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  1. Team Needs

    A true #1 WR is probably our biggest need right now. We don't have many needs on this team. We could obviously improve on some areas but we have serviceable starters at each position. Something I couldn't say the past two years. WR seems like the obvious need. We have a lot of slot guys and #2 guys but no legit stud reciever. Of the Group of Robert Foster, Zay Jones Cole Beasley and John Brown... I think Foster could be a #1 WR but it will take time to tell. Other than WR DE could be a need we have Shaq Lawson and Trent Murphy. Both are solid DEs but we could use a great pass rusher on the other side of Jerry Hughes which would solidify our defense as top 3 in the NFL. Maybe Guard. We are not sure what our interior will look like. We have signed. Spencer Long, Quinton Spain, and Jon Felciano. Then of course we still have a young player in Wyatt Tellar. And signing Mitch Morse means Russell Bodine may be able to switch over to Guard. And we could move Cody Ford to Guard and start Ty Nsekhe. We have a ton of options on OLine. We should be able to find one combination that works really well and if not Guard may become a need again but it's another one of those wait and see deals. Last position I will mention is TE. We signed Tyler Kroft who has an injury problem and is already hurt again. But he is solid when he plays. Also we drafted Dawson Knox but he is raw. Could be the next George Kittle or could just disappear. We could use an upgrade here. Especially if Kroft continues to get hurt. What I love most about this team is Beane sign a ton of players so we don't have many holes. It's why we drafted Ed Oliver. We could afford to go BPA with the state of our roster. If you asked me during the season to draft a defensive player I would have said no freaking way. But we signed so many players and filled so many holes that I was praying for Oliver to fall to us.
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    How did Bieber get MVP over Chapman? Both struck out the side. 0 hit, 0 runs. Only difference is Chapman did it in fewer pitches and got the save. Lol MVP makes zero sense.
  3. USMNT Thread: Wandering in the Wilderness

    They missed two hand balls by Mexico in the box. This is be officiated very one sided. A Mexican player grabs McKennie by the neck and nothing.
  4. Post-Draft/Free Agency Power Rankings?

    Well Wizards are obviously not good. But as long as they have Bradley Beal they're not that bad. And considering what they had to work with this off-season they actually had a decent off-season. They got CJ Miles and Davis Bertan for primarily nothing. Not saying we are gonna be good but I don't see how they will be that bad. They seem more stucked between getting good lottery odds and the playoffs which isn't good.
  5. Official Washington Wizards Thread

    Well the off-season looked pretty bleak but seems we made out pretty well considering the crappy situation we are in. PG: Isaiah Thomas / Ish Smith /John Wall SG: Bradley Beal / Jonathon Simmons / Admiral Schofield SF: CJ Miles / Troy Brown Jr / Sam Dekker PF: Rui Hachumura / Dave Bertans C: Thomas Bryant / Ian Mahimni / Mortiz Wagner
  6. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Crazy game... So many hits and line drives. And not a single error. Nice to see it end on an awesome defensive play as well
  7. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    DJ Lemahieu is to freaking good... He is on some hot streak rn.
  8. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Yankees just set the record for most consecutive games with a Home Run... On the first at bat of the night be DJ Lemahieu. And Judge just went back to back
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Stanton hit a bomb last night... The projected distance was 445 but it seemed a whole lot further than that. I can't remember any balls landing where his landed
  10. 2019 Home Run Derby

    Really hope Voit gets invited. He has worked so far to get to where he has gotten. He deserves a little spot light
  11. Official Syracuse Orange Football Thread

    Yo that gets me so stoked for next year already. And Syracuse is selling more season tickets then almost ever before. Syracuse fans have been waiting to be relevant again and this is legit the perfect time to bring back a classic look. I went to a couple games last year and even tho the Dome wasn't packed it was rocking the entire time. I'm expecting a sell out for Clemson and as long as we beat Maryland it's almost a given college gameday will be on campus. It's already ESPN primetime
  12. Syracuse agrees to long term contract with Dino Babers

    Don't know where else to put this but Syracuse unveiled new jerseys which looks like a more classic Syracuse look. Almost like the 90s but more modern. But Dino Babers is so freaking badass in this video Syracuse Football (@CuseFootball) Tweeted: Built on tradition. Engineered for the future. https://t.co/KEPLwkhW7n
  13. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    Not if Wizards decline his option like they're supposed to.
  14. Anthony Davis traded to Lakers (Ball/Ingram/Hart/3 1sts)

    Well it's not enough to get the Lakers from non playoff team to title contender and they gave up all their future. It's a short term move for them. In the long run its gonna hurt. Especially when James retires.
  15. Anthony Davis traded to Lakers (Ball/Ingram/Hart/3 1sts)

    Pelicans just robbed the Lakers on this one. That will be one young and hungry team.