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  1. Josh Rosen vs Sam Darnold

    Yep. Yep. The only guys truly worth considering in our situation (clear, 1st round need) are Rosen, Darnold, Jackson, Mayfield, and maaaaybe Thurston or Rudolph, though I would say no on both of them. Rosen, Darnold, Jackson, Mayfield. Outside of those four, I'm not interested.
  2. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    I counted earlier in the year and five of his picks were on balls the receivers tipped to defenders or the one play against Indy where Williams ran the wrong route and Kizer threw it right where he should've been. I mean, he's been blech. But with our WR corps, the playcalling not helping him until the last couple weeks, and his age, it's fair to say that we just don't know for sure yet. That does NOT mean don't draft a guy. But it means you can at least have the conversation (and still end up drafting a guy lol).
  3. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Dude. Lynch had been out of the game for years, working in broadcasting and with teams. And when he was in the league he sat in on the draft room every year because he was already really interested in that stuff. So at least there are hints of interest and aptitude there, I haven't seen a single story about Peyton's amazing desire to be in a FO or his skill at evaluating players or running an organization. And beyond that, your best example is a guy who has been a GM for one year, and who drafted an RB in the 3rd who was OFF THEIR BOARD the day before, because he called the kid and felt good about him? Like, I get it, Peytoooooooon! But there's just no relevant information that says he would be good. Now if he works in a FO and does well for awhile, then sure, sign me up! But right now guys like Lynch and Elway are the exception to the rule regarding former players working in FOs, not examples of a widespread trend of success. And where the heck are you getting your information? Urinals? Cleveland sports radio callers? That's more trustworthy? What has Mike Singletary ever done in his life to make you think he's an awesome coach or should be in a FO?
  4. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I was assuming it was for some assistant job on the defensive staff, haven't seen any info about it being FO. Singletary is an idiot. Follow a couple guys on twitter who work with former coaching colleagues of him when he was an assistant, to a guy they all say he's an idiot and a bad coach. I'm really hoping it was just Williams doing him a favor and getting him an interview for like assistant LBs coach. I don't get the Peyton obsession. I really don't. Dude was an amazing, cerebral QB who has shown no talent for or proclivity towards team building. There is a huge difference between running an organization and playing QB. There is a huge difference between reading a defense pre-snap and watching film to know who is going to be good and bad at the next level, or in a different system. Now, he COULD be good at that, but you guys who want to hand the whole team over to him right now are nuts.
  5. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Site rules: No Politics. Cut it out.
  6. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    Here's the thing with the audible. I think it works if he doesn't trip/slip. There was a hole over RG/RT that he was heading into that was big enough to take a truck through. So, I'm against it in principle because it doesn't allow a 2nd play, but I definitely get why he wanted to do it.
  7. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    It's not impossible. I wouldn't say it's likely. But it's not impossible.
  8. Do you know enough to give up on Deshone Kizer?

    Yeah, I think we haven't seen even close to enough to give up, but we've seen enough to be discouraged and unless something changes bigly in the next eight games, we've seen enough to know that we need another option going into next year.
  9. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Definitely with you here. In fact, if we stick with Hue, I definitely wouldn't want Jackson and would lean away from Mayfield. I think both need much more creative offensive minds (somebody like Reid or McVay).
  10. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Oof. I just don't agree at all. Which is fine, people who both know what to look for look at guys all the time and have different takeaways. But from a purely "looked better this year" perspective, all three of those guys have looked better than Darnold. Now we can argue traits, vision, surrounding talent, etc. But I don't see how Darnold could be considered to have had a better year than the other three at all. BTW, I think Lamar Jackson is gonna surprise people. He needs a ton of work on consistency, but he makes a lot of throws that are next level good, and he has a lot of drops that I watch and go, "hmm, that looks like our WRs!" in that his receivers are baaaaad this year.
  11. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    I haven't figured out how to fancy split, so I'll just do one sentence per chunk lol. 1. Come on, that's willfully obtuse. Age can't be the #1 factor, but you'd expect a 24 year old rookie to be more polished than a 21 year old right? It's not huge, but it's not nothing. 2. I mean, it can, or it can turn around. Goff looked historically bad last year and Wentz looked barely meh. QB takes time to develop, maybe moreso than ever now with the coaching and offensive styles at the college level. 3. We really trying to polish the Mitch Trubisky turd? 4. I don't get this one. Goff was one of the worst QBs in NFL history last year statistically speaking. 5. I mean, no $%^& sherlock. Who exactly is arguing against this. 6. Notre Dame COMPLETELY changed their offense man. You can't just say this stuff if you don't watch the games. They're running a wing T with a bunch of QB runs. They also had a huge NFL exodus in 2016 that sapped the 2017 team from which they've started to recover. I'm not sure if Kizer will pan out or not, but IMO this post was really unfair and seemed to be motivated more by wanting to rub brownie's nose in it than in rational argumentation.
  12. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    No way in heck we need one of our two big FA signings to be an RB AND to take one in the 2nd. One or the other, cool. But no need for both. I don't buy Darnold coming out, I think he's going back, and if he did come out, man I'd be nervous to take him over some of the other QBs who have actually looked good this year. Really like Fitzpatrick there, and I like OT and WR in the 2nd.
  13. Manning Save Us. Mock.

    That FO organization style is dooki. Jim Bob Cooter isn't a very good coach. Alex Smith isn't worth that haul (even though I don't think he's as bad as some do). Like the picks but don't think Ridley gets out of the 1st. Also not sure what the trade is about.
  14. 2018 Browns Mock Offseason to end all mokks blah blah blah

    You gotta read whole posts man. I'm saying I'd rather take Barkley #1 than Allen, who isn't a first round prospect, and then get one of the three I like at #4 where he has us picking via the Texans. Also, the Broncos won a SB with "a bunch of good players and no QB." Don't give me that they had Peyton, he was as bad as Osweiler that year. I want a QB, but overdrafting a D2 QB who has been awful every time in his career that he's faced a legit defense isn't the way to do it. And I loved Wentz, was only okay with the trade down because I didn't want him dying behind our atrocious Oline that year, so it's not just the D2 thing, he looks AWFUL this year. The "rocket arm" isn't there, he's inaccurate as heck, and he is making terrible decisions. I mean, really, what first round QB traits is he flashing this year but size? You know who Josh Allen is? Blake Bortles, but with less production, at a lower level. Gimme Rosen, Jackson, or Mayfield. Whoever separates himself the rest of the season and through the process.