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  1. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    try being a nevada alumnus was freaking out today in those final 2 minutes. eagles super bowl stress now this stress lol been a rough few months.
  2. EF Fantasy Baseball (Year 11)

    I should be able to make a 4 oclock draft PST hopefully I dont have to work late that day
  3. Hicks is really good in coverage Bowman would be riding pine all year if he was signed.
  4. hicks is going to be the mike get over it
  5. because we signed bradham and nelson?
  6. 1st round mock no trades

    Eagles don't really have a roster spot for a corner.
  7. Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz.
  8. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    holy crap that comeback doe
  9. NFL News & General Info Thread

    had to like the top 3 enough to do this move.
  10. 4 Rounds of Heaven With Trades

    Would really just hope the eagles trade down at 32.

    Pretty terrible eagles pick. When we draft a tight end he'll need to be able to block.
  12. NFL News & General Info Thread

    had to move up so buffalo didn't leave them with allen or jackson at 6 as their choices.
  13. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    I've been having a good year so far new job, new relationships, eagles super bowl. As a Nevada alumni their final 4 confirmed.
  14. honestly just stay put right how and go into the draft. Anything we aren't comfortable with in training camp we can trade for players to fill holes over the summer.