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  1. Mack Wilson

    Maybe he is the missing ingredient.... I’ll see myself out.
  2. Mack Wilson

    I will never not call him ingredient Williams now 😂😂😂
  3. Trade Brown for what?

    If I’m not getting a 1st somewhere in the deal, I’m not trading AB. Just my armchair GM opinion.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen with AB, but I think WR is a need regardless, and especially if he’s dealt. With the way the rules in the NFL are trending, they want teams scoring points in bunches. A speedy, “blow the top off the defense” type WR would be a nice addition. I don’t know much about this years crop of WRs, but what’s everyone’s thoughts on Marquise Brown from OU? Another thing that'd be nice to have is a game breaking scat back type like Tarik Cohen. Don’t get me wrong, I like Samuels as a backup to Conner, but he ain’t that guy. That’s more of a luxury, but it’d be nice. on defense, I agree with Mo 1000% that our biggest need on defense is a playmaker. I don’t care what position. Just somebody who can turn the tide of a game for us. Other than Bosa I can’t really name anybody. Not because they’re not there, but because I haven’t spent any time watching them yet. Being a Florida State fan, college football season was over for me by about the 2nd week of September! Lol!
  5. Trade Brown for what?

    Since this is the topic at the moment, Fittipaldo wrote 5 possible trade scenarios. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2019/01/03/antonio-brown-trade-possibilities-steelers-news/stories/201901030111
  6. Trade Brown for what?

    If we traded up that high, I’d do everything I could to move the rest of the way up for Bosa. Don’t even talk to me about scheme fits, you figure it out. Dude could be a generational talent.
  7. Trade Brown for what?

    How about the #2 overall pick this year and a 1st next year for AB and the #20 overall pick this year?
  8. Trade Brown for what?

    Let me ask you guys something. Does anyone here believe Juju can be an elite WR1 without AB here?
  9. Trade Brown for what?

    I’ve been defending AB all day, at least saying to wait for info, get facts, not to jump to conclusions. But everytime something new has come out today it makes it harder and harder to do. I really want to hear from the man himself. There’s clearly a lot of dynamics at play here that we don’t understand. Still not sure I buy into some of the speculation going around. I think AB legit wants to win. I bet if we were 13-3 with a first round bye right now this wouldn’t be going on. Then again I could be way off base as well. Idk, all I do know is the dude needs counseling or something. Seems like he battles a lot of demons. Anger issues, etc
  10. Trade Brown for what?

    I’m sure a conversation will be had at some point. I mean we can speculate all we want, but none of us actually know what’s going on internally. But I’m watching an entire fan base trashing our best player based on speculation and fake news and it’s irritating tbh. I just want more facts before I start lynching the guy is all.
  11. Trade Brown for what?

    So let him go pout for a couple weeks. The mans a diva. He’s also one of the best WRs of all time, and has the skill set and work ethic to do it another decade. I think it’ll blow over. Curious to see what Tomlin has to say today.
  12. Trade Brown for what?

    I’m with @MOSteelers56 on this, I think everyone needs to chill out a bit and get more information. Realistically we don’t even know what happened. There’s a lot of false information out there, and Pittsburgh media really seems to be blowing it all wildly out of proportion. Perhaps Tomlin can shed a little light today, but I doubt it. But to be honest, unless he truly wants out and is demanding a trade, no chance I trade him unless someone offers a kings ransom.
  13. If you didn't want Butler fired before.... You will now.

    If Cleveland doesn’t keep Gregg Williams around he might not be a bad choice. Something tells me he’s gonna wind up with a HC job though.
  14. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Congrats big snack!
  15. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Yeah somewhere around then.