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  1. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #2?

    Well I think mine and @11sanchez11 votes were legitimate and think he should be put him on the list as at least 1b and then we move on. Seriously though it was a comically large number of options for what was a slam dunk answer when you open the flood gates some tomfoolery is to be expected. I honestly didn’t know you could find out who voted for who. I’ve made plenty of joke picks on ridiculous polls up to this date.
  2. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #2?

    And if he finished second how is he not even on this next poll?
  3. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #2?

    Who else did and how can you tell?
  4. NBA lottery thread !!

    Haha that makes more sense
  5. NBA lottery thread !!

    So the woman who played Gary Cole’s wife on Entourage owns the Atlanta Hawks? Am I the only one who is kinda shocked by that?
  6. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Really disappointing for a true Hockey Town like Tampa to go down 2-0 at home.
  7. 2017/18 EPL Thread - City Champs

    I can’t disagree with that. Winless in their final 10 matches. Just a free fall. I just didn’t think they’d actually go down even a week ago.
  8. Toronto Raptors Fire HC Dwane Casey

    I’ve heard Bobby Webster speak once for like 10 mins on a podcast and if he came over to my home wearing a t shirt that said I am Bobby Webster I’d still not know who he was. MU has final say Webster’s part of the team of decision makers. And it just truly is frustrating that they couldn’t even come close to beating LeBron. Not even able to make it a series. I’m not saying Toronto should have won this year but unlike the previous two years I really thought they had a chance at least. I was fooling myself the previous two years but I didn’t think I was this year. I guess I’ve been all over the map on this. Most people make fair points that I cannot disagree with then they make a point I think is ludicrous yet I really have nothing to back it up and some people have made points that are down right ridiculous but I don’t have it in me. Supporting this team is hard. I give MU the most credit although he’s certainly made some mistakes he’s still done a lot more good than bad for the club. The franchise wouldn’t even be in this good-very good but not great range they are in now they’d probably be like the Detroit Pistons or Charlotte Hornets. I think he wanted to do a total rebuild when he got here but things happened and it lead down a path where he had to alter the course. He saw a team that was going nowhere when he got here and he traded Rudy Gay for a bench and he was about to trade Kyle Lowry to the Knicks but Dolan didn’t want to get fleeced for a third time and by the time NY backed out they team that was going nowhere was all of a sudden in the playoff hunt. He wanted to bottom out but the trade and lack of trade actually took us from a disaster to solid. We ended up taking Brooklyn with KG, PP, DWill and JJ to 7 games and felt alright we got something to build on.
  9. 2017/18 EPL Thread - City Champs

    Poor Swansea. No miracle swing.
  10. Toronto Raptors Fire HC Dwane Casey

    No **** they aren’t bad enough to win the lottery they’re the 4th to 6th best team in the NBA. In a league where only one team has a chance to win the title.
  11. Toronto Raptors Fire HC Dwane Casey

    Like the Lakers they get to be a god damn disgrace for several years and somehow still be a FA destination because they’re the god damn Lakers. That’s how you run a team.
  12. FIX your team thread.

    I’ll disagree with part of your post but I really have nothing to back it up aside from personal opinion. On the fact that these guys are mostly untradeable with their current contracts I’ll agree however I don’t think it’s impossible that either couldn’t be moved I just think they would have to take pennies on the dollar and also take on a bad contract in return for them basically making it a lock not to happen unless Philly is really worried about Fultz and want Lowry or if the Lakers don’t end up with LeBron and want to add DD to pair with PG. But no I don’t think a rebuild will be an option this year more than likely. Also we could include Serge, Norm and JV as also having bad contracts. Basically anyone who isn’t on a rookie contract is on a terrible contract and pretty much untradeable without adding picks or players.
  13. orlando magoc: losing hope was freedom

    I’ve never heard of it haha I came in here to say that it’s my personal opinion with the Toronto connection already in place that if Casey doesn’t want to take a year off he probably ends up in Orlando.
  14. Toronto Raptors Fire HC Dwane Casey

    I see DD was mentioned in the post you quoted I was more so replying to Lowry who actually had a really good playoffs this year. Again now Is probably the wrong time to try and defend anyone but it’s what I do.
  15. Toronto Raptors Fire HC Dwane Casey

    Sure but this was the series that broke the camels back and to give Casey some credit to adjust and implement a brand new offensive system in this series Lowry was 18/9 and a 74 TS%. Lowry said what he felt was necessary to say I’m not gonna fault him for that right now. Blame DD instead for his absolutely abysmal series instead.