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  1. It’s time to have a discussion about Kyle Shanahan.
  2. I’m still trying to wrap my mind over the fact that our defense really didn’t allow a TD and only 3 points to Chiefs offense. That’s truly the last thing I expected to happen in this game.
  3. Break their will in the 2nd half boys
  4. This may come across as loser talk but I just hope we keep it respectable at this point.
  5. I wonder how many times in NFL history a running back goes for over 200 rushing yards and the opposing QB passes for over 450 yards. It feels like that’s a possibility in the Titans/Chiefs game.
  6. I would think so, especially if he happens to win MVP or has another insane playoff run ala his 2020 playoff performance. I think the closest comparison for Henry career wise is OJ Simpson. OJ started his career off slow (only 1927 rushing yards and 12 TDs his first three seasons) then had an insane 5 year stretch (7699 rushing yards, 45 TDs) that all but guaranteed him a spot in the HOF. Like OJ, Henry started somewhat slow (1234 rushing yards and 10 TDs his first two seasons) and now is on a historic run (5409 rushing yards and 55 TDs in a four seasons stretch and counting). Th
  7. It won’t happen but I wish Most Valuable Player was renamed Most Outstanding Player or the Player of the Year award. It’ll allow more non QBs to have a legit chance to win it.
  8. Idk, with J Rob’s history with his 1st round picks, I’m at the point where I’m perfectly fine trading one for a proven commodity. The ole Rams way. Plus dropping from probably the late 20s to early 30s in the draft isn’t some massive drop off. Like I said, if we can figure it out cap wise, I’m jumping on it.
  9. Bill Barnwell’s trade proposal he thinks we should make to go all in. Titans get: CB Xavien Howard, 2022 second-round pick Dolphins get: 2022 first-round pick, 2023 second-round pick Cap would be tricky but I’d honestly be all over this if we could figure it out cap wise.
  10. He’s got a better chance of breaking the career rushing TD record than the rushing yard mark, and even that is an extreme longshot.
  11. I need a Titans/Ravens AFC Championship rubber match. Based off the early season playoff bracket, it’s definitely possible.
  12. The Chiefs are a bad matchup for him but it’s nice to see Elijah Molden, not only get snaps, but play well after barely getting any PT a few weeks back. I think he’s really going to be a big time player for us by seasons end (knock on wood health wise).
  13. Just briefly did a quick check on PFR and I believe he’s 4-3. Could be off here, as I did real quick.
  14. This is why the yearly loses we have to bottom tier teams are even more frustrating.
  15. Having injuries to our CBs against this offense is less than ideal, to say the least. However… ….their defense is absolutely awful. Worse than us. And their offense has been turnover prone so far this season. If we can hold them to FGs like we did Buffalo and could get a turnover or two(easier said than done), I trust Henry and our offense to have productive drives against this current Chiefs D. I’m not expecting a win here but this team did beat the “unbeatable” Chiefs two years ago in Nashville. I think it’s a chance this game could play out similarly.
  16. Watching the development of Derrick Henry as a team leader over the years has been equally as fun as his on the field domination, for me.
  17. Caleb Farley tearing his ACL is pretty depressing, especially with his injury history. Hate it for the kid.
  18. I feel like AD was more Jim Brown like. Henry feels more like a bigger Eric Dickerson or maybe even OJ. They’re before my time so I could completely off based though.
  19. These injuries are scaring me a bit. If we can get them situated, we can play with anyone come playoff time.
  20. That freakin Jets loss…smh.
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