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  1. Lol just sit back and enjoy the ride. Carry on @Tyty, carry on.
  2. Yea it’s usually RB’s and QB’s that run a triple option that dominate the Heisman in mine. I attempted to nerf GA Tech, Army and Navy by changing their coaching schemes this time around. Hopefully that helps alleviate some of the problem since those 3 are powerhouses every time I turn around and usually at least 2 of those schools have a RB or QB on the watch list by the end of the season.
  3. Week 4 and the guy is still #2. Gotta be something with the custom rosters lol
  4. Aaand the #2 guy on the preseason Heisman Watch is Center Landon Dickerson from Alabama. Seems legit.
  5. Decided to start a new dynasty. BYU, UMASS, NM State, Idaho and UCONN got swapped out for Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina, Georgia Southern, Charlotte and North Dakota State. This leaves Army and Notre Dame as the only Independents left. Wish we could add teams to the FBS rather than have to swap them out. I wanted to add Liberty but there just wasn’t a good team to swap, especially since they are independent. All the conferences are current except NDSU took UCONNs spot in the American Athletic Conference. NDSU is 2013 roster, all other team builder teams I added are 2018 rosters and everyone else is 2019 rosters. Im going to start as the OC for NDSU, Heisman difficulty with some pretty difficult sliders. RIP Carson Wentz. Going to be a long grueling road, the HC is Lvl 1 so recruiting is going to be rough.
  6. Didn’t know Yao Ming was playing saftey. I need to see some attributes on this guy.
  7. It’s impressive how long he managed to stick around. Amazing career, any later than first ballot would be a crock. If you have Kelce #1 then George Kittle must be #2. After those two I feel there’s a pretty significant gap.
  8. going through chaaaanges Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
  9. I love that Appalachian State is ranked to finish the season. First time finishing a season in the Top 25 I believe. Nice to see Navy, Cincinnati and Air Force finish ranked as well. Oklahoma at 7 seems awfully generous
  10. Sounds like you need a new family. You guys better post your drafts. Especially if @RuskieTitan is drafting another Star dev QB.
  11. I Just played a Rose Bowl game against #4 Washington. Their QB had 81 attempts, their punter even threw in an extra pass on a fake punt. I have never had a team throw so many times in one game. It worked though, up until they threw 5 interceptions in the end zone. All those pass attempts and I could only manage 1 sack. 10 trips to the redzone and they managed 1 TD, 3 FG, 1 turnover on downs and 5 INTs. Taking bend but don’t break to a whole new level.
  12. Finally watched IT Chapter 2. Talk about a let down, now I don’t feel too bad about not seeing it in theaters. It’s almost 3 hours long but they some how made it feel like a 5 hour marathon, so bravo for that.
  13. I don’t really have a problem with people disagreeing with him being selected for the HOF. It’s at very least a debatable topic, I don’t think he’s a guy you look at and say he’s definitely a hall of famer.
  14. The exemptions are having a first year head coach, making the playoffs within the last 2 years and if you were on hard knocks the last 10 years. So the Steelers will be eligible and it’s mandatory if they are selected.
  15. I mean if I see it’s on I’ll watch it but I’m not going to make a point to watch it.
  16. Well that was a close call, stuff like games crashing/glitching and ruining a franchise you are this deep into ruins my motivation to play at all. Just sucks the wind right out your sails, so I’m glad the patch got it back up and running. Tripp needs to Tom Brady the **** out of this and never retire. At least regression didn’t slam him hard this year.
  17. McCoy looks really good. His combine had me interested. Really well rounded for a rookie QB, hopefully he’s at least a Superstar dev. MLB Ross is probably who I would have wanted outside of QB being a big need. I’m assuming you would have had to trade up for him too though. That’s awesome that Silas became a Xfactor. He probably owes his success to you, idk if he would have gotten the chance to get on the field early if you didn’t decide against giving Witman a contract.
  18. KILL. They better enjoy the team you built while it lasts, their little mini dynasty is probably about to start falling apart. When’s the last time Lamar Jackson didn’t win MVP?
  19. I’m curious, how’s the Bengals rookies look? Just wondering if they’re going to keep their momentum or fall apart. It always seems like teams fall apart after I build them up and leave for a different team.
  20. One of the reasons I was adamant about not wanting to make the playoffs prior to Week 17. First of all, no one deserves to watch our offense play in the post season. Secondly we never had a prayer at knocking off the Patriots. So I’m glad we didn’t make the playoffs but I’m upset we lost 3 in a row to finish 8-8, especially with how they played vs the Ravens JV.
  21. I think it’s hilarious and terrifying that this time last year everyone was baulking about Bud Dupree’s 5th year option and if he was even worth the salary. Now here we are, we can’t possibly let him go. One year wonders give me the heebie-jeebies, theres going to be a lot of risk in giving Dupree a deal. Here’s to hoping if we retain him he continues to improve and not regress back to his first 4 seasons.
  22. So I fired NCAA 14 up and ran through a season in my Ashland University Dynasty, it’s the 2040 season. Won the B1G in double OT over #1 Ohio State. #2 LSU and #4 Pittsburgh both lost their conference championships. Due to all that craziness #5 Georgia Tech leap frogged everyone for the #2 spot in the Natty. Georgia Tech is 9-3, didn’t even play in the ACC Championship. Plus they Lost BIG to both teams that did play in the ACC Championship. Their marque win was against a 7-5 Georgia team. They made the Natty over 11-1 Oklahoma (Big XII Champs), 11-2 USC (PAC-12 Champs), 12-1 OSU and 12-1 LSU. I mean don’t get me wrong I love this game but damn does it have some issues. It’s too bad we didn’t get the College Football Playoffs in this game, would have at least masked the absurdity that is a 9-3 team playing for the National Championship.
  23. Dusted off my PS3 and busted out NCAA 14 for the first time in a while. Loaded up my Ashland University Dynasty. I actually started this dynasty on the old forums and have continued to play it off and on since. It’s now in the 2040 season. Don’t believe I’ve ever simmed any of the games but I did leave AU for a while to resurrect OSU from the depths of hell. Currently with AU and ranked #3. Came back from a 24-10 3rd quarter deficit to beat #22 Baylor 31-27. Made goal line stand with 40 seconds left in the 4th Quarter to seal the game. Think I might restart my AU dynasty because I have the itch to build a team from scratch, may decide to build a real team like UAB, Tulane or some other laughing stock. edit: Looking through my roster and I found my starting MLB is 5’9 269lbs with 91 speed. Wtf? He’s a redshirt senior so he’s not even a guy that I recruited as I would have been playing as OSU at the time.
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