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  1. All I’ll take from this is Kevin Byard remains one of the most underrated players in the league.
  2. I thought Jayon Brown was our most underrated player but I think Kevin Byard still takes that crown. Been one of the best safeties in football the past 3 years yet only has one pro bowl appearance, one all pro and one appearance on the top 100 list in that timeframe.
  3. Has Byard made the list yet?
  4. That’s where you got to hope the bubble comes into play NBA is more in the mold of MLS with a bubble. Now the NFL on the other hand....
  5. Yup. It’s funny though. Everyone knows the player list is a joke and yet every year people get worked up and complain about. Same thing with Madden ratings and the pro bowl. I don’t get it.
  6. Funny you mentioned Polamalu. When he was coming into the NFL, part of me wanted the Titans to draft him to be our “Polamalu”. It wasn’t the biggest need at the time but an Adams/Byard combo coached by D!ck Lebeau was intriguing to say the least.
  7. Also if you have free time, take time to watch the true best safety in football.
  8. That’s honestly the first thing I thought of when I saw this. The Texans really traded arguably the best WR in the NFL AND a 4th for a 2nd, 4th and a washed up RB.
  9. The even crazier thing is the 2021 WR class could be just as good. Of course, it’s a lot of unknowns with college football and the draft so we’ll see. However, we could be in for back to back to back special WR classes.
  10. My question at this point is will this WR class live up to be equal to or better than the 2014 WR class.
  11. Trying to contain my excitement and expectations but I think he could be in for a BIG season.
  12. All this QB talk made me think about how I still can’t believe some continue to doubt Deshaun Watson. He has that “it” factor that other QBs just don’t have. He’s the only reason why I don’t see a total collapse from the Texans (if we have a) this season. Outside of Mahomes of course, he’s the best QB under 26 imo (sorry Lamar).
  13. Oh yeah. I’ve been wanting a real life fantasy draft in a sport league since I first tried it out as a youngin’ in Madden 03. Now’s the time. And since we’re going completely nuts let’s add a promotion/relegation system to the league.
  14. For the past few years I’ve heard we’re just good to even decent QB play away from being a legit contender. Tannehill proved that to a degree last year. Even if he regresses to “Miami” Tannehill, that’s still better than most of the QB play we had in the middle of our four consecutive 9-7 seasons. I have no problem with anyone picking the Chiefs or even the Ravens as the AFC favorites. I do think we’re right there with a few others at that 3rd spot and have proven we can beat the top 2 teams on any given Sunday. It’s funny though because I’ve seen some compare us to the 2017 Jags or the 2018 Bears. Maybe that’ll be the case(if we even have a season but I digress) but it’s a bad comparison. Since Jon Robinson has taken over in 2016, the Titans are tied with Packers at 11th for most regular season wins and have more playoff wins than the Seahawks, Vikings, Saints, Steelers and Ravens in that same span. This isn’t some one year wonder like those Jags or Bears team.
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