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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    With Randall Cobb now doubtful, who to start as my flex: Mixon @ GB Duke Johnson @ Ind Jalen Richard @ Was Non ppr
  2. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    Need a little help with my flex spot. Joe Mixon vs Houston Kerwynn Williams vs Indy Allen Hurns vs Tenn I think Williams has a nice matchup, but how they split up carries is still unknown. Mixon didn't look good last week, but it's only one game, and the whole team looked bad. Hurns I think is boom or bust, he's relying on Bortles, and if they get a lead it's the Fournette show. Leaning towards Mixon, just because I don't want him on my bench when he does have a breakout game, but Williams is intriguing this week. Thoughts?
  3. Multiple League Philosophy

    I went several years with Stafford, AP, and Calvin Johnson in both of my dynasty leagues. Won me 4 championships(2 in each league). Now that I'm rebuilding in both leagues, I'm thinking about whether I want to build around the same players again. I got Dalvin Cook in my 1st draft( he's my top rookie back, imo). I have the #1 pick in my other dynasty. Thinking I'm gonna take Cook there too. Really just curious if anyone else does that. Sometimes it's tough to be impartial during a draft.
  4. Multiple League Philosophy

    Alright guys, just curious how everyone approaches the draft when you are in multiple leagues. Do you try to get a lot of the same players in each league? Do you try to make your rosters completely different? Or do you just ignore your other teams when you're drafting? I used to try getting the same players, it just made rooting for certain players easier, and less conflict in rooting for a player to do well in one league, but you're playing against him in another. I mean, technically I know it doesn't matter much, just wondering how you guys approach.
  5. Joe Mixon

    I took Dalvin Cook. Fournette went 1st, then Mixon, CMC, and I got Cook 4th. Hunt went 5th. I'm happy, Cook was my #1 or 2.
  6. Joe Mixon

    Alright, draft is tomorrow morning. We will see how it goes. Thanks for the help guys
  7. Joe Mixon

    An update to my original post: As luck would have it, take a wild guess who the only RB I kept this year is... Spencer Ware. So now that throws a bit of a monkey wrench into things. I was planning on targeting Hunt in the 2nd, but now there's no chance he'll be there. So where in the top 5 rookie backs does Hunt fit? Reminder, this is a non-ppr (almost) dynasty league. I say almost, because we only keep 9 players, but with 16 teams, you draft like it's a full fledged dynasty league. Anyways, I'm thinking along the lines of: 1 Cook 2 McCaffrey 3 Hunt 4 Fournette 5 Mixon I pick 4th. Thoughts?
  8. Joe Mixon

    I was gonna put a package together and move up to 1.1, but the guy traded that pick dirt cheap to another guy. I was bummed, I could've got that pick for next to nothing.
  9. Joe Mixon

    So would you guys take him over Cook? I am a noles fan, so perhaps that clouds my judgment a bit, but I think Cook will really be a special player. Same with McCaffrey. I agree with Sammy though, I think this is a really loaded rookie class for fantasy football. I plan on grabbing them up early and often. I also always think I know how the 1st round will play out and usually I am way off, so we will see.
  10. Joe Mixon

    I have the #4 pick in my dynasty league. I have a feeling the 1st 3 picks will go McCaffrey, Fournette, Cook. Can someone please get me excited about drafting Joe Mixon? I don't need a WR, and I could take Lynch, but I'm rebuilding so I'd like to get a young guy.

    First Name: Jeremy Age: 33 Location: Conneautville, Pa Job(s): Machinist/CNC Programmer College/Degree: none Favorite Pastimes: being a wise @$$ Favorite Movies/Shows: Pulp Fiction, OITNB, Breaking Bad, I could go on forever. Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Current: Dupree. Past: J-Peezy Goals in life: Raise my kids to be better than myself
  12. STILLERS FFB League Thread

    How does everyone feel they did? Looks like this league should be competitive. I feel like I had a good draft, although I didn't draft the way I usually would. I normally skip QB & TE until later, ended up taking both in the first four rounds! But Gronk late 3rd, and Aaron Rodgers early 4th, especially with Ben and Brady already gone, were great values at that point. I did have my one homer moment, taking the Steeler D in the 10th. I wish I would've waited on that, I missed out on some good WRs between then and my next pick. I just hate playing a team who has the Steeler D, so I try to make it a point to get them a little early in all my leagues if I can. Also, I've been playing fantasy football since the pen and paper days of the early-mid 90s. However, redraft leagues are still new to me. I've always played keeper and dynasty leagues. It's a different style of draft, that's for sure. I am pretty much wired to draft guys with future upside, so in some instances I felt like I was forcing myself to draft a veteran. But I think I did okay. WR is probably my weakest spot. After Jordy, I pretty much have a bunch of flex guys. But WR is probably the easiest spot to fill on the waiver wire if needed. Only got 4 RBs, but 3 are starters, plus Coleman gets a lot of work. I think I'll be okay there barring injury. Well I'll good luck to everyone, and I like to trade, so if you have an offer feel free to talk and maybe we can hash something out.
  13. Keeper question at TE

    I have Tyrod Taylor, Spencer Ware, Martavis Bryant, Keenan Allen, Kevin White, Sterling Shepard, Mason Crosby, Steeler D/ST. I went with Ebron. Tough call really, could've flipped a coin.
  14. Keeper question at TE

    Eric Ebron or Jack Doyle? This is a deep keeper league. 16 teams, 9 keepers each. Having trouble deciding who to keep at TE.
  15. Keeper question at TE

    Eric Ebron or Jack Doyle? This is a deep keeper league. 16 teams, 9 keepers each. Having trouble deciding who to keep at TE.