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  1. Yeah, he's definitely a penetrating, upfield focused DT as opposed to more of a space eater. But that does sometimes make for splash plays in the run game when he ends up in the backfield during the handoff. But yeah, you're not signing him to dramatically upgrade your run defense.
  2. Yeah, it's a good question. Because the guy who started over him is pretty universally considered to have played much, much worse than him. I have a low view of that coaching staff, so I'm willing to chalk it up to incompetence and personality dynamics. But obviously I don't know for sure and could definitely be wrong. The guy's college film is INSANE. Not sure I've seen another DT his size use OGs as battering rams to beat their own QBs into submission the way he did in NCAA.
  3. Health concerns. He has a heart condition that makes strenuous athletic activity dangerous.
  4. I personally would not be opposed to this. Our FO is not going to do this. They just do not value the LB position highly enough to burn our 1st round pick on one. At this point, imo, that pick is a DT/DE/CB/WR or a trade down targeting a specific player.
  5. Funny thing is, it doesn't really matter. Even without him we are 2 deep at center, 4 deep at guard, and 4 deep at tackle in guys I would love to see make the final roster. This line is the best in the league starting AND probably has the most depth in the league.
  6. The FO has earned the benefit of the doubt from me. So I'll wait and see what we do with the cap space. If we get Mo Hurst and a boundary corner, excellent, great job. If we get Geno Atkins and someone else? Awesome, love it. If we don't get another DT until the draft and we sign a meh player with Richardson's cap? Then I'll be bummed. But this FO doesn't operate without a reason. I gotta think a signing is incoming.
  7. If present day, 25 year old Maurice Hurst was in this draft, I think the only DTs I would take over him would be Barmore and maaaybe Milton Williams. Now, Hurst will have to be paid which obviously makes a big difference, but just pointing out that it's a weak, weak DT class and Hurst is underrated and has been underutilized by that coaching staff.
  8. The Maurice Hurst half of this confuses the heck out of me. Gotta think SOMEONE would've given up a late round pick?
  9. I think his chances of sticking around are gonna be tied to how high of quality the DE we get in the draft is. If we get a DE in the 1st, I doubt Weaver makes it. But let's say we go CB/WR/DT with our first 3 picks. Then take a developmental DE in the 4th. In that case, maybe we keep an extra on the roster for depth, in which case I like Weaver to beat out Gustin for the spot.
  10. Add OG Blake Hance, LB Elijah Lee, DT Sheldon Day, and RB John Kelly to the bubble spots IMO. None of them are guaranteed to make it but I think they'll survive until TC and get to compete for a spot. Good grief, this roster is so good right now.
  11. Yep. It was dressed up as a fix for tanking, but it really did further establish the supremacy of the big market teams' ability to build through FA and trades for superstars.
  12. They evened out the odds a lot. So you still get better odds being in the worst slots, but it's much less of an advantage than before. Old pattern. New chances So, for example, if you had the best odds, you used to have a 65% chance to get a top 3 pick. Now it's only about 40%. You used to have a worst case scenario of the #4 pick, now it's the #5 pick and you have an almost 50% chance of that worst case scenario happening (as opposed to about 35% chance before).
  13. Yeah, it would be totally on the medicals for me. If the team doctors are comfortable with Farley, then it's him. Otherwise I am happy with Rousseau.
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