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  1. Gotta purge those Nates to make room for more Jalens
  2. Howie be like "Hey look a fourth round pick! What Genard Avery trade?"
  3. I guess that only pertains to the coaching staff
  4. Pretty sure it's this and the Texans trying to get back into the top part of the draft. They're basically going down the draft order with their leaks.
  5. Based on the stuff about them in the McLane piece I wouldn't be shocked if Howie is just avoiding Lane
  6. Rough read but I did appreciate this pun:
  7. 🎶 It was Jeff-r-ey all a-long! 🎶
  8. Same, so much so that I had already resigned myself to him getting traded to the Chiefs so he could win one with his brother. I'm happy to see him back, but I really hope they plan for his retirement and draft an iOL.
  9. *looks at last word in username* Checks out
  10. Yeah that dude is a clown searching for clicks
  11. Maybe da Bears will throw in one of their fifty tight ends instead for when we get rid of Ertz
  12. I was similarly meh when they hired Doug but two years later I was at a parade, so I'll reserve judgement until he actually starts making decisions and games are played.
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