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  1. No but now you're gonna see jalen mills turn the wrong way while gallup easily scores tds
  2. michael gallup gonna make whatever the dallas qbs name is famous
  3. So lane is playing and mailata isnt at all? Can we fire Doug today? K thnx plz.
  4. then when coaches get asked about why certain players play it doesnt seem like it's any of their faults. Like oh I was told to play them.
  5. If you are jeffrey lurie and that is your coaches reasoning for doing something stupid like you have to fire him right?
  6. I have no issue with him playing if he's ready. Im just saying there are reasons to hold him out two weeks.
  7. well the other major leagues having the layoffs destroyed ratings. Nba finals and the world series were both historically bad ratings. Gotta keep on keeping on to make those dollars.
  8. why? we are literally playing a team with a historically bad defense and a rookie 7th round qb. No need to rush anyone.
  9. michael gallup and Ceedee Lamb will be running wide open in our secondary like we could easily lose.
  10. if you want to just have like two divisions just rotate through each other every year that works.
  11. because there is a difference between playing the patriots 20 years straight and playing the dolphins 20years straight.
  12. neutral site is fine it just can't be the same teams playing every year.
  13. its not fair scheduling wise though thats the real issue. extra opponent has to change every year.
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