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  1. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Keep reading the Yankees real 3B target is Arenado
  2. Yankees Sign DJ Lemahieu (2/$24MM), Disavow Smugness/Machado

  3. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Where does Kyrie go this offseason? I don’t think he’s going to stay unless the C’s make it to the finals. It would be glorious to see him rejoin LeBron. Cleveland would have to feel even more gutted if that were to happen.
  4. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Yeah, Russell has been a ton better this season. Dinwiddie who is also a top tier bench player in the league was just on fire. You role with the hot hand in that kind of situation.
  5. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

  6. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    If it’s over 7 years then yes. It shouldn’t be hard to comprehend that when revenue goes up, players salaries should go up as well. Just because 175 million is a big number to fans, doesn’t mean it’s fair. Do you prefer that the billionaire owners just keep the revenue increases?
  7. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    What a win for the Nets. Wow
  8. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    30/546/7 in four games during that playoff run. Still so hard to believe.
  9. Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    I forget about Jeff Tuel lol. Good times.
  10. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Long haired Cena is weird
  11. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    So D’Agelo Russell is pretty good
  12. Kyler Murray QB OU

    Good call. He won’t/wouldn’t be much in baseball tbqh.
  13. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    #9 over all of AB
  14. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Alshon noooo
  15. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    This is hilarious lmfao