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  1. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Eagles Up)

    Lies. Howie is gawd so automatic A+
  2. The NFC East Thread

    I just feel bad for Matts because he is a Cowboys fan.
  3. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    Turron Davenport gets serious wood for Pumphrey and i am not sure why
  4. Donald wasn't an ideal 1st matchup for a rookie center for sure. Still didn't stop me from putting up 33 though
  5. That Tom Brady to Davante Adams combo was deadly week 1
  6. The NFC East Thread

    @Matts4313 is just that crazy wino on the street shouting gibberish. Don't stop and listen because you won't get anything out of it.
  7. Am I the only one that kinda doesn't want the new season to start because you know in your heart it won't feel as good as this one?
  8. Top 10 Most Talented Rosters

    Now a live look at the Cowboys' receiving corps
  9. Top 10 Most Talented Rosters

    Is it even an argument? Because he is 100% the greatest rapper of all time. I mean who else has rapped with giant turtles in foam rubber costumes? Take that Kanye!
  10. Patriots extend FB James Develin

    What's a fullback?
  11. The NFC East Thread

    I mean he plays for a team literally named after beer, so I'd be highly disappointed if he wasn't
  12. The NFC East Thread

    In no suprise to anyone, David Irving is suspended and Dak is trying to talk himself into his weapons not being trash
  13. Cowboys DL David Irving suspended 4 games

    Good to know Cowboys will have another year filling their quota of suspensions during the offseason and being generally irrelevant in the post season