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  1. Whats up with Baker

    There are a ton of factors that many have pointed out, but I think it boils down to this: Baker historical has excelled in a quick passing, quick processing offense where long developing plays are the exception, not the norm. It really seems like this Monken offense has been very much so NOT that so far. How much of that is on the coaches and how much on Baker we can't know. But we desperately need to move towards more quick reads.
  2. Fantasy Football

    You almost had me. Almost.
  3. Fantasy Football

    Hey now. Most of his points have been through the air this year. It's cool, not all of us could be so forward thinking as to have had Lamar over Sam "Kissing behind the bleachers at half time" Darnold in their draft rankings back in the Baker Baker Baby Maker draft.
  4. Fantasy Football

    Lamar is like the one player I got in most of my leagues who has paid off big time so far.
  5. Fantasy Football

    I saw that. Sorry, busiest time of year by far. Solid proposal but I don't like any of the TE's on your team currently and thus can't really give up Kelce.
  6. Week 1 NFL Gameplay Discussion

    That coaching staff is the gift that keeps on giving... away our good players to the rest of the league.
  7. Week 1 NFL Gameplay Discussion

    Like, seriously. Someone convince me that Bellichick didn't get a message to AB at some point over the summer that if he got out of his contract in Oakland then the Pats would sign him.
  8. Week 1 NFL Gameplay Discussion

    The funniest part would be AB being instantly super normal. Like the whole thing was an act to get the heck outta Oakland.
  9. Week 1 NFL Gameplay Discussion

    Hue was such a horrific talent evaluator. Especially at QB. Never met a dud he didn't love or a stud he didn't have a problem with.
  10. Fantasy Football

    Yep. We will see if it holds through tomorrow at which point we'll check it out.
  11. Week 1 NFL Gameplay Discussion

    That Bears offense is just awful
  12. The Time Has Come - Browns/Titans GDT Thread

    We have nothing to fear.
  13. Cut Thread

    Yup. This is the upside of having a bunch of nerds around. You know how this happened... Someone in the FO: Man, I wish we could keep Drew Forbes through roster cuts so he could go on IR eligible to return. Nerd overhearing: You know...