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  1. Bills sign E.J. Gaines

    I don't hate it. I'm a firm believer you fill holes in free agency and build through the the draft and draft best players available. Is the roster perfect no... But I don't see any major holes currently which is perfect. Can we improve at positions. Of course but looking at it now we have serviceable starters at every position. I couldn't say that last year at the reciever position or the OLine.
  2. Bills sign E.J. Gaines

    This team on paper looks so much better. We are actually getting proven players in their prime
  3. Gronk Retires

    Heck of a career. But after the Tre White incident he lost all of my respect.
  4. Post FA Mock Draft

    I like it. The only things I'd change is I'd start Felciano at RG. Much safer than a 3rd round rookie starter. And instead of Renfrow I'd go with a guy with more speed like Isabella and Bills seem interested in him at the combine.
  5. West Regional Thread

    This Baylor Syracuse game is insane. 19 combined 3s in first half. Both teams playing extremely well.
  6. East Regional Thread

    And in 2018 they lost to 11 seeded Syracuse
  7. West Regional Thread

    I think we definitely have a shot against Zaga. Do I expect an upset? No but no matter how bad we are our zone confuses a lot of teams in the tourney. Especially when they have very little time to prepare. We lost Howard but I think it may be a little blessing in disguise. Hurts our depth but our lineup is so much better with Battle and Buddy Boehiem at the guard positions
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Official Visits Time

    I think Levi Wallace is a freaking stud. I think our biggest need is a true #1 WR, TE, and a stud pass rusher.
  9. East Regional Thread

    Michigan State seems to always be on upset alert. Every year
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Official Visits Time

    I'm starting to warm up to Oliver based off our free agents. I wasnt very interested cause we just had so many holes. I thought it'd be impossible to fill them all. I was wrong lol. We had holes at C, G (x2), OT, TE, WR(x2), DT, Backup RB. We literally addressed every hole which is crazy. We can still improve at positions but I don't see any glaring holes that I once did. We have a serviceable starter at every position. Beane obviously wanted to put us in this position so we can build through the draft and go BPA
  11. Free Agency Thread

    I think this will be an inderrated signing. Him and Ty should have a nice battle at RT. And loser will still have a nice role as a swing tackle.
  12. Bills sign John Brown & Cole Beasley

    I'd imagine both Brown and Foster will be at the Flanker while Zay and Duke will be the Split Ends
  13. Bills sign C Mitch Morse

    This guy is an elite pass protector. Zero sacks given up since his rookie year of 2015 and he hardly gives up and pressure. That money is worth it to keep Josh Allen healthy and upright.
  14. Bills sign Tyler Kroft

    I think this is a very underrated get. We needed a TE in the worst way. I don't think he will ever be great but should definitely help in redzone. Especially with our new smaller WR corps
  15. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    That's the thing tho. Us fans seem to think that McDermott and Beane always have to bring in high character guys. When in fact they have not. They have shown they will bring in trouble of they have talent. But I believe they are going for the Patriots model. If you have a strong and stable locker room (which I say we have) then you can afford to bring in troubled players as they have to acclimate to the culture around them. And let's not pretend that Brown is always getting in trouble with the law... He is just conceited.