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  1. Just gonna leave this here

    200 earthquakes since 1776. We can get that many in a week.
  2. Just gonna leave this here

    Yeah our was five minutes ago.
  3. I love me some R-Truth, but it’s a problem when he is carrying your company
  4. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    I thought it was fine, he died happy and at peace as he achieved his life’s goal. That’s why 2014 Thanos wasn’t bothered about seeing his own death. It was only when he realised that the Avengers had a plan to undo what he did that he was bothered
  5. The NEXT series after GOT ends ?

    Isn’t this happening? I thought I read something about it...
  6. Yeah you have got to really care about or really hate characters to tune in weekly. The same as a sitcom. This is where WWE is really struggling currently. I personally find so much of the talent to be bland and apart from the Miz and Becky I just don’t love them or hate them. A big part of this is the booking and the scripted promo’s. I feel like the WWE has some talent that could take off if Vince and co would take the reins off and let them flourish of flounder on their own
  7. Pick 1 to Breakout

    Before I read the suggestions it was Callaway for me. Reports are he is looking more explosive, is going to be going up against other teams third or fourth CB and has a year under his belt after missing his last college season
  8. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    It will be fringe starters not core guys, We are not going to see the likes of Garret and Ward on ST's
  9. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    He saw it last off season. He was throwing to Odell and Jarvis in LA on there own time, They also have said they are going to do the samething again this year
  10. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    I'm the same, Almost cried the last time I shaved it off.
  11. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    Didn’t read any comments
  12. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    I'm sorry....
  13. OTA/Mini-camp Thread

    Rubbish pass, Baker needs to learn to put it in front so his WR's can run onto it
  14. That run made me think we had this awesome new scrambling QB LMAO. Little did I know that he actually couldn't move and that run breaks all the laws of physics
  15. Matt Dayes is available(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    William Green ran a 4.9 a few years back when trying to make a come back. He would be good depth