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  1. NCAA football

    Frustrating thing about being the OC is I can’t select the HC’s skill trees. And this stupid computer REFUSES to unlock my head coaches 3rd scouting skill. I tried resetting his skill tree and it only made it worst lol. If he doesn’t have it unlocked by the end of this season I’m gonna snap and probably leave for a HC.
  2. NCAA football

    Won my first Bowl game. Defense was the real MVP. Carson Wentz threw 4 first half INT’s, including the first 3 possessions. Defense kept giving me short fields the entire game. Once my offense got rolling the game was over. Final 59-34. Finished the season 9-4 and ranked #22, improving from a 2 star to a 3 star program. Alabama won the National Title 38-37 over Clemson. Clemson missed a PAT in the 4th quarter that cost them a chance at OT. Najee Harris was unstoppable 174yds and 4 TD. That’s 2522yds and 31TD on the season. And apparently Alabama does nothing but run the ball because their #2 RB finished with 1489yds and 13 TD. Kansas Jayhawks are this years surprise team, finishing 11-2 ranked #4. The neutered Triple Option powerhouses: Ga Tech (4-8), Navy (2-10) and Army (1-11). I got a few offers for a HC gig but I’m going to stay at NDSU. Want to at least win a Conference title before a leave. Ohio State job was available but that’d be way too easy lol. Carson Wentz is trying to declare for the draft as a Projected 3rd rounder, we can’t be having that. My #2 QB right now is my starting RB. Luckily I got him to stay for his senior year.
  3. NCAA football

    Ew, National Championship is #1 Clemson (13-0) vs #2 Alabama (13-0). #3 Oklahoma (12-0) and #4 Michigan State (12-1) round out what would have been the Top 4. NDSU (8-4) vs Air Force (10-3) In the Poinsettia Bowl Najee Harris won the Heisman with 2348yds and 27TD. His long rush of the year was 15 yards . He had 700 more yards than any other RB.
  4. NCAA football

    American, replaced UCONN. Just lost my regular season final because I was forced to simulate a 4th and Inches that the computer went for anyways and Temple drove down the field and scored a TD with 30 seconds left. That’s what I get for starting out as a OC instead of a HC. Finished 8-4 though, improvement from 6-6 in season 1.
  5. NCAA football

    Well that was short lived, I got curb stomped 56-29 by USF. They led 30-3 at half time. So there goes the Top 25 for this season
  6. NCAA football

    Beat #11 UCF to improve to 8-2. Catapulted NDSU to #23, first time being ranked. My two losses were to Houston and East Carolina. East Carolina is a pretty bad team right now but they wrecked me.
  7. NCAA football

    Just got my first true upset victory with NDSU. Took down #11 Wisconsin 42-32. Defense catapulted me to a 21-0 lead in the 1st quarter. Should have been 24-0 but my kicker had a pretty awful day missing both his FG attempts...both being less than 40yds. edit: Riding a 4 game win streak to start the season, received my first votes to be ranked. I got 61 points, good enough for 31st. Houston is my next opponent and they’re a pretty stout team with a great QB, so I don’t think I’ll become a ranked team anytime soon.
  8. NCAA football

    Yea some of it makes your scratch your head. I think Chase Young was a 98ovr when I loaded the roster. The funny thing is the fastest player on OSU’s entire team had 89 speed. Ended up with a pretty good Top 25 at the end of the season though. The only real surprise was North Texas finished 12-2 and was ranked in the lower teens I believe.
  9. NCAA football

    Finished my first season as the NDSU OC, 6-6 and didn’t get to go Bowling. Season ended on a 3 game losing streak. Not entirely surprising as my final 2 games were against #7 UCF and #16 Cincinnati, both rated far better than my 70ovr team. My team is losing a lot of seniors on defense so next year might actually end up being worst. Had the #44 recruiting class, not bad for a 6-6 2 Star program. Landed 2-3 immediate starters, 80ovr 3* JUCO OT and 78ovr 4* ATH (RB) Highlighting the class. As far as the Triple Option Power houses I neutered, Ga Tech finished 5-7, Navy finished 3-9, Army finished 3-9. Most importantly Army beat Navy and Air Force, GO ARMY BEAT NAVY. Clemson (14-0) won the National Championship over Michigan. #2 Oklahoma (12-1), #3 Utah (12-2), #4 Alabama (9-4), #5 Michigan (13-1). Alabama with the WTF ranking this season. Freshman Michigan RB Zach Charbonnet won the Heisman. Who ever did the ratings for Michigan on this roster was definitely a bit of a homer.
  10. Because he win the MVP...Every. Single. Season.
  11. Ouch, got the Lamar “GOAT” Jackson treatment huh?
  12. The people want Bengals vs Cardinals. You must not disappoint.
  13. NCAA football

    Well going into Week 8 the neutering of the triple option power houses seems to have hit them hard. Granted they don’t have good overalls either with the roster I’m using so it’s not surprising, just satisfying. Georgia Tech (2-3) Army (0-6) and Navy (0-4). All but one of Army’s losses were by less than a TD. I’m sure due to their program prestige Army and Navy will eventually recruit the talent to be at least boarderline power houses. Navy looked especially bad averaging 13 points per game. Until they came into my house and beat me 31-24. My offense just wasn’t being efficient, dropped passes, especially bad pass blocking, defense was stuffing my run game. And to top it off my defense allowed a 80yd TD drive with under a minute left in the game after I missed a 43yd FG that would have given me the lead. I had a chance to tie the game but my receiver dropped a wide open TD pass in the end zone and then my offense didn’t have any time left to do anything after that.
  14. Chad Brinkowitz

    Is that...Syndrome?
  15. Chad Brinkowitz

    Lol just sit back and enjoy the ride. Carry on @Tyty, carry on.