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  1. yeah played really well last year and we got him at a we're his favorite team and he doesnt want play anywhere else discount.
  2. he's been on the ir 3x in 2 years with knee issues and apparently also hurt his knee again yesterday too.
  3. maybe if he was the only first rounder to opt out but at least 3 have with bateman and farley.
  4. well to be fair most nfl players are morons.
  5. Agreed I watched it every weekend afternoon not like anything else was on.
  6. No one cares about drew lock butthe actual plays are things we could see for the eagles this coming season because of Scarangello.
  7. bubble plan isn't logistically possible for teams so large. they should honestly just not have the season at this point.
  8. Are we hurt because those kelly greens are beautiful or because jalen hurts is on the team?
  9. nah even with his running style he was never much of a fumbler. Piquel just made a dumb comment.
  10. we really need to go back to kelly green the nike midnight green has always irked me.
  11. if i was a starting qb i would opt out. Also Jason Avant will help coach wide receivers this offseason as a coaching intern.
  12. The whole idea of bringing 80+ humans together to practice for a sport during covid is completely stupid. Like you have to have spent your money very poorly as a vet to not opt out.
  13. well yeah thats how those trades usually work out. Team A gets MLB player and Team B gets nothing.
  14. So Josh Allen and Jimmy Garroppllo are above Carson in the top 100 NFL network is doing and all I cna ask is why? both those guys suck.
  15. Philly's DA should charge Manfred with criminal negligence for ever letting the teams play during Covid. Guy should do jail time.
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