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  1. Rubio's value is as an expiring contract. The other two you are correct about. I'd hold and make some small moves to bolster depth. Mostly because I just don't love anyone who is available right now (at a price we would want to pay) as a fit for us long-term. And I think Okoro and Sexton's trade value will both go up by this time next year.
  2. Two years. I'm saying there is no way to compare two years in McDermott's stable tutelage and the Bill's consistent coaching staff to the Hue Jackson/Freddie Kitchens meat grinder. I think if we draft Allen, he's probably broken by year three and the year two breakout doesn't happen.
  3. Because he wasn't coming off a year where he set the rookie TD record in 14.5 games? Like, Baker showed enough as a rookie to buy himself a bad year. You think Josh Allen, with as bad as he was as a rookie, with the Hue/Freddie combo, would get to that 3rd year breakout? I think Berry/Stef would've been looking for a new QB.
  4. If our big three stays healthy and on their developmental paths, that's a contender. If they do that AND Okoro turns into a legit 4th piece? Good grief. And they actually fit well, there's nobody in that foursome who needs 20+ shots a night to hit their potential. Allen - Rim protection, roll man, insanely efficient, able to impact the game on 10-12 shots a night Mobley - Defends 3-5, can playmake from the 4, creates turnovers, size mismatch, legit superstar upside Okoro - Perimeter lockdown, slasher, corner 3s, 3 and D on steroids Garland - Insane range and shooting, distributing a
  5. 100% It took Josh Allen 2+ years to start looking like this version of himself. NO WAY he gets that with the instability of our coach/FO situation those days.
  6. Came back from an 18 point 3rd quarter deficit. Garland with 27 and 18 (!!!). Dang this team is so much freaking fun to watch. PS - We're on a 60+ win pace when Allen/Mobley/Garland all play.
  7. Unless we go absolutely ballistic in FA, like, 2 of the top 10 WR's level crazy, I will assume our pick is WR until proved otherwise. If we DO go ballistic in FA, I STILL think this FO isn't gonna take a LB top 15. I think they'd go OT, OC, DT, or DE first.
  8. He won't be ready to play until November, so it might be a good fix for future years, but not year one. And some team with a great roster will pick him up late first round anyway.
  9. Yeah, I'm not saying we don't ALSO need a bounce back year from Baker or a QB upgrade. We 100% do. I'm just talking draft/FA strategy because I don't see a QB that I am confident gives us an immediate upgrade in either the draft or FA, and the trade candidates seem unlikely to me.
  10. To support this point: So PFF graded about 4 WR's per team. Higgins/Schwartz ranked as mid-low #4s and DPJ/Landry as mid-low #3s. That sounds about right to me. So, if you bring in a legit WR 1 and WR 2, we still only have an average WR room. If you bring in a WR 1 and WR 3, we're below average.
  11. MLB brass legit decided to give themselves a month long holiday break.
  12. I mean, even if we keep Jarvis, I think DPJ is more suited as a #4 and Schwartz as a one-trick pony #5. I'd like to see us pick up a true #1/2 in FA (Godwin, Robinson as #1's, Chark/Gallup/Kirk as #2's) and also use our first round pick on Wilson/London.
  13. Mobley deserves credit too, he helped on that side to force Fox to pull back from the drive, Rondo did a great job sticking tight, Mobley is the one who guaranteed that the shot came from the line instead of from around the basket. Absolutely true. We are down 3/4 of our top guards pre-season (Sexton, Rubio, Okoro) right now and are only getting Okoro back, who is the one of the 3 with the least creation skills. If we want to compete for a 4-6 seed this year, we need to swing a deal for a secondary creator. We ARE however a year ahead of schedule at this point. So I'd understand i
  14. I'd want to know what the heck went down this year. Seems like something we'd have to do some serious detective work on before I'd be willing to give up what they'd be asking for in a trade.
  15. The backwards world San Fransisco Giants. We'll have to plan accordingly (one year tank, one year superbowl, back and forth).
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