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  1. I think with any position there is more than just the stats but I think you get (pulling numbers out of my bum here) 85% of the picture with WR, TE, QB, RB from stats and like 50% of the picture with stats from OL and most defenders. In general on defense you have to gauge what is more important to you. Holding a team down yardage wise or making splash plays like sacks, stuffs and turnovers
  2. I think offensive skill players are easier to gauge impact from stats than offensive line and defensive skill players. You can look at a TE stats and see how many catches, yards and TD's they get and how that helps your team. Defense and O-lineman there are more factors to consider so it is a tougher eval.
  3. It's also a big day for @TL-TwoWinsAway's marriage. I hate to be a homewrecker but, here we are......😀
  4. They may be undervalued but it still doesn't change the fact that you can get comparable or slightly less impact players consistently in the draft every season. Warner needs to be far above a replacement level player to really make him worth consistently keeping year after year over more impactful positions that have far less supply in the draft. Which he may be, but it is a risky proposition. But you do you, you get your guy.
  5. The argument against is not that LB's don't matter at all, the argument is the supply is rich enough that the impact you need to get your return on investment is not likely to be reached.
  6. I also learned the hard way that a 1st Round pick isn’t worth as much as you think
  7. So you sold boardwalk and Park Place for 12 Baltic Aves and a St. James Place. profit
  8. The Thunder sold their house to buy multiple bags of jelly beans and I’m here for it
  9. Another day another ridiculous trade. Another trade where Swoosh has no idea if he’s tanking or not
  10. I will also consider moving my painfully average players for decent compensation
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