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  1. Howie Simulator April 2k18: A Draft Game

    You cant go wrong when you draft the Lord's favorite QB. Wait....nevermind
  2. That sounds like what my wife will do to me when she wises up
  3. Keenan Allen WR Hopefully, he can stay healthy like last season because when he is, guy is a beast. @WizardHawk
  4. 2018 Schedule Released...16 Ws / 0 Ls

    32-0 We'll blow out every team so badly each game will count as 2 wins
  5. 2018 Schedule Released...16 Ws / 0 Ls

    Ugh gross 9:30 am London game
  6. DC Forum 8 Team Player Mock - DISCUSSION THREAD

    In other news, shortly after being picked Sean Lee already is on the injury report
  7. NFL News & General Info Thread

    You need to take this kind of talk and move it to the garbage aka NFL Gen
  8. 2018 Schedule Released...16 Ws / 0 Ls

    Yeah, I thought the Vikes game was week 1. How will I taste their salty tears when we make them watch us raise the banner now?
  9. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    The biggest concern about this idea is that people may very well mix these two things up
  10. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    Honestly, you are the one who should be banned. You dusted off Baha Men from 2000 and put that song in all of our heads.
  11. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    But serious question though.........who DID let the dogs out?
  12. Man. Myth. Philly Legend and the best Center in Football Jason Kelce C @Gmen4ev
  13. Who is the (second) best coach in the NFL?

    We all know the top 3 qualifications of a great coach are a strong dad jeans game, a sweet, silvery mid part and giant balls.