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  1. MKE Bucks Thread | Same Crap, Different Owner(s)

    You laugh now but it is I who shall be laughing in 2021
  2. NBA News & Notes

    He might
  3. NBA News & Notes

    We’ll find out in a month. Right now I expect him to be on this squad maybe not the Olympics next year.
  4. Who Wins This Year's NBA Title?

    It could be but I dont think it’ll be a major issue. I guess we’ll see. Right now I think I have a good feel of this team and know what to expect. As defending champions I’m golden with whatever outcome.
  5. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    I think that’s the plan. I’d imagine he at least gets an actual opportunity this year. There isn’t anything more the reigning MVP and DPOY can prove in the GLeague.
  6. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    Brooks is a lock I think. Without Tristan Thompson I feel Boucher may be close to a lock now too. Uncertain about Ennis but he probably has a good chance.
  7. NBA News & Notes

    He’s a better overall player than Kemba
  8. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    4th? Wow. I gotta root for Canada even if they have no shot but I usually root for Spain in most cases because Canada isn’t participating in most cases..
  9. Who Wins This Year's NBA Title?

    The over/under is 45.5. Don’t overthink it this team is good. Not title good but a nice 3-4 seed in the east good. Take the over. This team is gonna have a nice regular season.
  10. NBA News & Notes

    No he’s not. He’s not this big huge choker that was more so DD but again he’s had some bad playoff moments but he looked great most of this run. He’s an NBA champion and gold medalist he’ll have a spot on this WC team if he wants it. They may go a different route next summer at the olympics though.
  11. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    When Jamal Murray puts up 48 in a 103-79 loss to Lithuania you’ll be changing your tune.
  12. NBA News & Notes

    He already won a gold medal for USA and is coming off a great championship run.
  13. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    Also if Canada gets blown out by Lithuania and Australia without Ben and beats Senegal 84-81 in OT or even loses that also wouldn’t surprise me.
  14. Fiba World Cup 2019 Thread

    Canada is in a group with Senegal, Australia (no Ben) and Lithuania. No reason we can’t finish second and advance. Tristan Thompson is also out so it may be up to Birch now.
  15. Who Wins This Year's NBA Title?

    Look you **** all over Danny Green when the Lakers signed him and you do this? Come on be more consistent. He was basically a zero in the playoffs like you said so no big deal right? Honestly though. That’s probably the biggest issue. I’m expecting somewhat of a bounce back season from Norm Powell who actually looked pretty good last year for the most part. He is also a very good defender and I’m hoping for at least a return to form from OG to where he was late his rookie season. He had a bad year he had a lot of stuff going on and missed a lot of time. He’s an intriguing prospect with upside who was the starting SF on a 59 win team. My confidence and reasoning for the Raps being the third or fourth best team in the east is simple. Elite defense. Lots of depth we should have 9-10 guys who don’t suck and can contribute. This roster is about as good as the 59 win team of just two seasons ago (maybe even better). Now the east was much weaker then so I’m not saying 59 wins and we lack that one super star so I’m not saying title. Unless a bunch of the older guys fall off a cliff or Lowry comes in with the I just won a title I’m making $33m this year and I can just sign with a contender next year anyway out of shape I don’t care attitude without any moves this team is good and is a lock to make the playoffs. I also see no reason why Pascal can’t take a mini leap as well. We will see who he is this year and what he’s about if he’s a guy or not but as of right now I believe in him.