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  1. at least you are lubing me up before the trade rape. that is a true gentleman
  2. Who is doing the Seahawks GDT. It's already Wednesday. What is this the Colts' subforum?????
  3. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    Sometimes you have to just ride and die with your studs, even when they aren't playing like studs. Trying to guess is a nightmare
  4. How good is Carson Wentz

    Wentz missed some throws and Sunday was not his best outing. But if you watch him play consistently, he is a very good QB. The guy makes special plays that few other humans can make. There are flaws in his game for sure, but as an Eagles' fan I am very comfortable with the present and future at the most important position in football. Top 10-12 is a fair spot for him to be in right now, with top 5 potential.
  5. I acknowledge only 1 absolute truth.......Dak sucks
  6. I look forward to another season of making dreadful personnel moves
  7. Howie SZN

    He got too cute with comp picks. Getting scrap heap free agents instead of actual good players to try and get more comp picks. That and they haven't drafted enough impact players.
  8. Just watch Super Bowl LII highlights instead
  9. Trade Help

    That is tough. Trading a QB can be harder than it seems. I would message the guy and say yes I want to do it if I can find someone to take Rodgers
  10. Who killed you this week?

    I might lose to a team that didn't even set their lineup this week thanks to Golladay, Hollywood Brown and the Steelers Defense.
  11. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    The dry heat helps the ligaments
  12. To be fair though, the Pats have the strongest CB group in the league right now and the Eagles are down their top 2 WR's. That is pretty much how I expected the WR's to look in that game.
  13. If both are at full strength the CB's but in their current state by far the WR's. The CB's haven't been dreadful since they have gotten to full strength, but with no DeSean and no Alshon.....maaaaaaaan that group is uninspiring