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  1. Have vague memories of the Broncos/Falcons Super Bowl, Rams/Titans was the first one I truly remember though. Been a Titans fan ever since. Quick side note question for my older fans. Does anyone else remember some kid having a song before the Giants/Ravens Super Bowl called something like “When the Giants go boom”. The Giants loss so it’s like it got wiped from history, but me and my brother still vividly remember and talk about that song.
  2. This Duke team isn’t good but Jalen Johnson is putting on a show tonight. Looking every bit like a top 10 pick.
  3. I need Rodgers vs Mahomes, so Packers vs Chiefs.
  4. Is that....is that Jeff Fisher’s music I’m hearing?!?!
  5. The pettiness between fans, players and coaches in the NFC South is unmatched. It’s everything that the NFC East gets hyped up to be. That Slant Boy nickname for Michael Thomas is legit funny to me.
  6. If we were to hire Herman, the dream would be that our offense could mirror that 2014 Ohio St offense from the playoffs. Derrick Henry as our Ezekiel Elliott. Ryan Tannehill as a better version of Cardale Jones and AJ Brown/Corey Davis or Free agent/Adam Humphries, FA or rookie playing the role of Michael Thomas/Devin Smith/Jalin Marshall. It’d certainly be a polarizing hire.
  7. After it came out about our interest in Tony Elliott, I was going to bring up Herman’s name as a guy we may be interesting in. I figured most would be against him though so I didn’t bring it up. Funny that Vrabel indeed does seem interested in him. More proof that we may want to transition into a bit of a Power Spread offense.
  8. Seeing how Cal McNair has handled being handed the team from his dad compared to AAS makes me so thankful. Never take good ownership for granted.
  9. Bring in a vet OC like Jim Caldwell or promote Pep Hamilton to OC and I think this could be a nice hire.
  10. That’s a crazy three year stretch right there. No wonder those early-mid Seahawks squads were so great. The Titans haven’t really had any standout draft class. Maybe our 2016 class, which led to All Pros in Conklin, Henry and Byard. Honestly though, the 2019 class may end up as our best. Jeffery Simmons, AJ Brown and Nate Davis all have All Pro potential. While Amani Hooker and David Long look like potential quality starters.
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