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  1. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Hogan didn’t have anyone within 50 yds of him. LoL
  2. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    The bigger question at the moment is: NE-PIT or RDR2
  3. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    We don’t need to look at the Colts. We played a better example of such today.
  4. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Yup and here everyone is turning on each other. We need everybody to squash it and turn our focus onto the draft and the offseason. The fans of our divisional rivals are loving this.
  5. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    What QB prospect on the horizon do you see that is as good as 3700/23/2? Tua? Unless we completely fall apart next year, we’re not going to have the top 5 pick probably necessary to get him.
  6. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    I don’t know where that leap in logic came from. I said those wanting to trade him, not those criticizing him. No one is above criticism.
  7. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Anyone calling for Rodgers to be traded is out of their minds. You clearly are spoiled beyond recognition thanks to Brent and Aaron. You don’t know the pain of Randy Wright, Rich Campbell, etc.
  8. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Yes but he only did that in spontaneous moments of necessity. This season he’s been doing the vast majority of the time bcuz he doesn’t trust the knee or our interior OL. Just bcuz ppl laud him for his impromptu abilities doesn’t mean he doesn’t have sound fundamentals. This offseason will allow him to get healthy and get back to those.
  9. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    This. How this is not blazingly apparent to everyone is beyond me.
  10. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Seriously. How many franchises would kill for a QB with his numbers?- 3700 yds / 23 TDs / 2 INTs. And this is just an off year predicated by a bad injury.
  11. What movie are you watching?

    “Send more paramedics.” 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
  12. Ppl want to turn everything into a conspiracy theory. Even the MM apologists knew he was done after the Arizona loss. There isn’t a smoking gun; there’s an entire regiment strapped to the teeth.
  13. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    this looks legit.
  14. Didn’t want to stretch the page vertically.
  15. I wonder what kind of staff he would put together. Mick McCall has been his OC for 11 years. Interesting that he never parlayed that into a HC gig himself.