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  1. I would love it if they brought back the fight night series. They were fun games
  2. Now that normal transmission has resumed and we are looking like a top lottery pick. Who do we feel good about in the draft? Hard to evaluate when there wasn’t much of a college season
  3. Also probably means Watt going to packers they cut Wagner as well. Gained $10 million cap space
  4. Yes but doesn’t play much due to injury
  5. Kirksey just got cut. Any interest if he came at a reasonable price?
  6. So I don’t follow the Cavs to the level I follow the Browns. Can someone please explain to me what’s going on with Drummond and why we are looking to trade him?
  7. If JJ Watt signs with us my reaction will be. What a great pick up, him and Myles are going to cause problems. If he signs with the Steelers my reaction will be. Lol they just signed a washed up old guy!!
  8. I disagree strongly, his stats are awesome.
  9. Tom only has two more to go to catch up with Otto
  10. Clay not getting in his last year of modern player eligibility really sucks
  11. How crazy is it we have to go back to PS2 for a great football experience. I still rock madden 2007 on ps2
  12. Is the gameplay going to be as awful as madden?
  13. Hearing at the senior bowl that a lot of our interviews were with WR’s and LB’s so maybe a little hint as to our priorities for the draft
  14. Exactly it’s great for us if he plays again
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