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  1. Bengals Twitter

    I don't spend much time on Twitter, but I did enjoy the quote I saw from Ken Anderson about how long he was waiting to get verified.
  2. Burrow jerseys

    I'm starting to worry that by the time my Burrow Shirsey shows up I'll need a xxxl
  3. O-Line

    We have a top 35 pick you missed. Unfortunately, we used a few early picks on the oline that failed or look like they failed. We haven't not been investing, they've just missed.
  4. O-Line

    I mean, I can buy a lot in a vacuum. Jonah should be a good pro. I think Michael Johnson is going to develop into a top flight left guard. Center is good, Hopkins is good and Price can handle backup duties. I'll give the new guy a chance at right guard. Hart is not great, but at his best his been a low end starter, and I like what I saw Johnson last year. So that's one position I feel good about and four that vary from I hope we could be alright to he'll be good in a few years. I wish that was more like 4 to 1 the other way, since I don't see any more players coming in other than practice squaddies and retreads. I think it will be mixed, sometimes they'll look good, others not so much.
  5. Non-Bengal Free Agents

    Warford would be a good add. Not interested in the big contract though.
  6. 2020 Schedule?

    I mean, don't get attached or expect to attend, but this is the current plan. 16-0 expected, as usual Week 1: vs. Los Angeles Chargers 9/13 Week 2: at Cleveland Browns 9/17 (Thursday) Week 3: at Philadelphia Eagles 9/27 Week 4: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 10/4 Week 5: at Baltimore Ravens 10/11 Week 6: at Indianapolis Colts 10/18 Week 7: vs. Cleveland Browns 10/25 Week 8: vs. Tennessee Titans 11/1 Week 9: BYE Week 10: at Pittsburgh Steelers 11/15 Week 11: at Washington Redskins 11/22 Week 12: vs. New York Giants 11/29 Week 13: at Miami Dolphins 12/6 Week 14: vs. Dallas Cowboys 12/13 Week 15: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 12/21 (Monday) Week 16: at Houston Texans 12/27 Week 17: vs. Baltimore Ravens 1/3
  7. AJ Green

    He seems as excited for the season as I am.
  8. 2020 Schedule?

    Sorry Duke. I got tired of waiting for someone to start a good one, so I put my craptastic magic on it.
  9. Burrow jerseys

    And yes Duke, that's what jerseys cost, a big reason I only have the one.
  10. Burrow jerseys

    I ordered the Nike shirsey that keeps showing up on Facebook and in my email due to that one time I bought a hat. They assure me I'll get it by 10/6. It can alternate with my Munoz jersey.
  11. Bengals decline John Ross’s 5th year option

    Yeah, he's almost definitely out of the top 3, but he should still get lots of snaps. I could see it either way, but if an stays, I doubt Ross does too.
  12. Goodbye Andy

    Dallas is a surprise, but I guess it sort of makes sense. Still, he's backup only there, unless he knows something we don't.
  13. Goodbye Andy

    I won't go that far, but I'd be happy for him if he did.
  14. Goodbye Andy

    Do we know that compensation for us was the hold up? I know the rumor was that they talked to his agent about restructuring.
  15. Goodbye Andy

    Too bad it ended like this, but it was time. Hope he gets the one day contract treatment so he can retire a Bengal down the road. Curious where he lands. New England, Jacksonville, back here as a backup for a reduced salary seem like the most likely places.
  16. Player Numbers

    Seems to be mentally stable, although head shots have a way of causing that to deteriorate. Loving 9 to 85.
  17. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    I think AJ stays if the contract numbers are right. It's independent of what Ross does in my mind. I believe that the only way he stays is if he's absolutely magical with Burrow. Most likely he moves on after this season.
  18. How are those Draft Picks Doing?: 2017 Edition

    Glad you noticed that first so I could quote your list🤣
  19. How are those Draft Picks Doing?: 2017 Edition

    Was never a fan of the Ross pick, but more that I don't generally like spending 1st round picks on a receiver. We'll see if he belongs this year with a new qb. Still, Dielman is the only useless pick of the bunch and I believe he was lost to injury. Not a bad draft for us. Mixon is a beast and we added a few rotational defensive linemen and a few guys who are special teams contributors. Solid C for me.
  20. How are those Draft Picks Doing?: 2017 Edition

    That was an obvious mistake at the time made even more glaring in retrospect. I think they were trying to stash him on the practice squad. Impressive to Getty both Harris and Phillips in that draft add both guys can play. Price looked okay at center late in his rookie year. I still think he's going to be an okay player, just not living up to the draft spot. Too bad, he's the type that can be a real locker room leader.
  21. Uniforms

    I'm up for it. I believe helmets can't change, which is dumb, but I love the color rush look
  22. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    I think they are pretty happy with the tight end group. They aren't expected to be dynamic players in our system, so Ozamah, Sample, Carter and Schreck are all good enough for what they want. Still, Moss seemed like a good fit with that group.
  23. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    He's so bad. I can't imagine he has a shot without injuries.
  24. NFL Draft 2020 Discussion Thread

    I think he's good for that.
  25. Post Draft 53 Man Roster Prediction

    I'm surprised how little wiggle room I see. I expect 7 receivers, but we're already short at offensive line, and 3 QBs seems to be the norm now. Maybe one less DT or linebacker?