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  1. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Bad move and even worse timing. Anyways, we are one injury away from a "Moise Fokou" or an "Akeem Jordan" playing meaningful snaps. I liked Kendricks, he was a good player. Sad to see him leave.
  2. He is 6'5 and only 250 pounds. Needs at least 20 more. Next year when long retires and who knows whats gonna happen with graham/bennett, he can fight for a starting gig. If he is that good of a player...
  3. Nope. means makes the squas as a fifth end, while sweat is stashed away on ir.
  4. We need safety depth, that is for sure. I guess after Reid sued the league, the minimal chance there was that he is signed turned into nil. But what about Kenny Vaccaro? He would be a nice addition. By far the biggest need is the third safety. Maybe Gerry can be transitioning back to the safety position, or some kind of a hybrid with all these linebackers. ___ Qb: wentz, foles, sudfeld (3) Rb: ajayi, clement, sproles, pumphrey (4) Wr: jeffery, agholor, wallace, hollins, gibson (5) Te: ertz, goedert, brown (3) Ot: peters, johnson, vaitai, mailata (4) Og: wisniewsky, brooks, seumalo, warmack (4) Oc: kelce (1) Total: [24] Notes: brown makes it over rodgers, neither of these guys is much of a blocker, but brown possesses higher upside. mailata makes the team as the fourth tackle (would be signed away from the ps), who could be a blocking tight end and a goal line back. pump gets his second chance, and with the presumable weight gain he can handle nfl defenders better, while the talent is still there. ___ De: graham, bennett, barnett, long, means (5) Dt: cox, ngata, FA, vaeo, qualls (5) Olb: bradham, kendricks, nelson, grugier-hill, gerry (5) Mlb: hicks, worrilow (2) Cb: darby, mills, jones, douglas, maddox (5) S: jenkins, mcleod, FA, maragos (4) Total: [26] Notes jernigan starts the season on ir, so the team needs a reliable 3re dt, who plays 40% of the snaps. means makes the squas as a fifth end, while sweat is stashed away on ir. ___ Sp (3) : elliott, johnston, lovato
  5. Eagles in London?

    It opened up for me like 30 seconds before 10. Then nothing for 20 minutes, all kinds of error messages. Then i launched the website on the phone as well and my laptop. Finally it gave me two, so i jumped on it. I am sorry that you did not manage to buy.
  6. Eagles in London?

    Same here.
  7. Sad to see him cut. It's true he wasn't finishing plays at the rate he was expected, but he never played on third down. 6-7 sacks wouldn't have been unreasonable. On a sidenote i am really worried about our 2019 cap situation. We are ~20m over the cap and and there are a lot of guys due for an extension. Graham Darby Hicks Ajayi Agholor Obviously not everyone is going to ve resigned, but still cause for headache.
  8. Alshon Played with a Torn Rotator Cuff

    What a tough dude. I recall when the coaches were downplaying the injury, seems like it ended up more serious than what we thought.
  9. Eagles in London?

    i didn't even get a notification email when I registered my interest originally. although i did that at least three times. i have some friends, who went to london all of the last three years, but they told me they were sitting in front of the computer with refreshing the browser every 5 seconds when the site had been finally opened. if you wanna buy it only some hours later, that may be already too late.
  10. Eagles in London?

    oh i see... then i guess i need to wait a bit more. but what are these 2 months compared to a decade and some change.
  11. Eagles in London?

    anyone bought already? seems like it is still only season tickets, and we still need to wait to buy single ones. i hope i do not miss out...
  12. he never got the opportunity to play on the outside. he could do what torrey did on the outside, i do not have any doubts about that. for the fraction of smith's price.
  13. you cannot say he was bad. he was flawed, i concur, but he was a player you can easily root for. at least i was able to do that. so i hope he finds back to the nest.
  14. You forgot to mention Darby... Poor J-Matt, just trying to imagine what he feels... (still hope Iggles resign him to a cheap contract during free agency)
  15. What Should Eagles do with Nick Foles

    Actually RGIII came to my mind earlier in the context of injury. I mean, the guy was unstoppable as a rookie, and then he had a knee injury and was rushed back too early. I really hope Carson is completely healthy before he even sniffs the field. Even if Nick is traded, we need a capable backup who can take over for a couple of games if needed. I do not think Sudfeld is that person. Actually RGIII wouldn't be a bad idea if I'm thinking about it.