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  1. Somebody say "smoothie'?
  2. TCMD - Frequently Asked Questions (OPEN)

    My first was due right before the draft 6 years ago. She was very thoughtful and waiting until the Monday after the draft to be born. But, oh yeah, it'll play out that life as you know it is now over. Enjoy
  3. Eagles TCMD War Room-Bradham retained; Peters Traded

    Rams are going to play Peters at LG next to Whitworth at LT to make a combined age of 72 years on the left side of the line.
  4. Eagles TCMD War Room-Bradham retained; Peters Traded

    Who knows..... Honestly, this has been by far the hardest mock I've done. I don't envy the decisions Howie has to make this offseason. But we got the Lombardi, so I'm good
  5. Confirmed. But Eagles Doe!
  6. Eagles TCMD War Room-Bradham retained; Peters Traded

    It was done with a heavy heart, but it had to be done
  7. TCMD Discussion!!

  8. TCMD Discussion!!

    Yup, big win. Now they get to lose to the Eagles twice a year without Jason Peters
  9. TCMD Discussion!!

    He is. JP is 36 coming off an ACL injury meanwhile Bradham is 28 coming of a monster season. I just looked around the landscape of FA, draft and trades and I just could find anyone that I could get that could reasonably replace what Bradham does in this defense. Add that to how well Vatai grew into that LT role down the stretch and it puts me in the best position to have the strongest team. Got to admit, really sucked to do though

    I just traded Jason Peters which opens 10+ million to 2019
  11. Eagles TCMD War Room-Bradham retained; Peters Traded

    The deed is done Now time to curl up in my sock drawer and sleep for days.......

    The Philadelphia Eagles will MATCH the offer on 2372 Nigel Bradham- 43OLB and keep one of the best coverage LB's in the league Philly. But it came at a price......

    TRADE The Philadelphia Eagles get 5th Round pick 162 The Los Angeles Rams get 0862 Jason Peters LT