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  1. It is time, sim and let’s see the Falcons greats get their gold jackets.
  2. Better slow it down there, you're going to get someone killed. Did you sleep with the dudes wife or something? Yeesh. When I was in the Army I knew of some people who got a speeding ticket on post for going 1 mph over the speed limit. I keep my emotions in check for the most part but I'm not sure how I'd react to a ticket for going 1-5mph over the speed limit. Bad part is I'd have to fight it purely because I have a CDL and they like to jack my insurance up over dumb stuff like that. They jacked my insurance up because I got a warning for speeding a few years ago.
  3. We taking this at least until McGee retires right? I want to see what his career stats end up being.
  4. Unexpected but I’ll definitely take it. Glad to have him back.
  5. Bunch of drunk football fans driving around on golf carts and boat parties? What's not to love.
  6. Why does Madden hate McGee so damn much. Clearly shafted two years in a row for MVP. That was an insane season for him. Draft isn’t going the best so far but still getting quality players. Unfortunate that DT isn’t a Hidden but makes up for it a bit being 80ovr. If Kincade becomes half the player Friedman is you’ll be in a good spot, looks like a stud #1 CB to me.
  7. Honestly the thing I liked about Dupree is he kept improving. He rightfully got criticized his first couple years but he turned it around. Remember when some were crying because we picked up his 5th year option? Good times. Hope he actually amounts to something for the Titans. Be a shame if he went the way of LaMarr Woodley.
  8. Forged In Fire The only competition show I really watch, glad to see im not the only one here who enjoys that show.
  9. I feel like it has to be Brees. I can't think of any others that had the kind of impact and longevity of Brees.
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