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  1. Think we have been grooming Dorsey to eventually take over as OC if Daboll left for whatever reason. As i think he would be most deserving... Allen has gotten so much better since Dorsey joined the team
  2. ???? Gabe Davis is known for his big play ability to track down the ball. He made a living on deep balls in college. He isnt fast but he is a really really good deep ball receiver. Isaiah Hodgins is the more possesion WR that we drafted
  3. To be fair Bosa destroyed all our blockers... including a WR and a TE trying to block him. I wouldnt say Winters is terrible. He is ok. Nothing bad but nothing good either. He is just extremely average. I for the life of me cant figure out why we benched Spain. He was our best most consistent linemen.
  4. Im not understanding why White is so far ahead. I thought he struggled except for the interception. He allowed a pass to Mike Williams on 4th down that would have seeled the game, he allowed a TD to Keenan, he had a missed tackle or 2... Klein was all over the field. 14 tackles 3 for loss and 1.5 sacks.. not sure why White is beating him. He struggled most of the game except for that Interception and a pass breakup on Chargers first drive of thw game
  5. I voted AJ Klein... best game as a Bills by far. His big plays won us this game
  6. Nothing Gabe was blocking a player and when Allen slid the defender missed him and and his head hit Gabe Davis instead. So it looked like Gabe hit him in the head.
  7. To big davis hits happen at the exact same time... strange lol
  8. I dont think he did. Davis was blocking another guy. When Allen slid the Chargers defender ran right into Davis... and these crappy refs throw a flag on him
  9. Bills always use trick plays in redzone. Nothing new... not only does it help us now but we put these trick plays on film. And in future we bust a out a different wrinkle to the same look and it pays off more often then not
  10. Bat the ball, rip ball from his hands... yes Hopkins made a great play but that was right there for defenders to make a play on ball. 3 people had a chance to break that up.
  11. Did the annoucer say Budda Baker made a tackle so we couldnt get into FG Range... Bass could make 60 yarders with his range and it was only 1 yard further from his previous FG.
  12. Not to worried honestly. Im a big fan of Jaquon Johnson. He is just a playmaker... sucks he has been buried on the depth chart this long. This will be a huge shot. And with 2 CB call ups i wont be surprised if Neal moves to safety for this game.
  13. We cant let them score a TD on opening drive. Them doubling up at the end of half and beginning of half can get them to a single possesion game. Defense better be ready for this opening drive.
  14. I have no problem having 1 guard out but both yikes... we never should have dropped Spain! He was always healthy and really good.
  15. Think clock hit zero before snap but ill take it
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