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  1. If it’s a tier 2 and Keenan is at or near the top of it and Robinson is included I’ll accept that. I did just graze the chat.
  2. Where would you rank Keenan and Robinson and Who else is in the Robinson tier?
  3. Keenan Allen is one of the best WRs in the league. Stop this nonsense.
  4. There is a scenario in which Lowry is traded and FVV is the PG of the future starting this year but that’s not super likely and depending on what moves are made and how much Lowry has in the tank he’s here for multiple years but Lowry is a FA next season and he may be gone. That’s the most realistic scenario at this point.
  5. How much are the Knicks gonna overpay then? I have this sense that Toronto is willing to keep him at a higher than expected number but would stop short at a certain point in which he would have to decide between staying with Toronto at whatever that number is or taking the payday and joining the Knicks.
  6. Yea this is just an average loss for us. Not realizing that no else loses that way regularly.
  7. I just realized that this is a once every three-four year type of loss for most franchises and this is our third such loss in five weeks like this.
  8. Also when is the draft and FA this year?
  9. @champ11 Have a god damn night. Love this Nuggets team.
  10. What a ******* mook PG? Playoff PP? Are you kidding me? Wgat could have been Enjoy being home I guess you’re going back there now
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