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  1. Patrick Peterson

    I drive through the east side a few times a year. You know it’s a rough place when there’s bars on all the windows (that aren’t boarded up) and they barricade their front door with their car. My truck doors are always locked when I drive through there 😂.
  2. Patrick Peterson

    Not even a little bit.
  3. Patrick Peterson

    Even mentioning a trade involving Juju should be an insta-ban.
  4. Things you like about your least favorite teams

    Browns: Their fans being ridiculously loyal. That team doesn’t deserve it’s fans. Maybe they finally have a team to be proud of again. Ravens: Defense, defense, defense. Especially in the mid-late 2000’s with Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Suggs, Scott and Ngata. Steelers-Ravens games were like a back yard brawl 2-3 times a year, glorious football to watch. Patriots: Their level of success over pretty much my entire time watching football is unreal.
  5. I made it 2 minutes into the video and they’ve showed his INT vs CMU so many times iv lost interest in the video. Who ever made that needs shot.
  6. I don't mean to prod you guys but i made a title with the intention of trying to rile up everyone for no reason. Are you aware of the fact that no one gives a **** about your opinion here? Wanting to debate about a player is one thing but coming in here with your condescending post about how you hate Franco Harris isn't a debate.
  7. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    I assumed he was done after that Achilles tear. Hope it goes well for him but I’d be surprised to see him on the field.
  8. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Only real issue I have with the schedule is the Browns games being 2 weeks apart. I hate it when Division games are scheduled like that for any team.
  9. Small Business Thread

    I’m a self employed truck driver. I’ve done pretty well for myself until recently. Currently I’m on the brink of a mental and financial breakdown because my truck broke down and it’s been over a week and still no fix. I’m losing money hand over fist right now with no definitive answer as to what the hell is wrong with my truck. Hopefully I can get out of this rut soon, if not I don’t know how much longer I’ll be self employed lol.
  10. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I thought you said bold? Lol
  11. Favorite Plays In History

    I’ve never been more excited during a play than James Harrison’s pick 6.
  12. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    Probably the best uniforms in the league so I’m totally fine with it.
  13. No matter how much you hate him he is still good at what he does and wants to keep doing it. Why shouldn’t he keep playing?
  14. Johnson’s peak is enough to get him in but I feel like you need to have a total body of work to be a first ballot. Shouldn’t take long for him to get in though.
  15. Steeler Pro Day/Visits

    ...and then there’s Jason Worilds.