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  1. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    Here are the key differences of how Brady and Rodgers play differently in redzone. Difference 1 : Difference 2 : Basically, Packers RB were not even given a chance to make a play. Result? all three TDs credited to by Rodgers. Pats last game against Chiefs. Result? Brady got no credit at any of the 3 TD. Now, when under pressure, Brady moves the chains by short passes, unlike Rodgers who always look for big plays. So even though the results of one pass for 15 yds is no different from two completed passes for 15 yds (better for defense), on stats, one pass for 15 yds gives QB better stats. This, plus the way how they play in redzone, put Rodgers stats ahead of Brady's stats. In summary, even though Brady's way is better than Rodgers way, even though Brady's way can score more than Rodgers way, even though Brady's way is better for the team, Rodgers gets better stats.
  2. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    For example, against Falcons : Brady didn't force the balls until Falcons led by 2 TD, and he forced the pass and threw a pick 6. Why didn't Rodgers force balls basically the whole 2nd half? How on earth is it possible when your team is losing big? trailing by 17 pts was not enough that he had to make something happen? Unbelievably still brag about his stats. _____ What kind of idiot (of the link) would consider the two games against Chargers and Broncos were bad game by Brady? Could any QB have done better with Jabar Gaffney as #1 WR? could any QB have done better with that line? I guess that all the playoff games Brady won before 2007 were bad games by Brady based on his criteria (QBR < 95 I guess). He never thought if Rodgers could have won those games with WR like Troy Browns or Deion Branch or Jabar Gaffney.
  3. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    How do you define good performance? How do you define poor performance, huh? Do you consider he had bad game against Falcons? (Brady would have given Packers a chance) Do you consider he had bad game against Seahawks? (Brady would have won that one) Do you consider Brady had bad games against Broncos ? (With the line that penetrated within 3 seconds, Rodgers would be killed) Do you consider Brady had bad games against Chargers in 2006? (How the heck would Pats have had chance if the QB didn't even want to take risk with that support?) Put Rodgers in any playoff games Brady played, he would play worse or much worse than Brady did. Rodgers simply didn't take risk even when he had to , that is the greatness you brag about?
  4. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    Tell the idiots in Colts to find a backup with driver licence. That is really unbelievable, Cassel even took Chiefs to playoff without MOss.
  5. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    http://nypost.com/2012/01/29/hit-by-jets-lb-lewis-hit-started-brady-era-saved-belichicks-job/ If Rodgers were in Pats, my guess is that Belichick would have wanted to get rid of him., because he would not bow to a DIVA and would not give him a line that could hold 5 seconds without being penetrated.
  6. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    Do you remember that Favre had great FIRST seasons with Jets and Vikings? Are you too slow to tell what it means? Not mention that in 2008 AFCE had the weakest schedule that Jets, Bills, and Phins won 4-6 more games against non-divisional teams than average, and Pats had Moss, meaning, Pats wouldn't even be a serious playoff contender without Brady and Moss.
  7. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    According to some fans who "understand" football, Belichick was struck by lightening at 11:59 PM on sept, 23rd 2001, and came up with a miracle idea of how to run offense. So he started communicating with Brady through 5th dimension or quantum particles (as he didn't talk to Brady on side line in general), and told brady what to do. Don't understand how a fan, even with 3rd degree educations, would believe such alien theory, for years. What is even more unbelievable is that Belichick abandoned the system he created and switched to a new system in 2007 that struggled in playoff.
  8. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    You just check what Brady did in 2002 and 2005, Without running games, with bad defense, with WR from streets, Brady's offense scored like 380 pts, OK? Rodgers scored 368 in 2015 beause loss of Jordy Nelson, you put Rodgers in 2002 and 2005 Pats, he won't win even 7 games. Understand who carried the team now? you want to imagine? imagine Rodgers in 2015 without Jordy and without great O-line. Your stats? when Brady played high flying offense, his offense scored lot more than Rodgers, OK? Then he switched back to his old system in 2014, his offense consistently score 450, much better than Rodgers offense. OK? Dont imagine excuses, that wil be like Rodgers doesn't want #1 or #2 seed. Let me say it directly : Plus his big WR Packers GM bought for him. Get a clue why he always had good QBR, even in lousy games?
