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  1. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Can't go wrong with a 3.5 era through 127 games. Has a excellent career FIP as well
  2. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    Once Bill and Brady are gone they are gonna suck.
  3. Week 15 GDT: Miami (6-7) @ Buffalo (7-6)

    Even winning out won't clinch us. Still gotta hope Ravens lose or a couple losses from Jags/Titans.
  4. Week 15 GDT: Miami (6-7) @ Buffalo (7-6)

    We have head to head tie with KC. Chargers have head to head tie vs Bills. Charger Bills, Titans 3 way tie goes to Bills. KC, Bills, Titans 3 way tie goes to Chiefs. So if KC wins we are pretty much hoping Titans lose two games. But if Chargers win we gotta hope the Titans lose three games. Looking at their schedule either could happen. I'm not rooting for either Chargers or KC cause it's impossible to know what Titans would do.
  5. Maxmw22's First Mock Offseason

    Yeah he is still on my list. It would be silly not to have a former top 3 prospect on it. He is just much more of a risk that I don't think we should gamble with. If you're the Steelers, Patriots, Chargers or Saints then you could afford the risk in the 1st round. We are not in their position. They have vet QB who could groom Allen and not have to throw a guy straight into action who hasn't even been a good QB at Wyomings level.
  6. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Brandon Drury name has been brought up in trade talks with Yankees while discussing Patrick Corbin. This seems like the best fit. Corbin can slide into the 4th spot behind Sevy, Tanaka, and Sonny. Gives us a 2nd lefty with Montgomery. All other names brought up have been rightys. Corbin fits the rotation better. Team friendly contract that is set to expire. And he is a local kid from Syracuse. Brandon Drury plays both 3rd and 2nd. Most likely 3rd for us which is where he is better defensively. We have an opening at both positions so if Andujar or Torres is not ready then he could be the starter at either position. 1. Luis Severino 2. Masahiro Tanaka 3. Sonny Gray 4. Patrick Corbin 5. Jordan Montgomery 1. Brett Gardner DH 2. Didi Gregorius SS 3. Aaron Judge LF 4. Giancarlo Stanton RF 5. Gary Sanchez C 6. Greg Bird 1B 7. Aaron Hicks CF 8. Gleybe Torres 2B 9. Brandon Drury 3B That's a pretty good team. The scary thing is even with that trade we would still have a ton of money to sign a player. About 25 million left to stay under the luxury.
  7. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    Buster Olney is saying the Yankees are in on Machado. Oh my word. If this goes down. Best lineup ever
  8. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Wow... Padres took on all of Headleys 13 million. Awesome deal
  9. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Looks like door is open for Andujar... Maybe even Todd Frazier return
  10. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Front 3 is good but another good addition can take us to another level. 4 2nd and 3rd guys could make our pitching staff pretty great. In addition to Cole we are trying to trade for Fulmer. Also have Patrick Corbin on radar
  11. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Never know. What if there is a snow storm that weekend like the Bills had. Then QB play doesn't matter. Comes down to the more physical team. And I think the Jets would have the advantage with a guy like Forte.
  12. Week 15: Miami Dolphins (6-7) @ Buffalo Bills (7-6)

    Tyrod should be back in time. He was a game time decision on Sunday and practiced a little bit last week. Peterman was awesome on Sunday considering the circumstances of a blizzard. It's a shame the Colts player led with the helmet. Got a chance to redeem himself but got hurt. I honestly think it's not that bad. He walked off just fine. Didn't look bad, wasn't staggering at all. Normally when a player is concussed you can see it in his eyes. But he just seemed normal. I honestly thought there was a chance he could have reentered the game. Isn't it awesome to see meaningful Bills vs Dolphins games in December!
  13. Colts @ Bills Playoff Hunt on life support

    Wow Patriots lost. That could open up a door for the AFC East. It's a long shot but if Bills win out and Steelers and Jets beat the Pats we could take the division. Haven't checked into tie breakers yet because I'll let the next two weeks play out but it may have opened up a another path.
  14. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    I kinda would rather trade Frazier. He is a better prospect. Makes it easier to complete the deal. We don't have to add as much to the trade. And I think that Andujar is more important to our ball club and our farm system. There is very slim chance that Yankees find some willing to take Ellsbury... And say some team is willing to give us a bad of dorritos for him which we accept.... Hearing that Jacoby is gonna block all trades with his no trade clause and only wants to be here. So the chances of Frazier being a key player this year is out the window. He will likely be at the minors until an injury happens. And even then he is a 5th OF. And with Floral, Cave, and McKinney we don't lack for OF prospects. At least Andujar can compete for a job in spring training. Even it is Headleys job, he will likely be our backup 1st baseman which means we will need a guy at 3rd when we give Bird rest days... As well when Headley gets days off.
  15. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    That would make no sense. With aquiring Stanton for Castro it's looking like Torres will be 2B and Andujar will be our 3B