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  1. Would The Marlins Be A Playof Team With Jose Fernandez?

    Don't even want to think about it. I'm still sickened that he's gone. Hurts to even read his name tbh.
  2. Shady on the Move?

    So you think a first round pick, which isn't even guaranteed to be a top 10 pick has more of a chance to be a better player than Kirk Cousins than not being better than him. The age for him shouldn't be a problem but if you wanna throw in that he's five years older than a rookie would be when we got him then you can add that into the equation. I think there's a far better chance that ANY team busts with their top pick than hitting on a top 12 quarterback. In essence I'm saying we get much better value back. Team goes as QB goes. See how quick you get a rebuild when you have Cousins as your QB than with nothing at QB and a 6 top three round picks
  3. Shady on the Move?

    29 ain't old for a QB. You'd rather spend a draft pick on a guy you'd hope could be Cousins... I don't get it, do you feel better because you drafted him instead of trading for him? Come on dude. And yeah he has much better pass catching options, but he's never had a running back anywhere near Shady's level.
  4. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    http://www.wbee.com/blogs/lauren-hoffman/watch-fans-bring-john-cena-tears-after-incredible-surprise pretty cool video, awesome how wrestling, and more so John Cena helps people without even knowing it. Stuff like this is why we never have and never will see a Cena heel turn.
  5. Shady on the Move?

    See I think that Cousins could easily put us over the top, especially if we added a wide out with one of our firsts this year. I mean Brady can't play forever...I hope.
  6. Shady on the Move?

    So you'd want to save a first round pick which you'd hope would turn into a top 12 player at their position(which Cousins is) and pass on the proven commodity? You're saying we need to "hit" on picks well getting the best QB we've had since Kelly by FAR would be quite the hit...
  7. Shady on the Move?

    He's played for one team... what do you mean "journeyman"?
  8. We could send Tyrod back to you guys for something... Jordan Reed?
  9. Shady on the Move?

    I'd do that trade tbh. Love me some Kirk Cousins.
  10. Shady on the Move?

    Lmfao. Zero shot he's worth a 1st
  11. Shady on the Move?

    Rumors swirling Tampa wants him really bad.
  12. Anquan Boldin Retires

    Playoffs this year. A year ahead of schedule with a bunch of assets. You'll all see. This is our year.
  13. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    So Byron Buxton...
  14. UPDATE- Boldin Retires after 2 Weeks with the Bills

    I'm not arguing we will be better at all. I think we will be 7-9 again tbh. I just hate the whole "tank" idea because that's not what we are trying to do. We have enough assets to get to the top of the draft if we need to next year. I'd rather root for the Chiefs to sh- the bed than us lol. The only reason I'm evenly cautiously optimistic this season is Sean McDermott I think is going be our guy finally, much like I felt about Gase for you guys last year. I think both were home run hires. Rex completely ruined our team. I'm excited for McDermott and I genuinely think he will be one of those guys that are much better ahead Coaches than Coordinators. He's a leader of men and a no nonsense kind of guy. The anti Rex and exactly what this team needed.
  15. UPDATE- Boldin Retires after 2 Weeks with the Bills

    I'd agree with that.