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  1. Titans Highlights, Interviews, Plays, Previews

    Listened to that once already but i'm happy you posted that here so I can go back and listen to it later in the year and this forum is just so easy to use. Another prediction for Titans 12-4.
  2. Titans Highlights, Interviews, Plays, Previews

    http://www.iheart.com/video/play/?reid=new_assets%2F599b10a61ef91930c6c4187c&autoStart=false&useFullScreen=true Clay Travis rips fan for run play.
  3. Titans Highlights, Interviews, Plays, Previews

    In the video below you can hear that 300 chant people have been talking about. Close to the end.
  4. Pats rookie DE Derek Rivers may be done for season

    I feel the same way about Luck and the Colts. I want Luck playing during that Monday night game against Titans I want them to get their first win against Luck in a national setting.
  5. Random Game Talk #1

    Instead of buying Gravity Rush 2 for now I have decided to buy Prey 2017 and Yakuza 0.
  6. Saturday Preseason Games

    I wish we didn't see that in the preseason. According to PK that was the same design run they used in the regular season last year. Hopefully they switch it up and give defenses a different look when calling the play or Mariota will start taking hits.
  7. Post Game talk Preseason Panthers vs. Titans

    I didn't see this thread until now. I was waiting for replies in the preseason gdt.
  8. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    This to me was like one of the most exciting things to happen in the game. It didn't count but I haven't seen a play like that from Titans in a long time.
  9. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    How did Taylor fall down?
  10. Saturday Preseason Games

    Titans look a lot better than they did against Jets. They might have said they brushed the hype off and ignored outside influence VS Jets seriously doubt it considering how they played. Today they have looked like an entirely different team. I know preseason and all that but they looked horrible last Saturday.