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  1. Chargers Offseason thread

    I don't know but what I do know is I just want a competent Kicker and SeaBass might be alright? Idk I don't trust Nick Rose or Aguayo though.
  2. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Why the hell did I trust Arizona to get it done again? I had them winning it all last year and I said never again but I ended up having them in the final 4 this year because they were looking good and Ayton but now I am quite the fool getting laughed and mocked in my friends bracket challenge. For shame.
  3. Great game. 2-0 vs Houston this year. Excuses from Rockets fans? Or dismissive comments about their win streak needing to end at some point and chirping about the comeback they made like they shouldn't have even been in the game at all yet some how almost won but still didn't win and calling it a moral victory?
  4. Could you possibly rephrase your general comment about the Cavs/Nugs game to somehow give The Houston Rockets some love?
  5. Wow. Basic math disrespecting the Rockets. Smh.
  6. How about CJ Miles finally on a good team killing it?
  7. I felt really good about that win. A close win against a pretty good team (better sans Wall?) Ill take that I've been used to blowouts lately and our most recent two losses were tight games against other eastern conference playoff teams (albeit one was kind of a **** show terribly officiated throw away kind of game). Unless Charlotte or Detroit make the playoffs I can't expect every win to be a blowout.
  8. Poeltl is a damn monster though I love this guy. Came up huge tonight.
  9. Orlando with a HUGE moral victory on the tank race. Had Toronto won by 14 or more points they would have set a new record for point differential in a month (or maybe just the month of Feb?) but Orlando kept it close for about 40 or so mins before Toronto was able to build a bit of a lead and only win by 13 points exactly.
  10. I've been thinking about this for a while is the sample size too small? How seriously are you taking that statement. It seems absurd to say but may be more true than we think.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics

    I wonder if my expectations were too high watching these Olympics. I'm sure many Americans probably feel the same way regarding their country but right now Canada is sitting in 2nd in medal count and US 4th I believe. Which is very good. I've just been disappointed with some choking I've seen in events we've been favoured to win Gold and end up with either Silver or Bronze and other events where we were supposed to medal but have finished 4-10th range some of its just losing to better competition and not so much a choke job. Just sitting 9 back on the overall lead in medals (or 14 back in US case) you think of all the missed opportunities as I'm sure expectations for USA is to win most medals all the time and recently in the Winter Olympics that's become a Canadian goal as well. Dont get me wrong I've had a lot of fun watching a lot of different events that I wouldn't normally watch or care about stuff like the Biathlon or Nordic Combined have provided me lot of enjoyment and short track speed skating and the sliding events (luge, skeleton, bobsled) are ridiculous to watch that I normally wouldn't care about at all and all the freestyle ski events that I love plus alpine skiing it's been great to watch. To see surprise winners or surprise medals, upsets if you will that offset some disappointments in other events is really cool it looks like Canada should set a new record for medals at a Winter Olympics this year. Norway a country with the population of metropolitan Detroit is a Damn behemoth though. They have been killing it all Olympics. Overall this has been a very thrilling Olympics for me to watch despite some disappointing results at times.
  12. 2018 Winter Olympics

    So USA played way better and wanted it more and congrats to them they truly deserved to win however that being said I really hate that this had to end in a shootout it honestly should have gone to another OT
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    I have watched far less college ball thus far than I would have liked but I'm gonna go all in on the tournament but it seems like there is sort of a tier one top 6 players right now in whatever order: Luka, Bagley, Ayton, Bamba, Jackson and Porter Jr. (Despite injury) would you all agree with that? Maybe a top 5 sans Porter Jr.? I'm just polling the room on this.
  14. Best Young Cores

    VanVleet, Wright, Powell, OG, Siakiam, Poeltl and JV still only 25 I believe. Easily the best or better than Cleveland anyways.