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  1. Ben Roethlisberger took a Chrysler New Yorker to the face in the offseason. Missed the first week, Started off with 0 TD and 7 INT in the first 3 games he played and didnt exactly set the world on fire after that. Willie Parker was the offense that year and had his best season. Defense took a step back from 2005 as well. Chris Hope left in FA to the Titans, Ryan Clark wasn't quite Ryan Clark yet. Troy Polamalu missed some time and played injured most of the year. Ike Taylor got benched for a few weeks in the middle of the season. Pass rush was not great but it was Joey Porters final season in
  2. This one was a race car, didn't get it though. If I had the garage space right now I would have tried, I know the car and the shop that built the chassis, it was worth every penny. Only downside was Im not a huge fan of the 4th gen Camaro's but for a dedicated race car id be fine with it. I love old classic cars and trucks, most anything '72 and older by any of the big 3, G Body cars, 70's-80's trucks im always interested in as well. Main car i have been on the look out for lately has been a 1962 Impala 2dr hard top, be hard to pass one up if i find a decent deal. Been wanting it for my d
  3. 198yds on 18 completions? Think they need to update their system on that one. Takes 30+ completions to get Ben that close to 200 these days.
  4. My Siberian Husky is 7. She's the quietest husky I have ever been around. Someone knocks on the door? Not a peep. She'll look at the door and maybe walk up to it. Once she see's someone its on though, she just explodes with excitement. Only ever barks or howls when she is playing with other dogs or if you provoke her/egg her on. Most of all she absolutely never leaves my sight. She will Houdini her way out if she gets the opportunity. Then she is off exploring which is also about the time that she decides to display just how stubborn huskies can really be. If you leave a husky somewhere they a
  5. Overall another great season so far, can’t wait to see how it all ends. A small part of me kinda wants a The Departed-esque ending.
  6. Oh boy, I just need to keep myself off of Facebook Marketplace. I have no where to put stuff, but I damn well still want it. Its a curse. Anyone else fall victim to their own lack of self control when it comes to vehicles?
  7. A second beating at the hands of the Chiefs isn't the tipping point, we were doom and gloom long before we were gifted the 7th seed. A top down rebuild of the offense is desperately needed, coaches and all. You are fooling yourself if you don't think this team needs a lot of work to be a contender. Id rather shove a #2 Phillips through both eyes than watch Rudolph as our starting QB. The defense carrying us to 8-6 without Ben in 2019 means absolutely nothing in 2022.
  8. I've been under the impression that he isn't going to come back to football, just been too quite on that front all season. Sucks for us but if his hearts not in it then he should do what's best for him. I hope in his time off he's healed and comes back stronger than ever, I just don't think that's the case. If he has a strong support system and is doing well that is enough for me, football be damned.
  9. Only way to get points, make sure the offense is on the sideline.
  10. You can not like it all you want and I get that but if there’s a Punter I’m ever willing to draft it’s Matt Araiza. In the end they drafted Harvin last year, so unless they think he’s a lost cause they won’t be drafting another. I’d welcome Araiza with open arms though. Linderbaum gives me the same feeling of Pouncey and DeCastro, just feels like a Steelers pick. Checks a lot of the usual boxes. It’s a possibility if they want to move Green into a Guard spot. I’m pretty happy with our TE’s right now, wouldn’t expect a TE unless it was much later in the draft. Gentry has really impre
  11. So with a now saturated market they decide to hike their prices again. Idk if ill stick around after another price hike, my viewership has already dwindled the last few years. I just don't watch enough shows on Netflix to justify it. Witcher and Ozark are really the only series im really interested in, everything else is no longer on Netflix or Netflix themselves canceled.
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