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  1. Especially if he has another week of questionable decision making (the fake punt, going to Adoree on 4th down, playing Henry 13 plays compared to 44 for Murray, just to name a few).
  2. This is why, even with his struggles this season, I don't understand why some are ready to give up on him. Besides the natural ability he has shown throughout his career, he's proven he can come through in pressure situations. For comparisons sake, here's the fourth quarter comebacks and game winning drives in the Titans career of McNair/Young/Locker/Mariota McNair(11 years)-14 fourth quarter comebacks/20 GW drives Young(5 years)-7 fourth quarter comebacks/12 GW drives Locker(4 years)-1 fourth quarter comeback/3 GW drives Mariota(3 years and counting)-7 fourth quarter comebacks/8 GW drives
  3. More and more are becoming critical of the coaching staff. This Rich Eisen tweet made me borderline depressed on Sunday.
  4. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    This is going to be a long post. I'm just rambling a bit lol.... Here's the dilemma regarding Mularkey. He's going into next year as a lame duck coach(final year of his contract). So, say he gets rid of Robiskie after this season. What (top) OC is going to want to join a coach who's may not even be here after the season? So that leaves us promoting within and making Jason Michael as OC. I'm, personally, not as high on Michael as our OC as some may be. If we were to promote Michael, I don't think our offense will change that much from what it is now(will just be a reflection of Mularkey's offense). That would be setting up another disaster of a season offensively, next year. So, we could solve some of these concerns by giving Mularkey an extension. Honestly though, (even with the respectable record he's provided the past two seasons) who here would be comfortable doing that? At the end of the day, I want the coach who will get the most out of Mariota (because not only do I feel he's our franchise QB, I think we'll only go as far as he'll take us). What Mularkey has provided has had its benefits (better protection for Marcus, better run game, ect.) but I honestly feel we're not going to let Marcus reach his fullest potential under this offensive system. Mularkey has always had a bit of an old school mentality when it comes to his offense, while we have the ideal model of the new school QB. Just doesn't mesh well imo. To use an NBA analogy, it'd be like telling Joel Embiid to be strictly a back to the basket center in the mold of those in the 80s/90s. Sure he can do it, but you're putting an extreme cap on him reaching his full potential. Even if we get rid of Robiskie, I'm not certain that Mularkey would get a guy to take full control of the offense and run it how they see fit. I think it'll still be a reflection of Mularkey's offense I do want to say that I'm truly grateful that Mularkey has put this team in places and positions we haven't been in in close to a decade. But, I'd rather get rid of him early(and maybe prematurely), to savage Mariota and our offensive players, than to hang on to him too late and ruin the closest thing we've had to a franchise QB in years.
  5. 5,000 or Bust 2017

    Week 15-Jameis Winston
  6. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    Him mentioning how our offensive woes are still "very fixable" this late in the season, was alarming to me. That's been said the entire season and we're still struggling mightily. It's like you said, it feels like he's being stuborn in regards to our offense. Also found it interesting that we saw Marcus visably angry and frustrated for the first time regarding, not just his play, but the offense in general.
  7. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    Such a team player. That's my QB. And Mularkey's not getting rid of Robiskie after the season, is he?
  8. Around the League Talk

    Man, if our offense lived up to the preseason hype, we'd be right there with anyone in AFC. While not great, our defense has been good enough this year. It's our offense that has held us back. And now I'm sad just thinking about this....
  9. See, this right here is what concerns me. I don't think Mularkey feels Robiskie's/his offensive system is the problem, instead it's the execution of the players(which is certainly true to a degree). My question is, Is Mularkey willing to go outside his/Titans coaching circle to get an offensive coordinator to run their own system? Or is he so hellbent on his "Exotic Smashmouth" mentality that we won't see much change in the offense, if he's retained.
  10. AFC South Discussion Thread

    God, it pains me to say this. The Jags play with a style and swagger that I'm somewhat envious of. I've always had a soft spot for teams that are a bit cocky and braggadocious, especially if you can back it up. One of the (many) reasons why I loved our 08 team. Hell, Blake Bortles is even getting in on the action.
  11. This is interesting. What would bring a bigger boost to the fanbase. Getting in as a wildcard(not hosting a playoff game) and potentially being embarrassed or missing the playoffs but bringing in a new HC/OC, who would (hopefully) bring out the best of our offensive players. Wish I could do a nationwide poll of all Titans fans to know which one they'd pick.
  12. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    Unfortunately, you're right with our current offensive system. Which begs the question of why even draft him at 5 if he's going to be "JAG" in this offense.
  13. Tennessee Titans Free Talk Venting Thread

    I think missing OTAs, most of training camp, preseason and the five regular season games has really messed up his rookie year. Mental reps are great but you've got to actually go out there and play against the big boys. It's hard for Mariota to build that trust for him with him being out for those extended period of time. Hopefully, a full healthy offseason will do wonders for he and Mariota in terms of building that trust and repertoire.
  14. Marcus Mariota - When is the time to panic?

    Yeah....get rid of Mariota, watch him team up with a creative head coach/playcaller and watch him flourish. Imagine the reaction in this place.
  15. I feel it's the perfect time to show this little tidbit about Robiskie. He's got to go man...