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  1. Pre-Combine Mock: A Game Of Trenches

    That free agency group... Ooof... Ugly.
  2. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    I'm swinging for the fences. FGK Selects: Luisangel Acuna, SS, TEX @umphrey is up.
  3. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    *Minimum. And top as in best, as in worst first round picks.
  4. LB - Meh. If we keep Schobert it's average or above average just because there are only so many LB's in the league who make a difference in coverage. If not, it's ugly as heck unless Mack/Takitaki make a jump fast. OL - Our interior is above average because of Bitonio/Tretter and could be elite if we get a stud RG or one of our youngsters develops. Our OT's are some of the worst in the league. QB - I think we still have a situation that half the teams in the league would trade theirs for if we assume that the Freddie stink comes off this year, so above average. List of teams that would at least have to have a long conversation about flip flopping QBs with us because of skill, age, or contract - NE, TEN, BUFF, MIA, PITT, INDY, JAX, DEN, OAK, LAC, NYG, WAS, CHI, DET, GB (yeah, I said it, he looks old), TB, SF, LAR (contract). That's 18, so even if you knock out 6 of them, still thoroughly average. But I'd say above average, with potential for elite with a bounce back year.
  5. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Heavy moving parts deal for BD and I. BD Gets: OF - Jorge Soler 1B/OF - Trey Mancini OF - George Valera SS/2B - Jeter Downs BD's 2021 1st round pick FGK Gets: OF - Ramon Laureano 3B - Matt Chapman 1B - Andrew Vaughn 2B - Aaron Bracho BD gets some position flexibility, power/obp, and his first round pick back. I get a little younger, some speed, and a top 10 prospect. Overall, I think it's a very even deal and we both get who we like. BD liked Soler/Mancini more than I did and I was lower on Downs than the consensus and owned Valera in all three of my leagues. I think the four players are all pretty even (Soler - Laureano, Mancini - Chapman, Vaughn - Downs, Bracho - Valera) except for the Vaughn/Downs pair, that was where I was okay paying the 1st. I think BD is a top 6ish team this year, so I'm okay trading Downs and the #10 pick for Vaughn. Especially when I have three other 1st round picks in my pocket. I have way too many prospects right now and would like to start turning two solid prospects into one great one, this is the first move in that direction.
  6. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Welp. My top two from when I last picked goes the two picks before me. Well played, well played. FGK selects: Alejandro Kirk, C, Toronto @nagahide13 is up.
  7. Which Offensive Tackle Do You Want?

    Pretty much. We HAVE to come out of the draft with one of those guys, barring a trade or really unexpected FA splurge. So if three are available at 10, and I have all of them graded equally, I'm not moving down more than 3-4 spots. That's me personally. If I absolutely loved a bunch of the tier 2 tackles I might feel differently. But while I DO like a lot of the 2nd/3rd round guys, I feel like that top four is a solid tier and I want one of them. To specify why I have them as I do (knowing I like all of them), I feel like Wills' effort is often meh, that Thomas seems like a jack of all trades master of none. Those are the only "knocks" that make me elevate Becton (truly special size/speed combo) and Wirfs (pulling and outside zone ability).
  8. Which Offensive Tackle Do You Want?

    I'd say Wirfs/Becton are 1a/1b for me, then Wills, then Thomas. But I really like all four, it's splitting hairs and who is best in 4-5 years will probably largely depend upon coaching, health luck, and intangibles that we can't fully gauge. It's a good year to need an OT, which is super lucky for us, because Jeeeeeeez do we need tackles.

    I would love to move up in the milb draft. We have two rounds left, I have a late 9th and early 10th. Sooo, my late 9 and early 10 for your early 9 and late 10? Anybody?
  10. FFMLFB

    So, we need to adjust the reserve spots on Fantrax. We are currently listed as having 26 reserve spots instead of 26 total roster spots hahaha. As much as I'd love to go through and roster like fifteen more minor leaguer's, I think that would be frowned upon.
  11. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    My reaction to Umphrey and Naga taking the two guys I was debating in my mind for this pick. FGK Selects: Gilberto Jimenez, OF, Boston I believe @umphrey is up.
  12. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Apparently I'm all in on him since this will mean I own him in all three of my leagues... FGK Selects: George Valera, OF, CLE @nagahide13 is up.
  13. FFMLFB

    Oh praise the LORD! Thank goodness someone finally took Trammel. I do not believe in him, he scares the bejeebers out of me, but it was getting to the point where, with his athleticism and pedigree, I almost felt I HAD to take him. Thank you @BillsGuy82. Thank you.
  14. FFMLFB

    Dammit Biggio. You took my "Brendan Rodgers time to get healthy and adjust" bridge.
  15. FFMLFB

    Great pick @davisblack. SWR has huge potential, had a great, great year, and is super advanced for his age. Plus, if the Mets trade you away, it's basically a rule that you become a top prospect elsewhere (see: Kelenic, Jarred).