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  1. Kentucky getting the Scut Farkus treatment this season.
  2. The Sopranos rewatch continues in s2. Forgot how much I hated Richie Aprile lol.
  3. This is on MLF too. You have to go for it on 4th down even tho the previous 3 plays gave no confidence to converting on 4th down. And then converting again on the 2pt try. But you still have to try. If you don’t convert on 4th down, you have them pinned deep with 3 timeouts and the 2 min warning. Force a punt and have a final drive to tie it up and go to OT. If you do convert on 4th down but fail to convert the 2pt try, you kick off and try to hold them to a 3 & out with your 3 timeouts and the 2 min warning to help you out. I’m curious to hear what Rodgers thou
  4. Tbh looking at how badly the last 3 plays went before it, I wasn’t confident we’d even convert it on 4th. Gotta try tho. Was Rodgers pissed they kicked? I didn’t see his reaction.
  5. Not even close. We folded like a cheap suit in that game but fought back today and got right back into it. We had our opportunities.
  6. How poetic for TB to catch us with 12 defenders on the field multiple times.
  7. MVP player like a good one today. It was Lazard who needed to step up.
  8. What was Rodgers’ reaction to coming off the field on 4th down? I didn’t notice it but didn’t seem to fight the strategy. Good thing we have the 3 TO’s on top of the 2 min warning. Esp with King giving up 9 yds. Smart penalty there tho.
  9. Crosby can’t get a freaking touchback to save his life. Mickens helping us out there.
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