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  1. Steelers Draft Pick’em List

    Devin Bush LB Mich Greedy Williams CB LSU Byron Murphy CB Wash Justin Layne CB Mich St Mack Wilson LB Texas Clelin Ferrell OLB Clem Chase Winovich OLB Mich Trayvon Mullen CB Clem Miles Boykin WR ND Alize Mack TE ND Foster Moreau TE LSU David Sills WR WVU Gary Jennings WR WVU Benny Snell RB Kent Mike Weber RB Ohio St Garrett Brumfield OG LSU Jordan Brailford OLB OK ST Ugo Amadi S Oregon Darnell Savage S Maryland David Long LB WVU Sean Bunting CB CMU Isaiah Buggs DL Alabama Isaiah Johnson CB Houston Ben Burr Kirvin LB Wash Dionte Johnson WR Toledo 1. 4 2. 70
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Greedy also checks a lot of boxes, but I don’t think he’ll be there. If they take Baker or Murphy, they’ll be bucking some trends on how they typically draft. Most notably Colbert was not at their pro days. They did bring both of them in for visits though, so we’ll see.
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Not as big a reach as Edmunds last year, but they did that. It’d be about the equivalent of the Artie pick if it happened. Again, I’m not here pounding the table for Justin Layne, I’m just pointing out he matches a lot of the characteristics they seem to like in a first round pick.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    It’d be a reach, but I don’t know about a GIANT reach. Most mocks ive seen have him going top 40 or so. Im not saying im in favor of it. Like I said, I really haven’t watched any film this year. Just pointing out that Layne checks about as many boxes as anyone.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I’ve looked at things differently this year. I haven’t had much time to watch any tape, so I really can’t comment on who I like better. But instead I’ve just been focusing on what the Steelers might actually do. I think they are head over heels in love with Devin Bush. But I don’t think he’s there for them without a big move up. If they don’t land Bush, the guy who checks a lot of boxes for the typical Steeler 1st round pick is Justin Layne. Colbert attended his pro day with Teryl Austin, high SPARQ, just turned 21 in March, over 30 games experience.
  6. Four Rds and some trades

    My God this would be glorious for Pittsburgh. To nitpick, I think a CB like Mullen in the 3rd is a better pick there, but great job.
  7. Should we trade up for Devin White?

    Yeah I’m not arguing whether we should or shouldn’t, just pointing out it can be done without giving up our 2nd or especially a future 1st.
  8. Should we trade up for Devin White?

    Both 3rds and our middle 6th would get us to 10 according to the TVC. I suspect if they pull the trigger though they’ll use a 2020 pick as well, maybe the early 3rd plus a 2020 2nd could get us up to around 9.
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Steelers twitter is gonna be insufferable if we don’t wind up with White or Bush.
  10. Predictive Post First Wave FA 7 Rounder

    Good God this would be a nice Steeler draft. Really, change pick 84 to just about anything else, and it’s about perfect. Also, we have pick 209 from the Cardinals from the Gilbert trade.
  11. With ten picks

    With the signing of Moncrief and Nelson, I think they’re looking at moving up for either White or Bush. They really need an impact player in the middle of that defense, and I really think they’re going about it the right way.
  12. Steven Nelson for $8m or CJ Mosley for 17m?

    Nelson and it’s not even close.
  13. Man, I had this whole big thing typed up and my phone messed up. So in short, the correct answer, regardless of how you feel about him right now, is Antonio Brown. I started watching in the early 90’s, and he’s top 5 in all the NFL of the most dominant players I’ve ever seen play.
  14. Free Agency Thread

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see Mosely as more of a Vince Williams upgrade than I do a guy who’d play the Mack. I’d rather take a shot on Alexander or Buchanon. Seems like safety is a deep position in FA this year, so I’d cut Burnett and try to make a splash there. Honey Badger would be my choice. The draft is LOADED at WR, so I’d wait to address that. They seem fine with Dupree and his $9M cap hit, so I don’t see them adding any impact players at OLB in FA. So one of those two ILBs, Honey Badger, and a serviceable CB would be a good FA to me.
  15. Mack Wilson

    Maybe he is the missing ingredient.... I’ll see myself out.