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  1. Newman played badly at the senior bowl probably why he went undrafted
  2. over on both ~80 catches ~1200 yards ~7 tuddies
  3. I didn't think Tua looked good last year very possible the dolphins are held back by QB play.
  4. so our needs are still every position besides DL? but probably DL still too?
  5. we traded two picks to the nameless team no idea what for though
  6. gainwell ended up in a lot of my mocks because he can play the Hynes role in the offense.
  7. we do get to say what the heck zech every time he gives up a play so that will be fun.
  8. seems like an ok pick can't say i knew of him but i did less draft stuff this year
  9. Jets drafting well maybe the problem was coaches asking for dumb picks to be made.
  10. I was kind of expecting to not take any Lineman today maybe a DE if the board fell right. But Howie gonna Howie.
  11. Never heard this guys name before in my life. But super athletic 3 tech DT? ok.
  12. Hopefully he stays healthy could be a decade long starter that is a one of the more important team leaders if he does
  13. Nick Sirianni seems really likeable in these press conferences he's really calming down with the media.
  14. oh ye a little first round picks next year come back when you got 3 homie.
  15. He played with 3 other top 20 first round picks and was the best of them.
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