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  1. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Gary Sanchez is scorching
  2. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Summerslam Weekend BAY BAY! ~~\\~~

    Lesnar got legit beat up for a little bit. Had the clutch put on him. Followed by a spear through the wall. Followed by going through a table. Then another table. Then having a table thrown on him. Match was great until the end. Gotta put the belt on someone else. I think its Strowmans time.
  3. UPDATE- Boldin Retires after 2 Weeks with the Bills

    Happened to Patriots before with Reggie Wayne but wow what a jerk move by Boldin. If he felt that way why even sign. He had over a week to think about his decision... as of now top 3 is Zay, Matthews, and Holmes. Guess we will be looking for surprise cuts at the reciever position. I just drafted Matthews in fantasy late in a ppr so this should atleast get him more targets for me.
  4. Anquan Boldin Retires

    I mean this has happened with other recievers before. Reggie Wayne retired a couple weeks after signing with the Patriots. Its just a **** move by Boldin. Im guessing we will be waiting for cuts and see who is available. As of now our top 3 is Zay, Matthews, and Holmes. Not ideal but im sure there will be a suprise cut coming shortly.
  5. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    I feel so bad for Streater. He was having a terrific camp and a really good game. Thought he played his way onto the 53. Maybe this will give the team some inspitation to play as hard as Streater has been playing
  6. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    I believe that Jordan would be a solid possesion type reciever as a split end. He would fill that Woods role that we had but more talented.
  7. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    Well both Darby and EJ Gaines both got a INT... definite wash lol
  8. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    Anquan will be the slot primarily at his age. With Matthews and Zay on outside. Think Matthews will be the split end and Zay will be the flanker.
  9. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    2nd time we have been called for an illegal block in the back when there has been no contact. We have made some dumb penalties but the refs have also made a few terrible calls
  10. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    Tyrods been so far off its not even funny. Threw 2 INTs and had two dropped. His oline is doing him no favors but he has to be much better than what he is showing. A lot of these penalties is because of his scramblin which leaves no choice but for the linemen to hold or get his QB hit
  11. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    These penalties... whole new front office, new coaches, many new players. Same issue with penalties.
  12. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    Well that was a terrible call that lost us a ton of yardage
  13. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    LT is fine once Glenn foot gets better. Dion Dawkins is our 2nd round pick this year at RT. He is competing with Mills who was our starter last year. Dawkins has mostly played LT and he is raw but i think with reps he will be a pretty solid starter down the road. I could see us targeting depth at OT in next offseason.
  14. Preseason Week 2: Bills vs Eagles

    Probably Jones and Boldin with Matthews out. With Matthews then Jordan and Zay with Boldin in slot.
  15. Could actually be a blessing in disguise. Allows him to really get to know the offense and study the playbook before we just throw him in there.