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  1. GOAT Football Movie

    I voted Varsity Blues from what’s left. Remember the Titans is the GOAT though with Friday Night Lights a close second.
  2. Everything about the Colts botched 4th Down attempt vs the Patriots. That’s one of the dumbest things iv ever watched in sports.
  3. Games I Beat Thread

    I know iv beaten a lot of games but I can’t remember most of them. The one I’m most proud of, for no other reason then it was an all around awesome game was the first Final Fantasy on the NES. One game that haunts me in my dreams because after over 2 decades of trying I still can’t seem to beat is Super Mario Brothers 3. I can get to the end but never beat it 😂
  4. Ready Player One (2018 - Spielberg)

    Went and seen this last weekend. I really enjoyed the movie, definitely geeked out a few times. Haven’t read the book. Which is really bad because it turns out the guy who wrote it is from my home town, not many good things come from this place.
  5. VCU Dynasty - NCAA Football 14

    My only question this season is, who you playing in the natty?
  6. VCU Dynasty - NCAA Football 14

    Miller keeps on killing it, no surprise there. He should really be ashamed of himself that he didn’t hit 3k lol. Cobb has definitely proven he just doesn’t have it. Only action he should get here on out is if there is an injury.
  7. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    Glad to see the Eagles win. I was hoping for Jacksonville or Minnesota after we were eliminated but Philly is certainly acceptable.
  8. Fortnite

    Best finish Iv had so far is 5th. And that was by pure dumb luck. I just kinda ran around unnoticed for the most part. I have yet to kill more than 1 person in a round and even that’s been mostly unsuspecting people that had no idea I was there. I like the quick turn around though, doesn’t take long for another match to start once you are killed. Which is great when you die 30 seconds into a round.
  9. Fortnite

    This game is awful. By this game is awful I really mean, I am awful at this game.
  10. Shazier standing

    I agree that he’ll never play another down of football. I think it’s pretty rediculous to think there’s a real possibility he will. If by some miracle he does I’ll be very shocked and even more worried. Hopefully he keeps progressing and doesn’t have any major complications living a normal life in the near and distant future. Very glad to see him standing.
  11. VCU Dynasty - NCAA Football 14

    Oh that’s for sure. GA Tech always gives me a run for my money even when I have a solid team. If I had to guess, this game should go about as well as your Vandy game 😂.
  12. VCU Dynasty - NCAA Football 14

    Better than my luck, I usually end up playing some random bottom feeder that squeeked out a 6-6 record or it’s a team I already beat down earlier in the year. That’s going to be a pretty tough game.
  13. Random Game Talk

    Yea I got the DLC for Black Friday. I stick to the base game maps for the most part. I play the dlc maps every so often though. I usually play conquest, a little bit of TDM with the occasional operations. The weapons are my favorite part of the DLC, even if it’s not a weapon I use it’s still a nice challenge to unlock them. Currently I’ve challenged myself to get my K/D ratio to 1:1. My K/D really suffered from doing a lot of run and gun close range sniping (Martini Henry is so fun though). Iv been doing a lot of mid-range sniping, been using the m1903 w/ 6x scope. Not sure why I prefer the 6x scope, I should probably just use the marksman variant to avoid the scope glare at that point but for some reason I don’t like the marksman scopes. I use the trench periscope a lot to keep my scope glare to a minimum. Plus pairing it with the spot flare seems to help my team the most, although I use the trip wire bombs on some maps.
  14. VCU Dynasty - NCAA Football 14

    Your run game is just beasting. I usually don’t have too much luck running in the first couple seasons into a 1* program. That runningback is really working out, good find for a first year recruit. How do you like your Freshman QB so far?
  15. Random Game Talk

    Iv been playing Battlefield 1 a lot lately and since iv started playing again there’s something that just erks me more than anything. Twice now Iv been in a bomber as a gunner and the pilot crashes. It then credits ME with a team kill, wtf? I’m not even playing hardcore how the hell can I be taken points away for my dumb pilot?