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  1. I still haven't ordered my new jersey. Just can't decide.
  2. Poor Fred Johnson got cut twice.
  3. He went that late for a reason. Nice wildcard, but nothing disappointing.
  4. Can I just be the first to say 17-0.
  5. I like that they are revisiting some old characters as well.
  6. Is he? He's never been very good before his recent run at center.
  7. There's really a lot to sort through. I really only would guarantee Williams, Rieff and Carman making the roster. Beyond that, between Hopkins injuries, youth and potentially XSF and Spain looking at maybe a one or the other situation, there can be many potential variations. Price only gets cut if Hopkins is 100% and Hill is ready to be backup. I think most likely price starts and Hill goes to the practice squad after Hopkins is healthy. Price is not good at guard, but seems fairly equal to Hopkins at center. So just looking at tiers: Starters-Williams, Carman, Rieff Li
  8. So we have 7 picks today I think. DL, OL, RB, WR, CBx2, LB I'm guessing in 4th we go both lines and a running back.
  9. If Green Bay keeps Aaron, I love Amari there.
  10. Watched the video of the call between Taylor and Carman. Love that guy now. I'm such a dad.
  11. I bet we sit tight. We love 4th rounders
  12. I feel like we're going to be able to nab a right guard starter in the 4th if we want to. Lots of options there still.
  13. Fairly interchangeable for me Ossai seemed to be the higher rated one.
  14. I like Carman better than dude from Michigan. So that's something.
  15. Wouldn't have been my pick, but he should be pretty good at guard. Never dominated in college but was a pretty solid 2nd round value in most estimates.
  16. Sigh. At least he's in Chicago.
  17. So mine is more Jenkins Cosmi Ojulari Barmore Samuel Assai Those other offensive lineman are guys i would have in mind if I'm trading back.
  18. Don't you speak that evil into existence. I am worried about that though. But more so in the third.
  19. So I am just as content with our first round pick as I thought I would be. Pretty excited for day two, so of course I'm simming mock drafts: I think I did a trade down in the 4th 38. Teven Jenkins OT Oklahoma State 69. Rashad Weaver EDGE Pittsburgh 119. Aaron Banks OG Notre Dame 149. Shi Smith WR South Carolina 157. Jaylen Twyman DT Pittsburgh 190. Camryn Bynum CB California 202. Thomas Graham CB Oregon
  20. I expect 2 receivers, but that really is too early for it.
  21. That was mine first time through too, but it glitched and the second time Cleveland traded ahead of us to get Marshall. Either way, I am feeling good about hanging right and getting the best offensive lineman, or another prospect too for too pass on.
  22. If Marshall is somehow there in the third, I'd want to take him. Going to be a good day today i think.
  23. Barmore, Ojulari, Owusu-Koromoah are all guys I expect to go before our pick. I'd expect us to have some good options. The grades on lineman are all over the place here too, but mostly it's because of potential. Either way, it's possible Jenkins isn't their guy. This is also a spot you can't rule out a trade down.
  24. There's Slater. I'd consider trading into the first to grab someone.
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