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  1. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Kittles and Bits!!!
  2. Week 10 over reaction thread

    Matt Barkley is the next Nick Foles
  3. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Hell yeah. Kittles and bits is a freak
  4. Week 10 GDT

    I still cannot believe Matt Barkley led a team to victory today. Unbelievable.
  5. Cowboys @ Eagles

    I like the catch and lateral more in that situation tbh. Hail Mary is so tough. I mean it’s almost impossible either way but the lateral has a better chance at catching the defense sleeping i think
  6. Cowboys @ Eagles

    And Garrett and Linehan get to keep their jobs!!! mediocrity is a terrible thing
  7. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Yeah, he was a sure thing. The Bills went Edmunds hoping to hit the jackpot on his upside. He’s been really good too but overshadowed by how bad the Bills are so no one cares.
  8. Cowboys @ Eagles

    True, and not saying that he’d have 2k but also helps when you have Jared Goff and really good receivers and scheme. You can’t just stack the box and dare Goff to kill you because he will. I don’t think anyone is scared of Dak anymore...if they ever were to begin with.
  9. Cowboys @ Eagles

    I mean is it really that egregious? It’s not like I’m saying a scrub. It’s obviosuly close, but Zeke has been a monster in a system with a moron head coach, sub par qb, and bad offensive coordinator. Yes, he was aided by an all time great offensive line his rookie year but he’s still putting up numbers in a one dimensional offense now.
  10. Cowboys @ Eagles

    I know Todd Gurley exists but Zeke is the best back in football in my eyes.
  11. 4th Best WR In The League?

    Hot take: I’m taking obj over nuke.
  12. Week 10 The battle of the Ages

    Geniune question about Josh. He partially tore his UCL correct? If so how likely is it that it eventually tears? Because that’s my biggest fear and why my optimism for the team going forward is bleak. Any time i hear UCL i freak out. I could live with anything but that or a shoulder injury. Those two scare me so much with a qb
  13. Cowboys @ Eagles

    I’m not a Tyrod fan either so let that tell you something. Dak is Tyrod without the wheels. Tyrod is at least a special athlete that can run and make people miss that way. Dak is just awful. That throw missed throw up the sideline to Cooper was the Tyrod special in Buffalo.
  14. Week 10 GDT

    2qb runs in a row lmfao.
  15. Cowboys @ Eagles

    Dak is literally the worse version of Tyrod Taylor.