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  1. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Good luck playoff teams.
  2. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I think I need a win and TDs loss to make the playoffs. I beat him twice and you beat me twice IIRC.
  3. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Looking a lot like I can go 9-5 and still miss the playoffs!
  4. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    If anyone is bored waiting for the game, go read the Packers forum. They have been melting down all evening over there.
  5. Trades you want this year

    I’d take Conley over Jenkins. I don’t know what kind of compensation each team wants for either of them, but I think Conley has way more upside, and Jenkins has a monster cap hit. So if we can land him for a late pick, I’d be all over it. Also, is it just me, or is there an absurd amount of misused defensive talent available for trade this year? Between Arizona and Oakland, there is a bunch of guys i really liked coming out in the draft that are up for trade. I wonder what it’d take to get Conley and Joseph off the Raiders?
  6. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I gotta be honest, I am not a fan of the NFL site. This is my first time using that site. Also, before we started I said I hated the ESPN site. Well, one of my leagues moved there this year, and it’s much better than the last time I’ve used it. Idk, it seems like nfl just tried to make everything pretty on mobile, but it’s not very user friendly, and the app is even worse.
  7. Trades you want this year

    Raiders benched Gareon Conley last week. Wonder if he could be had cheap.
  8. Trades you want this year

    I think Reddicks issues are similar to Sean Davis, where he has talent, but hasn’t been allowed to settle in and learn a role. I think he could be a very good Mack or will LB for someone if given the opportunity to settle into a stable role and learn. Buchanon would be be a nice move provided they plan on signing him long term. Problem with either one of them is, who do you cut to make room on the roster? My fear would be Matthew Thomas.
  9. Trades you want this year

    Word is Cardinals have Hassan Reddick and Deone Buchanon on the trade block. Buchanon is a FA at the end of the year, and the Cards seem ready to move on from Reddick. Thoughts?
  10. 2019 Offseason Thread

    Can one of you cap gurus break down what our cap situation might look like heading into 2019 FA? A guy I really like is Deone Buchanon. He would give us that speed at LB we desperately need.
  11. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I looked back on my draft, man it really could’ve been better. I’ve already cut 7 draft picks, passed on Kamara in the 1st, my 2nd & 3rd are both hurt, cut my 4th, my 5th is busting. Somehow I’m 2-1.
  12. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I’m just excited to be 1-0, it’s the only league I won in this week. I lost 46-45 in my big league, worst part about it is they award the “home team” 1 point for “home field advantage” and he was the home team. I had the tiebreaker if we would’ve tied.
  13. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Yes I believe so. Have to check the scoring settings, but I’m pretty sure you would.
  14. GDT - Week 1 - Steelers at Browns

    I’m gonna say 16-9 Steelers, in a sloppy ugly win. Conner goes over 100, defense gets 4 sacks and 2 takeaways
  15. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    AP vs Kerryon Johnson?