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  1. Was about to be 3rd and 17 deep in their own territory and you call roughing for THAT. That is the weakest call I've ever seen. He didn't even fall down. He didnt even realize he'd been touched.
  2. This officiating is *$&#ing brutal. Just insanely bad.
  3. The battle for greatest mod is over. All hail the king!
  4. By far the most important thing for our coaches to make the call on right now is whether these last couple games of Baker being shaky are due to injury or if he really just has a mental issue with OBJ being out there. If it's injury, ride it out and chill. If it's OBJ, you gotta trade him. It's not his fault, and he's getting open a ton so it would hurt to lose him. But 2020 Baker w/o OBJ is miles better for our team than the with-OBJ Baker that we've seen so far.
  5. FGK

    FFMLFB V 2

    I'll stay in unless something happens with life/work to force me out.
  6. It's a good thing we don't live in such a violent, unenlightened location then, huh? (End Gentle Taunting)
  7. I'd put him up there with Stafford, the other three are above him though. So he's in that 4-7 territory, just raw arm-strength/throwing ability-wise.
  8. Yeah, I actually think they've been moving toward this EXCEPT for the Allen extension. But multiple people have reported that they think they can move him later (I think they might be making the same mistake as with Love there, sign a giant extension assuming he'll be tradable). Markannen and Mobley are actually very much so what you would want offensively next to a Simmons type guy.
  9. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/32250236/sources-ben-simmons-report-done-philadelphia-76ers Looks like things are hitting critical on the Simmons/Sixers relationship. I don't love it, but this feels like what the team has been working to prep for.
  10. Just found this. So if Schwartz doesn't stop the route, Mayfield could've been 19/20. That's some crazy accuracy and efficiency. Especially when still getting 10 YPA.
  11. For those who were watching live (west coast and had a meeting after church), who was Baker's pick on? Like, his fault or Schwartz. I saw a highlight of it and it sure looks like Schwartz broke off his route when the ball was mid-air.
  12. I have a boatload of prospects. If somebody is looking for a massive upgrade to their farm system after the championship round is over, shoot me a message.
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