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  1. NBA Summer League 2019

    This "Didi" Louzada kid is going to someone to watch for the Pelicans in the future. Could develop into a quality role player.
  2. NBA Summer League 2019

    God, this thread is a mess....
  3. NBA Summer League 2019

    So after his rough start, Barrett has really closed SL well.
  4. NBA Summer League 2019

    I'll bite the bullet, who do you have? Mitchell, Fox and Markkanen?
  5. NBA Summer League 2019

    Those po' boys are no joke.
  6. NBA Summer League 2019

    Great rebound game for RJ. The Knicks, coming in as summer league favorites and playing guys who will be in their regular season rotation, now being 0-3 is interesting.
  7. NBA Summer League 2019

    As a new bandwagon Pelicans fan, I must say that the new draft picks look crazy good. Combined for 38 of the 57 first half points. Can only imagine if Zion was out there with them.
  8. NBA Summer League 2019

  9. NBA Summer League 2019

    Lonnie Walker looks like this year's "too good for summer league" player.
  10. NBA Summer League 2019

    That's what I'm afraid of, for hm. It was bad enough for Kevin Knox but if Barrett(who is the #3 pick, viewed by some as a future franchise player and ROTY and even thought to be better than Zion by a few) struggles....oh boy.
  11. How good will prime Zion be?

    Absolute peak/full potential Zion is some type of hybrid between Blake Griffin and Draymond Green imo. A consistent all star and All NBA caliber player.
  12. NBA Summer League 2019

    With the caveat of knowing it's just summer league, Barrett showing the same glaring struggles and weakness from college is pretty concerning. His shot is still bad right now and he just has no wiggle to his game. Hope he turns it around or it could be a unexpectedly rough rookie year.
  13. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Current Westbrook with current Harden sounds like an on the court disaster.
  14. Him, that Arye Abraham kid, Chris Broussard, Jalen Rose all look like clowns after this. I said it all throughout the process that no one knows what Kawhi or his camp wants, so take all reports with a grain of salt. If it's not coming from Woj, Shams, Marc Stein or Chris Haynes, tread lightly with the report.
  15. Ok, just waking up to the news and woah...this is nuts. Next season is going to be insane (still hate that KD's injured). The only "insiders" I seen who hadn't completely closed the door on the Clippers were Woj and Windhorst. It's somewhat funny Lakers fans were on Woj's back about being bias but believed all these random Laker "insiders".