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  1. GOTW #1 | Week 14 | #1 Ohio State @ #13 Michigan

    That was a hell of a catch
  2. GOTW #1 | Week 14 | #1 Ohio State @ #13 Michigan

    I was hoping to run the clock out a little bit but I’ll take it.
  3. PS4; Madden Fantasy League: Starting

    Well make the super bowl in the other league and you just might get to play the Taysom Hill Packers. Or all else fails now you get 2 yearly matchups in this league. @biggio7 is the only one I haven’t won a game against. Hopefully I can make it happen this week. I drafted Lamar Jackson specifically for a matchup nightmare to take down Biggio, I need as much of an advantage as I can get. I Still expect to get curb stomped though
  4. PS4; Madden Fantasy League: Starting

    Yea just let me know when, I’m available whenever
  5. CB Young looks like a good one. Your defense has needed an elite CB, will be huge if he’s a Superstar Dev. DT Burney looks like a stud too. 96str and good athleticism. Tripp and Burney are going to be a fierce duo inside. RB Rathman seems like a good fit for your offense. Good blend of Elusiveness and Power running.
  6. PS4; Madden Fantasy League: Starting

    Nyheim Hines and Montez Sweat both had successful Break out games to progress to Superstar Dev. No abilities yet since neither of them are 80ovr. Pretty sure Burns, Bush and Sweat will all be Superstar dev once they finish all their snaps and get 80ovr. Roquan Smith isn’t any slouch either. Going to be a nasty linebacking core. Oh and congratulations on your win next week @biggio7
  7. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Buccaneers- 38 Saints- 13 Game was a lot closer than the final score. I led 17-10 at the half after scoring a TD with 20 seconds left in the 2nd quarter. Drew Brees was shredding my defense again but they just couldn’t finish drives off. Vita Vea hit sticked Drew Brees into another dimension as the Saints were driving in the redzone down 24-13 in the 3rd. Suh recovered the strip-sack and the Saints offense never found any rhythm after that. Mike Evans wrecked the Saints defense with 3TD receptions. Chris Godwin finishes the playoffs with 1rec for 20yds and a ruptured disk. Disappointing to lose such a sure handed receiver In the playoffs before I even get a user game. Parris Campbell is a capable receiver though, time for him to shine I guess.
  8. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Chris Godwin injured beginning of 2nd Quarter. Ruptured disk
  9. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    I advanced it to the Divisional Round. I’m playing the 11-5 Saints. I swept them in the regular season and put a pretty good beat down on them the last game we played. Still a dangerous team, 3rd most PPG and they’re a talented roster. I get Ronald Jones II back for the playoffs (until he gets injured...again). He should be a huge boost as he’s been a lot more productive than my back up RB’s.
  10. NFL Week 13 GDT

    No ******* way
  11. NFL Week 13 GDT

    I don’t get why they went for 2 though?
  12. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    I’ll get my game in after this Saints/Falcons game or atleast after I get bored with it.
  13. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Trubisky out here shaving points or something? Wtf was that
  14. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Absolutely, but you have to trade me Denzel Ward first.
  15. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Yea, I don’t that was ever a catch.
  16. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Alrighty then
  17. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Yea I think the tie breaker would be AFC Wins since you’d split head to head, which the Patriots are currently 8-3 in AFC so they’d win that. Even if you lose I’d say 8-8 is pretty good for that roster, especially with Kyle Allen starting at QB.
  18. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    My rookie WR Scotty Miller broke his Forearm in Week 17, he’s out for 11 weeks. Placed him on IR and signed Eli Manning from Free Agency to fill his spot on the 53 man roster.
  19. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    @biggio7 and @RuskieTitan are the last two user games of the regular season. Ruskie controls his own destiny at 9-6 with his final game @ Detroit. Bears loss to the Vikings would also clinch a NFC North title for the Packers. I don’t think there is any scenario left that Biggio can make the wildcard but I’m not 100% sure on that.
  20. PS4; Madden Fantasy League: Starting

    Marquise Blair progressed to Star dev after John Madden himself came down from the sky’s and struck HB down with a mighty fist. One of my DB’s swatted a ball right into the hands of Blair and he took it to the house.
  21. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    I didn’t even know Decastro was fined, that’s absolutely absurd. I don’t really care about fines for the most part but that’s about the dumbest thing. I would assume he’d win that appeal. I don’t think Ogunjobi should have been suspended, I think getting ejected was eh but definitely not a suspension on top of that. Also of the opinion they shouldn’t have reduced Pouncey’s. Rudolph I don’t think did anything to warrant anymore than what he got. His involvement was pretty standard for an NFL scuffle. All I want is a clean game. No injuries and no dumb after the whistle crap. I expect the refs to have a light trigger on their flags, they don’t want anything to get out of hand.
  22. PS4: Madden Real Team League

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2019 Season Stats 14-2 NFC South Champions #1 Seed Tyree Jackson 223/387 (57%) 3951yds 43TD 7INT; 108att 1098yds 12TD Blaine Gabbert 27/57 (47%) 540yds 3TD 4INT Ronald Jones II 80att 843yds 6TD, 1Fumb; 7rec 61yds *7 games T.J. Logan 54att 444yds 4TD, 1Fumb Mike Evans 72rec 1669yds 16TD Chris Godwin 78rec 1258yds 11TD O.J. Howard 58rec 1018yds 11TD Parris Campbell 23rec 373yds 6TD; 27att 375yds Lavonte David 99tck 23tfl 8sck 1Saftey Devin White 80tck 12tfl 32sck 1INT 3FF Mike Edwards 74tck 6tfl 1sck 3INT 1TD Vernon Hargreaves 69tck 5tfl 5INT 1FF 1TD Sean Murphy-Bunting 54tck 8tfl 3INT 1FF 2FR 2TD Noah Dawkins 41tck 12tfl 4sck 2INT 1FF 2TD *7 games Shaq Barrett 39tck 15tfl 5sck 1FR 1TD Vita Vea 39tck 10tfl 6sck 4FF 2FR 2TD Ndamukong Suh 34tck 13tfl 9sck 1INT 1FF 1saftey 1TD Matt Gay 20/23FG (86%) 60yd Long 1FG Blk; 56/57XP (98%) Bradley Pinion 26punts 1159 net yds(44.6avg) 1Blk 14 In20 72yd Long T.J. Logan 50KR 1431yds (28.6avg) 96yd long 1TD; 38PR 515yds (13.6avg) 29yd long Parris Campbell 19KR 456yds (24avg) 33yd long; 12PR 238yds (19.8avg) 45yd long
  23. PS4; Madden Fantasy League: Starting

    RIP to any team that was going to draft a QB in the first draft...holy smokes.
  24. PS4; Madden Fantasy League: Starting

    It was definitely stupid, I tried giving you some yards after the kickoff crap. Lamar was on fire throwing the ball and obviously is stupid fast. We have finally advanced @biggio7 @Fresh Prince @RuskieTitan