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  1. Salt-in-the-wounds poll

    I feel the need to say it again. I think we are aiming to compete for the playoffs next year, and for championships sometime in the 2019-2020 range. It's entirely possible that Joe is still a top 5 tackle in 2019. So, no. And that's not even talking about what he means to the franchise.
  2. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    I don't think that's remotely fair. Most of those guys ended up being limited by things outside of their mental game. Weeden is a statue, Quinn's arm fell apart for no apparent reason, and Colt had a noodle arm from the beginning. Johnny is the only one you can point to and say, "that dude was not mentally prepared for this stuff." Like, I'm not 100% sold on Kizer being the future, but this is a legit compliment from one of the greatest players in franchise history, who isn't one to gush for no reason, and there's no need to diss it in order to continue being on the fence about Kizer.
  3. Cleveland Indians tHread - Lindor is still goat

    Absolutely amazing month or so here. My math says ten games left for us and the Dodgers, eleven for the Astros. We are up 1.5 on the Astros and down one on the Dodgers. Should be a good stretch run.
  4. The Next 4 Games Will Determine the Fate of Our Regime

    I hope we go 3-1 too, I don't think we need a top 5 pick this year to go after the positions I think we'll be targeting (WR, CB, S, possibly OT, RB). But no, I don't think the FO/coaches are done if we don't do well in the next few games. I think they have at least until the end of next year.
  5. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    Agree wholeheartedly. I'm coaching this year in the Central Valley in CA. We've had a couple games in really hot weather that's led to my kids getting bad headaches. Even once they're "feeling better", I've never had a single one play 100% once they start feeling symptoms and it's almost always concentration errors and mental mistakes that wreck them. I was surprised they even let him go back in the game honestly. That said, assuming this isn't an enduring problem, I'm with you that it's in this next six-eight weeks that I want to see some real progress. I'm not expecting him to go full all-star on us, but I'd like to see him take fewer sacks, get rid of the ball quicker, and be a tad more consistent with his accuracy.
  6. Josh Gordon to end treatment, seek return

    I give the Gordon chances something like this 5% - Comes back and is awesome. 10% - Comes back but isn't what he once was. 10% - Comes back and we trade him. 75% - Ends up suspended again, if not immediately then within a year.
  7. Josh Gordon to end treatment, seek return

    Let's try to steer this back on topic, thanks all.
  8. Week 2 GDT - In the land of Crab Cakes

    I think this ends up being a question of who can get loose for one between Wallace and CC. I vote CC. Browns 16 - Ravens 13
  9. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    I strongly support this idea.
  10. Texans watch: 2017

    I'm betting the other way. Rookie QB on a short week. BoB has NEVER shown a propensity for changing the offense to fit his QB. I don't see more than 30 COMBINED points in this one. Probably like a 13-9 final or something awful like that.
  11. Greg Williams Defence.

    What the......
  12. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWindians!!!! 20 in a row!!!
  13. Week 1 GDT: Stillers at Da Brahnz

    From PFF: "Haden’s first game in a new uniform coincidentally came against his former team. While he broke up a pass early on, the rest of his outing was average at best. He didn’t give up any major plays, but did allow six catches for 80 yards and a 106.3 passer rating into his coverage." Haden isn't good. Getting real tired of the national media narrative that letting him go was some sort of continued tanking.
  14. 2017 Adopt A Brown

    Getting skipped hardcore... I'll take some Lunchables and go Crowell.
  15. NFL Retroactively Suspends FA K Josh Brown 6 Games

    "Guys, look, look! We are tough on domestic violence! ... When it's a kicker. Who's retired."