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  1. Also this isn’t really “not mobile friendly”. It’s actually really good on mobile. Worst case on a couple of the charts I have to look at them with my phone horizontal. The new forums have made things way nicer on mobile.
  2. Trade Brown for what?

    Honestly what ever happens here happens. Whether he stays in Pittsburgh or gets traded I’m going to root for the man. I love watching him play football and that’s all I really care about. From my perspective the two biggest contributing factors to this getting to the point it has IMO is the Media and Social Media. All the media wants is a story and Brown on social media is just feeding the beast. This feud is between Brown and the team and that’s how it should have stayed. If we trade him I hope we get a nice return. I don’t really care what’s going on you can’t trade an Elite player like Brown without receiving adequate compensation. There should be enough interest in his talents to help maintain his trade value even with this stuff going on.
  3. As a Steelers fan, and a football fan in general...that Super Bowl is cringe worthy.
  4. Not gonna lie, I was hoping he would keep Joey Bosa and draft Nick Bosa.
  5. Maybe something along the lines of using google documents for your draft/prospects board. Then you can just post the link without it being out in the open. Also, I think it would be fine just having a post-draft run down of your draft and maybe some interesting prospects that neither of you weren’t able to draft. I really like this, I’ll be following. Going to be really interesting seeing how draft strategies differ. Especially if there is prospects both of you are interested in. And of course the head to head matchups.
  6. even munchak is tired of this

    Probably about the time you stop making dumbass threads. Munchak leaving could even be worth its own thread if you actually put the slightest bit of thought into. But please continue making one line threads that don’t make any sense just for you to try and **** on “Tomlin fans”.
  7. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Welcome to the PIT of Misery.
  8. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    I was hoping for a Foles led Eagles repeat for the lolz. But I’m glad the Saints won because I feel they are the most likely team to beat the Patriots.
  9. Who are your favorite broadcasters right now?

    Romo is easily my favorite. His passion and love for the game is undeniable. If he is commentating a game, no matter who the teams are I will watch it. Pat McAfee is incredibly entertaining and I enjoyed the one game I watched him commentate. Definitely need to see more of him to really get a feel for him in the booth.
  10. I have my own semi and haul for a greenhouse. They let me park my truck there. Was a normal night working, everything went well. Before I left they asked me to drop my trailer off at their other greenhouse that’s about a 10-15 min drive away. So I go drop it off there and head back to park my truck and go home. On the way I see a ton of law enforcement from different agencies at the UAW. What ever, I park and do my paperwork. By the time I finish my paperwork everyone is showing up that works in the greenhouse. I turn in my paperwork and talk with the lady in shipping about my next load. I get in my truck and go to leave. They have a pretty long driveway and I got almost to the end when **** hit the fan. All those law enforcement people I seen were now flooding into the greenhouse guns drawn. Figured out real quick what was going on then, it was an ICE raid. I was about 30 seconds away from completely missing all of it after a long night at work. So if I wouldn’t of had to drop the trailer off at the other place and/or didn’t talk to the shipping lady I would have been home without a hitch. But alas I was in the middle of an ICE raid after working all night. I got searched, told them I was a contractor and was not employed there. They took my license and ran it. Asked if I knew anything or anyone that worked there. Took my phone number and then escorted me off the property. All in all took about 30-45minutes after being 30 seconds from being on my way home. It was all over the news. Work got pretty scarce after that. Never truly recovered the rest of the season to the point they would normally be at. Still ended up have my best year financially though. However it’s still effecting the greenhouse and in return me. As far as I know they still have some fines and legal issues to deal with. They just now were able to pay me for loads I did back in September and still owe me for one more. I’m just hoping they can get all this behind them this year.
  11. Trevor Lawrence

    I think his hype train just blew past Lucks after tonight.
  12. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    What you mean -2 passing yards ain’t gonna cut it? 😂
  13. Chargers with the Bears as a close second.
  14. AB trade value just go up or down?

    Amazing thread, great work.
  15. Other Games Thread | Bowl Games Edition

    Total **** show