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  1. I think Saftey is our biggest need
  2. Do we really need a elite OT? I don’t think it’s as important a position as some make it out to be. He think we will be perfectly fine with average OT’s I think there are better picks to be made at pick 10
  3. See ya steve; wilks is gone

    As crazy as it sounds that thread is about Stefnaski’s staff. Wilks isn’t part of that so it would be inappropriate to talk about Wilks in there
  4. Around the league discussion

    Need better TE’s as well
  5. Around the league discussion

    Yep. Suits us
  6. Around the league discussion

    Henry is a monster. This is the type of strategy we need to go with. Run heavy play action
  7. Stefanski’s staff

    Eff that, Madden 9 man blitz all day every day or drop 9 in coverage. All or nothing
  8. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    All of the garbage years?😂😂😂 we have been garbage since he was a junior member of the Indians.....
  9. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    This is the way
  10. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    Number one thing a QB needs to do is be available. Has Wentz finished a season yet?
  11. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    He was, never has and probably never will be making the picks!!!!! WHY CANT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS?
  12. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    I don’t understand how anyone can hate on DePo and his role. Would we rather have some dumb as crap doing what he does?
  13. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    He isn’t running football operations. He is providing the people who run football operations with the data and processes they need to make the most informed decisions. He said himself he isn’t making picks or deciding what FA’s we sign.
  14. UPDATE ON BOOTYGATE: Charges Dropped vs OBJ

    He shouldn’t of done it. Rent a cop is only pursuing charges to get his 15 mins of fame. why were rent a cops even in there?
  15. Odell will bounce back next season