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  1. Ppl arguing about Allen Robinson who deliberately chose Chicago over us. Yearning over a player who didn’t want to play for the Pack. Forget that dude.
  2. “See what I did there? Hope.” 😂
  3. SEC should fine that officiating and replay crew instead. 😂
  4. Nothing has been confirmed. Oscar Isaac was badass in both Triple Frontier and Bourne Legacy tho. He can handle the physical aspect of Moon Knight no question. And he’ll be wearing different masks and suits anyway. But more importantly he has the chops to handle the schizophrenic dynamic of this character. He’s an A-list actor. This would be a comeup for Marvel if he agrees to take the role. You can save Scott Eastwood or these other bridesmaid actors for the heavy in an episode.
  5. Yeah this my 3rd time through iirc. Gets even better with every rewatch too. That s3 finale was absolutely legendary.
  6. well he’s not exactly cast yet. “In talks” is not confirmation.
  7. This is inspired casting if it happens. I wasn't expecting such a legit name to be attached but now I'm definitely interested. Like Deadpulse said, Moon Knight is a great character depending on who is writing him. The 6 issue run by Warren Ellis and Declan Shelvey was the pinnacle imo and well worth the read for any comic book/superhero fans. Shelvey's artwork (above) is so dynamic.
  8. It’s worth it just for Jonathan Vilma’s outstanding commentary and his gushing over Montravious Adams and “Bobby” Turner.
  9. Oh I didn't mean on here. LoL sorry. The broadcast of the Falcons game and talking heads were changing their tune and saying how apparently we didn't need to draft or sign any more weapons after all. They were gushing about MLF's playcalling that got these lesser acclaimed skill players of ours shining.
  10. Remember when halftime shows used to devote a few mins of highlights & discussion to each game? Nowadays it's one clip per game if you're lucky while they pack the rest of the time with commercials. Lame.
  11. Not sure why the clock didn't stop. He clearly got out of bounds. Hopkins was barking at the sideline judge about it.
  12. Scrubs in a landslide. BBT is blatantly bad trash.
  13. You’re forgetting which game he got hurt in.
  14. this 2021 class is crazy! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  15. Herbert prolly matched Rivers’ career total in rushing with that one run.
  16. 3 weeks ago everyone was over the moon about how great all the other WRs and TEs played without Adams. Those same guys played today with Adams.
  17. They might win the Joe Dirt sweepstakes tho.
  18. That ball did hit the ground.
  19. Amos redeems himself altho I wouldn’t be celebrating like that.
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