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  1. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Why do they keep pushing Orange Vanilla Coke on me? It sounds just awful.
  2. After all this all season I’m now kind of hoping like Embiid wins or someone random so both fan bases are upset but it’s definitely a two man race. 1. Giannis 2. Harden 3. Jokic 4. Embiid 5. George/Siakam That’d be my vote as of today.
  3. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    It sure is interesting that the above team mentioned (Mariners) is 2-0. Have to wonder if this is sustainable for them. It will sure be good for their fan base if it is. We will just have to find out when the regular season kicks off for the other (28) teams in this sport (major league baseball). Should be an exciting year.
  4. Saints close to signing Jared Cook

    I like this signing
  5. NCAA Tournament Thread

    A lot of people have Tennessee in their final 4. Rick Barnes not there anymore?
  6. orlando trashoc thread: dawning of the mcw era

    39-43 Southeast or whatever it’s called division champs. But 20 years from now people won’t know how the season went they’ll just say this was the year that the Magic were back.
  7. orlando trashoc thread: dawning of the mcw era

    A 2018-2019 division championship banner would look pretty sweet unveil it before game 3 of a playoff game nothing better.
  8. Nick Collison jersey retirement night. What a day to be alive.
  9. I think Zion will be the best player in this draft. Don’t @. me
  10. Also flaming hot take that the #2 overall pick would end up being the best player in the draft.
  11. West Regional Thread

    No college basketball team has ever faced a zone nor actually knows what a zone defense is. You should be very afraid.
  12. NCAA Tournament Thread

    I have MSU, Purdue, UNC and FSU UNC over MSU
  13. Kyle Lowry gets hurt up 34 at home against the Knicks late 3rd Q. Classic.