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  1. Because i feel who ever won the coin toss was gonna win. The defenses werent gonna stop the opposing offenses. Put it in your teams hand rather than the fate of a coin flip
  2. That wasnt a hold... he let go... but id rather us not score too soon anyways
  3. Im thinking that Daboll is gonna call for a QB draw and its gonna get stuffed on the first play
  4. Had a feeling all night the game was gonna come down to whom ever has ball last.
  5. Id go Boettger and Williams at RT. I think youre forgetting how great Williams was at RT last year. He completely shutdown TJ Watt last year.
  6. Are you blind.... the still shot clearly shows his arm in between Julio's arm not touching him at all...
  7. More on Spencer Brown... dude just got beat and forced an errand pass
  8. Contact did not occur until after ball hit his helmet. His left arm is clearly between Julios 2 arms andand his right arm is on the outside. No contact. Ball is tipped and he pushes him in chest. Legal defending
  9. While i know it doesn't matter but how was that PI on Hyde. There was no contact. Sure Hyde face guarded and didnt play the ball but there kinda has to still have contact for there to be PI. Just cause your not looking the right way doesnt make it PI
  10. They ruled his forward progress stop awhile before that hit to Allens head. Refs were blowing whistle and Titans just kept raking at ball and hitting Allen who was wrapped up.
  11. Titans cant freaking tackle... this may be a long night for them if they dont clean it up
  12. I have a bad feeling about tonight. It may be just because of last year and that Titans have Jones and Brown for this game on top of trying to stop Henry. Just a bad feeling
  13. Kinda suprised Boogie isnt playing. He is kind of a DT/DE tweener and feel he would be valuable in stopping Henry at DE. And Boogie has had a really good start in these 2 games he has played
  14. This will essentially be a home game for Buffalo. Its projected 58% of the stadium will be Bills fans. Bills Mafia has taken over Nashville.
  15. Couple bits of news. AJ Brown is now questionable with an illness. Vivid Seats project 58% of the stadium will be Bills fans
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