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  1. Titanic Meh! WK 7 GDT

    Browns always play Titans hard. They have played in some very close games in the past and I don't believe that will change. Mariota might still play hurt. I hope Titans win but I really think it could go either way because Browns play tough against Titans.
  2. Mariota is the future. Henry is the future. Defense needs to be reset.
  3. I'm staying up even though I shouldn't. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
  4. Why did Titans look so much better last year? Even when Mariota wasn't playing good during a few games they always stayed with teams close or win. Chiefs, Broncos.
  5. I'm afraid for Mariota. If he wobbles too much I hope they take him out of the game.
  6. Not wanting another week of ref hating but why do teams get away with that when playing Titans?
  7. I hope you have made a prophecy declaring the new chosen one.
  8. I hope I can stay up until at least the 3rd quarter. I'm helping my aunt move from South Carolina to TN. I'm trying to convert her to a Titans fan but she is totally sold on Panthers and Newton.
  9. I was really hoping he would be ready for the Colts game. Unfortunately I will probably only be able to watch the first 2 quarters. I actually might not be able to watch a full game until after the bye week. Life has gotten in the way of just about everything.
  10. Has been hard for me keeping up with all the news considering how busy I have been in the last two weeks. Has there been any update on Corey Davis?
  11. Jason McCourtey I miss that guy. I was and still am a fan of his and he is rated as a top 5 CB so far this year.
  12. Titans seem to at least somewhat play better when Mariota is out there. When Mariota is out there Titans offensive line looks like one of the best in the league.
  13. Calls like that against Titans are becoming normal. Seems like almost every week a td is being called back.
  14. Titans have a coaching problem. On paper Titans offense should be able to run. Something isn't working and the staff aren't adjusting.