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  1. I'd put him up there with Stafford, the other three are above him though. So he's in that 4-7 territory, just raw arm-strength/throwing ability-wise.
  2. Yeah, I actually think they've been moving toward this EXCEPT for the Allen extension. But multiple people have reported that they think they can move him later (I think they might be making the same mistake as with Love there, sign a giant extension assuming he'll be tradable). Markannen and Mobley are actually very much so what you would want offensively next to a Simmons type guy.
  3. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/32250236/sources-ben-simmons-report-done-philadelphia-76ers Looks like things are hitting critical on the Simmons/Sixers relationship. I don't love it, but this feels like what the team has been working to prep for.
  4. Just found this. So if Schwartz doesn't stop the route, Mayfield could've been 19/20. That's some crazy accuracy and efficiency. Especially when still getting 10 YPA.
  5. For those who were watching live (west coast and had a meeting after church), who was Baker's pick on? Like, his fault or Schwartz. I saw a highlight of it and it sure looks like Schwartz broke off his route when the ball was mid-air.
  6. I have a boatload of prospects. If somebody is looking for a massive upgrade to their farm system after the championship round is over, shoot me a message.
  7. He was awful Sunday, just really, really bad. And against meh at best edge rushers too.
  8. Great news. With the Texans and Bears the next two weeks, I'd be real tempted to just let him sit until Minnesota. Or at least until Chicago.
  9. He was fantastic. These teams are both absolute monsters. I still think Buffalo gets there, but if Josh Allen regresses at all, the top tier of the NFL is gonna be Bucs-Chiefs-Browns. Looking forward to playing again in January. Excited that the defense has significant potential to get better as the year goes along.
  10. That's not what analytics folks mean. The current analytics consensus is that unless you have a Chubb/McCaffery/Kamara/Cook/Henry type talent, the typical replacement backs are all going to be similar to each other enough that you shouldn't break the bank for them. That isn't an argument that all RB's are the same, it's an argument to not pay them like they are special if they aren't. And it's an argument that you can find adequate RB's for lower prices during any given off-season. But the key word there is "off-season". Because it's not. We're right at the start of the year. Not onl
  11. He adds so much value in the running game. Not only in what he does, but in the respect he commands that allows the other guys to do what they do. Does anyone think Dobbins is a 6 YPA back in an offense without a Lamar type QB? Gus Edwards a 5+ YPA guy? So I get where you're coming from, but I see how he'd be up there for sure. I get the skepticism. But I'm still gonna laugh when the conversation next offseason is between a group saying he's clearly top 5-7 now, and a group saying he needs to show it for longer. And it will probably be the same people saying he's top 8-10 right now wit
  12. Football Outsiders has him #8 in their "Pull every QB out of their offense, how good are they" rankings. 538 Had him #7 in their ELO ratings.
  13. Football Outsiders says #8. And 538 had him #7 in their ELO projections.
  14. Especially since we have like two full weeks to run it up pre-week 1.
  15. You call people insecure for disagreeing with you and then expect them to be fine with it? How exactly do you think this is okay?
  16. Yeah, strongly disagree here. Obviously it's dependent on whether or not you buy the last 12 games of 2020. But he was absolutely better than both of those guys during that period. Less volume for sure, so I guess you can argue it wouldn't translate with more?
  17. Definitely fair to withhold judgment. But the sample size is 12 games including playoffs. I think the top 3 he's referring to is PFF grade.
  18. Either you have a weird definition of constructive conversation, or some sort of amnesia. Have you had recent head trauma?
  19. Making fun of people when disagreed with or faced with any pushback is super mature though?
  20. Plus we've got Schwartz to take the top off unlike anybody could last year. And the DPJ year two leap sure seems to be real from camp and the preseason.
  21. Man, I wonder what could account for the variance and predict which part of the sample might be the more accurate indicator moving forward?
  22. I mean, comparing stats for a third year player whose first two years were with some of the worst coaches in the last decade, vs. numbers for a guy who didn't start until he was playing for the greatest offensive HC of our generation...
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