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  1. Bengals HC Marvin Lewis to leave Bengals

    Hue leaving Cleveland before the new GM fires him to take over as the new Bengals coach would be classic.
  2. Agreed. It's funny in college it looked like he could be an all NBA defensive player. He's a top notch athlete. I do wonder if it's a heart/passion thing. I do wonder if he had a different HC or a different system would change anything? He was just always able to get by on god given gifts.
  3. Rookie watch thread.

    Yea if you didn't try it was tough to find. I watched like 9 UCLA games last year they were just on. On another note have the Jazz decided to retire Mitchell's number yet? Do we put him have Stockton and behind Malone or over both?
  4. Yea I'm definitely worried at this point as well. He had an uneven year ago kansas and a disastrous firs 30 or so games his rookie year. He hasn't put anything good together for any legitimate period of time in his career. It's more like once in a while he has a big game and people are like okay this is the Wiggins I was promised then he'll be passive and disappear for a few weeks.
  5. He just isn't what we thought he was. He's a number 3 option not a number 1. He may not be a fit in Minny. They are a weird team right now.
  6. Rookie watch thread.

    I can understand saying that though. I liked Frank I had him as my #3 PG and a lotto talent but I didn't have a ton to work with reading reports watching highlights and I was able to watch one of his whatever league playoff games in which he didn't play much I knew at worst he was going to be a more than capable defender. He should be starting though Jarrett Jack sucks.
  7. 2017 Season Thread

    God ******* damnit I felt this coming. This was absolute ******* BS
  8. I feel bad for him there's like a 40% chance they won't have homefield in the AFC playoffs and a like 7% chance they won't even have a bye. No fan base should see their team play on WC weekend. It's an absolute travesty.
  9. And Carroll is a coward for sitting out this game. You weren't gonna get booed like Vince or Bosh or anything like that no one cares about you.
  10. 2017 Season Thread

    Excellent analysis. I will dispute none of that. They have been in quite the tailspin and they were never gonna be a 13-3 juggernaut type of team like people were saying at the beginning of the season. However I know this Chargers team right now isn't the same team even in our earlier matchup this season. Something has changed and things have been clicking. It's just KC has won however many (6? 7? 8?) in a row against us. I wanna break that streak I can't think of this as a game we "should" win based on recent history against us. This is the biggest game of the season and almost an absolute must win and If these are the "same old Chargers" I'm afraid they'll lose. If the change is real and "the Chargers are for real" then they should win this game. This is an are they for real game imo
  11. Is anyone really surprised that Jose Calderon is awesome again? I felt it coming. Warriors messed up should have never let him go to the Cavs.
  12. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    100% especially spending his entire career on a pseudo-contender like the O's who go back and forth between high 80's and low 80's wins and just kinda being there. He's a star player it's not all gonna be about money for him.
  13. Orioles Asking for Offers on Machado

    I missed the Phillies yea same with them no way that happens either.