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  1. In a few weeks when the NBA season begins and the raiders are back to being irrelevant you’ll have the Jazz to root for who will absolutely not break your heart by winning 57 games getting the two seed and proceeding to lose in the second round. Absolutely not. No way.
  2. Scottie Barnes is closer to Magic than Ben Simmons
  3. Favorite Team: Los Angeles Chargers Week 1 pick: Carolina Panthers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  4. Favorite Team: Chargers Week 1 pick: Carolina I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  5. I can’t really justify giving up OG for Simmons.
  6. Fair enough maybe it would have been easier to include a third team to make this work.
  7. One of them plus a prospect? (Terry or Green?) Or a pick maybe? Idk what they offered and what they didn’t but I take it that it wasn’t a very good offer if they even made one so Toronto can realistically hold him until the deadline now if they wanted.
  8. The deal that sent Lowry to Miami happened they didn’t need to help it happen it just happened without them and now they don’t even have Dragic.
  9. I think deep down everything he said is fair but going about it the way he is going about it is not the right move. I do get some of your point but Dallas obviously wants him and Lowry CHOSE Miami over Dallas. That’s already been done. Dallas wants Dragic but doesn’t want to give up anything for him. Why didn’t they just suffer through the trade talks and relent a bit. I’m sure Toronto asking price for Dragic small and Dallas counter with garbage and now want him to be bought out so they can sign him. Why do that?
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