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  1. 2017 Season Thread

    Saints without Brees also looked pretty crappy but again it was expected even if I think Daniel is a solid backup. Aside from that Kamara run it was bad. Did anyone watch that?
  2. 2017 Season Thread

    Perhaps I spoke too soon. Something happen with Turek?
  3. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    That's what I expect as well. Let's see who his real challengers are though. Should be a fun day.
  4. 2017 Season Thread

    What an unwatchable game without Rivers playing. Clemons just sucks... I only watched the first half I have no takeaways. This was just a throw away whatever game. No one got hurt as far as I'm aware so I think we came up ahead in this game.
  5. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    Yes it was. Provided a great ending though. Today looks insane they are just going right into it it'll be a big early test. Froome looks good thus far let's see how he fairs with this stage.
  6. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    So BMC with Sammy Sanchez being suspended and kicked out of the Vuelta prior to yesterday's stage. Who is the leader of BMC? It's a very strong team even without him or Porte in the race. Could this be an opportunity for TeeJay?
  7. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    Ouch and Bardet also lost over 40 seconds not a good start for them.
  8. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    Not a dumb question. It is the rider that crosses the finish first that will wear it. It looks like it'll be Rohan Dennis. It makes the most sense. Also it started later and was shorter than I expected I was free to watch today. Very solid short TTT. Froome is in very good position amongst the contenders with Sky only 9 seconds behind. Aru and Mentijas as in slight trouble with over 40 seconds lost by each team. A bit more time given up than expected and would be comfortable with losing.
  9. The Best Actor Ever According to You (And WHY)

    For current actors I never seem to see Michael Fassbender mentioned in discussions like this. He is the best part of every movie he's been in and makes the movie better even if it's a rather bad movie he brings it all the time. I think the same can be said about Brad Pitt whom I love as well but Brad Pitt is a perfect supporting actor who can come in and kill it for a few scenes and that's where you get the best out of him. Fassbender is similar in that regard but I feel he's more than capable of bringing it for an entire movie. From the past I wanna bring up Al Pacino. Especially his performance in Dog Day Afternoon.
  10. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    A FA Frenzy style show at 4pm the following day the season ends would be a neat idea with everything leaking right at that time and everyone going insane the way it used to be 3-4 years ago in the NFL would be fantastic.
  11. Daniel Craig to return as James Bond

    I liked Craig but it seemed time for a new Bond regardless. Elba like many have speculated would have been a superb choice but Tom Hardy is whom I really wanted to be the new Bond. He'd have been fantastic IMO.
  12. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    Fair enough. It's weird timing but if that's the way it is then that's fine. It would be like Stephon Gilmore announcing right before the second Bills/Pats game last season that he will sign with New England next season. Or something like that haha.
  13. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    Ah fair enough I wasn't sure if there were hard commitments until after the season it feels like tampering to me to sign outright while still on another team. Aru to UAE makes the most sense though I agree with that.
  14. D82's 4 RD 2018 NFL Mock Draft

    It certainly would and I would be in favour of that. I will have to watch some BC games this season he wasn't quite on my radar...until right now.
  15. Cycling Thread: La Vuelta a Espana

    UAE is building quite the superteam it seems. I've been hearing that since Contador retired Trek will be looking into maybe stealing away Aru (whom looked like a UAE lock) or Landa whom Movistar was after.