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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVxGIfKSOoU
  2. I mean, Dean might be a great LB, but our FO just doesn't care about LBs. I don't think that changes here. Strongly, strongly disagree on the gap in WR tiers. London/Wilson/Burks (and Williams if he were healthy) are a clear, clear tier. That second group all have some major questions to address. I don't really care how we assess folks scouting-wise. Dumping Hooper/Landry/OBJ and adding zero FA's and a pair of 2nd/4th round rookies means our WR is going to be one of the 3-5 worst in the NFL. No question. WR takes time to develop, only the truly elite are shot out of a cannon their rookie
  3. Our FO does not value traditional LB enough to spend a 1st round pick on it. This off-season would be the death knell for any hope of Baker success in 2022, basically locking us into a ? at QB going forward. I'm not on board with that.
  4. Pre-injury I had those three plus Williams in a tier. But the thing is, depending on how the draft goes, it's entirely possible that 2/3 of those top, healthy guys are gone before we even pick the first time. A trade down makes the most sense if you think guys like Olave/Dotson/Pickens/Bell are really close to that first tier.
  5. Looked like a bad, bad sprain. We're gonna need some shooting to step up or to acquire some in a trade.
  6. Yeah, I think you either are or you aren't sure at that point. And if you aren't sure, you have to start behaving like he isn't the choice.
  7. We've got that year. Either he bounces back from the injury and it's clear we should keep him, or his bad habits continue downhill and it's clear we shouldn't. I think we just need to pray for not another injury or something similar that takes away our evaluation year.
  8. That's crazy. You're 100% correct, guy just reaches out and deflects the ball randomly. Shouldn't that be a technical foul? I'd assume he'll get fined for it at least.
  9. Aren't you lucky to be watching this season then!
  10. 100%. I'm pro keeping Baker for sure. But part of the reason for that is that there just isn't a clear upgrade available that leaves enough in the cabinet to do what needs to be done at WR and DT.
  11. Baker has way, way more upside than Minshew. I'd agree their floor/average is about the same. But Mayfield at least has the possibility that the injury this year was massively limiting him and that he'll bounce back to late 2020 form once he is healthy again. Or heck, not even that high (late 2020 was like, top 6 QB level). But at least top 10-12.
  12. I freaking hate Alex Caruso. Rams into you full speed and then flails like he's been shot to draw a foul. He's the defensive version of Harden's offense a couple years ago.
  13. FGK


    Are we getting this thing back off the ground sometime next month?
  14. His lack of development has been hugely disappointing. I remember he had the highest PFF pass rush grade for a DT in his class. I was really hopeful that he would mature into our disruptor on the inside, and it's just never happened.
  15. Sure, the Rubio expiring + a pick could get us a depth guy or even a quality rotation guy if it's a better pick. But I think we're still in a rough spot if Garland, Allen, or Mobley were to miss a series. I think Sexton will get more valuable once he's back. It seemed like he was doing better playing in the flow of the offense in the preseason and that was the word out of camp. But I get the desire. Hield is a great, great shooter. But as someone else pointed out, his horrible defense might kill the vibe of the team. Gordon makes a lot of sense. But I don't think I'm giving up
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