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  1. All leagues PPR League 1: Mooney Or Aiyuk League 2: Eli Mitchell, Miles Sanders or James Conner. League 3: Jakobi Myers or Alex Collins (if Collins doesn’t play I can flex in Tyler Lockett)
  2. This week has been insane, I'm probably not voting on games this week. Sorry (but not sorry because.....)
  3. I mean you never know what the story is when a player misses a game due to “illness” or “personal issues” Glass half full way of looking at it is the players feel comfortable enough and supported enough by the organization to be honest about it and feel backed enough to be open and public and not hide it.
  4. Looks like Lane is back. I hope he got his mind right and the help he needs
  5. But that doesn’t fit in to your game plan to run it through ole’ 10 yard Mattison
  6. Which one of Mattison’s 10 yards today was your favorite? For my money, yard 7 was hard to beat.
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