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  1. They broke it down after week two. It was mostly that he held his gaps in the run game, got a couple pressures, and just generally has been solid. Which, with the shortened offseason and how interior DL are not usually amazing their rookie year anyway, makes him stand out.
  2. Experience and finding them the right coach/system and giving them time to develop in it. I think we underestimate how important coaching/system/development is for young players because the star-laden teams can switch coaches and immediately go 100%. With the younger guys, I think it's important to find a coach who is good at development and let the youngsters grow in a system that has the right balance of things that make them comfortable and things that challenge them to grow and get better.
  3. I'd be projected to beat 9 out of the 11 other teams in the league. And I'm getting demolished because @ReggieCamp went god-mode.
  4. He was the 13th pick and Garland was 4th. Garland was a consensus top 5 guy in the class. We were probably wrong, but so were 9 other teams and pretty much everyone in the league. This "look, a better player got taken 10+ picks back! We suck!" thinking is ridiculous.
  5. FGK


    Yeah, that was what I was thinking about haha. I'm mostly just not used to a league where rosters lock for non-playoff teams so I was wondering about a weird situation like that.
  6. FGK


    So, with rosters being locked for non-playoff teams (which, what the heck?), What is gonna be done about new players entering the player pool during playoffs? Do only the playoff teams get a shot at them?
  7. And that personal foul was the weakest call I've seen in a long time.
  8. Yeah, I'll take "meh" over what's going on right now (Sendejo and Goodson).
  9. I noticed, I think it was on the OBJ TD, that he did an awesome job reading the incoming blitz pre-snap and redirecting the OL so that they could pick it up. I really think Mayfield can be special in a few years. We just need to be patient and let he and Stefanski grow together.
  10. So, people keep talking about 15 keepers. The rules on the site just say "dynasty". What is the reality here?
  11. Some thoughts as I watch through the highlights and am reminded about my thoughts from the night: Our secondary is missing 3/5 of it's starters. Our LB's are missing two of the top four. And boy is that obvious. Sendejo and Goodson especially ugly. This is what the offense is supposed to do. Nasty run game makes the pass game even harder to cover. Baker in rhythm was nice. This is the best RB duo in the NFL and it's not remotely close. The Richardson sack of Burrow was the funniest thing I've seen in AWHILE. Burrow trying to spin out and Sheldon just grabbing his shoulders and sitting him down. Priceless. There were some BAD missed calls on Cinci. Holds on Myles and OBJ all OVER the place, two blocks in the back on the second long return. Refs are in midseason form.
  12. Well. The defense is missing 3/5 of the starting secondary and two of the top 4 LBs. And boy does it show.
  13. I thought the Bengals claimed Seibert? Did they put him on their practice squad?
  14. How are we the only team in the NFL who gets called for that pick play OPI?
  15. Agree on both points, which is unfortunate cause I think Njoku could be awesome if he stayed healthy and had a bigger role. I liked the OBJ trade, but it has soured on us BAD. You're absolutely right that his hands have gotten worse, he's not trying hard on routes, it's crazy. What was that lazy #$$ route where he rounded it so much that he was running out of bounds and didn't have time to reestablish? That was crazy for a professional to do that just because of a lazy route and not a jam by a defender or something.
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