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  1. This is even crazier and more speculative than Smith vs Rodgers imo
  2. Read somewhere that Lance had been working on mechanics / accuracy all last season in place of being on the field for actual games
  3. 10% Jones 20% Fields 30% Lance 40% Something unexpected or otherwise disappointing at first, but warm up to it later.
  4. I'm staking my non-existent football rep on the fact that it is 100% Kyle Pitts. 😆
  5. Macdorkle seems like a spoiled rich kid. Also he looks like that kid from Malcolm in the Middle. Wish I had Photoshop skills
  6. Does anyone think Julio Jones being made available has anything to do with the Falcons likely selecting Kyle Pitts?
  7. Omg 49erurtaza you win the avatar award lol
  8. That presser felt pretty forced. Mac "DUI" Jones, franchise qb.
  9. This might be a dumb question, so sorry for asking but does anybody think it's at all possible for Mac Jones to have a more productive career long term then Fields or Lance? Had to ask
  10. I'm going out on a limb and saying it's not Jones, and this is just the east coast media bias trying to will this pick into existence. Something feels off. *Shrug*
  11. Ok what is the honest reaction for everyone if it is somehow (obviously highly unlikely) Kyle Pitts?
  12. Just playing devil's advocate here, has an Ohio State qb ever been drafted in the top-10 and gone on to have a great career in the nfl?
  13. I remember a lot of folks were really high on Sam Darnold in the draft. If he and Zach Wilson were both in this draft, who would be the pick?
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