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  1. I don't live in the Philly area and also I am cheap haha
  2. Footballsfuture Fantasy Big Board #7

    Hopkins is by far the #1 option in a offense that should be pretty good.
  3. Footballsfuture Fantasy Big Board #7

    Hopkins for both. Pretty easy pick for me
  4. Can we find it anywhere without buying the blu ray? Asking for a "friend"?
  5. FF Dynasty League

    Didn't realize this was a fantasy league. I am already in 4. Not sure if I have time for a 5th. If you are stuck for a last member, let me know

    Favorite Team: The WORD CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Week 1: Steelers
  7. I knew i should have benced Brady for Foles if I wanted to win a championship
  8. @Scalamania congrats Eagles brethren! Keep up that championship streak
  9. The NFC East Thread

    It's a full dynasty league with a salary cap and 32 player rosters. So we do a rookies only draft right after the real draft.
  10. Footballsfuture Fantasy Big Board #5

    Drafting any rookie over Antonio Brown in any format is a bad take and you feel bad
  11. Jordan Howard for Brandin Cooks

    Do you think he would Do you think he would? He's got Gurley and Kamara and Thelien and not much else at WR
  12. PFF's QB rankings for every team entering the 2018 season

    Meh, I'd argue Wentz should be a little higher (maybe 7 instead of 9), but most of the guys above him are really established and have done it for years so, can't be too salty. Dak, however is obnoxiously high and Goff is obnoxiously low
  13. I got 49 seconds in before I wanted to shoot myself
  14. Jordan Howard for Brandin Cooks

    Just lost Guice in my Dynasty league. Would Jordan Howard for Brandin Cooks straight up in a ppr league be a fair deal. I already have Hopkins, Amari Cooper and Chris Hogan