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  1. The Raptors offense is really weird at times. It’s almost hard to fit them all in but I believe we can see some effective lineups that include Scottie-OG-Pascal but with Pascal just coming back we haven’t had a chance to see it. The emergence of Gary Trent as a two way player and the lack of a legitimate starting caliber Centre has forced us into a small lineup that doesn’t quite work like it should (yet?) even starting Precious the other night with Pascal sitting the second night of a B2B seemed to change things. Also Scottie being this much better offensively have made it difficult to cut hi
  2. It is far too early to make anything definitive about rookies through ten games but also yes Scottie Barnes is the best rookie.
  3. Scottie Barnes is better oh your said overreactors…
  4. And Banton as well it looks like he may be a real guy for this team. Could be some really fun lineups Pascal could be back in a week or so. I’m very intrigued.
  5. I think we have a game early on maybe in a few weeks. Suggs seems alright minus the bad shooting numbers still too early for any overreacting right now. It’s mainly I was told Barnes would be a complete non factor on offense and that seems laughable right off the bat.
  6. I think he already has more made FGs then he did at Michigan.
  7. It definitely seems like an FSU team oriented approach he’s already had a game(s) played in which he’s had more points, rebounds and shot attempts and minutes in his entire college career. I mean I don’t wanna crown him after two games but man I was told he was gonna be a zero on offense and that clearly isn’t the case thus far.
  8. I also feel bad for all the Boston guys who were suspiciously silent getting blown out in their home opener.
  9. I feel bad for all the great magic fans in here that they missed out on Barnes by falling to 5th. Suggs will be fine though.
  10. 25 points and 13 boards for Scottie he looked awesome.
  11. In a few weeks when the NBA season begins and the raiders are back to being irrelevant you’ll have the Jazz to root for who will absolutely not break your heart by winning 57 games getting the two seed and proceeding to lose in the second round. Absolutely not. No way.
  12. Scottie Barnes is closer to Magic than Ben Simmons
  13. Favorite Team: Los Angeles Chargers Week 1 pick: Carolina Panthers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  14. Favorite Team: Chargers Week 1 pick: Carolina I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
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