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  1. Yea I’ve seen two on dealer lots the past couple weeks while I’ve been out looking at trucks. They are no doubt impressive, just not my cup of tea. And believe me I understand the costs of aftermarket modifications, I have my own money pit of a racecar. You are absolutely right most won’t get used like they should. Most who buy one are probably just buying it because they can. On the opposite side of the spectrum is there any videos of drunk hillbillies jumping one like when the Raptors first came out?
  2. Idk what shenanigans are going on around here but I’ll bite. I’m actually not a big fan of the TRX styling. I get it’s going for the trophy truck kind of look but it just doesn’t hit the mark for me. 700+ HP Supercharged V8 is absolutely up my alley though. It’s a moot point given I’m reluctant to spend much more that 55-60k on a truck though.
  3. So since we're talking boats, might I introduce you to a boats best friends...
  4. I don't know if there is room as far as money but I sure wouldn't mind looking at Latavius Murray.
  5. Bought a Springfield M1A Loaded Precision Rifle today. Was heading to the range and stopped so my brother could buy a magazine for the AR10 he just built. I’ve been haphazardly looking for one and they had a few M1A’s including a Loaded Precision Rifle. Probably the easiest sale that salesman had all day and quite the expensive magazine for me. Pretty convenient I was heading to the range with my .308 AR10 so I had the ammo I needed and got to test it out. The action is so damn satisfying, just feels so smooth. I’m pretty excited to get an optic on this thing and go out to the long dista
  6. I've been looking at new and used trucks the past couple weeks and man is this market just brutal. The more I look the more I doubt ill be able to find something I am willing to buy this year even though I could really use a newer truck. I almost feel bad for any salesman that wastes his time talking to me, almost.
  7. I almost feel bad for Najee Harris for how many times this typo has and will happen lol
  8. Sure do miss watching Troy Polamalu play, football just isn't the same without him. Such an exciting player to watch and always had a knack for making the biggest plays when we needed them most. His instincts were out of this world, it's almost like he was in the offenses huddle sometimes. Wasn't the most important or his best but my favorite play of his was his diving fingertip INT vs the Chargers, #2 on that youtube video. Blew my mind at the time and its just stuck with me. You don't have to lie, we all know you have always pounded the table for us to make the
  9. The Ice Road is firmly among the worst movies I have ever seen.
  10. I know I’m not the only one out shooting this weekend. Got a muzzle brake for my AR10 and it was worth every penny. It’s a .308 from Palmetto State Armory with a Primary Arms 1-8x ACSS optic, only put about 80 rounds through it. Nice cheaper setup, been great so far with no issues.
  11. More like knee high society. A shotty knee at that.
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