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  1. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Kittle initiated that contact.
  2. Offseason Talk

    Doubtful... Yannick tweeted about leaving Jacksonville recently
  3. Red Sox Cheated! Update: Cora Fired

    I mean of course... he was the mastermind of it all for the Astros. Then went to the Red Sox and did it with them even after being warned. He is looking at a lifetime ban
  4. Astros get the hammer dropped on them-Lunhow/Hinch fired

    Wow if that wass what Hinch got cant imagine what will happen to Cora. Cora was only coach mentioned in Astros investigation. Then got caught again with Red Sox after being warned for using an applewatch in dugout. Will Cora get a permanent ban?
  5. Im sorry about you guys lost. But what are your thougts on Jerry Colemam as Baltimore fans? This week he has been saying that the Bills got smoked at home to you guys and that the city of Buffalo was a city of losers. He seems like a freaking jerk. Bills fans are calling him out on twitter and he is blocking everyone. Guy seems like a freaking jackass
  6. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

    Crazy... NFL is crap. Time for XFL
  7. The XFL; Will You Be Watching?

    Disagree... the last league folded because they rushed the product to beat the XFL. They didnt take their time like the XFL did... it takes time to study the players and coaches to make it successful and it takes time to find out what the fans want. It seems like this league has been listening. Fans are tired of bad calls by refs... xfl has listened and boom they will be using hawk eye technology. Fans are tired of kickoffs becoming meaningless so they changed ruled that if its kicked out of endzone ball comes up to 35 yard line and the coverage unit cant run until after ball has been caught. Allows for player safety without taking out the excitement of returns. Fans are tired of OT rules with tie possibilities and a team can win without the other possesing a ball so boom they have a shootout at the 5 yard line. Then of course they got rid of extra points and just put 1, 2 and 3 point conversion attempts in which should makes games more interesting. I will definitely be watching to see Eric Dungey!
  8. Red Sox Cheated! Update: Cora Fired

    Cora could be punished twice for two investigations... one with the Red Sox in 2018 and one for Astros in 2017... thats crazy. Does he get treated as a repeat offender?
  9. Giants hire Joe Judge as Head Coach

  10. Mike McCarthy hired as Head Coach for Cowboys

    The Cowboys love mediocre coaches..
  11. Bills heading to Houston for Wildcard

  12. WC: BUF@HOU

    So this has happened before. Not at the NFL level but in college... player never downs ball and just flips it to the official... it was ruled a TD in this situation.
  13. My ideal offseason before the draft

    Spencer Long is a free agent im pretty sure
  14. WC: BUF@HOU

    If this was the case id rather they just did this and get it right than the reasoning the gave. I could understand this. But refs could offer sideline warnings for entering the field to soon. They have the ability to give sideline warnings.
  15. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    From and outsider perspective the calls have been really really one dimensional and i dont blame them for booing...