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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Now Sanchez just hit another HR against Baltimore. And Gleyber just had his 2nd HR to tonight. 10 of 12 HRs against Orioles lol
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Gleyber and Sanchez... Combine for 25 HRs on the season. 17 against the Orioles. Typically Judge kills Baltimore. They're probably happy he hasn't been playing as well
  3. AFC East is going to be the most exciting division, soon

    Yeah our offense definitely sucked. Our OLinr was terrible. But we signed 6 olinemen (Long, Nsekhe, Waddle, Morse, Spain and Felciano) and of course we drafted Cody Ford in round 2. On paper our offensive line looks so much better. Allen may finally get some time and not have to carry the team on his back and run all the time. The linemen we added are so versatile I think we should be able to find one combination that works. Right now I'm thinking LT: Dion Dawkins LG: Quinton Spain C: Mitch Morse RG: Spencer Long RT: Cody Ford So now the question comes down to playmakers. I love what we did on TE. Kroft is obviously solid when healthy but for a first time in a long time I feel that we have depth at TE. Drafting Knox in the 3rd and adding a elite blocking TE in Lee Smith. WR seems we have a bunch of #2 and #3 WRs but no true #1. And that is our biggest weakness at this point. We added John Brown and Cole Beasley. Both are very solid additions that should help Josh. Gives him a slot guy and with Joshs deep ball he will love John Brown big play ability. I think our offense comes down to Zay Jones and Robert Foster. Zay looks like a #1 WR at times and then there are games where you don't even realize he is on the field. You needs to be more consistent. I think the best receiver on the team though is Robert Foster. He was added as an UDFA after not living up to hype in Alabama. Comes to Buffalo and completely sucked. He managed to make the team because of Daboll being OC. But was soon cut. Then something clicked with him we signed him again due to injuries and cutting Holmes and Benjamin. He came back and looked like a completely different receiver. With his speed and Josh's arm that had instant chemistry and only made big plays. He averaged 20 yards a reception. If he can continue what he did at the end of last year and with our new OLine... Look out. There will be plenty of big plays between Foster and Brown. Obviously we have a top 5 defense and its only getting better with Oliver. We could still use a stud pass rusher but we have 4-5 solid DEs that should be fine.
  4. Jets fire GM Mike Maccagnan / Adam Gase will be acting interm GM

    Teams do this sometime. So they are not scrambling and have to hire all new scounts and front office right before the draft and make new big boards
  5. Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Have to imagine Singletary will be switching number after cuts are made. Maybe Jaquan as well be he was 4 in college so may want to stick with a number in the 40s
  6. AFC East QB & DT Tandem

    Definitely will be interested. A big reason for his huge rushing numbers and him breaking rookie QB rushing records was because of poor offensive line play. He has proven in his career he can improvise and carry a team on his back at the very least. Now we might finally get to see what he is able to do as a pocket passer. We will have 4 new starters on the OLine. Of course we drafted Cody Ford and signed Mitch Morse. But a lot of under the radar signings like Quinton Spain, Spencer Long, Ty Neskhe, LaAdrien Waddle, and John Felciano. There is so many different combinations that it should be easy to find one that works. Right now I think it looks like this but so many of them can change positions LT: Dion Dawkins / Ty Neskhe LG: Quinton Spain / John Felciano C: Mitch Morse / Spencer Long RG: Spencer Long / Wyatt Tellar RT: Cody Ford / LaAdrien Waddle I think that is a much improved offensive line from a year ago and I'm super excited to see Josh Allen hit Robert Foster on deeper plays some more.
  7. Derek Anderson Retires

    https://www.buffalobills.com/news/derek-anderson-calls-it-a-career Beane was aware this was a possibility before the NFL draft. Helps explain why Tyree was our first UDFA get. Jackson should have a very good shot at being our QB #3 now. Love his potential. And he get to sit and learn from a vet and another young player with similar skill sets
  8. Now what....

    The end of the year when Allen started playing well so did Zay. I don't think that was coincidence. Gonna be interesting to see who are starting recievers will be. Beasley will be in slot no question. Then our outside recievers between Foster, Brown, and Zay. They are all so even I don't know who will start. I think Foster offers most potential and fits Allen's strengths
  9. Predict the 53

    Only difference between Sills and them is that Sills was highly productive and should have been drafted. It is inconceivable why he wasn't. I have him rated as a 4th round guy. Like Singletary Sills was an endzone monster. Even if he struggles at the next level he will have a niche as a redzone threat. He reminds me of Chris Hogan and David Nelson... Except he is faster and can play outside the numbers
  10. Predict the 53

    QB- Allen, Barkley, Jackson (3) RB- McCoy, Yeldon, Singletary, Perry (4) FB- Dimarco (1) TE- Kroft, Knox, Croom (3) OT- Dawkins, Ford, Neskhe, Waddle (4) OG- Spain, Long, Felciano, Tellar (4) C- Morse (1) WR- Jones, Foster, Brown, Beasley, Sills V, Roberts (6) 26 DE- Hughes, Murphy, Lawson, Harold (4) DT- Oliver, Lotueleli, H Phillips, J Phillips (4) OLB- Milano, L Alexander, M Alexander, V Joseph (4) MLB- Edmunds, Stanford (2) CB- White, Wallace, Gaines, T Johnson, K Johnson, Lewis (6) S- Hyde, Poyer, Bush, J Johnson (4) 24 K- Hauschka P- Borjorquez LS- Ferguson 3
  11. UDFA Tracker

    Bills adding Tyree Jackson and David Sills V... Love it. Two of best players that went undrafted
  12. UDFA Signing List

    Jawan Foggie Charlotte LB David Sills V WVU WR Sills and Jackson? Two of the best UDFA available. Great job to land these two
  13. UDFA Signing List

    Bills signed OL Blake Hance Northwestern and Buffalo CB Cam Lewis
  14. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    I don't think we we're comfortable but rather than once we got passed day 2 that the likelihood of a player beating out Foster, Beasley, Brown, Jones, Williams, Mckenzie, and Roberts was slim. We need a #1 WR... Not likely to get that at that point so just go BPA. And wouldn't surprise me if we have a deal in place for a local kid like Anthony Johnson or Jamal Custis on a undrafted free agent deal if they don't get drafted.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft GDT

    So it we working this Florida and Louisiana area. Two of our players are from Louisiana (Oliver and Ford) and three from Florida (Singletary, Joseph, Johnson ). Then Dawson is from Tennessee. Adding a bunch of southern boys is never a bad thing.