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  1. Literally no one on earth, including Mitch and his family, thinks Trubisky is better than Foles. But yes proceed with the I told you so. It took everything they had to beat the Atlolanta Failcons.
  2. < live look at Dan Quinn >
  3. Bears = worst 3-0 team of all time
  4. “Timely exceptions”? Is Dennard a tax accountant?
  5. Just fire Quinn already.
  6. Rams fans gotta be livid.
  7. Williams-Brice got silent real quick. What an anticlimactic ending.
  8. The Bryce Young era has begun...
  9. Will Anderson living up to the hype already.
  10. Mac Jones looking very good. Can’t wait to see Bryce Young get some reps in the 2nd half.
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