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  1. I’m curious what the worst possible record the East champ could have?
  2. Do fans of NFC East teams even want their team to win the division? It’s like a +10 pick difference in the draft.
  3. Probably had to do with the network deals. AFC teams hosting an NFC teams are usually on Fox, so they took a Fox game in return.
  4. No way this has been there the whole time. I’m either blind or I truly am an idiot for not noticing that this whole time. Most likely the latter.
  5. Hey...uhh... so could you inform this fellow idiot about this said gif keyboard. 😳
  6. Speaking of 2k..... If this was over one full season, he’d only be behind Eric Dickerson and Adrian Peterson in all time single season rushing yards. Also the third fewest carries of the 2000 yard rushers (Barry Sanders was at 335 and OJ Simpson was at 332).
  7. I know way too many Steelers fans, so I want this win badly. Between the jokes/sly comments from them about the Covid situation, the comments from the Steelers players, the fact the winner would remain undefeated, this win would be so so sweet. This win would be tough and I’d feel far more better if our defense was playing better. There’s not any team this team can’t beat though.
  8. Cowboys not being able to really get out of Elliott’s contract until 2023 is rough.
  9. So that’s why they added the 7th wildcard team.
  10. Does Zeke have the football equivalent of the yips right now.
  11. The energy is off. Need some type of big play or something.
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