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  1. GDT Week 11 Eagles (4-5) vs Saints (8-1) Big Easy Win?

    our top 3 corners are out lets be realistic here bro
  2. Las Vegas Stadium News

    i think it meant the people of las vegas' stadium as in my stadium not raiders fans stadium.
  3. GDT Week 11 Eagles (4-5) vs Saints (8-1) Big Easy Win?

    we suck and are gonna lose. #fireandcuteveryone
  4. Richard Rogers Designated to Return from IR

    hollins should be healthy right? how bad did he tear his groin? he might have to buy a car to drive to work instead of take his bike.
  5. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    Proper was missed over a week ago
  6. the hatred of what? You are trying to argue over the worst move howie made. I'm saying it's trading a 3rd for no reason. You think it was drafting a guy that had just led the ncaa in sacks after trading back.
  7. yeah i think the coach was ok with drafting smith and also deflected all blame
  8. chip also blamed duce staley for what running back he was using
  9. Well season saved all we upgraded our third tight end. What the hell is even the point of this?
  10. The 2018 Eagles Forum Baldie Awards

    if the votes are tallied just release them no need for pomp and circumstance this crappy year
  11. we dont have money to re-sign him. This was always a rental and a team that isnt going to make the postseason trading a third for a rental is inexcusable. Maybe the worst thing Howie has ever done in his career.
  12. Zach ertz lateraling back to tate and then tate doing nothing might be the most poetic visual realization of that trade.
  13. Darby out the season

    not great for our comp pick
  14. dak is great should give him 30 million a year he's my second favorite qb in the nfl.