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  1. Dorsey a genius????

    Courtland Sutton says hi.
  2. Dorsey a genius????

    GDT is up. I think it has basically been a free for all this year. I know we did a sign up earlier this year. If someone could find that and let me know what the thread title was that would be swell.

    1 - Hire Lincoln Reilly as HC. 2 - Sign Grady Jarrett. (I'd prefer a WR here to turn the offense into a nightmare. But all the best ones got locked up. Demarcus Lawrence is a great option too. Either way, since our biggest O need is not available, go for making the D amazing.)
  4. The 53: Player, Roster, & Acquisitions Talk

    Yeah. I don't know if we need to argue about which of the 10's is hotter when they're both interested in us.
  5. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    The problem with this is the Green Bay/New England comparison I made in another thread. A good coach's job is to implement a system that best fits his players' talents and abilities. Belichick changes the system every year for 15 years according to talent and how Brady has developed as a player, and they win multiple superbowls and are in the AFCCG every year. McCarthy barely even puts a "system" in place beyond "have Rodgers run around and then chuck it" and they have gone to one superbowl in a deacde of the career of one of the top 6-8 QBs of all time. Green Bay has been "Rodgers offense" for a decade, but the guy is a QB not a OC. His job is to work with the plays he is given. I would feel way, way more comfortable pairing Baker with someone I am confident knows what they are doing rather than just having him go out there and do what he can with a bad system.
  6. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    I am unsure. But if it was 100 I probably would still have used them all up by now. You get a tiny football! And you get a tiny football!
  7. GDT - Prime Time - Browns to ground the Jets

    It won't let me tiny football this. Consider this quote a tiny football. This is where I am. I have 99 reasons to fire Hue but not naming a starter to satiate our Baker Hunger ain't one.
  8. ST coordinator sucks; Amos Jones.

    I'm sure they could find some college ST coordinator whose contract didn't lock them in too tight who could do the job. Hell, find some hotshot HS guy to come in and make it at least unique. Right now it's a super boring unit that sucks at it. If it's gonna suck, at least make it fun/interesting.
  9. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    Nah, I get this one actually. Losing a starting job due to injury hurts man. This gives them time to let Tyrod recover a little before making the announcement. Hue handled it badly, should've said, "We are enjoying the win right now, we'll get back to work for next week's game and I'll let you know as soon as I've told the team and made sure everyone involved gets to talk to me about it in person." or something like that. But the decision to delay announcing who the starter is, that's a professional courtesy to Tyrod and, bad as he's been this year, it's the classy move.
  10. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

  11. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    Legitimatley, my #1 fear for our long term future as a team at this point is that Baker saves this coaching staff their jobs and we get stuck in a Green Bay McCarthy type situation where we have the talent to go to the Superbowl year in year out and our coaching holds us back. I was really looking forward to some offensively brilliant coach coming in next year to take Baker and this group, add a stud #1 WR, and wreck the league.
  12. ST coordinator sucks; Amos Jones.

    Pretty sure I said when we hired him that we seemed to be doing just that, trying to find a ST coach worse than Tabor. Seriously, in three years with the Cardinals, his units were bottom five in the league, almost every year, in kick return average yards, punt return average yards, punt/kick return yards allowed, AND ST turnovers. The guy did THE worst job imaginable, the AZ fans were JUBILANT in getting rid of him... and he still got another job. I'm pretty sure this is the strongest "The NFL isn't a meritocracy, it's about who you know and who you are friends with" cases I've ever seen.
  13. Denzel Ward

    I've been preaching to reserve judgment on Ward. But I think it's basically a closed case at this point. Dude is a stud. If one of the pass rushers doesn't go crazy and Ward stays on this pace, he's a serious DROY candidate. Even with the beastly opposing schedule of #1 WRs this year (Michael Thomas, AB, Green, Keenan Allen, Tyreek Hill, Demaryius Thomas, Julio, etc. by the time we are done).
  14. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    I just went back and watched every snap of Baker's. Without drops, he's 20/23 for about 270 yards. In 2.5 Quarters. That's a full game pace of 32/37 for 430ish yards.