  9. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    You mean the line that can't hold 3 seconds? Are you asking if Brady is GOD? No, he is not. With Rodgers line, Brady could have won with WR from streets. because opponents have to drop 7 to 8 to cover, and Brady still gets rid of balls faster than Rodgers. Exactly, like "Marino could have won 5 SB with Don Shula", like a your favorite QB can do anything because of superior stats. Yes, Rodgers is better than Brady on "I will do what I love to do, regardless". You think that way is better, be my guest. Rodgers will never be able to play like Peyton and brady, because he is average at reading defense. If a QB is good at reading defense, he should be able to make his 2nd and third WR better sometimes, you should see some changes of his plays. You are not saying that opponents put on same defensive scheme all the time, are you? BTW, Pats offense is too complicated for Rodgers, OK? don't question why, because that sounds like you believe all other coaches and QB are morons.
  10. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    Did you figure it out yet? Just ask yourself what happened to Peyton. Don't know if the logic in it is too hard for you or not.
  11. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    @Revel, imagine a boxer faced Mike Tyson. If the boxer was a middle weight boxer, Tyson would be the most formidable opponent. Tyson might knocked him out within 30 seconds, (the stats you talk about). Now if the boxer was also a heavy weight boxer, between Tyson and Ali, who would be more formidable? Aaron Rodgers is like Mike Tyson. When a boxer couldn't defend Tyson's right hook, he would have no chance. But if a boxer was strong enough and skillful enough that he can defend good, Tyson will have little chance to win. The skills proved by your stats means little against good defense in playoff.
  12. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    I enjoy talking to people who have called Brady "system" QB for years. I realize it is pointless to explain to such people, they will come back with the same argument. So I just tell them that Rodgers wouldn't be able to win a single SB with Pats, then explain.
  13. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    Pats had the weakest schedule in 2008 that Jets, Bills and Dolphins won 19 games against non-divisional teams, that is 4-6 more wins than average, and Matt had Moss.Meaning Pats were not even a playoff contender without Brady and Moss. In first 4 games of 2016 : When Rodgers can't scramble anymore, his fans will search next hero, maybe Luck, and talk about how he does everyhting by himself. When Brady is gone, Pats fans will realize that Pats are no longer an opponents Jets, Dolphins and Steelers fear. Mark my words. I have gone through this for 15 years, don't mind wait for another 2-5 years. BTW, if a guy is good at reading defense, you should see his plays change because it is impossible he faces the same defense formations, at least his plays should change from game to game.
  14. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    You people just don't believe me. High flying offense (without good running games) almost guarantees loss in playoff. In 2007, Belichick changed Pats offense system, turned Brady's "taking what is given" to a high flying offense, like Peytons. Results? Defense got worse and worse, would have allowed 350+ pts routinely if Pats were in NFC and among the lower half in the league. Offense? 2010, 2011, 2012, 3 consecutive years of 500+ pts, in 2013 they would have scored 500+ pts again if Gronks were not out in the middle of the season. Playoff? struggled to score 20 pts, even against Jets.
  15. TNF: Chiefs vs. Patriots (Opening Day!!!)

    It is pointless to talk about what if your D allowed 30+ pts, because most times your team will lose. Not mention high flying and quick strike offense is part of reasons the defense has bad games. Just imagine what if Pats offense had played only 26.5 min like Rodgers, not 37 min, Pats would have lost last SB. Now, what if your defense allows 17 pts? what if your defense allows 20 pts? what if your defense allows 24 pts? can your QB score enough to win? Packers had such chances, multiple times. Rodgers failed to score 24 pts. There are plenty of good defenses in the league in last 15 years. If their QB could have score 21+ pts year in year out, they would have won lot of SB. I take Rodgers stats with a grain of salt, sorry, because he had good QBR even in lousy games, like 92 against Falcons.