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  1. Any linebacker who has played before might be an upgrade here
  2. Honestly should probably just call him up now. He can actually play defense in center field at least. Not like anyone else we have can do that currently.
  3. Jalen Hurts kind of counts just last year though
  4. Damion Square played here a year as an UDFA
  5. Zaven does seem like a natural to fill the Barr role in our defense.
  6. because he'd be a real boring pick at 12?
  7. I thought that's what this thread would be about
  8. I do feel like Sirianni was in part brought in to develop players which seemed to be a failure of dougs era.
  9. OL draft is really good this year so I doubt you'd get that offer for him.
  10. kwity paye is such a howie pick though like its gonna happen lol
  11. They lost a game on purpose and got a free first round pick out of it. That's some world class tanking bud.
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