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  1. So you can grab a significantly worse player later in the draft? Neat
  2. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    pick 170 the Jaguars select Alohi Gilman S Notre Dame @Deadpulse
  3. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    Eagles select Justin Herron T Wake Forrest right back at YOU!!!
  4. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    Jaguars select Stanford Samuels III CB FSU Lions select Justin Strnad LB Wake Forest @JetsandI OTC
  5. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    pick 163 the Detroit Lions select Mykal Walker LB Fresno St. @D82 OTC
  6. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    Pick 160 the Colts select Anthony Gordon QB Washington St. @Deadpulse OTC
  7. FFMD 20 Writers Room

    This thread will be for the writers. More info coming soon
  8. Tips for being a successful FFMD GM 1. Decide how you want to run your War Room and be clear and consistent There is no one way to run FFMD. You have stepped up to be in charge. So be in charge. Whether you decide to do everything by majority vote or you will make the final decision, what matters is being up front and consistent with your expectations. 2. Engage Your Forum All because someone is not officially “on your staff” or commenting doesn’t mean they are not following along. Just keep posting what you are thinking of doing and what you did do to try and get your forum engaged even if you think nobody is listening. 3. No Offsite Communications The fun of this is to engage your forum. You can use “codes” for players if you like but be careful not to isolate members of your forum 4. Be Aware of Your Time Slots Know when your time slots are and be ready for them. Assign another member of your forum to make picks for you if you don’t think you’ll be available. You can also PM EaglesPeteC with a big board if no one in your forum is available. 5. Stay Active and Keep It Fun The biggest thing we need you to do is uphold your commitment. Remember that a lot of people are putting time and effort into this and are relying on you to do your part. Also keep all discussions and debates light-hearted. This is all fake. It ain’t that serious. If you have any problems or concerns, feel free to send a PM to EaglesPeteC.
  9. triggering @Matts4313 in 3......2.....1........
  10. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    He got signed by the Dolphins I think
  11. Arguing with you gives me a headache.....lol My last point on the matter..... Go watch Slay's snaps from last year. Just watch it. Dude is still a baller at CB. The end. I can't get sucked into the black hole of ninja logic anymore
  12. Social Distancing Mock Draft Thread

    @Deadpulse with Panthers OTC x 2
  13. There are way less question marks with him than there is with two mid round picks when we have 8 others. I've watched Slay be a highly productive CB in this league and even his "down year" last year is still better than any CB play the Eagles have had in a decade. The odds and numbers say the chances of getting that out of a 3rd and 5th round rookie are astronomical.
  14. You are suffering from what a lot of people suffer from this time of year that they think whatever player they are high on will ultimately be the ceiling of what you think they are right now. The truth is over 50% of these players won't amount to anything. Having Slay is well worth 2 mid round picks that may or may not every be something and if you can't see that I can't help you.