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  1. 5 up, 5 down

    Just unload them in the middle of the night, they literally won’t notice. sucks for the natives but things couldn’t actually get any worse for them. Real talk Australia is horrendously racist
  2. 5 up, 5 down

    Australians are like our special needs cousin. Oh and they are all convicts
  3. The Cleveland Cavaliers Thread

    Let’s stick with the original thread
  4. Freddie ain’t Ready

    That was better by Freddie. I think by next season he will be fine. He is learning. After the patriots it gets a lot easier.
  5. I see a pattern. LWLWL so next up is a W
  6. Was it a mistake to trade Kevin Zeitler?

    Don’t blame the long Developing plays on OBJ, his best routes are crossing routes and slants. Yes he can go long as well but that’s not his bread and butter
  7. Whats up with Baker

    I definitely think we are missing Ken Zampese
  8. What’s wrong with the Browns?

    Bad coaching and bad OL play are the main two things wrong. Sort those out and everything else looks better. Baker is also contributing to the bad play but he will look a lot better if you fix the coaching and OL
  9. (Polls) Do You Believe ...

    I voted to early to tell on Freddie but it doesn’t look good at this point. Still think there is a good QB inside Baker. Needs to be well coached and to work hard. This is completely the view of a outsider but I think Baker took his eye off the ball a little this off season m, He got married and in a pre game video of him talking to Jimmy G he honestly looked chubby to me. As for playoffs I voted no but I’m really 50/50 on that one. If Freddie improves we make it
  10. Whats up with Baker

    So turns out Richard Sherman is a lying ****, There is video of Baker and Richard shaking hands pre game and Baker try’s to talk to him but he walks straight past without even looking Baker in the face
  11. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    I would love to see routes like, Slants and Short crossing routes. Everything we do takes so long to develop
  12. Whats up with Baker

    Baker looks fat
  13. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    Agree 100%. As I said above
  14. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    Not OBJ’s fault, game is gone he shouldn’t even be on punt returns in this situation. I actually was expecting a season ending injury just because of how dumb it was for him to be out there
  15. GDT - Week 5 - A Monday Nighter in the Afternoon?

    Don’t challenge that!! Clear catch