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  1. 1970s Action/Adventure - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Star Wars didn't make the cut?
  2. The Death of the Packers

    The restraining order renewal record has surpassed Cal Ripken expectations tho.
  3. 1990s Action/Adventure - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    I didn't know we had a limit but the point remains. I'm not losing any sleep over it.
  4. 1990s Action/Adventure - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Do you not consider war films worthy of their own category? Just bcuz a film has action in it doesn't mean it doesn't fit in a better and more specific category. Empire Strikes Back has action and adventure but it won the sci-fi category where it was better suited. Ghostbusters has action in yet it's considered a comedy. There are endless examples but we've already seen so many overlaps in these polls.
  5. 1990s Action/Adventure - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Saving Private Ryan is a war film and Braveheart classified maybe as an epic (alongside Troy, Gladiator etc). They’re the 2 best films listed but in the wrong category. Shocker. Gotta go with Jurassic Park with T2 a close 2nd.
  6. MKE Bucks Thread (53-12) | Season Suspended

    https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/29161813/the-all-starting-five-every-nba-eastern-conference-team That's a nice squad.
  7. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    tonight at 9p/6p in glorious HD!
  8. DC Movie Universe

    Polishing a turd doesn’t change the fact that it’s a turd. It’s time to move on and try to get it right next time.
  9. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    The series is brilliant in how realistically it captures so many facets of Baltimore. So many indictments against police work (juking the stats vs doing real work), the school system (focusing on a standardized test vs actual teaching), politics (forced to assimilate into the broken system vs actually making a difference) and more. It is a slow burn with next level content but if that’s a problem, maybe ppl should stick to safe & predictable procedurals like CSI that don’t challenge you at all.
  10. DC Movie Universe

    The difference is the BvS UE was also Snyder’s. The Snyder cut is still going to need all the scenes that Whedon shot so it’s not truly a Snyder cut anyway.
  11. DC Movie Universe

    I love MoS too. I even loved the ending. I don’t have an issue with Snyder. It was completely understandable why he left the film. But he did leave and others were forced to pick up the pieces. And like @Deadpulse said, this sets a bad precedent. Why should any director trust WB going forward knowing they’ll pull something like this?
  12. DC Movie Universe

    It cracks me up that all these fans who hated MoS, hated Snyder bcuz of MoS, and hated that Snyder was picked to direct JL now want his cut. LMAO. No cut can save that dumpster fire.
  13. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Spike Lee is hit or miss with me but this looks pretty dope with a good cast.
  14. The Last Dance (Schedule Inside)

    I wanted to hear if Michael went to Reinsdorf directly. Shoulda told him get rid of Krause and they’ll all return.
  15. What movie are you watching?

    It’s not as action packed but it’s much better. Better script and a good cast.