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  1. The Offseason Thread

    Titan and Jag fans have never liked one another but people I think the animosity has hit an all time high. I said one positive thing about Jags on twitter and tons of Titan fans said I'm not a real fan of the team. Deleted the tweet. Kind of crazy really.
  2. Titans trade up to 41, select Harold Landry

    For whatever reason, Titans have a huge problem developing WRs. I know they have a new coaching staff but that never mattered in the past.
  3. The Offseason Thread

  4. The Offseason Thread

    I miss football so much at the same time I'm worried about the upcoming season.
  5. Say hello to the Titans new uniforms

    I love the sword on the shoulders. That helmet is on fire.
  6. Is DeMarco Murray a Titan next season?

    I think Murray is what helped rebuild the Titans. He came in with a strong run game in the 2016 season and that is what really helped the titans establish the run. I'm happy for how he played during the 2016 and even played hurt a lot of times kudos to him. The 2017 season the coaching staff and scheme was all about run, run it on 3rd, run it against the box run run run. I think it would have been hard for any RB to get a groove in that situation. I'm not trying to completely defend the guy he had some horrible moments just like rest of the offense he missed a lot of holes. Overall I do think it is time to move on from him but for me it is one of those bittersweet moments.
  7. The coaching staff and the way they have handled Mariota confuses me.
  8. Mike Mularkey is Jeff Fisher 2.0

    I have loved the TItans watched the Titans and have experience just about every emotion when it comes to this team. Except one I have never found the Titans boring maybe during a game or two across the years but not for a substantial amount of time. This year Titans are boring even when they lost against the Patriots 59-0 or whatever it was it was exciting to watch because of players like Chris Johnson. You just never knew when he would take one of those runs to the house. I feel like a traitor even thinking they are boring but I don't know how else to describe it. I'm not watching full games and i'm not participating in football talk with friends or family. I love that the Titans have been wining close games but I like to be entertained I want to watch the excitement and there aren't any there.
  9. This season has been one of the most boring ever watching Titans. When they were losing they were losing entertainingly this is just ugly and boring.
  10. Why are snaps so dang low today? One of those is about to be fumbled.
  11. Jags are destroying Colts. What Titans should have done.
  12. At least the defense got a stop.
  13. That is why people keep complaining about the play calling.
  14. And now Titans miss a FG.
  15. WK 11: Titans (6-3) at Steelers (7-2) TNF!

    td over turned. Half yard