whit and Cordy Glenn were both pigeon holed at guard.
  2. TheVillain112 2018 Mock v1.0...

    Wynn is a good player, but I would much rather see a game breaker type defender there than slot a guy out of position to right tackle. I think we can get a quality right tackle in the 3rd or 4th.
  3. Hokie Mock 1.0

    I'd be happy with a center. I guess it's because I agree that paying guards money like Zeitler got is dumb. I'd pay a center.
  4. Bodine is gone!

    Good luck to him. Hope AJ does better under direct pressure than Andy.
  5. Hokie Mock 1.0

    I think I will throw up if we ever draft a first round guard again.
  6. Hokie Mock 1.0

    I'd be happy with that, but I'm not sure I believe they'll draft a first round linebacker.
  7. Salary Cap Space

    He's OK. Hard to rely on due to health, but he's OK when he's there.
  8. Burfict suspended 4 games

    You're likely correct.
  9. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    He hates Buffalo.
  10. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Evans was a beast preseason. I'm excited to see what he can do in the new defense.
  11. Burfict suspended 4 games

    Takes prescribed meds due to cheap shot taken at him against Steelers. Suspended four games to start the season. No wonder he plays so angry.
  12. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Hunter Greene hype about to explode

    I'm not sure I am as excited about this deal if he hasn't looked so good at short this year. That's a fantastic combination over there by mid season.
  13. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Clearly they were just waiting until I declared linebacker their biggest need.
  14. Cincinnati Reds Thread - Hunter Greene hype about to explode

    I was happy before I saw the numbers. Amazing to have him on that contract.
  15. Eifert

    I think they feel like someone from that group steps up. Maybe Kirk too. Ive already accepted that Bodine is coming back, but the longer it takes the more I get my hopes up. 1 Vander Esch 2 Ragnow