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  1. Josh Gordon is a really good guy who has had a troubled life and therefore has demons. I really hope he overcomes them this time. If he does stay out of trouble what a bonus for you guys. At his best he is top 5 ever athlete at the WR position
  2. Stipe, harbinger of champions?

    Love Stipe, hope he gets it done
  3. Fantasy Football Options

    Voted snake draft because I often can’t make it online for the draft. Snake draft is nice and easy to preset my preferences
  4. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Good luck Josh, I really hope you succeed this time. Josh Gordon is a good person with demons. I question the morality of anyone who doesn’t hope for the best for someone trying to overcome their demons
  5. Fantasy Football

    Yeah let’s not do the auction draft. I will preset my preferences in case I can’t make the draft

    Favourite team, Browns Week one pick Browns. I have read all the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is “Watch your edits” good?

    Favourite team the Browns Week one pick the Browns. i might actually make it to week two this year
  8. Fantasy Football

    Snake draft is my vote
  9. Dam it... Not Rollins he is so meh
  10. Forgot where I saw the article but I read yesterday that Vince plans to have a bigger say in NXT going forward.... Summerslam has been good so far
  11. Calloway is being suspended per Rapoport

    College stuff carried over for Josh Gordon so I imagine it has done in this case as well
  12. Best Madden Ever: Madden 93 Sega Genesis

    Madden 2007 on PS2 was my all time favourite, I feel like their effort really went downhill after that
  13. Bob Wylie throws some shade

    I definitely agree that this is almost certainly sour grapes.
  14. Bob Wylie throws some shade

    Sorry don’t know how to post links, but Wylie did a interview were he puts down our improvements in offence all to the QB coach And not Freddie last year. Also implies that Freddie got the HC job over Williams because Freddie won’t challenge Dorsey like Williams would of. I’m going to put it down to sour grapes over finding from his daughter that he got fired, which if true does suck