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  1. You think this has a chance to get accepted in Dynasty? The person who I am offering the trade to has nobody viable at QB and really bad WR depth and I have Lamar. I trade: Cam Newton, Joe Mixon and DeVante Parker I get: Drew Lock and Josh Jacobs
  2. Maybe? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Personally if Joshua Kelley is on your WW I’d take him over all these handcuffs
  3. Yeah, but when am I ever going to be able to trust when those will come. Not like I have a choice now. I legit have no other healthy RB's......
  4. Shut up. lol Through two weeks the guy is looking like a stud, of course he had to get hurt to the kicker of losing my best player for the season. Now I likely gave up a top 5 pick for him. FML.
  5. It took a red zone fumble for you not to be playing me this week. His team is beatable. I believe in you!
  6. I’m a glutton for punishment. I still whole heartedly believe in Carson. No question he’s played like absolute garbage these first 2 games. But push comes to shove, he still the dude for me.
  7. My man playing for a chip but he’s gonna spend 4 pages whining about a WR he traded for mid season not in the All Star game......
  8. What if we would have drafted Tom Brady? Man the Eagles messed that one up...
  9. I’m going to live like a Cowboy fan with the 90’s and if every season is 2017 then I never feel pain......
  10. Instead of watching the Eagles poo the bed lets just all agree to reread this thread every Sunday.
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