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  1. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    There will be a 5 round rookie draft now. The order flips and snakes. So I’ll start with the 9th pick
  2. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    I just jumped into a Superflex IDP Dynasty league and we are doing a slow draft. I am quartantine bored and am avoiding my family, so I am going to just post my team as it unfolds. We are drafting vets first and then doing a rookie draft. I drew the 4th pick QB- Patrick Mahomes RB- Aaron Jones RB- David Johnson WR- Kenny Golladay WR- Courtland Sutton TE- Zach Ertz SuperFlex- Ryan Tannehill (QB) Flex- Derrius Guice (RB) Flex- Mike Williams (WR) K- Harrison Butker DL- Cameron Jordan DL- Trey Flowers LB- Lavonte David LB- Jayon Brown DB- Justin Simmons DB- Jonathan Abrams DB- Tre Boston IDP Flex- Mike Milano (LB) IDP Flex- Benardrick McKinney (LB) Bench- Darius Slayton (WR), Tevin Coleman (RB), Will Fuller (WR), Austin Hooper (TE), Boston Scott (RB), Derek Carr (QB), DeSean Jackson (WR), Melvin Ingram (DL), Anthony Harris (DB), Ed Oliver (DL)
  3. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    With the 4th pick in the 29th Round, my final vet pick, I select Ed Oliver DL BUF 2nd year players are still taxi squad eligible, so my plan is to put him there, see how he plays this year and then pick up another vet after the draft. I loved Oliver’s college tape and after a decent rookie season, im going to take the swing that he can develop into the dominate force I think he can be.
  4. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    With the 9th pick in the 28th round, I select Anthony Harris DB MIN Have I mentioned my love for late round IDP players yet?
  5. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Draft - Sign-up Thread

    I’m in like sin! i am also willing to plug the teams in Madden 20 and sim a season to see how it all turns out
  6. Trade me that Rodgers scrub
  7. Talk for those of us with Dynasty and Keeper leagues about the future value of players on our team.
  8. I'm trying to keep the activity in this forum up outside of draft season. What would get you interested? 1) A fantasy draft/"start from scratch" draft of NFL players? 2) A keeper league type thing 3) Way too early 2021 drafts 4) drafting random non football related things 5) another idea?
  9. Yeah I pmed @NickChowaniec hopefully we can get another one of those going
  10. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    With the 4th pick in the 27th Round, I select Melvin Ingram III DE LAC This. Is. Why. You. Don't. Draft. IDP. Early.
  11. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    With the 9th pick in the 26th round, I select Harrison Bukter K KC Not usually one to go kicker before the last round but something about getting that extra point every time Mahomes scores a TD was very appealing
  12. Pandas own CHI 4th from the Zach Ertz trade
  13. That is an interesting counterargument
  14. Most overrated individual seasons?

    ugh, don't remind me that NFL Gen exists. This place is where logic goes to die
  15. DRAFT GAME - Offseason Fun! Sign ups

    But then I have to check the Cowboys forum which violates my moral compass
  16. We are a QB factory, so whatever QB we pick up will be processed through this amazing factory and come out much for valuable
  17. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    With the 4th pick in the 25th Round, I select Tre Boston DB CAR Ive always had a man crush on Boston. I wanted the Eagles to draft him and pick him up every time he was an FA but alas.... In this league where you start 3 DB’s, I have 2 high tackle guys and I’ll use my 3rd starter on a Boom or bust player who makes plays on the ball and can win me weeks.
  18. DRAFT GAME - Offseason Fun! Sign ups

    I’ll do it Do you want to move this to the GM Mock forum? I hear the mod there is awesome and devastatingly handsome
  19. SuperFlex IDP Dynasty Startup Draft

    With the 9th pick in the 24th Round, I select DeSean Jackson WR PHI In the 24th round and I get a team’s #1 WR attached to a good QB? Yes please
  20. I have everything you are offering but sexier