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  1. Oh man, if the Steelers get that close to Evans and James, and Minkah for that matter, and they don’t make a move up to get one of them, I’m gonna be pretty bummed out. I’m not saying they will, just saying I’d want them to. I’d give up a 3rd to move into the early 20s and take James in a heartbeat. But it as far as sitting pat on our picks, seems about right. Nothing major to gripe about.
  2. Better for the Steelers. Williamson is a decent signing. I don’t see Bryant getting traded though. We already need depth at WR, so I don’t see them making it a bigger need than it is. In the draft, I could see Harrison being the pick. Personally I don’t like it, I like Elliott better, but I think I’m in the minority there. Honestly don’t know much about Nwosu
  3. Sashi Brown's Ghost Mock !

    You know what, that’s an interesting draft for the Steelers. People might say you’re reaching, but I have made it known before about my man-crush on DeShon Elliott. I see him rising, so I’m happy with that pick. The LB in the 2nd I honestly don’t know much about, so I’ll reserve comment, but the position is right.
  4. No. Why would Pittsburgh let their star RB go to their arch rival(and 4/44M isn’t even close) and draft a replacement with their 1st pick, and not even use the money saved to upgrade the defense? Bell isn’t going anywhere, and they need Defense.
  5. 4 Round Mock Offseason - *Updated 2/15*

    Agreed. Or DeShon Elliott. I don’t see him listed at all.
  6. 1st stab at a 2018 Mock -2-15

    Aaaand there’s riots in Pittsburgh...
  7. Players you like (any round)

    Yeah like I said I think his man coverage ability is solid. Didn’t see him get beat much. His read and react is good, he seems very instinctual. But as far as the “takes pride in stopping the run” I just don’t see it. He made some nice pops in the Arkansas and Colorado St. films, but he had awful tackling tape against Georgia and Clemson. Looked like he wanted no part of run support. After i I posted my comment I watched tape on DeShon Elliott. He wowed me. This is a guy who can make plays. He has closing speed galore. He is a much better tackler than Harrison. If you watch the tape vs USC, he had 2 picks. But the most impressive one was the one he didn’t quite get, where he jumped the TE slant hook. He is every bit the ball hawk Harrison is and then some. I think he is gonna have a Karl Joseph type rise, and might not even be there when we pick at 28.
  8. Players you like (any round)

    Can you tell me a little more about what you like in Harrison? Just started digging into prospect film. I’ve watched his tape against Clemson, Georgia, FSU, Colorado St, & Arkansas. I’m seeing a guy who is good at some things, but not great at anything. I don’t see a ballhawk, most of his picks came from tips or bad throws. He seems legit in man coverage. Made some good tackles, but what scares me about him is I saw him shy away from run support a LOT. Seemed like he waited for someone else to make initial contact. Missed a few tackles diving at feet instead of wrapping up. However when he needed to make an open field tackle he did well. Has decent speed, but not elite. Will be interested in how he tests at the combine. Decent blitzer. All in all, I see a good player, kind of a high floor, low ceiling type. But not someone I’d be excited about in the 1st round.
  9. I don’t really have a problem with the Steelers picks, but LeVeon Bell isn’t going anywhere.
  10. Final Pre-Combine Mock Draft 2 Rounds.

    Maybe Key, Harrison, or Payne. I love Elliot in the 2nd, but if you go Harrison in the 1st, switch it to Darius Leonard.
  11. Post Superbowl 7-Rounder

    I thought the same thing here. I’d love to get Evans in the 2nd, but to be a little more realistic, I’d take Evans in the 1st, then Elliot in the 2nd. Then in the 3rd, idk, maybe Okoronkwo or Nnadi.
  12. How about this mock?

    Didn’t we have the Giants 7th rounder? Thought that was part of the Cockrell trade.

    Huge no for Pittsburgh. I don’t see Derwin James anywhere, stick him in at 28.
  14. My New Offseason

    These Fanspeak mocks are a lot of fun, but unrealistic. Especially for a team like Pittsburgh who typically aren’t big spenders in FA. Here’s one I did earlier: ACTIONS CUT Name Position Ryan Shazier LB Mike Mitchell S Joe Haden CB JJ Wilcox S William Gay CB Coty Sensabaugh CB James Harrison EDGE Leterrius Walton DL RESTRUCTURED Name Position Ben Roethlisberger QB Antonio Brown WR Stephon Tuitt DL Cameron Heyward DL David DeCastro G Maurkice Pouncey C TRANSITION TAGGED Name Position FRANCHISE TAGGED Name Position SIGNED Name Position Le\'Veon Bell RB Christopher Hubbard OT Joe Haden CB Ryan Shazier LB Mike Mitchell S Zach Brown LB Kenny Vaccaro S De'Anthony Thomas RB Ezekiel Ansah EDGE Ra\'Shede Hageman DL Dontari Poe DL Jimmy Graham TE Trumaine Johnson CB Marqise Lee WR SIGNED PLAYERS Name Position Cap Hit Le\'Veon Bell RB 7,800,000 Christopher Hubbard OT 2,100,000 Joe Haden CB 2,450,000 Ryan Shazier LB 2,250,000 Mike Mitchell S 2,000,000 Zach Brown LB 3,500,000 Kenny Vaccaro S 4,200,000 De'Anthony Thomas RB 1,312,500 Ezekiel Ansah EDGE 7,350,000 Ra\'Shede Hageman DL 3,500,000 Dontari Poe DL 4,200,000 Jimmy Graham TE 5,250,000 Trumaine Johnson CB 7,800,000 Marqise Lee WR 4,650,000 28: R1P28 LB ROQUAN SMITH GEORGIA 60: R2P28 TE DALLAS GOEDERT S DAKOTA ST 92: R3P28 S TERRELL EDMUNDS VIRGINIA TECH 150: R5P11 WR DAESEAN HAMILTON PENN STATE 167: R5P28 EDGE TREVON YOUNG LOUISVILLE 220: R7P2 CB SIRAN NEAL JACKSONVILLE ST 246: R7P28 RB CHASE EDMONDS FORDHAM I don’t know much yet about most of the draft prospects yet, so don’t kill me if I reached for a guy. After the 3rd I was pretty much grabbing positions. So, I’m not gonna write up the whole depth chart, but I cut Haden, Shazier, and Mitchell and signed them back much cheaper. Wound up after cuts and restructuring with about $63M cap space. So I went nuts on defense. Definitely would be the best defensive depth in football! So yeah, it’s fun, but this clearly won’t happen irl.
  15. Who to Start/Sit Thread

    With Randall Cobb now doubtful, who to start as my flex: Mixon @ GB Duke Johnson @ Ind Jalen Richard @ Was Non ppr