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  1. We better win I picked us in the survivor pool in the general forum. I have never made it out of week one till this year after finally abandoning my plan of always picking the Browns week one
  2. I certainly wasn’t one of them. He was a JAG before he even went to the Jags
  3. Ignore this idiot he has no idea what he is talking about
  4. Don’t judge Baker this season just yet. New system again, no preseason games and against a team that went 14-2 last year. The goat Tom Brady looked pretty bad in a new system today as well. We get to on paper eaiser games now to try and get something going. If he looks bad in those then I will happily pick up my pitchfork
  5. I’m one of the few that hated Darnold coming out. He reminded me of Winston. Some wow throws but to many boneheaded INT’s or should be INT’s that got dropped. I did see the arm talent but that’s not enough
  6. I think we win but I say that with not a huge amount of confidence. Between injuries and a new system we are really up against it in the early part of the season
  7. Trade him and put Higgins or DPJ across from Jarvis. Pats if they are serious about making a run this year might want him. I would happily take a second round pick right now for him
  8. Just reread the rules I did post my first pick a couple weeks ago which is a long time for my concussion damaged brain to remember. will repost my next week pick after the start of the last MNF game this week
  9. Favourite team Browns Week two pick the Bills
  10. I read the most important rule, I just had no faith in my ability to need to make a second pick. Going to make my pick now
  11. Ok I’m confused now. In about ten years of trying I have for the first time made it to week two. do we use the same format as week one to make our pick or can we just say my week two pick is *^**? by the way this is not my pick for week two😂
  12. I have read some good stuff about this guy. Read that he was the play caller for the Alabama D and that Saban talked to him on a higher level than he did other players because of how smart he is. Sounds like a good value pick up to me from a team that is clearly tanking.
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