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  1. Not sure why you don't think he isn't an upgrade over fricking DeAndre Carter or Kamar Aiken. We needed a stopgap player who can jump in right away. That is Jordan. If he catches 3 slants a game that's already much better production and worst case scenario he is 4th on the depth chart when the injured guys are coming back. Best case scenario he has some kind of a resurrection and can be a threat.
  2. Two more weeks with these receievers and they may dig themselves into a deep hole. This receiving group needs an upgrade now.
  3. Yeah, but are we sure he comes back now? Doug just said today at his presser he is "week to week". Doesn't inject too much confidence he is ready to roll immediately.
  4. This time of the year free to sign elite receivers don't grow on trees. So you have to make a compromise. Both of those guys would be serviceable until Alshon is back. If healthy.
  5. I would love to have Maclin or Matthews back if they are healthy. And that's a big question. Same for Dez. Our offense is only a shadow of itself with all those injuries, we need to have someone opposite Nelson.
  6. Guess Who's Back, Back Again.......

    finally some good news. not ideal to get back without an empty supporting cast though.
  7. 18' Eagles Player Pick-em (Buc-Life!)

    Was I too late signing up for the game?
  8. NFL News & General Info Thread

    So with Mack going to IR, which WR is going to be signed? We need somone badly... Would love to have Maclin back if he's healthy. But I guess there is a reason why he is steel a free agent.
  9. 2018 Eagles Bird Watch

    don't fix, what's not broken. BG#55 is my man.
  10. 18' Eagles Player Pick-em (Buc-Life!)

    nelsinho please.
  11. wow, this is a helluva video. can't wait to go from the game straight to the office for work...
  12. No Wentz. No Bradham. No Jernigan. No Jeffery. No Hollins. No problem. Seriously though, besides the above guys not suiting up, there are another handful or so guys not fully healthy. I think our run defense will suffer a lot, and I am not too confident in our offense. The only chance we have I think if the D plays light out and we can keep the Falcons offense under 15 points or so.