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  1. Awesome news. Can't wait to see him on the field. Just imagine if these guys can come back against the "hot boys": Sid Sprolesy Timmy Corey
  2. WR Golden Tate to the Eagles for a 3rd

    Tate is a good player, but no one cares what the price was as long as the production is there. I remember when the Falcons traded up for Julio and gave up on some serious draft capital. Everyone said there is no point in giving away those for a wide receiver. It works the other way around as well. You have to evaluate the deals in hindsight. How are they going to use him? Will be there enough touches for everyone? Especially if Sproles and Wallace come back.
  3. Dst against the Jags!
  4. I'm going too. Flying to London tomorrow, staying there for 3 days. Super excited to experience a game live...
  5. That 4th and 10 play man... And torrey friggin smith kills us. This is a tough pill to swallow. Next week in london i need to see a W.
  6. 2 timeouts in the pocket. And they dont use it. This is a diagrace. I am shocked as hell.
  7. Clement please agianst the panthers.
  8. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Hyde for a 5th round pick should have been a no brainer for the Eagles as well. Ps, not sure why i cannot remove this quote from 2017 with my phone lol.
  9. These linebackers will disrupt the running and the short pasing game, so the offense will need some succesful shots down the field. On the defensive side i am really concerned about our DTs. If Bennett has to play majority of his plays on the interior, the panthers running game can take off. Also, are they able to tackle McC in the open space? Hit Cam hard and make him quit.
  10. Mr Carson James Wentz
  11. Ajayi goes to IR

    This sucks. Outside of his teribble fumble he played well, scored touchdowns. Wish him well, because he seems to be a good guy and is most probably not retained after the season. Unless he signs a cheap one year prove it deal, but that's a longshot. Someone mentioned Cleveland as a possible trade partner (3 capable backs there). I would welcome Hyde, Coleman and Shady as well. Now there is some speculation that Jordan Howard may be available. He would be a nice runner as well.
  12. Hi Nabbs, Week 3 I took Clement, not the defense. From a point total perspective, it does not make a difference, both scored 6 as per your calculation. 31 is ok for me. Thanks. For week 5, I'll take Ajayi.