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  1. The eagles also just hired a wide receiver guy to "fix wentz" so questionable if that is even the direction.
  2. Probably not we won't get back the pick we spent on him and then wouldnt have a backup.
  3. I do like that Gannon is a former scout so maybe the DBs we draft won't be garbage. But playing a lot more cover 2 will help them out anyway.
  4. Looks like Auburns DL coach is gonna be our new DL coach so Burke is gone.
  5. nameless team would be a top 5 team in the nfc next year with stafford
  6. Yeah but a lot of the core was already here or signed in FA. We don't have money and we drafted like crap the past 5 years.
  7. I fully expect the eagles to also be awful again next year.
  8. pep is interviewing for the steelers and somewhere else i forget
  9. it sounds like their QB Coach is going to be promoted he has been interviewing for OC jobs.
  10. I do wonder what he ends up doing on the offensive side. McCoy is a natural inclusion as some spot there so that will fit the former head coach need.
  11. if kelce doesn't retire and the two right side guys actually stay healthy the Oline will probably be ok next year. but still it has more questions than answers. Dline is getting long in the tooth you probably have to trade barnett for cap relief. Leaving Sweat as the only real young guy you have there that you have any faith in.
  12. name a position group you are comfortable with moving forward? I mean the only two good young players we have are Miles and Dallas. The future is bleak.
  13. I kind of expected howie to hire the staff for nick good to see he was allowed to get his own guys so far.
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