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  1. Partial blame is not putting everything on his shoulders. He has been plagued by things outside of his control, but he has not played great either. Does not have to be all or nothing one way or the other.
  2. Is that the criteria? Not the reason why they failed? What about being a reason why they succeed? Again, it is ok to admit partial blame because when the offense has looked this bad, there is plenty of blame to go around.
  3. You know, coaching and injuries play their fair share as does poor wr play, but how many bad games will it take to admit Baker is also part of the problem?
  4. Play calling has been awful for the most part this season. Abandon our identity so quickly.
  5. Pay guards, have Chubb, meh receivers... let's put into our crippled qb's hands. What even is our identity? Don't good teams play to their strengths and impose their will?
  6. Team has been so jekylland and hyde this season.
  7. Running gets us to the 2 yard line... no standard runs to get us in.... but now my complaint looks dumb. Great drive.
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