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  1. I have friends in town for a wedding so I might actually be social tonight
  2. Well if first games are any indication Ben won't have any trouble from Lonzo for rookie of the year.
  3. Romo: best color commentator since Madden?

    He's done a good job so far I like him as a commentator.
  4. One way to address the declining TV ratings

    The NFL just needs an affordable live streaming service and those ratings come back. A lot of people don't have traditional tv anymore.
  5. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    great game there good to see Las Vegas pull out the win at the end.
  6. Anyone else have the urge to go post about how the eagles are the best team in the league while posting gifs of dudes flexing? Oh no just me? ok.
  7. Playing for the best record in the league now.
  8. Around The NFL: Gameday Talk

    Too bad we passed up on getting that haul ourselves. We could be 0-6 right now too.
  9. Around The NFL: Gameday Talk

    yea let's go vegas!!!
  10. Around The NFL: Gameday Talk

    He's been back to being Amari Crapper since I started watching. Has like 3 drops.
  11. We have cane's here too. I like their toast a lot. Wish they had more sauce options and well more options in general I almost never go. It is good though.
  12. maybe las vegas is set up weird but I even know of a church's chicken in a really nice part of town. lol
  13. I don't like KFC so I never had one before. Popeye's is way better.