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  1. Thanks for all the updates @ReggieCamp
  2. Episode three, some of the best stuff my eyes ever saw
  3. Is the roster still at 53 despite the extra game?
  4. Missed most of what happened today. Did we gain any extra picks for next year?
  5. I’m not 100% sure of that but I definitely think it’s more likely we keep him than lose him. Depends on how much he wants, I think he takes a bit of a hometown discount to stay
  6. Lol no more people that old making picks
  7. Love it, allowed one catch his last four games!!! Thats amazing
  8. It was going exactly how it was going to go
  9. Is Fields really going to just drop to the Patriots lol
  10. It was always going to happen. Your this draft is going well for us call was way to early
  11. Now it gets interesting. Surely the 49ers don’t take Jones?!
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