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  1. Draft Discussion 3.0

  2. 2018 Draftable QB Discussion

    There really aren't. At least I can't think of more than one. And the media is Darnold love 24/7. So, while I know we're used to being a persecuted minority, not sure it fits this situation.
  3. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    I think this is entirely possible, and they're at two of the 5-6 least valuable positions in the sport (not including ST). If there was a true franchise WR/OT/DE in this draft, I would think hard before moving down, even for multiple 1sts. But there just aren't. Like, we could move down to 12/22 and probably STILL get the top OT, #1/2 WR, or #2 DE at 12 and 22.
  4. Browns trade CJ Smith to Seahawks

    I have never heard this name before. Are we sure it isn't the other way around? That this is a Seattle dude?
  5. The OFFICIAL "Your guy" vs. "NOT your guy" Thread

    QBs: Love - Mayfield, Rosen Hate - Allen Other: Love - Maurice Hurst, Harold Landry, D.J. Moore Hate - Connor Williams (as a T), Marcus Davenport (as a top 15 pick), Calvin Ridley (as a #1 WR)
  6. Draft Discussion 3.0

    This is not a true statement. I mean, you just have to look at the last 4-5 drafts to see that a ton of top ten "lock" players flop. Now, we are definitely getting someone with game changer potential, but that's somewhat different.
  7. Fantasy Baseball Want Ads

    I thought it might be nice to have a thread for posters looking for leagues and leagues looking for members. So I'll start it off with one of both: I am looking for another league, re-draft or low # of keepers preferred, also would prefer Roto, but I'm flexible based on who is involved. Not interested in money leagues, just something for fun. I am also looking for an owner for a dynasty league. 12 teams, 24 keepers per team plus a five man minor league roster. It's a H2H, standard categories. It's a pretty stable league, I've been in it for almost ten years and I think we lose about one owner per year on average. Links below to the team and league. http://games.espn.com/flb/clubhouse?leagueId=18479&teamId=4&seasonId=2018 http://games.espn.com/flb/leagueoffice?leagueId=18479&seasonId=2018
  8. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    I wasn't saying Rosen was as mobile as Darnold. I was saying burce's statement about Rosen being a statue was incorrect. Rosen doesn't like to run. That doesn't mean he can't scramble or make quick adjustments in the pocket to avoid the rush.
  9. I got a Chubb at 4 (nyj trades up to 3)

    Rosen had better agility #s at the combine than Darnold. The "Rosen is a statue" narrative is because he's a pocket passer, not because he doesn't have athletic ability. The other two are at least somewhat legit knocks, but that one isn't. And I could find you three glaring flaws with every prospect this year, that's not much of a measurement.
  10. Browns to sign CB Terrance Mitchell, 3yrs/12 million

    This wasn't true in his last two years with the Rams or his first year here.
  11. FF MLB Veterans League

    As of now I probably won't make it at 6. I remember that being discussed and I think I forgot to give input, my bad. I live on the west coast, so that's 3 for me and I was already leaving an event early to make it for 4, leaving earlier isn't really an option. Now, that said, I just heard that the weather lately might've made the road not doable. In which case the event will be delayed. Fingers crossed. I'll try to post on here when I find out for sure. Edit: Update: The event is still on. So I won't be on until 7 EST.
  12. Which RB will be end up drafting?

    I'm gonna say Guice too. Though I could see a lot of them, and my sleeper would be John Kelly out of Tennessee in the 4th. He has some off-field question marks, but Dorsey has shown a willingness to ignore those sometimes, and on-field I think he could be a part of the Guice/Jones/Michel tier.
  13. 2018 Draftable QB Discussion

    No see, this is the point I keep making this year that I feel like people aren't getting! ALL of the QBs this year have unique strengths and weaknesses, it's what makes this the most interesting QB draft in a long time. You've got a bunch of guys with legit cases to be the #1 pick and not a single case for OR against them looks even remotely like the others. My point this whole time has been that there are at least four, maybe up to 5 guys who have a case for #1. It's just up to individual posters to decide which strengths they like the most (Rosen for me), and which weaknesses they think are least likely to torpedo a career (Mayfield for me, IF the arrest isn't indicative of a lifestyle).
  14. 2018 Draftable QB Discussion

    Then make it specific. Your post was generalized.
  15. 2018 Draftable QB Discussion

    I'd point out that Mayfield's junk grab was a response to Kansas doing the same thing to him earlier in the game, and that they took a couple cheap shots to his head. But in the end, the difference is that Manziel didn't flame out because he was a jerk, he flamed out because he had multiple addictions. Plus, I don't think Manziel was as good of an NFL QB projection as Mayfield is (Manziel operated best OUT of structure, he didn't like being part of a system. Mayfield has become the ultimate master of the system in which he was put).