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  1. We’re gonna need JK Scott to bomb one.
  2. Crazy Tony. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Bout to get that pink slip tomorrow.
  3. Wow that was like a 1/2” above the CB’s fingers.
  4. Looked like an easy 6 too and he still had time to throw it.
  5. Rodgers with yet another Bob Cousy bounce pass.
  6. Terrible throw. Graham was open too.
  7. Niners avg 7 ypc. Beatherd with a perfect rating.
  8. He’s playing like Kenny from Southpark tonight. Getting killed over and over again.
  9. I’m glad I didn’t shell out $400 for 2 tix to GB-LAR game. If we lose tonight, let him walk tomorrow.
  10. If we’re going to let Beatherd throw for 400 yds, can we at least stack the box so they don’t run for 250 yds?
  11. WR with world class speed no less.
  12. The Polls are a Joke

    Says the fan of the school whose sole “championship” in 1942 is fake. LoL How’s 5 in the last 9 years for a PSA?