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  1. I hope you're not actually implying that the Lakers (42-30/7th seed) were the best team in this scenario lol.
  2. Adams WR1 MVS WR2 Lazard WR3 Rodgers WR4 Cobb WR5 Funchess WR6 3-6 will likely juggle around a bit but I don't see Lazard on the bubble.
  3. Haha for real. The first Clerks was carried by the script but none of those dudes could act for ****. And they still can’t lol.
  4. "Better resolution"... that's hilarious. A better resolution would have been not crumbling into pieces in the 4Q of the NFCCG.
  5. I'll be rooting for him on the field but ain't no way in hell I'm watching his press conferences or listening to his BS lol.
  6. Mods too busy refreshing Schefter’s Twitter page.
  7. Sees this thread trending hot. Sees thread.
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