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  1. Happy for Shang Chi but Marvel did Iron Fist dirty with that terrible Netflix show. Recast Danny Rand and get him back in the mix please.
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if they use some of the Spider-Men storyline where Mysterio opens a portal to alternate universes. It was the crossover that finally gave us Peter and Miles meeting. Not to mention Aunt May and Gwen Stacy seeing another Peter Parker (in this world their Peter is dead).
  3. Using the Thunderbolts without using the original premise and plot twist would be rather lame imo. I'd rather see the Ultimates tbh.
  4. I swear in at least one of the MCU movies, Cap had some kind of magnetic strap on his forearm to help him catch the shield cleaner. Maybe it was Age of Ultron? Sam definitely could use that going fwd but I wouldn't be surprised if Bucky winds up being Cap instead. After all, it was Bucky who replaced Cap after Civil War in the comics. Falcon took over later on...
  5. First Doom and X and now Black Rob...
  6. It’s like do ppl still care about The Godfather? I’ve only ever seen The Godfather 3 so maybe my views toward this trilogy are skewed. 😉
  7. Yeah they’ve had him out of pocket a few times making him extroverted at times it’s counterintuitive to the mission. And they got made immediately when they were walking around asking all loud where Karli’s mom was. No discretion at all and the Flag Smashers insignias everywhere would tell you it wasn’t going to work. Who are these guys running with Karli? They’re enhanced from the serum but are they trained in hand to hand combat like Bucky and Sam are? The fight sequences are fun to watch and maybe some of them are former military but I’d imagine they’d prolly have to resort more to
  8. In the comics, both John and Lemar received super-abilities from the Power Broker who created this super UFC wrestling type league where they’d duke it out. Steve Rogers stepped down as Cap bcuz the gov’t was up to no good & tried to send him on a mission he refused to go on. Walker was (former?) military and became Superpatriot before he was chosen to replace Steve. Enemies soon found out that this Cap wasn’t like Steve & would take them out with extreme prejudice. It was an excellent run.
  9. Ford vs Ferrari Walk The Line Cop Land 3:10 to Yuma are all worth a watch.
  10. First Doom now X... RIP dawg
  11. Rodgers and Brady playing at such a high caliber at their ages is unprecedented so it’s hard to judge how much longer they can maintain it. Brees never had the arm strength that those 2 have and toward the end of the year his 20 yd passes looked like an 8 year old trying to throw a Hail Mary. Roethlisberger looked washed and Peyton won a SB with Denver despite his arm looking like a wet noodle. I hope Rodgers can maintain this level but if he and Tom come crashing back to Earth would it really surprise anyone?
  12. I guess that semantics but more about the ppl who think he's not even worth being in the discussion. All these ppl saying he only throws to wide open WRs when there is significant evidence showing that his accuracy led to so many dimes with close coverage. He's not athletic like Lance, Fields or even Lawrence but his cerebral hold on the game is extraordinary. When you hear him talk about the game he sounds like he's got a photographic memory. He's got some wiggle in the pocket but it will be interesting to see how he holds up to NFL pass rushes. Busts as in they all sucked
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