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  1. Should be a good game, the Texans have a nice squad, but an absolute garbage coach. ill take the Colts.
  2. This for me also. Colts Eagles Seabirds
  3. 2018 Scrubs League! - League Full! Sending Invites

    Was a fun draft!! Thanks for fixing the two squads who auto’d best of luck to you all in all of your leagues, gents! Thomas
  4. 2018 Scrubs League! - League Full! Sending Invites

    Nice!!!! LEGO!!!
  5. 2018 Scrubs League! - League Full! Sending Invites

    Happy to be aboard!!!
  6. 2018 Scrubs League! - League Full! Sending Invites

    I’m interested, seems like a fun twist on the same ol same ol top guys
  7. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I bet it’s absolutely intense. It’s always been interesting to me, cool to see such a large project taking shape daily. I’ll be driving by the site here in about an hour, they have quite the crew working on it non-stop
  8. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Nice!! Yeah they are really moving along with it, but still a lot to be done also. I can’t imagine how much works goes into the stadium once the exterior is complete, seems like that would take longer than the structure itself
  9. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I drive by the site twice daily on my way to and from work. They are humming right along, the lower section has been cut and mostly installed (goes about 30-40 ft below ‘ground level’), it’s a lot of fun getting to see it take shape. Never seen so much rebar laying awaiting install, it will surely be an amazing structure. Supposedly around September this year I’ll get my call to go choose seats thru the PSL pre-sale (club level and VIP seating selection has already begun at the offices in Town Square) exciting to bring the Raiders to town!
  10. I think the Raiders will have success in the coming season I know everyone is high on the bolts, but I see them taking steps backwards as Rivers gets up there in age. I expect the Broncos to be the Broncos. The other team to look out for in the West in my opinion, is Kansas City. I expect that offense to be far better than it has been with Smith under center. I think it comes down to Raiders and Chiefs for the Division, with both possibly making the postseason. Just my somewhat outsider spin on things. Bolts and Broncos both will field a fierce D, but not enough offense to keep pace with KC/Oak over the course of 16 games.
  11. Playoff berth. anything less would be uncivilized
  12. I absolutely do. No matter who they happen to play for in the pros, I always support former Longhorns.