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  1. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Just looked on the old forum, first pick was made mid July so we have plenty of time. For some reason it felt like we started earlier than that.
  2. Steeler forum fantasy football

    That’s 7, still need a few more. Anyone want to commish?
  3. Hey guys. Just wondering if you guys wanted to do the fantasy league like we did last year. I had fun with it, even though my team was hot trash.
  4. Steelers Big Board for Tomorrow Night...

    I’m warming up to Guice being the pick if he’s there tbh. I wouldn’t love taking a RB that high, but I think at 28 he’d be the BPA.
  5. Fun Mocks--

    I mean, I agree with some of what you’re saying, but I think the closest thing we have to a glaring hole is the Mack spot. I think Vince does fine at the Buck. He’s not an all-pro caliber player, and could be upgraded, but I wouldn’t say that’s an immediate need. Dupree is frustrating. He has the talent, and we’ve seen flashes of it. This is not a Jarvis Jones situation. But we don’t know if we will ever see that talent consistently show up on the field. It will be interesting to see if they pick up his 5th year. So, yeah it’s a need, but I think it’s one that could wait one more year, mainly to give Bud one more year to put it together. I used to to think we needed to upgrade Hargraves, but I really don’t think we do. We play so much sub package that the NT doesn’t see much more than 20% of the snaps. He does alright as a 1 gap penetrator. He’s not your old school clogger like Hampton. We need a guy like that as depth and in obvious run situations like goal line, and big Dan needs to go. So I guess Dans replacement is a glaring hole, but one that can be attained late or in UDFA. Youre right about Artie and Davis. I mean, we reached for a 2nd round CB and wonder why he plays like a 2nd round CB! He is never going to be an elite player. But with that said, think about some of the CBs we’ve started over the last 5-10 years. Antwan Blake?!?! Cortez Allen?!?! Artie is at least a decent starter. Not a pro bowl caliber player, but the CB spot is not a need right now, unless you’re getting a bonafide lock down guy. Davis not playing up to par isn’t necessarily Davis’ fault. He is a FS imo. He was moved to CB his last year in college due to injury to another player. He came here and we needed him to play Dime. Then we needed him to move to SS, since we had Mitchell at FS. Now they’re talking about moving him to FS. There’s a lot to learn and adjust to, and he hasn’t been given the chance to settle in anywhere. The thing that bothers me about Davis is his tackling, which makes me nervous about him being the back end Safety. So we will see how he adapts back to FS this year. But for now, I don’t think this is a need unless we had a shot at a big time playmaker(I.E. Minkah, Derwin). So while I agree that there’s question marks, I’m not sure there’s glaring holes, meaning we have no one at this position who can start for us. The Mack spot is the closest. But the problem with our defense is, there’s nobody in the back end that scares anyone. We have a bunch of good players, but no game changers in the back-8.
  6. Consensus Mock II - 28. Pittsburgh Steelers

    I went with Guice. Not happy about it, but I think he’s the best player on the board. Alexander is my 2nd
  7. Fun Mocks--

    To play devils advocate, I kinda like the all-in drafts. Yeah I know we need picks, we have some holes to fill. But really, there’s no glaring holes. IMO, the biggest hole we have isn’t really a certain position, but just a splash play guy on defense who can change the course of a game. And we’d be doing it without giving up future picks. It would be risky because we would be banking on that player becoming elite. If he busts, or even just becomes a mediocre player, the whole draft was a waste. But on the flip side, there seems to be a bigger than usual drop off after about the top 13 or so picks and the next tier, particularly at the positions we are looking at. It’s the first time in awhile that I’m just not excited about our 1st round pick. So to move up and get a guy who could be crazy good like Minkah, Roquan, or Derwin for that matter, I wouldn’t be too upset losing picks in a draft that I feel is very weak. But, it’s very doubtful to actually happen though.
  8. Bowser's Last Mock Before Draft Day

    Did you miss Tremaine Edmunds? You could slide him in at 28 if you’d like! Lol!
  9. Trading Up

    Yeah I can agree with that. I wouldn’t want them to move up for him, but if they did and it was only a few spots I’d be okay with that. But you’re right, a playmaker is what the defense is missing. If we are moving up into the mid-late teens, it needs to be for a playmaker on defense. Smith, James, Fitzpatrick, Edmonds.
  10. Trading Up

    Vea was my first man crush of this draft. I think he can be dominant on the right defense. Question is, how much will he see the field? With us in 4-2-5 so much, is a NT worth a 1st round pick? I think we need a guy like Vea to help with the run defense. Hargraves is good, but he’s not that guy. Maybe some more 3-3-5 would get him on the field? So, yeah I like Vea, and I would welcome the pick, even if they moved up a few spots for him. I would just be interested to see how they use him without sacrificing the pass defense.
  11. Trading Up

    Nah, I remember sitting there when it got to pick 20, 21, 22, I kept thinking we gotta get ahead of Cincy if we want Jackson. There was another team in that range who had a need at CB too but they passed on him. Can’t remember who it was.
  12. Trading Up

    Yeah he’s the other one I’d move up for, as long as LVE isn’t still there too. Reminds me of the Burns pick. We had WJIII on the board and Cincy right in front of us. Everyone knew they needed a CB and we could’ve gave up a 4th to move up and grab him. Instead we sat on our hands and reached for Burns when Jackson got snagged right ahead of us. This year we we have the Saints in front of us who need linebacker help.
  13. Trading Up

    To be clear, I don’t think they will move up for anybody. I get the feeling they will do the typical stay pat and take BPA. Mainly asking who you guys would want to move up for. Roquan is the main guy for me. It seems like Derwin May have leaped Fitzpatrick on a lot of boards. I’d love to get Derwin but I don’t see that happening.
  14. Trading Up

    Is there anyone, realistically speaking, you would want to move up for? If so, how far up would you move, and what would you give up? Personally, I’ve seen mocks lately where either Roquan Smith or Minkah Fitzpatrick fall into the mid-late teens. I’d give up a 2nd to get one of those guys. Another scenario is if one of LVE or Evans goes late teens, I’d consider giving up a 3rd to move up to 22 or so to get the other one. Main in thing I wouldn’t want to do is give up future picks. With Bens uncertain future, I’d like to keep future picks for when we need to draft his replacement. Thoughts? I haven’t posted on here in awhile, just wanted to stir up a little conversation.
  15. Clean Slate Mock

    I like it. I see Elliott as more a SS, but I think he is the playmaker we need in the secondary. I am really high on that kid. Solid mock that fills need without reaching.