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  1. They cannot catch a break... Can he do it again? He tore his other achilles in Jan 2019 and he started in the regular season. If the Eagles make the playoffs, he can potentially join the team in January.
  2. we have drafted a trey burton in the second round. maybe the bread and butter play from now on is the philly special instead of inside zone...
  3. Where is a vomiting emoji? I cannot believe what just happened here.
  4. horrible move. i already hate this offseason.
  5. i am embarassed as f*ck. how on earth can they lose to the friggin dolphins?
  6. i was absolutely sure we are going to lose to the Pats. but some glimmer of hope recently. Usual BGN questions with opponent writers, how they would gameplan vs defense and offense against their own team. We saw that recently in games, Graham, Barnett on the same side. Avery as a joker. And our d-line is getting awake. Again we were quite successful in that. This is pretty much the Eagles offense, passes traveling more than 20 yards are pretty rare. Also, the Pats employ 3 linebackers all over 250 pounds. Keep on using misdirection plays and target the RBs and TEs. I hope Jeffery is able to suit up, as we need to have someone who is a decent threat on longer passes. But if he is not playing, maybe JJ should just get his chance finally... I still say we lose, but we are at home, we are on a winning streak and they have some vulnerabilities.
  7. Just watching the 49ers - seahawks replay in tv, and it struck me that Kendricks and Wagner play now next to each other. You remember we drafted Kendricks #46 in 2012, while #47 was Wagner one pick after our pick? Imagine we have Wagner instead of Kendricks... I mean, same position player at the exact same selection. I always liked Kendricks, but Wagner is a stud.
  8. good. If they put DeSean on IR, can they call him back for the playoffs? btw, why is always the cbs, the dts and the wrs who are decimated by injuries year after year?
  9. how many sacks did allen avoid on this drive? or better said, how many times should have sacked him. soooooo frustrating to watch.
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