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  1. 🎵“Georgia” [Ray Charles voice]🎶
  2. I watched the first 2 seasons over a couple weeks and then took a break. That was a couple months ago. It's really intense and there aren't many likable characters (Rip, Kayce and Monica are the best imo). It can be difficult to invest your time watching truly terrible ppl on all sides (that's why I didn't get past the Succession pilot). Season 1 is good but the last few episodes of s2 esp the season finale had so many problems. It completely killed the momentum for me. A friend of mine says s3 is better and I'll prolly circle back to it but right now I'm enjoying other shows.
  3. Feels so good to have finally moved on from Sean Miller. Sky's the limit now.
  4. Joe doing play by play on his day off.
  5. Kick the FG just so we can see it in this wind lol.
  6. They called that but not the blatant hold lol.
  7. ABC still pissed he chose CBS over them lol.
  8. Now there’s a Pats fan who would be a hilarious guest tonight lol.
  9. Crazy that Barmore went in the 2nd rd.
  10. I guess they wouldn’t let 2 defensive players go so they leave out the most dominant defensive player lol. They BOTH should’ve been invited bcuz they’re both incredible. Walker should’ve gone too.
  11. Show us on the doll where somebody hurt you.
  12. Meh. I liked him in Boardwalk Empire but he’s far from the definitive Matt Murdock.
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