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  1. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Wish we would throw the ball... This is so boring. We went way to conservative this half. We should be letting Josh get some experience and confidence.
  2. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Told ya I thought our defense turned the corner!
  3. Week 3: Bills (0-2) at VIKINGS (1-0-1)

    Lol at the poll... never underestimate a team that was a playoff team last year.
  4. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Its an old trick. Centers get away with it a ton. I think the ref called delay of game but the ref who threw the flag gave a false start signal. Flag was thrown with a second on play clock so think they annouced the wrong penalty. Think the correct call was a False start on Groy
  5. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Has a player ever kicked a ball to himself for an INT before? Milano has been amazing today. Sack, Fumble Recovery, and an INT
  6. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Unlucky? He tried to force it into a tight window and got his receiver sandwiched by Milano and Edmunds. Terrible decision.
  7. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Milano kicked the ball to himself for an INT! Holy crap
  8. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    That was a BS penalty. He led with the shoulder. If that a penalty then every single tackle should be called a penalty. Glad Milano put an end to the screw job
  9. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    That was a horrendous call by the ref. Perfect hit to prevent a first down. What BS
  10. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    That was a ticky tack call. That happens every play
  11. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Agreed. These illegal formations are killing us
  12. Week 3 Gameday Thread

    Imagine how many yard Allen would have if his receivers could actually catch the football. He had two long plays dropped
  13. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    Holmes is only guy on team who can catch
  14. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    That's some terrible luck right there. But if we can get 3 more points I'll feel more comfortable with this lead
  15. You Vike That! Week 3 GDT

    I think he didn't. I was thinking it was a catch and fumble he recovered. Think he had ball long enough