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  1. In their primes it isn’t even close for the first Kurt/Fitz. Kurt is far and away the best QB, and while Larry is last on the receiver list i think he is closer to number one receiver on that list than the second ranked qb is to Kurt. As for the CB/S i think Regis is the best CB of the bunch, safetys are a toss up so i took the one with the best CB.
  2. Not sure if it’s been discussed here or not, but Cris Carter said doctors are saying KD’s Achilles rupture will be fully healed in 6 and a half months.
  3. Nahh Gore is/was a better running back than Q was a receiver. I mean that in that if you rank them at their position Gore was way higher. Yes there are more receivers than Running backs, but i don’t think that makes up the difference in where Gore ranks.
  4. Can we take MadBum and not have him pitch until October?
  5. Yeah but Cashman has a history of doing just that tbqh
  6. He’s good at punching himself in the face
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