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  1. As one of many Berry haters, It’s about damn time.
  2. Working on it right now. Just finished the 1st season, can be cheesy but still a really good watch.
  3. Just seen Norsemen season 3 on Netflix. Definitely going to watch that soon, hilarious show.
  4. I mean they did come out on fire. It just happened to be a dumpster fire. Also you can upgrade Billy Bob how ever you fit, I don’t really have any preference on his progression.
  5. Thank you for putting us out of our misery. I’m extremely busy with work throughout the week so I can only listen to the games when I see you’re streaming them. Maybe I’ll have some time over the weekend to actually watch us get destroyed. Although I did see the Miami game got close at the end so maybe we will eventually win one.
  6. First Name: Khali Last Name: Turley Position: DE Number: 94 Right/Left Hand: R College: N/A Age: 21 State: Indiana...I mean that’s close to India right Height: 7’ 1” (pretty sure max is 7, close enough) Weight: 347 Color Tone: Somewhere in the middle Specific Equipment? : For Rating/Development: Here are your options: 70ovr Star
  7. First Name: Cry Baby Last Name: Billy Bob Position: RG Number: 69 Right/Left Hand: R College: Texas Age: 21 State: Texas Height: 5’10 Weight: Max it out...obviously Color Tone: White Specific Equipment? : For Rating/Development: 60 overall- SuperStar I’ll get a Defensive player done later, just wanted to see Billy Bob on the team.
  8. Spent 2 hours playing hide and seek with a stupid bat that was flying around my house tonight. Every time I just gave up looking and started watching tv it would start flying around and then disappear again. Finally got it but the bastard probably gave me the sickness
  9. He’s referencing “last year” as 2018 and “this year” as the 2019 season. Just a little miscommunication, still a good example.
  10. Arizona Cardinals - Larry Fitzgerald Atlanta Falcons - Michael Vick Baltimore Ravens - Ed Reed Buffalo Bills - Takeo Spikes Carolina Panthers - Julius Peppers Chicago Bears - William Perry Cincinnati Bengals - Corey Dillon Cleveland Browns - Joe Thomas Dallas Cowboys - Tony Romo Denver Broncos - Champ Bailey Detroit Lions - Barry Sanders Green Bay Packers - Brett Favre Houston Texans - Andre Johnson Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning Jacksonville Jaguars - Fred Taylor Kansas City Chiefs - Derrick Thomas Las Vegas Raiders - Jack Tatum Los Angeles Chargers - LaDanian Tomlinson Los Angeles Rams - Kurt Warner Miami Dolphins. - Dan Marino Minnesota Vikings. - Adrian Peterson New England Patriots - Tom Brady New Orleans Saints - Drew Brees New York Giants - Eli Manning New York Jets - Darrelle Revis Philadelphia Eagles - Fletcher Cox Pittsburgh Steelers - Troy Polamalu San Francisco 49ers - Jerry Rice Seattle Seahawks - Steve Largent Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Joey Galloway Tennessee Titans - Earl Campbell Washington Redskins - Sean Taylor
  11. You need to change Army and Navy’s offense to something besides the Triple option if you really want to stop them from becoming power houses.
  12. I started a new city on Cities Skylines and unknowingly didn’t have it auto saving. Few hours later my computer decides it’s not happy and crashes. Bastard.
  13. I’m thinking Witcher 3 is going to be the next game I play. I’ve never played any of them but I can get it for free from my buddies Steam account and it does look like a really fun game.
  14. $200? That's hilarious. I'd tell them to go pound salt.
  15. Yea I really hate replacing teams. What I ended up doing is replacing Idaho and all the Independent teams minus Army and Notre Dame to get all the newer teams in (like Coastal Carolina, Appalachian State, ect). Doing this I was able to get all the conferences completely up to date with the current NCAA conference alignments. Same problem with the stadium as well, Im close to 30 years into my Ashland University dynasty. When I made the team on team builder I used a small schools Stadium since it was the closest match to Ashlands stadium. I've won countless Championships and have shattered the win streak record in my wee little tiny stadium. Definitely would have went with a bigger stadium if I thought Id still be playing that Dynasty.
  16. I was thinking that too now that I have a PC. The modding community could have really taken NCAA 14 to a whole new level. There would have been so much cool stuff, College Football Playoffs(probably any amount of teams you wanted in the playoffs too), be able to add teams with out having to remove another, new uniforms, probably have some really nice Scoreboard/down and distance displays, he’ll maybe even some new stadiums. The options would have been endless by now.
  17. I’d wager to bet this game is the only reason a lot of PS3 and 360’s are still kickin. I’d have chucked my PS3 if it wasnt for NCAA 14 a long time ago. Been a damn shame had we made it to PS4 and had the College Football Playoffs before NCAA Football got the death penalty.
  18. My guess would be the Marion Prison outbreak. Over 1800 infected and I think 1000 of them were added yesterday.
  19. The Paris buffet in Las Vegas (can’t remember the name of it) is ridiculous. I don’t remember exactly what we paid when we went but it was worth every penny. If I go to Vegas again that will be at the top of my list for food.
  20. It all makes sense now, the savagery was next level. Caught me off guard.
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