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  1. Needs to play well win or lose vs the Titans, Ravens and Steelers. He played ok today but some of those misses wore absolutely terrible
  2. Today was a very good day for our chances. That unexpected Falcons win was great. Now to play well vs the Titans win or lose I want to see Baker play well vs a good defence.
  3. Consistency is just not there with Baker. That was a great TD pass but he missed a easy pass that any of us could of made to Jarvis
  4. Perfect throw Baker. More of this and I will start to believe again
  5. Yep, went from a game I have zero interest in to a game I will tune into after our game is done.
  6. They look like they will be starting a PS WR who played QB for Wake Forrest but not very well
  7. Lol the Broncos have had to put every QB in the organisation including PS on the COVID list but still have to play tomorrow. im going to have to watch this for a laugh
  8. But hey I’m in a can’t lose situation now. If I’m wrong about my current thoughts on Baker I will just go back to my pre draft thoughts 😂😂
  9. The point is correct though. Game is designed to help QB’s and the passing game
  10. Not a franchise QB, not going to win a super bowl with him
  11. Pre draft I was all over wanting Baker. I was wrong, has the physical tools but not the mental tools to be a franchise QB. During the warm up today he was trying to flip bottles so that they land standing up. This is when you should be getting dialed in not goofing around
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