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  1. Lol they never have been, they don’t have guaranteed health care for all their citizens
  2. After watching the Owen Hart episode of the Dark side of the ring I decided for the first time to watch Over the edge ppv. I got about two minutes into the match after his accident and I had to stop. Seeing his blood in the ring and knowing he died was disturbing. Lost a lot of respect for Vince after that episode
  3. Polls

    But that forward roll was textbook perfect
  4. Polls

    LB is becoming like RB, you just need a guy
  5. Madden 20

    When will we start getting any Madden 21 news? I feel like it’s about now that normally happens
  6. What’s the shelf life of our current stadium?

    He would of but he also had the money to contribute a lot as well.
  7. What’s the shelf life of our current stadium?

    That’s my concern. Jimmy Haslim can’t do it he doesn’t have Jerry Jones money
  8. What’s the shelf life of our current stadium?

    What happens in 2029 if there is no renovations or new stadium? Will the stadium be able to be used past that date if both parties agree but also what state will it be in by then?
  9. What’s the difference between RB and HB?

    That’s what I thought but wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something
  10. Title says it all. I’m curious as to how long it’s thought it will be a NFL standard stadium and what’s the plan after it goes past it’s shelf life. Jimmy can’t afford to pay for a new stadium himself with a net worth of 2.8 billion. So will the city front up and build a new stadium or at least contribute a large part of it?
  11. Someone I follow on Twitter who seems to know what they are talking about said that Nick Chubb isn’t a RB but is a very good HB. Can someone who actually knows the difference please explain to me?
  12. Free Agency Discussion

    Latest reports are his asking price is down to 13-14 a year range, and that he might just be wanting to sit out the online mini camps and will sign just before training camp
  13. Dalton to Dallas

    So what’s the plan in New England?
  14. Official UDFA Thread

    I don’t remember if I actually came into contact with McCaw during the game. Where as I do remember getting smashed by carter
  15. Official UDFA Thread

    The year my team played in the top under 21 grade he was playing for the Christchurch club. Carter was playing for High school Old boys