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  1. They put out a video of it. He did stumble at one point during the video. I remember watching it when it first came out and i thought i dont think he is drunk but it did look like he could have been with his stumble. And i agree. I think he was using a beer can as a spitter. Lets just be thankful an innocent man got proven right and there will be no suspension. Best case scenerio for the Bills and Oliver.
  2. Solid move. Offers more competition to replace Feliciano
  3. Jordan Montgomery is in for huge year. So happy to see him return last night.
  4. Not really... reported driving wrecklessly, had open beer between his legs, stumbled once during sobriety test. That would lead any reasonable person to believe he was driving under the influence and to make an arrest. But justice system worked out in this case for an innocent man.
  5. There is rumors that he was using it as a spitter for chew.
  6. He is an interim cause other umps opted out
  7. Well good to know that he wasnt drunk but id rather him not drive with an open container between his legs from now on.
  8. 12/13 year old me thought it was a brilliant idea to name me after a player lol
  9. Ive been waiting years to do this!!!
  10. Kmart128

    Name Change

    @Webmaster Can i get my username changed to kmart128. Ive been waiting so long to change this name. 13 year old me thought it was a smart idea to name myself after a player lol
  11. When did i ever say Josh Allen was an MVP type. If if healthy Cam is not MVP caliber... he lucked out one season. He isn't MVP caliber because he lucked into one years ago. He is not much more than a mediocre QB. Healthy or not.
  12. Gilmore is 99 but Tredavious White is a 89... wtf. Stephon should be about a 96 and White should be a 94.
  13. MVP type lmao.... Josh Allen has a better shot at MVP and his chances are slim to none. Even when healthy the guy had one tremendous year and has fallen way off since.
  14. This is ridiculous. Slap on the wrist again for multiple repeat offenders. This will just continue until NFL finally decides to drop the hammer
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