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  1. 1. Mahomes 2. Allen 3. Rodgers 4. R Wilson 5. Watson 6. Dak 7. Lamar 8. Brady 9. Murray 10. Tannehill 11. Cousins 12. Carr 13. Stafford 14. Ryan 15. Herbert 16. Mayfield 17. Burrow 18. Goff 19. Lawrence 20. Roethlisberger 21. Fitzpatrick 22. Winston 23. Hurts 24. Garoppolo 25. Bridgwater 26. Wentz 27. Tua 28. Fields 29. Newton 30. Z Wilson 31. Darnold 32. D Jones
  2. We had a pretty good day today. My favorite selection is Marquez Stevenson. So much speed. Productive as a returner and a reciever. We also drafted Hamlin. He was #1 on Kipers board for over an hour. Added a 2nd 6'8 OT. NFL Network had him as #1 OT still on board. Drafted Anderson. An OG with plenty of exeperience. 1st team all Big 12 OG. And drafted a guy with the name Wildgoose... awesome name.
  3. I like Basham... it just means we are gonna have to drop a couple other good players which is the issue i have. We dont have room for anyone else. I guesd in hindsight i would have liked the selection way more had we drafted Tyson Campbell at 30.
  4. Screw it... lets get Ronnie Perkins at 93
  5. Hughes Addison Epenesa Obada Basham Rousseau Room looks way to crowded and the coaches really like Johnson as well.
  6. It looking like selection is gonna be Melinfonwu or Aaron Robinson.
  7. His 10 yard split was top among DEs. And I see that on tape. Honestly that is the most important number for a DE cause it shows his get off. And when i see his 2019 games I saw that quick get off. There is numerous instances were he just beat his guy to the spot and just knifed through the OL to the QB. And you failed to include his size numbers in your pro day results. And that may be particularly helpful to him. His length is super impressive. He can grab the QB when others cant. You cant teach size and length. Rousseau has the biggest hands in the draft... i remember seeing one play wh
  8. Either JOK or Samuel Jr. Im guessing the later.
  9. Im shocked... Etienne is taken by Jaguars even though they have James Robinson. Guessing Greg Newsome is likely selection if he makes it to us. That will be a nice selection. Disappointed we couldnt add an elite running game to our offense
  10. Some really good players falling a bit. Paye, Barmore, Newsome and Owuso-Karmorah made it into the 20s.band both RB still available.
  11. Miami had a chance to have a great draft and they blew it. Right positions but wrong players... Dovonta Smith and Kwity Paye should have been the selections
  12. My guess is CB. Its the most sensible choice but i want RB. Think that would improve the team the most and bring us to a whole other level. I think Asante Samuel Jr will be the selection. We are kinda in a spot were many teams in the past take a consensus 2nd rounder and give them a 1st round grade cause that specific teams likes them at the end of round 1. And I feel Samuel is that player for our front office.
  13. Under a different name as years previous... this used to be ML's Yearly Mock Draft. But of course I changed my username. But lets get into some football. This is probably the hardest mock Ive put together. There is so much uncertainty about who the Bills are interested in this year with no combine and in person meetings but ill give this my best shot. Round 1- Najee Harris RB Alabama: This is the only round I could see the Bills potentially selecting a RB. With Breida, Singletary, and Moss already on the team I don't see us drafting a RB unless its a clear upgrade. Drafting a
  14. Edwards better play from here on out. We cant stop Houston without him.
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