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  1. We just gonna dress chase up in the opposing team’s jersey all season and he and Carson gonna set records
  2. It’s easier when your coach and QB don’t suck
  3. Well, his contract dictates he is on the roster next year, so i am holding out hope that whatever Men in Black cockroach monster is inside Carson Wentz gives us the real one back
  4. On Tuesday: We have to wait until Monday night for this brutality to be over
  5. Have you watched this team play? They literally can’t do anything. Them being “division champs” would just be putting a rose in a giant turd. also the draft difference is like 15 spots.
  6. “Happy Thanksgiving. I brought turnovers”
  7. Eagles being the worst playoff team in history is the worst case scenario.
  8. “Happy Thanksgiving. I brought turnovers!”
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