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  1. Wonder if this extensiom means less cap hit for current year... push some of his cap hit back.
  2. I disagree... his last season with Pats you could see he fell off from elite. He was borderline top 10. Defense carried that team. And this year he looked about the same... only difference is he was surrounded by a ton of great player. Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Brate, Fournette, Brown, Jones... Brady honestly should have played better with all those pieces around him. And then the defense caught fire at the end of the year and led them to a superbowl. While Brady is still playing at an extremely high level he is not elite currently and needs the pieces around him and a great defense. Still id put
  3. Wow awesome... i cant believe I nailed the NFC side 100%... even my score prediction was only 1 point off from the actual score.
  4. The fact that teammates and coaches congratilated him is ridiculous... he deserves to have his *** chewed out.
  5. Where was this Chiefs team 2 weeks ago?
  6. What a terrible call by the woman... she should not be officiating this game. That ball was certainly ubcatchable. Ball freaking hit the stands
  7. Where were all these call 2 weeks ago... Chiefs were holding our recievers all game. How come they are calling these all of a sudden... oh yeah theyre happening against Brady
  8. Did anyone see that offsides? No one jumped and the picture CBS showed everyone was onsides...
  9. Thought it was a bad call. He held but after ball was thrown and tipped... that would be a no call im that situation
  10. You may need better glasses. Ball wasnt even close.
  11. This seems like a blehhh hire. He wasnt even a good QB coach here in Buffalo... Ken Dorsey replaced him and became a massive upgrade.
  12. Travis Etienne right now is who im focusing on. Would instantly put our offense at a whole other level with a great passing game and running game. 2nd round i like Rondale Moore. Gives us a a better version Isaiah Mckenzie. A great returner, had 114 receptions 2 years ago, his presnap motion would help the running game, could groom to eventually take over Beasleys slot position when he ages. Pat Friermuth is a nice option as well. Could help run blocking and give Josh Allen a large target. Other positions to watch us olinemen, DE, and CB.
  13. Harris will probably be gone... we would be looking at Travis Etienne which im fine with. Way more productive over the course of his career
  14. We are gonna need another huge playmaker with Diggs... if we want any shot at taking advantage of our window we need someone to match Hill and Kelce. If you cant cover em then match em.
  15. We are playing scared defensively... we need to make an adjustment. Im glad were trying to not give uo big play but it isnt working. Its just allowing KC to methodically drive down the field. Kill the clock and tire our defense out. We need to be the aggressor. Theyre fast but so arent we. Play to our strengths.
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