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  1. My thought process is if you think Kuminga can be the best player in the draft and you do pick him you pick him regardless of who you have at that position. That’s the big IF though. But yes Mobley, Green and Suggs all fit much better.
  2. Well perhaps I could have used better examples that fit but you get the general point. While I don’t disagree with you and I don’t see already having Pascal/OG as a huge hinderance in taking someone who could be the best player in the draft and I do think that this is likely the best spot (or one of the best spots) for him to land overall. I think because this will be the only time Toronto will be picking this high in the immediate future I don’t think we can afford a miss. I’m not saying we are going to be immediately back to competing for a title or anything like that but barring a
  3. That’s sorta what has taken me off of Kuminga at 4. He’s definitely going to be picked in the 5-8 range he’s definitely worth the swing but it’s just too hard at this point to justify at 4. Yes he out of any non Cade or perhaps Green prospect has the highest chance of being the best player in the draft but the downside is tremendous and for every Kawhi or Giannis there might be a happy middle like OG or Bridges but there’s an awful lot of Stanley Johnson’s and MK-G’s. To take a player like that in the 15-25 range is a lot more palatable to take than in the 3-6 range because it could absolutely
  4. Honestly I think it’s just simply we’ve known about Cade for 2+ years as a likely top pick and has more or less been the consensus #1 overall pick for 9 months and as you get closer to the draft you like to poke holes and then hype up other guys despite flaws. I more or less agree with you completely on Cade I think he’s a nice mix of safe and upside for the #1 pick a good to very good player as a floor and a Tatum like upside. It’s easy to drift over to Green and be like he could be the best scorer in the NBA at some point in his career even if there is more risk with him as a prospect overal
  5. Prospect fatigue is very real and luckily enough I’ve been put in a position to not really think about Cade too much and based on experience the guy you hear about being the guy for the past 8 months is usually the guy. Not saying he is definitely going to be the best player in the draft but he’s probably the best bet. I’ve really only thought about Green, Suggs and Mobley with a bit of dips into Kuminga and Barnes. I’m actually on Mobley now. I’ve also soured on Kuminga a bit and Barnes would be my outside the box pick at 4. Mobley, Green, Suggs and Barnes are how I have 2
  6. Wow I am pretty surprised he going tonight. I mean it is the NBA Finals and this all things considered seems like a best case scenario with that injury but I didn’t quite expect it although with him being upgraded to questionable earlier in the day maybe I should have.
  7. Why has Suggs fallen in the past few weeks in people’s minds? Just curious he seems like he’s going from a consensus top 4 player who was maybe the 2nd or 3rd overall pick to someone you maybe pass on at 4? What is the general thinking? It seems this happened awful quickly. I’m still rating him behind Green and Mobley but I would be very happy with any of those three at four. Why not take a chance on Kuminga? What @NYRaiderhas been saying seem to echo my thoughts. If he falls to you in the 5-8 range are you taking the safe pick just because who can maybe become a solid starter instea
  8. I don’t have the best memory I feel it was more of a KD might be back and he might not be and some people felt sure of it and others didn’t and the whole KD playing the whole series argument is a whole different thing that I really can’t even argue. I think I even said at the beginning of the playoffs I felt we’d win the east and lose to the warriors in 6. It’s the people who were like GS is gonna kill Toronto even if KD doesn’t play at any point still feel they were right and can say well it’s Klay and that is an asterisk that I have a problem with. My recollection was whi
  9. I wasn’t referring to just you and initiated this as more a general sentiment of what people thought I never specified you. I know what you said and I remember how you felt when it happened more or less. KD playing game 1 on is a different story one I prefer not to bring up haha. That isn’t where I was going with this. I said if KD was healthy from the point he was down 3-1 that Toronto could have won that series with such an advantage and not gotten knocked as much as people seem to knock. The general sentiment was the Warriors were going to kill Toronto even if KD didn’t
  10. It’s the entire diminishing of the accomplishment that gets me. The well the Warriors were up 5 and looked like they’d go on a run with Klay healthy and a 5 point lead with the idea that a run seemed possible meant GS definitely still wins that game? That also kinda pisses me off writing that game off and calling it a guaranteed warriors win. The Raptors down 5 late 3rd was an such an impossible deficit to overcome.
  11. I think Toronto still wins that series if Klay was healthy throughout and you can add what you want but you definitely can’t say that’s not a possibility. You can’t say the warriors definitely win with Klay healthy all the way through. You know that’s not true.
  12. I guess it is weird but it’s mainly the sole importance of Klay I was going for. I get what you are saying and I never said you in particular. That game without Klay they definitely packed it in but the Raptors played way better and won a lot of the minutes with Klay sure things could have changed but it’s people talking like it’s an absolute joke and Toronto has no chance. The fact it’s more like yea the warriors could have won if Klay played instead of the warriors run the Raptors off the floor with Klay. I’ll give you the warriors could have won that series with Klay but not this
  13. Game 1 Klay was fully healthy and the warriors lost Game 2 Klay went out late and the warriors won Game 3 was the game without Klay? Warriors got killed or it was game 4 Game 5 KD is back
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