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  1. Well just maybe Dolphins arent as bad as thought... yes its just the Jags but Jags had a pretty good first two games and Dolphins dominated them. The Dolphins secondary held Minshew to his lowest passer rating by far this year. Dolphins have been playing good football recently. Fitzpatrick is very streaky. So the fact that Josh Allen stepped up when Ryan Fitzpatrick and Dolphins just started to gel is very promising
  2. Well maybe the Dolphins arent as bad as people said they were.
  3. One thing i have noticed the past few weeks is Josh Allen is doing a great job of avoiding the pass rushers when they do come. He is moving better now then he ever has before. There were times in the past where he would leave to pocket to early and get in trouble. But in the first two weeks his pocket awareness seems much improved. There has been a ton of instances were a rusher is coming free and he just steps out of harms way and delivers a dime on the run. Big news is Milano and Edmunds both practiced today! Good news. It was good to get Dodson some experience against Jets and Miami but now we need atleast one of Milano and Edmunds back.
  4. Time to update this thread. Josh Allen officially wins FedEx Player of the week. Kinda surprised as Russell Wilson was on national TV and Allen's game was only aired in parts of NY and FL https://www.nfl.com/voting/air-and-ground/
  5. Wilson also threw a pick 6. Not his fault but its on statline and needs to be considered. And to be honest i think Patriots defense this year is way worse. They lost many key pieces.
  6. He just took the lead from Russell Wilson after trailing all day. Lets get him a Player of the Week Award!
  7. 1) Right now i think he is right behind Wilson. But i do expect him not to be after next week. Wilson will just be way more consistent. 2) Patriots have always been praised for beating up on Jets, Bills, and Dolphins... what makes this any different? We have Rams coming up so we should find out soon enough. Even if we lose if its a shootout i think thats a great sign. 3) Did you listen to the media... thats all they said was how great Patriots are. All the headlines said it 4) Too early to tell if the unit is mediocre. Only had 2 games and in their first game they only gave up 155 yards in air by not allowing any big play and allowed zero passing TDs
  8. Well i may put Wilson in slight lead. Last i checked he struggled and threw an INT butvlooks like he definitely picked it up. But depending on what stats you look at the leader for MVP has to be one of the two as Allen does have more total yards than Wilson. Allen did something that only Peyton Manning, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers has done. That right there puts him atop or near top of MVP talk right now. Kyler Murray I think is clearly behind those two. Less total yardage, less scores, and most INTs
  9. To be fair you gotta remember that Cam threw for 155 against Dolphins and everyone was talking about how great he was after week 1. And the Dolphins strength of their defense is at DB. They spent and added a lot of pieces there is offseason. Obviously they signed Xavien Howard and Byron Jones (Jones did get knicked up). But also they drafted Noah Igbinoghene in first round. And there rookie from last year Needham played pretty good. Its not like Allen just tore about some scrub defensive backs. That is a big strength ofvthat Dolphin team. Obviously he cant sustain this current pace and will come back to earth a little bit but he just had the best game of his career. Its almost impossible to cover Brown, Beasley and Diggs. They are gonna get open... Josh just needs to hit them. Do i think Allen will win MVP... no. Do i think he should be favorite rn yes...he has been the top passer through 2 games and has had success running. But like i said i expect him to come back down to earth and have Singletary And Moss get the running game going some more. However I do think he made another huge leap. Made a huge leap from year 1 to 2. And seems he has again from week 2 to 3.
  10. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs
  11. Josh Allen is currently NFL leading passer. As long as Russell Wilson doesnt throw for 407 yards then Allen is likely to be leading passer heading into next week
  12. The overreaction would be Josh Allen for MVP
  13. Kinda wanted to give it to Diggs just cause he is new to the team but that 50 yard bomb to Brown after just missing the exact same throw was clutch
  14. Well luckily Edmunds will probably be back. He was limited in practice at end of the week. Klein is being forced out of position. He was brought in as SLB in run situations. He just doesnt have the WLB speed. Surprised we didnt sign Lee as we did work him out before the season. He is super fast and could atleast match Milanos speed in coverage
  15. Dodson did make some great plays. I really dont think it was the players rather than the game plan. We were creeping LBers up all day... surprised Frazier didnt adjust when Fitz started going to middle of seams
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