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  1. I second this comment, need is factored into analytical thinking
  2. With the schedule for the rest of the season we are a legit shot at the number one seed
  3. Joe Woods won’t be far away from getting HC interviews either. The Browns since coming back have really lead the way with giving minorities opportunities
  4. Allen back tonight, that’s big. Important game tonight against a team with a similar record
  5. That’s great, don’t we also have a extra 4th round pick from the lions? Which has to be early in the round
  6. You never use to be able to. Has that changed?
  7. Everything I read online says we get the picks. It will come down to if the season starts in March with the league year, or August with training camp and pre season games.
  8. Done some reading about this. I think we get the two thirds. He has been with us two full seasons. The resolution says seasons not years.
  9. Just been reading on Twitter that most of their top talent comes with big dead money if traded. So unless deals are redone (they probably have to redo them) trades aren’t realistic at this point
  10. I can now tell my wife that 13 seconds is a very long time… hopefully she will stop telling me otherwise
  11. I’m sorry but all these Browns players on social media cheering for OBJ with nothing that I saw wishing Baker well after his surgery is very telling. The Locker room almost certainly was pro OBJ and not so much Baker
  12. I don’t see this as a upset. I’m highly confused as to how the Titans were favourites
  13. Yeah I have a recurring groin injury and it sucks. Like you said straight line stuff is not to bad, but the side ways agility stuff hurts a lot and the leg can just give out. When I get the ball I just run North and south, no more dancing around
  14. That’s not going to work, it’s ownership he has a problem with
  15. It’s not just the punting and kicking that was bad, We did very little in the return game as well. Definitely think a coaching upgrade should be looked at
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