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  1. I used to watch usc game when nelson was there and he'd catch like 12 passes a game but also drop 3 and yet no one ever seemed to question his hands in the draft.
  2. if minkah fitzpatrick isnt an eagle tomorrow at sendejo expense howie doesnt care anymore tbh
  3. meh when i saw julio lining up i knew it was a screen his way
  4. meh centers hand flinched a little
  5. both teams have 3 timeouts right? this one is long from over.
  6. i dont think i ever seen went turn his head to the flat to look at miles yet this year.
  7. gonna have to use mccown at receiver tonight.
  8. josh mccown looks like he's 80 in the face.
  9. should have kept nick and traded cIRson
  10. fire everyone on the medical staff iyam