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  1. You just mad that you don’t pay your mortgage by getting kids to do mime over a computer like me
  2. If Howie is smart, which is a massive if, he convinces the world we want a QB and gets a huge haul for that pick. Having a massive bounty of picks is what they need to turn this team around
  3. I think Howie should draft Doug’s son just for the troll job
  4. Slater is the player who might be the likely non-QB player that nobody is talking about
  5. Their evaluation of Lance is the biggest mystery of the draft
  6. The basis of his argument is this: 1) Eagles value QB, OL and DL at a much higher premium than all other positions. 2) There roster as it stands right now- QB is the weakest of those positions. 3) The draft is the strongest at the top at the QB position. The likelihood that QB is the top player at a position they value the most at 6 is significantly higher than any other position. The wildcard being under Sirianni, a WR coach by trade, will they put more of a premium on WR/pass catcher in which case Chase, Pitts, Waddle become more in play.
  7. Listening to Ben Solak’s podcast and he is downright convinced the Eagles go QB at 6. He paints a pretty compelling argument just given what we know about the strength of this draft and what position the Eagles value.
  8. @JetsandIholding up the draft. You hate to see it
  9. Anybody who missed out on a top tackle Rob Haverstein is available.
  10. Yeah I think he goes like 25-40 range come draft weekend
  11. We’ve been through this already silly Dane!
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