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  1. I’m personally against drafting a kicker, unless it’s a rare, once in a generation kicking prospect. In terms of the career leaders in FG%, only 3 out of the top 20 were drafted (Stephen Gostkowski, Nate Kaeding and Harrison Butker). And Butker hasn’t even had his success on the team that drafted him (drafted by the Panthers, success has been with the Chiefs). Most kickers psyche is so fragile and can be so volatile, that I just wouldn’t spend a pick on one (unless it’s a once in a lifetime guy as previous said). Let UDFA guys battle it out or bring in preseason stars from other teams who
  2. Yeah, it’s still premature to say the 2020 class is “bad”, even with the Wilson pick. I’m still high on both Fulton and Evans. If both become the players I think they could become, then the class would certainly become as you said passable.
  3. We currently have 4, potentially 5 starters (Simmons, Brown,Davis,Hooker,Long) with 2 of them, maybe even 3 of them with All Pro potential. Going by the above definition for draft grades, as of this moment, this is an elite class. This definition of “good/great” class by DJ also made me go back to see how we’ve fared since JRob has taken over. 2016-Conklin,Henry,Byard-Good, maybe even Great with 3 All Pros 2017-Davis, Jackson, Smith, Brown-Another good, maybe even great draft class. No all pros but 4 solid starters plus Tajae Sharpe 2018-Landry,Evans-Meh draft class, 2
  4. Random Thursday thought. Even though I’m more down on the team at the moment than I want to be, it still feels like we’re right there as the favorites to be the AFC South champs. Colts-Really comes down to Wentz. If he’s 2017 Wentz, they should easily be the favorites. If he’s Wentz from the past few years, they’ll be no different than last year minus Anthony Castonzo at LT. Jags-Should be much improved but enough to jump from 2 win team to 10 plus? I don’t see it, yet. I think they’ll be decent though with Lawrence. Should be something like 7-10. Texans-Not much to say here. Th
  5. I feel it’s more hated by Titans fans than it is by most draft guys. I expect the Titans to come up shortly though. Somewhere between 16-19 is my guess.
  6. Atlanta was the first spot I thought of for him. 1-2 punch with him and Mike Davis.
  7. Sorry, I’m going to forever feel like we wasted Jonnu’s talent while he was here. No one’s going to be able to talk me out of feeling he could’ve put up the stats and been as productive as Delanie if used right/given the targets. I’m honestly going to be pissed if/when he flourish with the Patriots like I thought he should have here.
  8. I’ll say this. You don’t know how good a guy truly is until he’s giving an opportunity. Adam Thielen was a guy who only had 20 catches his first two years before he got his opportunity and flourished when he did. I’m not going to put money on it or hold my breath about it but who knows. Maybe NWI (or whatever WR on our roster) is a hidden gem who turns out to be that #2 WR we’re looking for.
  9. It doesn’t sound great but if the Aaron Donald incident taught me anything, it’s wait until the facts come out.
  10. Imma be honest. Seeing T’Challa/Chadwick Boseman say the “Wakanda Forever” line from Infinity War in that clip, followed by the official title of Black Panther 2 being Wakanda Forever, was unexpectedly emotional for me. Gave me all the feels.
  11. This kid is nuts. Wouldn’t surprise me if he somehow finds a roster spot.
  12. Can’t help but cheer for him after seeing that video. Wishing him the best for the team and in life.
  13. Would love nothing more than if he is a bit of a sleeping giant who was hidden due to playing behind Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase and Terrace Marshall. Not going to hold my breath but that’d be a pleasant surprise.
  14. I like Khyiris Tonga from BYU at nose tackle.
  15. It’s going to be interesting to see how his career plays out compared to guys like Wallace, St. Brown, Powell, Johnson. Feels like a reach, then again who knows how touted he was within league circles.
  16. This is the guy I want us to end up with today.
  17. I say this with caveat to take all Pro Day’s/Workout Performance Centers 40 times with a grain of salt but.....👀
  18. I think he’s going to quickly become a fan favorite. Actually reminds of Logan Ryan a little bit.
  19. Ideally if we keep all our picks, I’m hoping today goes something like 4th-WR (preferably one of St.Brown,Wallace, Powell or Terry) 4th-Edge(I’m hoping for Elerson Smith personally) 5th-Tight End 6th-IOL 6th-WR(Demetric Felton would be ideal if he’s here) 7th-DL Kicker becomes a priority free agent for UDFA. Or maybe we just bring Gostkowski back.
  20. I just can’t believe we left tonight without a pass catcher. That Monty Rice pick is the one that really bothers me.
  21. He’s a baller. Wished we addressed our pass catcher situation but love him as a player.
  22. Like the player but man....I just don’t know
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