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  1. He had Minkah and Nelson both seasons. Burns had hardly any playing time in 2019.
  2. Let’s just hope the Raiders take them out before the Steelers get the chance
  3. I just accidentally defeated the Zealot Woden who’s level 220. He kind of just appeared during a Raid so my crew beat the hell out of him and kept him from attacking me directly. I’m only level 136 so that turned out far better than expected.
  4. Currently I've been dual wielding the Fyrd Spear and Sepulchers Axe. Pretty deadly but probably going to change it up soon. It's definitely taxing on stamina, I've gotten butchered a few times because I ran out of stamina and couldn't dodge. I really want a Great Sword but I have yet to find one. I know I seen one for sale at one of the merchants but I typically don't buy weapons from merchants in games so I didn't think anything of it at the time. I've been doing most of the Wealth objectives in each territory so it's only a matter of time before I find a great sword.
  5. Yea I feel like the armor and weapons aren't as good. Just doesn't seem to be much variety, would like to see more unique weapons and armor. I suppose in a way its nice that you can pretty much have the same weapon the whole time and just upgrade it but variety would be nice. I mean how many different styles of spears were in Odyssey? Iv only found one spear so far in Valhalla and its just a basic looking spear, nothing fancy. There also seems to be a shortage of Arrows in Valhalla for what ever reason. I do like that there isn't a bounty system. There's been plenty of times so far that I've accidently killed a civilian. Would be really annoying if there was a bounty system. I find it slightly odd as a viking that theyre so anti-killing civilians though, I guess I got too use to slaughtering anyone and everyone in a town and stacking bodies in Odyssey lol. The "side quests" are pretty nice, short and sweet without having to run around like a courier. Plus you can just ignore them if you want. Another plus is not having the naval battles, just get in your boat and go where you need without having to face an entire armada.
  6. I've been playing this, got around 25 hours in or so. Firmly a step below Odyssey for me but still enjoying it. Dual wielding 2 hand weapons is fun.
  7. Irish coming back from the grave. Haven't seen you post for a while, welcome back. I am trying to prepare myself for a Cowboys level game that just makes my blood boil. Jags went toe to toe with the Packers so its not much of a stretch to think this game is going to be a fight.
  8. It’s mentioned in almost every pre and post game I’ve seen. If we are being honest it’s not the most impressive 9-0 ever anyways. There not big stories, just wins. I wouldn’t expect them to gush over it like we were the 07 Patriots going on a war path.
  9. I rarely park in front of my house anymore, even with my winter beater. I've seen a lot of parked cars get hit on my road and ive had mine clipped a couple times. One pickup truck hit a parked car totaling both, the trucks front passenger side tire got ripped off from the impact.
  10. With Justin Tucker? Hell no, kick it.
  11. The earliest I’ve ever bought a console is the PS4 at about 1 year after release. Might have been longer than that actually. I just don’t like the limited selection of games when a console launches. I’ve hardly touched my PS4 in the last year. Did a few seasons of online franchise with the group on here and that’s about it. I’m just not into gaming like I use to be and now I have a gaming PC a friend built for me. So any game I really want I just play on PC. I’ll eventually get the PS5 but it needs some real nice exclusive titles before I do.
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