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  1. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I agree, but on the flip side, what if the guy wanted to get his defense with that pick, we give him a WR then there’s a run on defenses before his next pick. Whereas if a couple people passed him he could still get his defense. Just an example. I don’t really care either way. Hopefully we keep moving and don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(JDLefebvre OTC)

    Duke Johnson, RB, Cle
  3. Steeler forum fantasy football

    That’s a good point, we can do that.
  4. Steeler forum fantasy football

    How about starting Wednesday it’s 12 hours. That way people can get on and (hopefully) read this and know it’s dropping to 12 hours. If you don’t pick within 12 hours your pick will be made for you. Just make sure you guys are pming the next guy when you pick. I don’t know how anyone else’s notifications are set up, but I get an email when I get a pm. I don’t get anything when I’m tagged.
  5. Steeler forum fantasy football

    We kinda need to get it into gear, guys. We have 17 days til week 1 starts, I’d like us to be done by the Sunday before that. We still have 7.5 rounds left. That’s a little over 1 round every 2 days if we wanna make it in time. I really don’t want to have to add time slots. So just make sure you’re pming the next guy after you pick, and if you can’t get on, leave a list with somebody so we can get through this.
  6. Steeler forum fantasy football

    It’s all good, we’re actually making good time this year, very few long waits on a pick. That’s why I figured we’d give it til morning.
  7. Steeler forum fantasy football

    My list has Sterling Shepherd and Duke Johnson as the top 2 ranked guys. If @wwhickok doesn’t pick by morning, anyone have an issue with those being the picks?
  8. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I almost wish I’d taken Kamara over Brown. Almost. Just because it’s nice having that stud #1 RB. I tried to make up for it taking RBs in the next 4 straight rounds. We’ll see if that pays off.
  9. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(JDLefebvre OTC)

    Jordan Reed, TE, Was
  10. Steeler forum fantasy football

    On a weird note, the autocorrect on my phone has been flawless throughout this draft. Every time I update the front page of this thread, I start typing a name, and the players name pops right up. Like I’ll type Kenny Go and “Golladay” pops up in my autocorrect. It’s like Apple uploaded the NFL player database into the iPhone. Saved me a bunch of time typing.
  11. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(JDLefebvre OTC)

    Jack Doyle, TE, Ind
  12. Steeler forum fantasy football

    I use draft dominator to keep track myself. Also I’ve been updating the league page, but I don’t think the players will show up on the rosters until the draft is over and I submit them.
  13. Steelers Forum Fantasy Draft(JDLefebvre OTC)

    Nelson Agholor, WR, Phi
  14. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Keeping 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 flex(any position)
  15. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Yeah that’s the bad thing about early or slow drafts. On the bright side though, it’s a keeper league, so at the end of the year if you hang onto him, he could be an option for you for next year. I’ll make sure there’s an IR spot on the rosters