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  1. Ok what is the honest reaction for everyone if it is somehow (obviously highly unlikely) Kyle Pitts?
  2. Just playing devil's advocate here, has an Ohio State qb ever been drafted in the top-10 and gone on to have a great career in the nfl?
  3. I remember a lot of folks were really high on Sam Darnold in the draft. If he and Zach Wilson were both in this draft, who would be the pick?
  4. Would Fields be considered the top QB in the class in a typical draft? Or is he a top-10-pick talent, not necessarily a #1 overall talent?
  5. Looks like they're heading to Ohio today, right after bama. https://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/145856-49ers-john-lynch-kyle-shanahan-scheduled-columbus-alabama/
  6. Does anybody think it's a realistic possibility that the niners might trade up to 2?
  7. Why did they make this trade to number three now why not closer to the draft?
  8. I'm behind on this, can they still restructure / settle with Dee Ford, etc before FA?
  9. Tapp's hiring is sort of surreal in that I mocked him to the niners in a post on the old forum back in the day lol
  10. Would they still draft a quarterback if they traded for Stafford?
  11. QQ: wouldn't it take Watson a while to get up to speed with the offense ala Matt Ryan? With the learning curve seems like the price would just be too high
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