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  1. I know greg lewis didnt work as a fresh new WR coach but I think heinz would demand a level of accountability that greg could never get.
  2. Urban, Ward and Richard would all be good gets.
  3. Great coaches have to be able to replace their assistants. Doug has shown he has trouble with this so far.
  4. if they promote press taylor just fire him and doug that same day.
  5. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    the only thing retiring early should do to his hall of fame induction is move it up a few years.
  6. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    7x all apro and 1x defensive player of the year isnt good enough to get in? then is no one ever getting voted in ever again?
  7. All or Nothing: Eagles

    we already know it ended up as nothing though.
  8. yeah but going back to 2017 doesnt always equal better either.
  9. I'd rather a new voice in the room and not a retread.
  10. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Alshon has a lisfranc injury rehabbing it can take up to a year.
  11. Is Bill O'Brien the worst coach in the league?

    No coaches split first team reps away from their starters in the middle of the season.
  12. who knows Lock started every game he was off of IR.
  13. Well Lock was hurt the first half of the year.
  14. the whole thing reeked of the giants number 1 guy signing with the panthers and not having any real sort of plan b.
  15. broncos fired their oc and hired shurmur all of it happened in like the past 5 hours