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  1. I don’t know if it’s the lack of a combine or what but the wait for the draft has felt extremely long this year. Feels like we’ve gone through at least three different phases of the draft process, yet it’s still a little under two weeks away.
  2. Dane Brugler for The Athletic did a 7 round mock and we ended up with 1-Christian Barmore, DT, Alabama 2-Joseph Ossai, edge, Texas 3-Tutu Atwell, WR, Louisville 3-Robert Rochell, CB, Central Arkansas 4-Hunter Long, TE, Boston College 5-Dan Moore Jr., OT, Texas A&M 6-Evan McPherson, PK, Florida 6-Richard LeCounte, DS, Georgia 7-Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest I actually would be a fan of the draft if it fell similar to this.
  3. Not to derail a UNC thread but it’s a high probability Coach K/Duke keeps it in house with a Duke guy because of “The Brotherhood”. Whether we agree or not.
  4. Don’t know where he ranks in regards to all the other young players in the league but Knicks fans have to be pleased with the development of RJ Barrett.
  5. If he felt he no longer wanted to go to college and was just ready to play professionally then hey, more power to him. Can’t be mad at that. At this point though he’s more of an undersized two guard than a point. Even though we have a big class coming in, I felt that the secondary ball handling/PG role behind Roach was wide open for him on next year’s team. Showing and developing his PG skills with the talent on next year’s squad would’ve helped his stock tremendously imo. If he feels the NBA/G-League will do a better job(while getting payed) than Duke, than I really can’t fault him.
  6. I’m with you. As of right now, I just don’t feel great about next season. I’ve been trying to look on the bright side but, it’s currently a tough sell for me as well.
  7. I’ve been mum about it but after researching him recently, I felt like Jenkins was a perfect fit for the team and what we look for in our OL. Seems to be everything we hoped Wilson would be. I was going to throw his name out there a few days ago as a possible pick but knew it probably wouldn’t go over well. I honestly wouldn’t know how I’d feel if he was the pick. It’d certainly be a tough sell for many fans.
  8. Close to a week later and I still don’t get why DJ Steward not only entered the draft, but hired an agent as well.
  9. They should have another good squad next season and for the foreseeable future but man, I thought this was the year Mark Few finally got one.
  10. Oomph...they really hired Hubert Davis. That is not inspiring at all.
  11. One of the best college games I’ve seen in a minute. Classic game.
  12. It won’t happen but LeVelle Moton from NC Central is actually an interesting candidate. Has strong ties locally, coached on the U19 team in 2015 and 2019 (coached guys like Tatum, Jalen Suggs, Cade Cunningham, Tyrese Haliburton), has a strong resume(Won either the MEAC regular season or tournament six of the last eight years with 4 NCAA appearances), and has the Roy co-sign. I actually thought NC State or Wake Forest should have hired him. I know this somewhat contradicts my previous comments but he’d be an intriguing name if they don’t intend to go after the household guys.
  13. Exactly. This is UNC, not NC State. Aim high for the top guys. Wes Miller is a nice coach but I can’t help but feel they could’ve got someone better if he’s the guy. And if it’s Hubert...yikes.
  14. You guys would know better than me but explain the Tutu Atwell hype for me. McShay has him going at pick 33 in his latest mock and Daniel Jeremiah has him as his 36th ranked prospect. I get he’s fast but there’s plenty fast guys in this draft. Plus based off his pro day, it’s not like he has this elite, sub 4.3 speed. And with him being so small, I feel that needs to be the case to justify taking him in the early 2nd over some of these other WRs.
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