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  1. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Awesome. Shortly I'll be looking at a puppy to train to be an antler shed dog... I've thought about Labs, Chessies, Boykin Spaniels, and German Shorthairs. Still unsure on what I should get... They all have their up and downs. I'm leaning Boykin or GSP
  2. Free Agency News

    Yes Jackson is the 5th QB off the board but Christian Ponder? No. Jackson unfortunately just came out a year with one of the best draft classes there is. Ponder was a reach due to a piss poor QB class. Ponder was considered a 2nd round pick before the draft... That would be equivalent of us taking Rudolph at 12. If Jackson came out last year he would have been drafted around we're Deshaun Watson was drafted. A mid first round pick is a mid first round pick regardless of their rankings among QBs... Doesn't mean he is bad. Just means it's a really strong QB class
  3. Free Agency News

    So you call you TCMD a total bust? Rough. I mean the current regime already traded up higher than you did lmao
  4. Free Agency News

    I wouldn't call it table scraps... If we draft a QB like Lamar at 12 he would be the highest QB ever drafted. Previous was Jim Kelly at 14. With the amount of holes we have (QB, RT, RG, C MLB, Nickle, WR, OLB) I could definitely see us just keeping all those picks and building a young talented team. At this point looking at likely price it's like this... What would you rather have? Option 1. (No Trade) 1. Lamar Jackson 1. Rasheen Evans 2. Christian Kirk 2. Tyrell Crosby Or 1. Josh Rosen/Josh Allen It's gonna cost us both 1st and both 2nd now... I'd rather take option 1 and just stack the team. Start McCarron this year, let Jackson develop and surround McCarron with young talent (something we are currently lacking)
  5. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I'd pass on that price... Patience is key here. Just like during Free Agency. We didn't freak out with all the QBs be signed... Arizona did and cost them Sam Bradford at 20 million. We remained patient and ended up with with McCarron at 5 million. I could see something similar with all these teams trading up for a QB and over paying and we just stay at 12 and take Lamar Jackson.
  6. Free Agency News

    No. That's how you get into trouble. We didn't freak out when all the QBs were being singed in free agency. That's the kind of thinking that got Arizona to spend 20 million dollars on Sam Bradford. Patience is key... I would take Lamar Jackson at 12 if worst comes to worst.
  7. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Even if the Bills don't trade up and sit tight at 12 this has been a success. A week ago the Jets we're pretty certain they would get their QB. We scared them into giving up 3 2nd round picks. It would be awesome if we trade up to #2 and they gave up those extra picks to have to settle. Plus they're the Jets... They'll probably take Josh Allen lol.
  8. Free Agency News

    At the very least we scared the Jets to give away picks... A week ago they thought their QB was gonna fall to 6. Even if we don't trade up we are not only in a good position but we put the Jets in a bad position.
  9. 2018 Spring Training Thread

    17.28 ERA so far this spring... Wow. Glad we ended up with Stanton now. Not saying that Shohei won't be good but if we had him that would make me extremely nervous
  10. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    I'd love to get me a Chessie... Great hunting dogs!
  11. Free Agency News

    We have been said to be interested in some CB free agents... My guess is holding out hope for Gaines before officially moving on. A lot like we did with Brown... Held out for his answer and when he did we focused on Compton. I think we are gonna go offense heavy in draft. Get a rookie QB. Get him a speedy WR. And get him protection. Maybe draft some defensive depth late.
  12. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Wrong region thread bro... Cuse is in the Midwest ;p
  13. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Nice call lol. I was watching selection Sunday and heard their name called... I looked at my brother and I told him that I liked their name. You always hear name like Huskies, Bulldogs, and Wolf Pack but never Retrievers.... Never thought they'd ever win tho
  14. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Wow... Just wow. I heard there name mentioned on Selection Sunday... And I said to my bro that I like their name but had no idea they'd win
  15. LB Will Compton to Visit Bills

    I like that Redskins fans rave about his football IQ, work in film room, and his ability to diagnose an offense. That is the exact quality I like for in a MLB and a Captain. As long as we surround him with athletes on the field I feel very comfortable with him calling plays and being the leader of our defense. He has speed... It doesn't translate to the field however. Sean defense always makes linerbackers look fast so we shall see. I think he is a good fit scheme wise.