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  1. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    I’m fine staying one at a time
  2. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    You all really just going to let me add Antonio Brown to my offense? Eagles select OAK WR’s @SirA1
  3. **TCMD** - Keeper League Office / Transaction Thread

    Eagles cuts from the 3 positions I have drafted 1871 Malcolm Brown RB 2801 Wendell Smallwood RB 1608 Justin Davis RB 1455 John Kelly RB 1549 Josh Adams RB 0908 Donnel Pumphrey RB 1987 Matthew Colburn RB 0219 Barkevious Mingo LB 2854 Zach Brown LB 1219 Jacob Martin LB 2209 Paul Worrilow LB 0191 Austin Caitro LB 1006 Emmanuel Ellerbee LB 1607 Justin Corrie LB 0083 Alex Singleton LB 1440 Joey Alfrieri LB 0982 EJ Gaines CB 2554 Taron Johnson CB 1259 Jalen Mills CB 0822 Denzel Rice CB 1562 Josh Hawkins CB 1800 Lafayette Pitts CB 1842 Levi Wallace CB 0406 Cameron Lewis CB 1346 Jay Liggins CB 1376 Jeremiah McKinnon CB
  4. You don't want that scrub anyway, I'm doing you a favor.
  5. that is why you are gonna trade me Wentz after the season. Because that's what friends are for
  6. Rammy is my only true friend
  7. It's cool. My hypothetical family knows to be hypothetically ashamed of me.
  8. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    Took my next pick you bastard lol
  9. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    Got the 3 major things the Eagles’ roster truly needs Game changing RB- Gurley Stud MLB- Bobby Wagner True #1 CB- Tre White
  10. **TCMD** - Keeper Draft Thread

    Eagles select CB Tre’Davious White and a bunch of scrubs I’ll probably cut from the Buffalo CB room can someone tag for me?
  11. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    not even Joe Flacco would trade for Joe Flacco
  12. So how is that different from this forum?
  13. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    Would it be possible to set sliders for how much each position plays? If you are really deep at a position and want to have more of a rotation like at DL or RB or WR or CB or something?
  14. **TCMD** - Keeper Discussion Thread

    I agree fully with this