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  1. Well at least Trey Lance looks like he belongs even if we have to suffer through this season with Jimmy starting and not sniffing the playoffs
  2. Remember when people back in the day thought Donte Johnson could have been a starting caliber cornerback? Never too late!! 😆
  3. There is that over 30 yard pass to Brandon Aiyuk someone called out
  4. Fury vs Wilder last night and now Trey's first start, it's been a good weekend
  5. If Trey turns out to be the real deal does anyone think the team will start to ascend with more consistent QB play in Shanahan's system?
  6. Trey's going to get hurt if he keeps falling forward like that
  7. Is there a sense that the receivers will adjust to the velocity of Trey's throws? Obviously he'll adjust and add some touch over time unlike Kaepernick
  8. It's been up and down already but hard to not get really excited about Trey's potential
  9. If Trent Williams is out long term... what's the record? 6-11, 5-12?
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