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  1. Trading Down

    My thoughts: The Pats have been able to rebuild on the fly around a franchise QB multiple times because they are constantly keeping the pantry stacked with extra picks, especially extra 2nd/3rd round picks. This draft is pretty flat outside of the top 4-5. An OT at 15 and an OT at 35 are probably going to be in the same tier of prospects. Same for WR. The only spot I'd say that might be different would be DL, especially DE. I want a dynasty. Screw competing for a year, I want to knock the Pats off their throne and be playing in the AFCCG more often than not. The way to make that work is to have a franchise QB (Check, God I feel good saying that), and having more picks than everyone else. So I'm in for a trade that sets us up this year (extra 2nd or 3rd round pick) and next year (extra 1st-3rd round pick depending on how far down we move).
  2. Two-Rounder (with a few FA predictions)

    I can't see the Browns passing on Jonah Williams if he slips to them in the 1st.
  3. Browns: I get the Marquise Brown thought, and I wouldn't be mad, but IMO with how the team looked last year and Baker's style of QBing, you nailed it with Wilkins and Edwards.
  4. Post-Simmons ACL mock.

    Browns thoughts: I don't get Dexter Lawrence in the first round. And I don't think he fits what the team will be looking for at DT next to Ogunjobi. I think Hockenson, one of the CBs, or one of the OTs would be a better pick. Omenihu and Jackson make a lot of sense, so does Edoga.
  5. 2019 1st-Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    Baker is not a bad pick for the Browns. But if Jonah Williams fell that far? I have trouble seeing Dorsey passing up on a LT of the future to protect our new franchise QB for a #2 CB.
  6. First Round - First Mock for 2019

    Oof. JJAW is good at a total of two things. Posting up, and post routes. A 2nd round pick, eh, okay. But mid-1st? No thanks. Polite, Baker, Wilkins, Hockenson would all be solid picks there.
  7. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Yeah, @pnies20, I just saw this too and I think it's crazy. You're not getting a solid starting DT right now for 4.5M AAV (a quarter of those suggested Jarrett contracts), let alone a top of the line, pass rushing DT. I mean, I'd prefer to go after McCoy, but there is a reason Jarrett is gonna get paid this offseason.
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Ten years ago? Definitely. Today? I don't know. September is seven months from now, that's probably absolute best case scenario, could be back in time for a playoff push. If we take an OT at #17 and sign a top tier DT in FA, I think Simmons would make a pretty great 2nd round target.
  9. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Pat McManamon listed his "bold prediction" for the Browns this offseason as releasing Collins. Why does big Cleveland media suck soooooo bad when we have part time guys like Jake Burns and others doing such great work?
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Elite might be too strong of a word, but he's the best TE blocker I can remember who is also a really good receiver since... I don't remember Kelce's blocking being elite but I'll trust you on that one. So since 2013? Howard I remember being but I think Hock's is better than I remember his being.
  11. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Agreed. He is a far, far above-average catcher, who is an ELITE blocker. He's the rare TE that you can put on the field and the D has to be scared of his impact on both a run and pass play. He's like Njoku for those 6 games in 2017 where he miraculously learned how to block out of thin air (and somehow forgot in the offseason). Dude should absolutely be picked before 17. If he lasts to us, I might say screw needs and take the BPA. I would looooove to be able to roll out 12 and 22 personnel packages where the D has no clue whether we are throwing or running and most everyone on the field is a threat in both scenarios.
  12. TRD 2019 Pre Combine Mock

    Thoughts: I think we end up with at least one "stud" in FA. Either that or a lot more mid-tier guys. They're going for a championship now. I don't like the trade down, as it seems to be valuing Ogbah as about a early 4th round pick and even as an expiring contract, assuming we are trying to compete this year, I would rather have him as my #3/4 DE than a 4th round pick. Especially since Houston is no spring chicken. I'm always up for moving down to pick up 2nd/3rd round picks, especially in drafts like this where the strength will probably be in that area, but including Ogbah is a head scratcher to me. I think if Jonah Williams and Jawaan Taylor fall that far I could see Dorsey just taking his pick of them. Same with Wilkins. I'm on team "All the LBs looking worse under Gregggggg wasn't a coincidence" and hoping for a Kirksey bounce back. With the nickel being the new base defense, I don't see a LB as a top 2 rounds need. I don't like Collier anywhere NEAR as much as you do, but the late 3rd isn't the worst place to be taking him. Again though, I think Collier as our #4 DE makes a LOT more sense to me than trusting him to be #3 by shipping out Ogbah.
  13. Two schools of thought with roster building this year

    Agreed. Everybody else has a lot more growing to do. They might be up there in a few years, but it seems like only Mahomes, Mayfield, and Watson of the 2017/18 classes are ready to compete right now.
  14. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Good point, for some reason I thought the top ten protection dropped off after this season. So the plan should be: Suck this year, pick a stud. Deal K-Love and whoever else we can this offseason for picks and young players, sign guys to mid range deals who lose out in FA and spin them off at the deadline for future picks. Suck next year, move Knight's expiring and those mid-range guys for future picks, pick a stud. That would take us into the 2020-2021 season cheering for a core of - Sexton, 2019 pick, 2020 pick, extra picks/young players acquired for Love et. all.
  15. Two schools of thought with roster building this year

    Nah. Just because people overrate it doesn't mean it's not a thing. The extra 20-25M in cap space isn't enough to make a bad team good, but if you sign two stud, high-impact players (or like 4-5 mid-tier, solid starters) that you couldn't have gotten otherwise, that is certainly an advantage. You need your rookie QB to be good enough to seize that advantage, but I don't think many of us doubt that to be the case.