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  1. It's a Myspace original movie.
  2. Bernie also said that Daniel Jones won't turn the ball over FWIW. Not to mention he likes Godfather III the best of the trilogy.
  3. Inside Linebacker ... IT IS TIME

    Murray would be a huge upgrade and give the ILB corps something it hasn’t had in forever- moxie. It just depends on how the draft board falls.
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide Thread

  5. No Time to Die - April 2020

    The trailer looks gorgeous but tbh the story just doesn’t captivate me. It looks like the same Bond retread just like the last few. And what’s with the Phantom mask? I’m willing to give Fukunaga the benefit of the doubt tho considering his work on True Detective.
  6. Watchmen Trailer HBO

    I liked this show better when Dr. Manhattan was gone and never coming back and how even years later, his presence loomed. Curious to see where Lindelof is going with this.
  7. Black Widow 🕷 (Marvel 5-1-20)

    I didn’t care for the narration (it’s always so forced) but this definitely has a Bourne on steroids feel to it. Red Sparrow kinda beat it to the punch but Marvel has the budget it to bring it up to a bigger spectacle.
  8. What movie are you watching?

    this is awesome. They showed it during MNF.
  9. Week 13 Games

    Minnesota cost themselves 7 secs by not taking their timeout before the 2:00 warning. I’m okay with that.
  10. Week 13 Games

    You misspelled Lamar Jackson.
  11. Week 13 Games

    No I want the NFC North crown first.