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  1. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    When was the last time the Browns were .500 after the first 3 weeks? lol
  2. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.


    Opening Day is less than 24 hours away. Let’s get ittt. Yankees lineup sounded way better with Andujar, Torres, and Bird instead of Drury, Walker, and Austin. Hopefully Andujar and Torres are up within a month. Really wish Tyler Wade was getting the start tomorrow too.
  4. Around the NFL

    Allen is in a bad position, I think he played better than i expected on Sunday. I honest to God think he could be a star in this league if we can get a good offensive line.
  5. Around the NFL

    I’m not. People love to tell me about the Buffalo Bills when they watch them once a year on Thursday night. Hate when people talk **** to me when they don’t watch games.
  6. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Bro he’s good. He LEAD the Bills to the Playoffs last year.
  7. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Tyrod still good or no?
  8. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Lol totes kidding about Trent. I was actually talking about my favorite players that I’ve seen play for the team. Stevie J, Fitzy, Lee Evans, Kyle Williams, Shady
  9. How did Buffalo Bills become so terrible

    What happened was Beane and McDermott tried to tank last year, but somehow lucked (or unlucked) into the playoffs, so they decided to make sure that didn’t happen again this year and went full tank. They have their QB, get the #1 pick, trade down with whoever wants a QB assuming one is worth the number one over all pick this year idk, gain high picks, spend a bunch this off season, and try and compete post Brady (if he ever slows down, so maybe in 15 years)
  10. Trade advice

    Sooo my running backs in one league ppr are shady, Dion Lewis, gio Bernard, Peyton barber and Tarik Cohen, receivers are OBJ, Julio, Amari Cooper, Kenny Stills,, Ryan Grant who should i trade and who should i target

    Luke Voit is a stud. This is hilarious.
  12. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Must be nice. My favorite player growing up was Trent Edwards. Different eras.
  13. Official Yankees Thread

    Judge will do his thing. I don’t doubt him tbh. Gary needs to step up and obviously Sevy. We go as Sevy goes. If he is first half Sevy i think we win the World Series. But that’s a tall task at this point.
  14. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    I agree. No way we give up that many points. 46- 6 Vikings win.
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    So does Braun not have the briefcase anymore? Lol
  16. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Screw Becky. wooooooo
  17. Allen to Start Week 2 GDT

    Bad year to have season tickets lol. I told my girlfriend that if we hadn’t gotten there on a party bus i would have left at halftime. Anyways, I’ll share my thoughts. As @marshawn lynch alluded to, our defense was night and day from the first half to the second half. We actually got a decent amount of pressure as well. What i didn’t like was how i felt the same exact ******* play kept getting us. It felt like the short crossing route two yards in front of the line of scrimmage kept killing us huge chunk plays. That was one of the main reasons i wanted to leave so soon, how do you let the same thing destroy you that many times? Like i said though, they adjusted and played decently after the first 17 or 18 minutes of the game. The offense...everything outside of Shady and Josh were yikes... our line is obviously dreadful, and our receivers can’t get separation to save their *****. I like Josh Allen. I think he is going to be the real deal if he can survive this season (next week and the Jax game primarily). The first pick he threw i think was completely due to the fact that he felt like he had to do everything and take the game over because he had no help. I think as he grows older he will learn to just throw the ball away in that situation. Watching the defender struggle to get him down and being dragged a few yards was good to see. Yeah, he needs more development, but he was better than i expected for his first start. Add to that how he was pumping up the defense on he sideline. I reallllllly like this kid, we just need to get him through this season without any major injury or regression/incompetence. If we can do that and with the cap space we have and the likely high draft pick we are gonna get, we will be looking pretty good for the future.
  18. Bills CB Vontae Davis reportedly retires at halftime of game

    Yeah you’re right. We are gonna fire the HC that brought us to the playoffs for the first time in 20 years because of a bad season with a rookie qb lol
  19. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Tbh thought this last year lol.
  20. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Tyrod gets all the passes on FF TBH.
  21. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Damnit why couldn’t you have waited a week Dorsey
  22. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Yoooo come to the Bills Josh
  23. Allen to Start Week 2 GDT

    We released Kerley...wtf? How are we in a position to do that
  24. Official Yankees Thread

    He doesn’t bring much to the table, but that’s what Cashman wants tbh. We know he wants someone that goes with that the numbers say. Period. The only reason Boone was brought in was because he connects with the players better. Anyone we bring in is going to be the same puppet, so i don’t really see a reason to make a change unless he lost the locker room which he hasn’t.