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  1. Not all but he’s definitely had a couple of really bad games to amplify this general feeling from people who’ve only watched a few games and/or just look at box scores.
  2. Last year this loss would have been 10 times more demoralizing. This would have been like game 1 vs the Cavs a game we let slip away and then became absolutely shell shocked the rest of the way. That’s not this team though. As bad as this was Milwaukee wins game one and keeps HC. I need to see a more complete game in game 2.
  3. Gasol and Danny sucked so badly tonight.
  4. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Deal Conley on draft night maybe to Orlando or Detroit?
  5. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    No I agree with this 100% I merely backed off one scenario that seemed too outrageous. Id make the move no doubt.
  6. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    Yea it wasn’t too likely when I thought about it and less likely when I put it together but you could trade for AD and Kyrie still leaves. That’s not unreasonable at this moment although things can change.
  7. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    Horford likely wouldn’t opt out at that point but the rest is possible. Also I don’t necessarily think you’d have to include Brown as well.
  8. Anthony Davis Packages: Which Are You Taking?

    Hypothetical you give up Brown and Tatum and Kyrie leaves and Horford opts out. How are you feeling?
  9. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Zion not even that good. Lakers and Cavs at 4/5 are low key lotto winners.
  10. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    Hilarious was very pissed with the top 4 remaining but I am pleased with the order. Best possible outcome.
  11. Shoulda woulda coulda The difference between gloating and looking like a damn fool is rather slim isn’t it?
  12. Pascal vs the Bucks this year is nearly 25 PPG on 64% shooting Serge is about 18 PPG FVV is nearly 17 PPG on like 67% shooting Kawhi is Kawhi
  13. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Bran wakes up the events of the show were all a coma fantasy