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  1. Love it for the Browns. Great job
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    Can we just sign Clay Matthews already
  3. Browns Pick at 10

    Thomas at LT for the Browns.... Just perfect
  4. Pondering the Imponderable

    Winston is not a good QB.
  5. I don’t think there will be a nfl season this year.

    As an outsider looking in its so scary!!
  6. I don’t think there will be a nfl season this year.

    Anyone know what happens if there is no season? Do players get paid? Do these one year deals we have signed just roll into next year or does it still count as a year and they are all free agents again?
  7. Hate to say it but the way your administration is handling this Covid19 pandemic and your lack of universal health care. America is going to be one of the worst hit nations. I want to be wrong and hope I am but you guys are about to suffer. Trump only cares about being re-elected. He only cares about the stock market coming out of this well. Deaths of average citizens don’t worry him. Good luck!!!
  8. Nah we will be sweet. We don’t have debt. In fact we have a massive surplus of money
  9. So we just closed NZ for four weeks. Last person out turn the lights off!!
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    You watched different games than me. We didn’t go to Odell nearly enough especially in the end zone
  11. What kind of NFL owner do you think you would be?

    I would be a big spender but very hands off. I will want to know what the plans of the GM and HC are but I know I’m not qualified to suggest stuff to them
  12. Haha to all your billionaires who planned to bug out to New Zealand. We just closed are borders to all you dirty foreigners
  13. 2020/2021 - The 55: Roster Talk & Team-Building Analysis

    We have two Fullbacks, this is a glorious time
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    I actually feel like we are at a real critical point right now. It’s just been confirmed in a high school with 150 people that came into close contact with that student. They all have to self isolate but there was a few days where they potentially had it and didn’t know. They are all being tested currently. It could be all good or it could be about to explode
  15. Free Agency Discussion

    Kind of... but 8 new cases today bringing it to 20 total.