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  1. We could’ve easily had Tannehill go for over 400 passing yards, Henry go over 150 rushing yards and Julio and AJ both over 100 receiving yards if AJ could catch. Just shows how scary this offense can be when it’s truly clicking. And even with the breakdowns and prevent defense to end the first half, I feel way more confident in the defense now than I did last year. Still got a ways to go but you see the signs of a potential great team down the road.
  2. Right there with you. I said something similar in another thread.
  3. Cut out the dumb headed big plays and they may actually be decent. Fulton is a baller for sure though.
  4. Henry’s really trying to go for 2000 again, huh?
  5. I need a Derrick Henry walk off TD.
  6. That TD that they took away from Julio coming back to rear it’s head…smh.
  7. Man, run Henry for the 2. That Seahawks D was gassed.
  8. This feels like the season that ends it for Zimmer and Cousins in Minny.
  9. Taunting penalties are soooo lame.
  10. Good news Zach, you’re going against Vic Fangio and the Broncos defense in Denver next week.
  11. It’s up there. I still don’t think we get Lively though. Would’ve felt better if he was picking in the spring.
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