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  1. Exactly as others have said if they clean up the mistakes they are a really good team. Too many penalties early and turnovers.
  2. He makes me go Damn at least once a game with his ability to let things develop and see the whole. His blend of everything is really special. We have a couple of true freshman that have really balled out this year and I love it.
  3. ALDS: Yankees vs. Indians

    One hundred percent agree with this statement.
  4. Packers vs Panthers.

    Thanks. I have to keep those places in mind. Would the Charolette Motor Speedway still be open for tours at that time or would the track be pretty much off limits at that point in the year?
  5. My gosh Danny Davis is going to be really good.
  6. He just has to let it fly earlier. He needs to make up for his lack of arm strength by getting it out earlier. Instead of trying to throw it 50 yards throw it earlier and only throw 40 ya know.
  7. I know he isn't a deep ball thrower but you have to take shots. He just underthrew Chepus again on the completion but it opens the D. Can't take them out of the O
  8. This is a big issue I have as well
  9. Disagree. He has had multiple passes ubderthrown where the WR was open deep and the ball wasn't even close. The pass to Penniston was terrible.
  10. Packers vs Panthers.

    Hey everyone. My brothers and I have tickets to come out to Charolette for the game on December 17th. My little brother is stationed at Fort Bragg so it is a good way to see him. I was wondering if anyone on here knew what hotel the Packers would be staying at/if people have any hotel suggestions. Also what should we check out while we are there on Saturday? Thanks in advance.
  11. Brewers to acquire 2B Neil Walker from Mets

    I would be shocked if it was Pennington lol. I don't think the prospect is going to be anything special.
  12. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - 86-76 - Looking Down at STL

    So glad we didn't trade for anything with the way this team has played since the break.
  13. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - 86-76 - Looking Down at STL

    Keon is so bad at the plate. You could throw him a beachball and he would swing and miss at it.