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  1. FGK


    I'm in, fine with keeping the current milb slots or going bigger.
  2. We're never getting it. It was a hand wave to let us move his money and not have to pay it. The pick is top 55 protected. So unless Houston has a top 5 record in the next few years we will never see it.
  3. He was graded on par with those guys second half of the season. I think you keep running the system that fits Baker best. They definitely went more pass happy second half of the season. I think we're just moving toward the pass making the run even better rather than the other way around.
  4. The hell is that overturn? Irving literally elbowed Sexton in the face, with full extension, called a foul on the court, and they overturn it? Why? Even the Nets color guy who yelled "that's not a foul!" in real time was resigned to it being a foul after watching the slow mo. Good grief.
  5. Out of position? Delpit never changed positions. He was hurt the last year. And besides, we shouldn't have. Every Browns fan knows in our hearts that that pick ALWAYS should have been Antoine Winfield.
  6. I think it was the covid end of year rules. With teams not having minor league programs a ton of guys got "called up" at the end of the year but never played. (My no longer minors eligible guys have 0 ABs, 0 ABs, and 0 IPs. Like, I'll make it work if I have to. But right now I'm looking at only having 9 MiLB keepers because it won't let me move any of my MiLB but not in a slot guys into that empty slot.
  7. This is our current defensive depth chart after budget cuts (Richardson), IMO. Bold is for sure, Italics is injury dependent. DE: Myles/Curtis Weaver Pass Rush DT: Jordan Elliot/??? Run Stuff DT: ???/Andrew Billings DE: ???/Clayborn/Joe Jackson LB: Jacob Phillips/??? LB: ???/??? LB: ???/Takitaki Speed CB: Ward/M.J. Stewart/??? SS: Harrison/??? FS: Delpit/Redwine/ Big CB: ???/Greedy/AJ Green Slot CB: ???/??? Who am I missing? Cause looking at this, we need two starting CBs (if you include slot), two starting LBs, a starting DT, and a starting DE. Plus dept
  8. I really liked an interview I heard with somebody years ago who compared your CB/S group to a basketball team. You have to be able to cover every different look you'll get. But that doesn't mean EVERY guy needs to be good in EVERY situation. That's gotta be our goal in the offseason. Ward is your "do everything" guy, but especially good at covering speed. So with his injury history, you try to find a second CB who can cover burner level speed. Then you look for a couple "big body" cover guys (This might be where Mitchell is best IMO, if I remember right Claypool's big grabs were mostly against
  9. See, I can't do that because it forced me to move them out of my MiLB slots at the end of the year if I wanted to set my roster. Which I could've not done, cause I was way out of it. But I felt like that was a jerk move cause it could screw up the standings for someone else. So now I have no clue what to do because 3 of my 10 MiLB keepers had to get moved onto my active roster.
  10. Absolutely not on Wade 1st/2nd round. If he played for a non-OSU school and had the year he just had we wouldn't want to draft him PERIOD. Let alone in the first two rounds. The guy was victimized by practically every good team or receiver he went up against. Exposed to a terrifying degree.
  11. We were scoring in buckets the second half of the season. The main reason we lost is because our defense is made of wet tissue paper. Sure, grab a burner at some point. But that's NOT a day one, or even day two, need. The only way it would be is if we are trading OBJ or a guy like Moore falls to us at the end of 2.
  12. What do we do with players who ended the year on the mlb roster due to covid stuff but who are still rookies/are gonna start in the minors? I've got a minor leaguer with zero ABs that it still won't count as a minor leaguer.
  13. Ooooooo. I forgot we stashed Alex Taylor. That's super nice. He's probably our swing tackle next year. AJ Green is a great stash too, very gifted, might be a good depth piece in year two of the system.
  14. Offseason Priorities: 1. Decide if Woods is the DC going forward - While a lot of our defensive issues were talent based, the scheme was lacking at times (and that's putting it nicely). I'm assuming they will roll it back with Woods for the sake of organizational continuity, but they should at least have a conversation about it. 2. Fix the Defensive Personnel Issues - We need 1-2 more STUDS as well as 5-6 more quality depth guys. We need... a. CB2 (I am assuming Greedy's nerve issues derail his career. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I'll be pessimistic for now.) b. LDE (This co
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