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  1. Under a different name as years previous... this used to be ML's Yearly Mock Draft. But of course I changed my username. But lets get into some football. This is probably the hardest mock Ive put together. There is so much uncertainty about who the Bills are interested in this year with no combine and in person meetings but ill give this my best shot. Round 1- Najee Harris RB Alabama: This is the only round I could see the Bills potentially selecting a RB. With Breida, Singletary, and Moss already on the team I don't see us drafting a RB unless its a clear upgrade. Drafting a
  2. Edwards better play from here on out. We cant stop Houston without him.
  3. He has been a huge part of this hot streak. Edwards offers this team much needed defense. Sucks refs gifted Houston that 3
  4. Yeah i dont think this stops us. Beane is known for signing adequate starting free agents to fill his holes and truly select BPA with his selections. He did the same thing last year. He signed Mario Addison but still drafted AJ Epenesa. This year he has signed a DE, RB, WR, TE, resigned a CB, RT, LB, and a RG... and id be willing to bet we use our 1st round selection on one of those positions. Adding a free agents necessarily doesnt take us out of a running for a player in draft cause he will take the best player on his board...
  5. He was in same program ad Christian Wade... Obada has been the only one with success so far. Efe is due for a breakout year at some point now that he has the experience
  6. What a diamond in rough thia guy turned out to be. I remember his first start with Robert Foster on other end And i remember thinking to myself wow we are terrible... now im glad to have him back.
  7. Crazy stat... Syracuse is now 8-2 all-time in games theyve been the lower seed
  8. Kadary Richmond and Jesse Edwards are huge difference makers defensively. They bring way more deflections
  9. Buddy Boehiem-16 Rest of Syracuse- 3 San Diego State- 18
  10. Thank god fo Buddy Boehiem... keeping game from being a blowout
  11. Josh Allen gets one of his favorite weapons from his college day. Will be interesting to see if Hollister can be a breakout type player with his chemistry with Josh Allen
  12. He has the knowledge and ability but his arm is dead. Very likable guy and knew our playbook in and out but he just cant make NFL type throws anymore. He may make a roster just on his ability to learn an offense and to be able to run a team but at some point it would be cool to prolong his football career by getting into coaching
  13. Ehhh i would say he is an upgrade as a #2 TE to Kroft/Lee Smith. Hollister did have 41 receptions coming off the bench last year. He has very limited starting action. Will be interesting to watch his chemistry with Josh Allen
  14. This Washington kid is terrible... how many times is he gonna miss coming down the stretch. Missed 3, multiple missed free throws and 2 missed layups
  15. Not sure how refs missed that goal tending
  16. Hope Barkley gets into coaching... id love to have him as our QB coach if Ken Dorsey becomes our OC next year.
  17. Id definitely take a look... dude didnt deserve to have his job taken. He has been nothing but extremely productive. Think he could make for a hell of a reciever out of the backfield for Allen as well.
  18. Wow Dalton gets paid 10 million compared to Trubisky getting 2.5 million. Is chicago idiotic... on what planet is Dalton worth 4 time more that Trubisky.
  19. I love the idea of having Trubisky as a backup. Very similar to Josh Allen in terms of style of play. I dont think Trubisky deserves as much hate as he gets. He is a 1st round QB with multiple 300 yard passing games.
  20. This is a perfect backup for Josh Allen.... if Allen goes down we wont have to change playbook much. Very similar skill sets
  21. Yeah when he doesnt shank them which happens way to often. As a holder he always has laces facing wrong way. And he can never pin a team within 20 yardline.. way to many Touchbacks. He took advantage of having very few punts on season and it will probably get him paid
  22. I could get behind it. Will be a nice camp battle between him and Gabe Davis.
  23. Well Bojo if officially on his way out. Haack does a way better job at preventing touchbacks
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