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  1. Yep. I'm glad that Okoro developed as the year went along. But I'm not passing on the superstar caliber guy in order to fit around Isaac Okoro. No way. If it was dead even between Mobley/Green for me, then maybe. But I don't think it is (could be wrong obviously), so I'm taking Green and then figuring it out from there. Garland Green Okoro/??? Nance Allen For this year, with Sexton, Windler, and Prince as your primary bench guys. That team is bad for one more year, grab a SF in the draft, use the cap room from dumping Love to grab depth at PF/C, and compete for the playoffs i
  2. Man, Jalen Green would be such a good backcourt fit with Garland. Garland is the primary distributor and the one who keeps the offense flowing. Green would be (imo) an above average secondary ball handler, but would struggle to be a PG type distributor. And Green has already shown that he's much better shooting within the flow of the offense rather than hold and shoot. And defensively Green is big enough to guard small 3's and fast enough to guard the best 1's, so Garland can hide on the other team's worst offensive player. I'm starting to lose hope that we get Green. I think Houston/Detr
  3. Saw a comparison I liked for Green today. Said he often gets compared to big guards like Lavine because of his height, but play style is more like a 6'6 Ja Morant.
  4. Yeah, I'd probably do that as a Cavs fan. The Harris salary is huge, but it's not like we want to be spending it on anybody else right now (stares daggers at Kevin Love), and the shooting would be hugely important to our offense and open things up for the young guys to develop offensively.
  5. Yeah, I was gonna say realistically Bosh with less OFFENSIVE polish out of the gate but more defensive versatility.
  6. I'd take Green #1. And I like Cunningham a ton as a prospect. For me it boils down to ceiling/floor and I see Green having a higher ceiling and about the same floor (that's way oversimplifying but I'm low on time lol.)
  7. Yeah, but the way they did this (especially Baltimore) was that they would draft their OLB/DE/DT of the future in the 3rd/4th round, develop them for two years, let the old guy walk in FA to get a comp pick, have the new guy take over. Eventually we'll have to start doing that because we simply won't be able to pay everyone.
  8. The big questions are going to be: 1. How much money are we putting into the OL from year to year? When do we have to start going with a backup who is only 80% as good because he's gonna cost 10% of the starter's salary? My guess is 2023 but we could see one casualty to this next year. 2. Which of the high quality backups do we keep, which do we cut, and can we get value from the ones we are gonna have to cut or try to sneak onto the PS eventually. We can probably only keep MAX three of the five bubble guys. So of the guys below on the bubble, who can we get value from? Guys who
  9. I get this, and I get why they'd go that way. If they can use him as the cornerstone of a Beal or Dame deal then you 100% do that. But I don't think they'll pull that off right now, and that failing, Hield/Haliburton is a fantastic Embiid-centric backcourt option. Bagley becomes a lottery ticket, either he improves in escaping Sacramento or you use him as an expiring deal to grab a 3/D wing. That's a championship contender roster next year if everyone stays healthy. Like, that's the #2/3 seed in the east behind Brooklyn and maybe Milwaukee next year, right?
  10. We legitimately have 11-12 linemen currently on the roster that I hope make it for the season. They all won't, there isn't space, but just having that many guys is insane! Like, I think our starters are the best OL starters in the league, but I think we ALSO have the DEEPEST line in the league. Crazy man, this roster is ready. If Baker is 2nd half of the year Baker we will be a true SB contender and top 4-5 power rankings team all year.
  11. Hard no. Toppin didn't show anything last year and that pick isn't worth much either. Sexton is a tough fit with our other core players, but he also showed some very real signs of developing into a very efficient, high-volume scorer last year. I get that we won't get full value from him because of both contract timing and our team situation, but I think if you can't do better than that you hold onto him and hope he accepts a role as an overqualified bench scorer.
  12. He's a 4th year senior too. I'm assuming they went this way because he's a good risk, but also because as a 4th year senior they probably set up an under-slot deal with him, allowing them to spend more on their picks today and get guys who are slipping because of high bonus demands.
  13. Yeah, I think I'm leaning this way too. I would love for him to make it, he's the most proven of all our DTs against the run. But if he doesn't get back into game shape by the end of the month, this DT room is too loaded to carry someone who's not ready to go.
  14. I think a lot of us, both in here and in the NBA draft forum, have been leaning this way, but I just wanted to say once and for all... I'd take Jalen Green #1 in this draft. I like him and Cunningham both a lot. But Green looked more impressive (IMO) against a higher level of competition this year. I think he's got the higher athletic upside both on offense and defense. Cunningham's length will compensate for a lot of that. I think both are gonna be stars. But I'd take Green right now.
  15. I legitimately don't agree with any of this haha. Like, this is the pessimistic take, which could certainly be the case! But Jordan Elliot's pass rushing grades in college were incredible. And Wilson is clearly not your run of the mill UDFA. Togiai, while I think excelling as a gap control guy, could certainly generate some interior pass rushing productivity. So, while I think it makes sense to view each of them individually as risks, I think collectively we're very likely to have one of them pop this year.
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