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  1. Would you trade Baker Mayfield for...?

  2. Would you trade Baker Mayfield for...?

    Knew I would forget someone. I get the name being brought up for sure, but it's a hard pass for me. I felt WAY better about Baker coming out and we have seen that Goff could be awful with bad coaching. Pair Baker with McVay... boy that would be something to see.
  3. Around the NFL and General discussion

    You just described Ogbah. Doesn't get sacks but disrupts in other ways. Clowney is an upgrade, but I don't think he's a 20M AAV upgrade.
  4. Would you trade Baker Mayfield for...?

    Here is me being as close to objective as I can be when Mayfield was probably the biggest draft stan I've had since... maybe Joe Thomas/Calvin Johnson over AP? Guys I would strongly consider trading Mayfield for straight up: Patrick Mahomes - This is closer than people would probably think. I just think that Mahomes has a big advantage in physical tools while only having slight drop offs in leadership, accuracy, and field vision. It's darn close though because of Reid, if Mayfield was in KC's offense I wonder if he'd be doing 90% of what Mahomes is now but as a rookie? The age difference is what ends up making it hard for me. Even though he's in his 2nd year and Mayfield is a rookie, Mahomes is younger. Aaron Rodgers - I know the shine has been tarnished a bit this season because of the bad record and McCarthy getting fired, but has anyone checked his stats in a BAD year? Dude is 23-1 TD-INT with the longest INTless pass streak in NFL history. In a badly designed, ten year old offensive scheme. Can you imagine him in an innovative offense? Wasn't it Brady who said he would be passing for 6K and 50+ TDs every year with Bellichick? I believe him. The age is the only thing that makes this close, if he was 30 instead of 35 it's a no brainer. Aaron Rodgers is a top 5 GOAT candidate. Russel Wilson - Dude is dragging a BAD offense this year and still has 29 TDs to 6 INTs and while he's not the runner he was he picks his spots really well and gets 6 yards a carry on 3-5 runs per game. I would strongly consider this one but I think I'd say no in the end. Guys I could see an argument for, but I'm a strong NO: Phillip Rivers - Again, if this was 28 year old Rivers I would put him in the category above. He's still performing at a very high level and I can see the argument, but I just believe in Baker's future way too much. Deshaun Watson - Dude has been very solid this year, but I don't see the potential that Baker has. And his injury risk seems higher with his play style. Matt Ryan - I think Ryan is a freaking enigma. Sometimes he looks awesome, but he's just maddeningly inconsistent and I think he's benefited from having great weapons for the vast majority of his career. Carson Wentz - I'm worried by the post-injury regression. If you gave me a time machine and I could get pre-injury Wentz and keep him from getting hurt, I would put him in the category above. As is, Bakeshow. Andrew Luck - Very similar to Wentz except that he's now come back from the injury and looked great again. I think he's the one in this category who is the closest to making the jump to the next one up with one more injury-free, excellent year. But he was out for two full years due to injury. That is too worrying to me for now. Drew Brees/Tom Brady - Age. All there is to it. Big Ben - What do I look like? Pittsburgh? I don't do the date rapists/domestic abusers thing. Also he's sucked lately. Darnold/Rosen/Allen/Jackson - Nope. We got the best one. Hail king Baker. Final Verdict: I see a strong argument for Mahomes, and Good ones for Wilson and Rodgers. But I'm ride of die Baker. I don't know if those other guys have the leadership abilities that this team and this city need right now. If we had taken Mahomes, maybe I say stay with him (probably). But Baker is who we've got, and seems like the freaking perfect fit so far. No need to mess with a good thing. Ride or Die Baker MayGoat.
  5. Would you trade Baker Mayfield for...?

    I could see anything from 3-6. I think you take Rodgers, Wilson, and Mahomes. Everyone after that is a maybe to me. I'll post thoughts on a bunch of them later.
  6. Simple poll to discuss. How many QBs in the league right now, if we could trade them straight up for Baker, would you take?
  7. Official GDT, WEEK 15, Cleveland @ Mile High

    Excellent GDT. Bravo.
  8. What do you like most about Baker?

    Accuracy and Field Vision. Said it when he was on his way out. If you have those two things at an elite level and at least adequate arm strength, you're going to be a good QB (health allowing).
  9. Earth 2 - No Hue

    Up to you. I intentionally didn't list out everything. In my mind, no, he's not. I think Mayfield showed enough pre-season to win the job. I think with Kitchens, he's the day one starter.
  10. Official GDT, Week 14: Browns vs. Panthers

    You petition is granted. Add it to the list. So let it be.
  11. Official GDT, Week 14: Browns vs. Panthers

    These are the only acceptable ways to refer to Mayfield from now on: Baker MayGoat Baker Goatfield Goat Mayfield PSA over.
  12. Earth 2 - No Hue

    You have been deposited on Earth 2. An alternate world in which everything is the same, except that Hue Jackson was canned in the off-season. Greg Williams was given a shot to be HC (would I? No. Would Haslam? #shrugemoji... And this is simpler than trying to plug in a new HC and guessing that too) and Kitchens was the OC. Having learned this info, what would you expect our record to be right now, assuming no ties? (Reminder, we are 5-7-1)
  13. FF MLB Veterans League

    Reminder: I too will need a replacement for next year. It's a good roster. 2nd place for the 2nd year in a row. Shouldn't have too much trouble finding a taker.
  14. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Yeah, I'm not dumping on the process. Just pointing out that you can't see the way he operates and then call the dude a "man of honor". Whatever that means, I don't think it's trying to benefit professionally off of DV charges. Not dumping on the process. Just saying if that's how he operates, we gotta be realistic about it.
  15. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I mean. The dude makes it a habit to take at least one player per draft who drops because of drugs, domestic violence, lying, etc. Like, he actively seeks guys with awful character to get deals on them.