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  1. Thanks to Tutu Atwell I finally weigh as much as an NFL player
  2. Howie after restocking the QB factory at 70: "Oh you said you wanted a cornerback? Oh well."
  3. Not gonna lie I skimmed this and thought we traded for Deshaun Watson for a hot second
  4. Giants are gonna take JOK to balance out our excitement from last night
  5. https://www.gq.com/story/devonta-smith-nfl-draft-profile Inject this nickname into my veins
  6. Howie got me so depressed I totally forgot about him, helps soften the blow a tad
  7. First Saquon now Parsons ... tough time to be a Penn Stater and Eagles fan
  8. GB is probably showing him our roster like "See, it could be worse!"
  9. Putting the O/U on creation of a 2022 Draft Prospects thread at 8 minutes after our first pick
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